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    The Legendary Idiot Kumar Ketkar

    Do you know who Kumar Ketkar is? Don’t worry if you don’t. He is not worth it. But then, if one asks you to find the biggest dynasty bootlicker having no political affiliation (at least on face value) whatsoever then, you may not have to venture too far beyond this Kumar Ketkar chap. His absurdities are legendary, and so is his dynasty worshiping acumens. For every adversity that engulfs the Congress party and the first family therein, this notorious moron peeps his head out of the woodwork and throws every sensibility to the kitchen sink. And he does it every time. The pimp media which was all but defending every misdeeds of the Congress party and shielding the family from direct fire for last decade or so, find this stooge called Kumar Ketkar to their most liking list. And no wonder for obvious and judicious reasons. Every debate on Congress misdeeds always had this faggot as one of the panelists to defend the Gandhis and degenerate every sane articulation. But, like another klutz going by the name Deelip Padgaonkar, this buffoon was yet to feature in this blog’s ‘Hall Of Shame’ list till today. Partially because, I never found this so called editor of ‘Nabvarat Times’, worthy enough to waste my time.

    Latest spectacle of this man came when he was seen defending the Gandhis on National Herald misdemeanor. He was so desperate to defend his ‘Mai-Baaps’ that he made even Alia Bhatt look an intelligent soul in comparison. His desperation went over the roof when he proclaimed on what ground we should believe the courts, that issued the summon against the pious holy cows like the Gandhis. Believe the courts? Really? Hope the clown understands that the courts are not ‘Prabachan’ delivering Sadhus that we should argue on whether to believe them or not. Courts deliver orders and it is bound on us as per the law. If the jerk feels the Gandhis are above the law then it is a separate matter but if not then, the court summon issued stands as an order for the Gandhis to appear before the court and clarify their standing on NH issue. While at it; I wonder, if we are not supposed to believe the courts then whom we should believe? The ‘Gautam Buddha’ incarnations in the Gandhi family and the Congress party? I mean, who make these grade-A idiots as editors of responsible dallies is beyond me.

    Knowing the history and reputation of this reprobate, hisblog on another Gandhi family mouthpiece called NDTV never came as a surprise to me. A slave always remains a slave, even when the writings on the wall are more than just clear. To add to it, fools learn everything the hard way or maybe they never learn anything at all. A classing example is the ferocious whipping of the ‘Secularism’ mule still happening among the servile quarters though the people of India seem to have rejected the farce quite decisively. The mandate of 2014 clearly shows that the dirty tricks of appeasement politics is been rejected savagely, even by those whom the Congress party wanted to and was appeasing for last fifty years. But then, self-imposed slavery has this beautiful power of diffusing your thinking capabilities. So when Kumar Idiot Ketkar was seen beating around the Secularism bush, even now, is on the expected lines than otherwise. The gist of his blog is more like picking the thread from where AK Antony, a senior Congressman and the person responsible to dig out the causes that lead to such massive and humiliating electoral drubbing of the grand old party, left it.

    The otherwise sober Congress leader A K Anthony has stirred a hornet's nest by openly saying that Congress secularism has come to mean appeasement of the minorities. So the definition of secularism was not merely anti-communalism but being overtly pro-minorities. It hardly needs to be stressed that the term minorities is often used as synonymous for Muslims. Anthony himself is a Christian and therefore a member of the minority community. But despite being a Congressman, he too used the term appeasement to mean Muslims. It was the unkindest cut of all.  

    First of all, Antony is right in his assessment but partially. Partially because, to say Congress is a secular party would be same as referring Bangladesh a genuine Test Cricket playing nation. Secularism is as far from Congress as honesty is from Sharad Pawar. For me and many others, Congress in fact is the biggest communal party in India or may be even in the entire world. In the name of secularism what Congress did all this while is, inculcate the idea of ‘Hindu hatred’ among many from the so called minority communities. In this endeavor, the left liberal frauds, the Pakistan sympathizers, the Litfest Mafias, the crony NGOs, rice bag converts, jokers from Bollywood, Magsaysay Award winners, our sold out media, added their contributions handsomely. And dare I say; this is what the people of India, more so the Hindus rejected finally. Government openly and actively cajoling and appeasing a particular community could have been fine with the rest but when that appeasement translates to outright sabotage of the majority section, people will notice it one day or the other. And that is what they did this time around. So when KK says, Congress paid heavily for being overtly pro-minority, he probably missed the truth by a galaxy. Congress paid heavily because they appeared and were/are overtly anti Hindu. And I am sure, we all are educated enough to see through the line and realize what constituents the minority for Congress party. It always was and will probably remain the Muslims only. For sure a third rate clown like KK need not have to elaborate the facts to us in his obsequious way.

    Psephologists say their research shows that the so-called Muslim Vote Bank is a media-created myth. The Uttar Pradesh election proves that even the Muslims voted the BJP in a significantly large number. However, there is a strong "secular" view that majoritarianism has prevailed and there was massive Hindu vote consolidation. It is also true that there is tremendous apprehension about this election and there is a lot of fear, frustration and a feeling of getting reduced to secondary citizenship.   

    What you would you say about the above paragraph, more so the highlighted line? Perhaps a mega Hindu Hatred act wrapped beautifully under some English words. It is only fools like KK and their inherent evil intent against the Hindus make them believe that the Muslims would always go against the BJP, come what may. When KK says, even the Muslims voted in large number for BJP in UP, it escalate his frustration beyond any reasonable doubt. I mean, he is asking himself probably – how the hell the Muslims could vote for BJP, even after our decade long loathsome efforts of painting them as grossly communal and anti-Muslim? And by the way, the Muslim votebank is a creation of dirty Congress party. Other morons like KK and our media just made that nasty radius grow bigger. For ages, it is the Congress which vehemently tried to repudiate the Hindus so that they can consolidate the Muslim votes by doing massive fear mongering. Other crooks like SP, BSP, JD(U) cashed upon at later stages. Against the vote of these Muslims, Congress and their cronies only offered them more fear. It is only a matter of time for the Muslims to see the truth and come out of their cocooned fear cabin which these dirty Congressies built around them. When KK says there is fear and frustration among the minorities on the prospect of being reduced to secondary citizens, he clearly appears to outsmart Ekta Kapoor in coming up with another soap opera plot. I don’t know where he got that information but his lines are kind of laugh riot instigators, which barely need a counter argument even.

    Those people who have visited Gujarat feel the state and the so-called development model have not reached out to the Muslims in refugee camps. Modi often says "all are Indians " and he does not distinguish between Tamilians and Punjabis, Bengalis and Marathis. The experience of Gujarat is that it is psychologically divided. There is a huge "trust deficit" between the state government and the Muslim community. It is also easy to say that the people, mainly the Muslims, must "move on" and not keep the injury of 2002 bleeding. Gujarat has a very bloody history of communal riots and just because some intellectuals and pundits want to "move on" does not mean the Muslims will be persuaded to believe a new era of "genuine secularism" has arrived after nearly 60 years of "pseudo-secularism".

    Another typical of a seasoned Modi hater, no? May I ask this KK, if he can name those people who never found the development in Gujarat reached the Muslims as well? For three straight terms, Modi won massive mandate in Gujarat and still the moron finds the existence of a trust deficit between the Muslims and the government. This is precisely the fear mongering that the ilks of KK type do. It is no secret and even the data show that the Muslims are far better off in Gujarat than the so called all the Congress led states put together but there still has to be a trust deficit because touts like KK say so. No counter argument on the ‘Move On’ sentiment. I agree, it is very tough to move on when you have lost you dear ones but then, the KK types must also criticize those who ask the Sikhs of 1984 or the Kashmiri pundits of the same time to ‘Move On’ from their losses. Have you ever seen KK or any other left liberal fraud accusing those who ridicule the plight of the Sikh riot victims or the ethnic cleansing of the Kashmiri Pundits that happed in early eighties? And KK still urges us not to equate minorities with Muslims. Are Sikhs not minority as well?

    It is also absurd that the Congress policy actually appeased the Muslims, even if they did reach out to the conservative Mullas and Maulavis after the landmark Shahabano judgement. A majority of the Muslims remained educationally, economically and socially backward. That was not only the finding of the Sacchar Committee but also the very rationale of appointing the committee

    Look at the highlighted line. Muslims were kept in the darkness of poverty, non-growth and acute illiteracy by design. The design of appeasement has a peculiar outer wall. For ages, educated citizens, not only Muslims, are potential threat to Congress vote chunk. Because any educated person would never take sides of this scandalous of a party that ruled a major part post-independence by their sheer act of keeping the people perpetually backward in every basic parameter. Why KK bother about only the Muslims? In fact more than 40% of our citizens, including the Muslims, remain deprived of the basics like education, hygiene, health care, decent job etc. All thanks to Congress and the thugs which run the party, a major chunk of India are far from availing these basics, even today. The only difference between the Muslims and rest deprived section is that, Muslims are routinely fed with doles by the Congress party while the rest never featured on Congress’s ladder for obvious reasons. But by design, both the Muslims and the rest are kept poor and uneducated so that they can be exploited in each election, year after year.

    The educated middle class Hindus feel uneasy with having Muslims as members of their cooperative housing society and the Muslims feel physically and psychologically insecure. This divide is growing and the 2014 elections do not hold a promise of "Happy Days". Indeed, not only the idea, but the reality of a secular society is under siege.

    Look at the way this moron finished his blabber. Which world KK is living is getting enigmatic to me. You can’t pick up the one issue of Emram Hashmi and do blanket analysis of the prevailing situation. For once, I haven’t seen a single educated Hindu who feels uneasy having a Muslim neighbor or friend or whatever. I am being a Hindu, object to such false allegation against the entire Hindu middle class. Stray incidents can’t be applied to every one of us. If so, then why stop from accusing every Muslim of having terror pedigree just because world’s 98% terrorists are Muslims? And even if there is 5% fact in KK’s nauseate revelation, then it requires more of introspection than blaming the Hindus squarely. I don’t condone it but when you see what happening around and the active involvement of educated Muslims in terror activities, one can’t help but remain apprehensive about the idea of having Muslims in and around him. It is wrong if people are trying to gauge every Muslim with stereotype sentiments but then, you can’t help much. Can you?

    By the way, I got to know today, thanks to KK, that the secular society is under siege because Modi become the PM. How far these frauds can go to satisfy the hatred for Modi and the Hindus? Is there a limit to it?  


    1. This Kumar Ketkar is worst kind of sycophant that I have seen. For once, I fail to imagine, how people sold their soul for personal gain. Let alone journalism, this guy is a shame on humanity itself. As always, a nice post.

    2. Ravi, can I request a post on Lalu's Secularism too. He has started the old rubbish thing "Mandal v/s Kamandal". Stupid!! The Real Dividers of the nation.

    3. his face itself tells everything, how antinational he is

    4. He is a typical PRESSTITUE, member of secular rudali brigade and founder member of union of snakes [Barkha, Sardesai, Arnab, Vardharajan, Iyer, Bekar Patel, Hatosh etc] ... time these pests are removed from our home

    5. Thanks for Social Media and development of smart phones. No one has to believe all those who call themselves main stream media persons. Social media exposes what MSM would never show on their channels and now smart phones catch all those media guys in clips they never .show on their channels.

    6. First of all, let me congratulate you on the very accurate description of this Kumar Ketkar guy....
      I didn't know this guy existed few moments ago..... I'm watching a discussion on a news channel....when everyone of the participants are speaking in a civilised manner, this idiot of a person, being a senior journalist speaks like some illiterate third rare layman.... I mean I got so frustrated by listening to this guy that I decided to Google him found that the first entry was this site..... And upon reading the first few lines on this blog about this guy, I calmed down.... Now I know where this guy comes from... Thanks for this article!!!

    7. You hit the nail spot on. Kudos.

    8. This old fashioned cunning journalist is a such an eye sore to watch on some television debates, really shows his boot-licking attitude towards the Gandhi family under even one some of the most unsupportable situations of a debate. It really makes you laugh but also think that these type of old-order immature journalists still exists in today's very open TV journalism. This old-thought journalist can even make Manmohan Singh's silent tenure as PM look as though he achieved greater heights by becoming a world leader.....Silly

    9. he and mani shankar aiyyar should get married :P

    10. KK is gandputra of Sonia.

    11. Really soothed my nerves after reading your post. I was recently disturbed, watching this filthy SOB blabbering in a debate. Thanks for the hard hitting biography. Keep it up!