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    Open Letter To The Hindu Community

    Dear Hindus,

    Let me clear this; I am also a Hindu and disappointed a great lot with this brethren. Perhaps the most peace loving religion of the planet, which has roots going back to 5000 years is in tatters and yet none from the community seems too eager to set this right. While rest of the world has moved on in every aspect, along with their religion, we for some unknown reasons have long left our religion to defend for itself and weather attack from each sphere. Be it the fanatics who as per their religion see every other religion including Hinduism as a curse to human race or the congregation who invariably always buy and sell their religion and convert the poor masses in exchange of some free and easy money; it always our religion which finds itself at the receiving end. While rest of the world has kept their religion so dear to them, we as a lot not only have forgotten our religion but also feel we are too modern to be religious anymore. So for starters I want to ask a simple question – Since when being religious or respecting one’s religion has become so unfashionable?
    The miserable state of our religion has got a lot to do with our own apathy towards it. The failing notability of our religion has got reasons deep within us who always are in a mission to showcase our pseudo intellectuality at the drop of a hat as if being a diehard fan of your own religion is one unintellectual thing to do. We as a community long been playing ostrich on issues like Hindu, Hinduism, Hindutwa and Hindu ideology for decades, so that we remain the so called forward block on the eyes of the world (not sure from where we have conceived this theorem) while we conveniently side kick our religion to oblivion. If anyone to be blamed for the misery it is we ourselves, closely followed by the rampant votebank appeasement policies of our federal government, of course the hordes of pseudo seculars stuffed deep within our community and the Congress party.
    Here is a fact which we should for once realize without playing ostrich. In today’s India and the prevailing political semantics, it is getting pictured as a sin if you announce yourself to be a proud Hindu or vouch for your religion and its core ethics. Does this happen with the Jews in Israel? Does this happen with the Muslims in Pakistan or any of the so called Islamic nations or even, does this happen with the Christians of the USA or other European nations? Why we have this in India where the majority community is so precariously floundered with volleys and questions the moment they try to respect and love their religion? How it has become such a crime in India alone where the majority can’t love their own religion or else are subjected to all kinds of name calling, political abuse, and democratic apathy?
    If you are looking for the guilty, I would only suggest looking into a mirror. Look at a political party like Congress, its constituents and their so called anti Hindu policies of decades. Time and again they take steps to sabotage us Hindus and yet get away quite easily. How? Because we ourselves don’t value our roots, our ethos and our identity. Time and again they openly hijack the value system of our constitution to come up with minority appeasing policies, in exchange of sacrificing Hindu interest and yet we don’t raise our voice or worse even going ahead supporting the apathy, just to show off as a so called secular. We not only tolerate such blatant step motherly attitude towards us but shameless enough to take sides of them and elect them again and again so that more atrocities could be meted against us. Why I don’t see anyone opposing what Dr. Manmohan Singh said atop Lalkila? Why there is no objection to the statement ‘Minorities have the first rights to the natural resources’ of our PM yet. Forget about the objection; does anyone of us even have cared an ounce to ask Dr. Sing of the rationale behind such utterances?
    Take a pause and think – Could he have possibly get away with such ease if he had uttered something which is entirely opposite of what he said? Forget about all the ifs and the buts. Could he possibly even dared to take the word Hindu in his speech and dedicated the national assets to them as the first consumers? I bet he would have long lost his pseudo job. I bet the other community would have gone over the mountain top in shouting their lungs out for their so called rights and equality. I bet half of our paid media would have flacked gallons of crocodile tear for minority rights and called for the blood of Dr. Singh immediately. So why we are silent and so unreactive? Why we don’t see the writing on the walls and agitate against such nonchalance of our prime minister against us as if we don’t matter and count for them? There is something grossly wrong guys and it is time we rectify all such wrong if we want to remain significant a couple of decades down the line.
    Have you guys noticed the standard reaction of Congress chaps against everyone who happens to have a difference of opinion against them? Be it corruption, bad policies or simple anti Hindu agendas; it always is a standard line that we get to hear from absolute insane individuals like Digvijay Singh, Manish Tiwari and et all. From Anna Hazare or Baba Ramdev to the poor chap in Kalahandi district of Odisha; all are painted as RSS agents. Seriously? Is being an RSS agent is such a crime? Is it shameful to be part of RSS, VHP or even BJP as the scoundrels want to project or wants us to believe? Could that Digvijay Singh can take any Muslim or Christian organization name at such ease and try to defame them with his nefarious lines? I am sure he would not be alive till next day to read his nonsense in the newspaper. Why no one from us has yet asked this simple question to this rascal and rascals alike? Why no media has raised this question even once to set the equation straight? Why a person like Digvijay Singh and his filthy collogues are getting away so easily after hurting the Hindu sentiments time and again?
    Here are the solution guys. First and foremost, stand up for your identity. Admire the unity of the minority so much so that they have inculcated a fear psychosis among our political class of losing their precious votes. Even being in so called minority they are still calling the shots only because they are united. I am sure these vultures in the political class are for none, not even Muslims. They are there for their votes and see a purgatives vote chunk in colonies if they appease a certain community. Even if that means downright apathy towards Hindus. Hence their love for them is unbound and over the top. While in contrast we Hindus are as distributed as one can get. The political class know when it comes to unity we are as predictive as Shahrukh Khan’s dialogue delivery. Our politicians very well know the world’s largest pseudo-intellectual and pseudo secular congregation can be found in our community only. They know we as Hindus find it grossly unfashionable to be called and be identified by Hinduism.
    Time to change that perception and that too in a hurry. Could be as early as 2014 general elections. Could we for once be united and show the ruffians what we are and how serious we are for our religion? Could we for once stand up and shout, enough is enough? Could for once we vote for a party which will protect our interest, our religion and our aspirations as Hindus? Could we for once bring that fear psychosis in our political class on the reparations in taking us for granted? For once at least?
    And by the way – ‘Internet Hindus’? Really? I am baffled to find, she hasn’t yet been conferred with a Padma Bhushan alone for coining this word.

    Another Sore Hindu


    1. Good work. I bet what you have put across has been a part of many peoples thought process. One bigger worry is ' do we have a party that cares for us? How can we trust the BJP, do they even have the guts to even raise objection against appeasement of minorities in parliament? May be they still worry unless they do so they will never come to power. Its time Hindus get united and show they have the real potential to bring a party to power. Hindus will never step on the minorities but they will give them equal opportunities but no quota or any special privilege.

    2. But does a party that cares for us, necessarily need to be one that goes about killing non-hindus to prove it? Religion is a manifestation of a person's equation with God. The sooner we stop equating our individual identity with religion the better it will be for all of mankind. So stand up against anybody trying to kill your fundamental rights as a human not as a Hindu alone and that itself will make you a true Hindu. Which Implies we need a party that views followers of ALL religion equal.

      1. There is one party that sees all religions as EQUALlly useless...communist party!

    3. Good one. I agree with your thoughts

    4. Hey Nidhi,

      I think you missed the point by a mile. At no where I aspire a pro Hindu party to kill people from other religion to prove that they are pro Hindu. More off that is not the quality of Hindus.

      And by anyway, Congress is not also killing Hindus to prove they are pro Muslim.

      My piece was on the apathy of our government in treating us as nonexistent and taking us for granted and how it is only we who should be blamed for it; whole and sole!!!

    5. Rightly said by the author. We ourselves should blame for the current condition of Hindus. One thing I can say is that where there are no Hindus on the earth, it means there is no Earth at all. It's because of our good previous deeds the world is still surving. Many religions come and go Hinduism will remain for ever. Still we have to protect our culture and values which are becoming extinct in most parts of the country due to conversions.

      Honestly speaking (I do not want to blame other religions) Christianity is the religion, which believes in buying people to its religion and Islam is the religion which forcibly converts the people to its religion, which we have been seeing over centuries.

      All those who take the unethical/illegal ways to grow their religion, will only end in ending their religion.

      Truth alone triumphs. Satyameva Jayathey.

    6. Hindu culture is soooo reach that if we combine all other cultures' write-up, it will merely equal to one chapter of it. I said this, not to bring down other cultures, I respect all.. but this is fact. The more I discover about this religion and its root the more I love it. All historical incidents/discussion among Hindu entities are so logical that I feel proud to belong to it.

      I simply see one problem in it, is that, the recent generation (means past around 1000 years, which includes you and me too {yes I am calling it recent because 1000 years is 'recent' if I compare it with many lac years -refer my comment for further details about it}) is just incompetent to carry its rich legacy forward.

      At last, I agree with all your thoughts but just one correction, Hindu religion roots back to many lac years (not just 5000 years).. just have a look at below article by Dr. Satyapal (current mumbai commissioner)..

    7. OMG,

      I am shocked to hear this from you, Mr. Cynical, or whatever your name is.

      I believe there is a BIGGER, MUCH BIGGER religion than anybody on this PLANET EARTH - HUMANITY !! PERIOD.

      We should be a GOOD HUMAN first, then whatever religion you belong to.

      When it comes to your JOB, in case you are in service, did the company hire you because of your Competency and Qualification, or because you belonged to some RELIGION, CASTE, COMMUNITY, LANGUAGE, REGION or even GENDER for that matter ?

      Don't you have FRIENDS and COLLEAGUES belonging to Different Backgrounds, especially RELIGION, what would they think about you, when they read this ?


      We need to be UNITED, AS INDIAN and FIGHT AGAINST IT, rather than deciding about FAITH, COMMUNITY and CULTURE.


      Beware, some of them who read this Blog may NOT BE A HINDU !

    8. I am sorry you feel that way. It is not a particular religion that is the problem here. The issue is fostering these frustrations that could manifest into riots, hatred and animosity towards others. More often than none, innocent people (of any and every religion) are the victims of such actions. Who benefits from all these emotional turbulence - Politicians and corrupt millionaires.

      Every religion has a set of demons that will slander the good name of the entire community/religion/country. Are there no families in the muslim who help others? Are there no christian families that serve humanity? Are there no hindus that feed millions for charity? There are people who do serve others irrespective of religion, color, race, creed etc. and there are others who mask them selves under a specific religion and potray the wrong message.

      One has to put oneself in the minorities shoes to understand what goes through the minds of the oppressed. It saddens me that even with the affirmative action the minorities are abusing the system such that they don't have to work harder to get it. It comes easy and they are fine with it.

      The Government of each country will definitely have traits of their major religion (India = Hindus; Iraq = Muslims; Israel = Jews; China = Buddhists etc.) But they also have to step back and look at humanity first and then consider religion. When all humans hate each other on whatever basis, the only group that will benefit from this is the animal kingdom.

      Good Luck with your good intentions with this post.

    9. Tell me,why exactly SHOULD religion be such a big part of your identity? India is supposed to be secular. If political parties are being unsecular,you should be protesting that and demanding equality,not claiming one-upmanship like your post does. What you should be doing is disowning organisations such as the Hindu Rakshana Vedike who indulge in violence and hooliganism. I am a Hindu as well,but i see no reason to display my religion,because how i pray to god is my business and no one else's.

    10. @Anonymous

      Now I will tell how your religion reflects your identity.

      Have you noticed your passport, if you have one? Ever? Why there is a religion column there? Any guess? For fun? If we are secular, first lets remove that one from there or any other Govt document. First stop our PM from announcing 'Minorities have the first rights to natural resources..'. No?

      Just try to answer these, you will get your answer. By the way, is there any harm if my religion also adds to me identity?

    11. Its Very true. If we are a secular country, then all are equal.

      If not we must unite with religion to rule, so that reservation can be given.

    12. Well written article! But I must say let there be no fear. All these things are bound to happen at some point. It'll get far worse before we see the creator's miracle. Hindu religon belives in the principle' Sarva jano sukhino bhavanthu' ( Live and let live). Unfortunatley, this is perceived as Hindu's are coward and that's the reason why other religion could penetrate this part of the land. We've been masacred for more than 500 years by Muslims / chritians under Mughal / Britishers rule. Yet they couldn't succeed in converting this land. For that matter even Buddhism couldn't hold it's influence for a long time. However, I do feel Hindus are ashamed to identify themselves and that to me is hipocracy and we join the bandwagon in bashing our own religon, culture and heritage. How many movies have depicted our priests in bad taste. can they ever try this with other religion? There will be bloodshed. Ultimately, one must be tolerant, do self-inquiry and find out the tru identify. In that state, there's only one. The 'truth'. No duality and this is something our religion has preached so beautifully .

    13. Believe me an year back I was a kind of person who used to feel proud of being an Indian...
      Coz It's this Country has taught the world Tolerance and universal acceptance...
      Coz it's When a Preamble declares India a secular state...
      Where all religions can practice and propagate there respective religions...
      Coz Unity in Diversity is what was India's ipseity...
      But All these are jus feel good factors... Ground reality Is BITTER...
      80% of India's population is Hindu. still it we who are treated secondary ...
      Saadhavi Pragya Is not getting good treatment despite of being diagnosed of cancer... while the treatment meted out for Kasab is no secret...
      Why are we silent when people like Owaisi dares Hindus and we jus see our Hindu brothers& sisters getting harassed...
      Spare 03 mins and see this... Speech by @asadowaisi-> http://t.co/UPIqIQUB"
      Enough to give goosebumps...
      Our religion is truer than any other religion,
      *Coz it never conquered
      *Coz it never shed blood,
      *Coz it actually believed in "Vasudev Kutumbakam" & Universal brotherhood...
      But let our values not be mistaken for lack of spirit. Moderation is despised as Cowardice...

    14. Cynical has voiced the thoughts of millions of hindus. Hindus are very ignorant of their roots - be it religion, culture, history. The socalled secularists are busy brainwashing hindus since last 65 years and hindus are falling prey to this.

      So we hindus must understand our true religion, history, culture and become politically active in supporting a party that protects our interests.

    15. Our political class (specially one old party) has created an illusion that if you follow Hinduism you are not secular. Poor people, who commenting here against the article, are those who are trapped by such illusion.

    16. @BC
      Dont you think that the column in the passport is stupid and unwanted? Especially in this day and age when we are trying to enforce unity?What on earth are aetheists supposed to put there? Why on earth does it matter what gods i believe in? And do you think defining yourself as a Hindu actually narrows down your Identity? The cannabis smoking saints on the banks of the Varanasi are also Hindus.There is a sect in the north who actually eat dead bodies as well.They are also Hindus. There are other Hindus who find such practices absolutely horrible.This is true for all religions.HOw can you try to create an identity using something like religion (which is based on Gods and practices) when the very practices change from place to place?

      Religion has long been associated with violence.The state of israel was created based on religion.The crusades were fought based on religion. Look at the taliban. Look at the million clashes in India itself,simply based on religion. WHY? Its insane. Practice your religion by all means.Be proud of it.But dont try to create divisions on the basis of it. If you hate what the congress is doing,then oppose it,call for secularism. Look at the comments your post has generated- a bunch of people saying that Hinduism is greatest and that only Hindus do good.We all know that people are good and bad irrespective of religion.

    17. In India, non-Hindus vote based on communal lines. They are solid vote banks. Hindus vote based on caste lines. These castes are also solid vote bank. Due to the division of Hindu votes, they get second hand treatment.

      The best solution is everybody votes based on agenda and performance of the party and not on communal and caste lines. The second best solution is that all Hindus also become a single solid vote bank.

    18. Guys,
      I don’t have any problem with any religion whatsoever or with anyone practicing anything strictly religion centric. That is choice of the individual and I am certainly none to comment on that. My anger is against a set of highway robbers who call themselves as Congress party and their hypocrisy in self proclaiming seculars.

      So readers before asking me all the ifs, buts, shoulds and shouldn’ts please realize that, there could have been many ifs with primary of them goes back to the time of partition. Aren’t the two nations carved out purely based on religion? Aren’t we supposed to be a pure Hindu nation from then? So If…….??? You know what I want to convey.

      As I mentioned in my post – playing ostrich is not going to take you anywhere. And as Ankita said, our existence in future depends largely on how we stick to our religion. Believe me, it’s a fact.

    19. The problem is not with being pro-Muslim or pro-minority. Positive discrimination for ethnic or religious minorities or educationally backwards or the under privileged is definitely part of any sane & liberal society. One can live with that.

      However, Secularism for many has come to mean kowtowing to the crassest religious extremists in the Muslim community. Shameless politicians like Diggy & Mulayam, salivating at the prospect of the Muslim votebank; make grand trips to the home of terrorists in Azamgarh and call them innocent victims of oppression! Or look at how the Congress is allied with the Muslim League in Kerala & Tamil Nadu, with the MIM in Andhra Pradesh or backs Christian outfits in Kerala & the North East. Many pandered shamelessly to the illegal migrants from Bangladesh to the North East in return for a pliant and huge votebank. Rabid Is1amists like Badruddin Ajmal rule the roost in Assam! The way the SP, RJD etc canvass votes is well known. Look how the Congress government responded when Islamist thugs vandalized Mumbai recently in the name of support for Muslims in Assam & Burma!! But the Congress, Badruddin Ajmal, MIM, IUML,SP, RJD etc. remains paragons of SECULARISM. That is the saddest part!

      Even at the risk of sounding communal or being labeled a bigot, it is clear that there ought to be political mobilization so that we can stand up for our beliefs & preserve our WAY OF LIFE and no longer bend or cower in the face of MINORITY BELLIGERENCE, even though it may be POLITICAL harakiri!

    20. BC, I Couldnt have agreed more. A very, very apt article, wonderful to read. Please permit me to share this on various platforms.

      I am really elated with the fact that there are people who still think that being a Hindu or calling oneself a Hindu is not being communal. I, in my limitied capacity, have always tried to make people around me understand the facts and basis of being a Huindu, and where it has nothing to do with being anti-Islam or otherwise. I have met with a mixed response with many people agreeing to this, and others (mainly Hindus themselves) blatantly labeling me as a communal guy. As you rightly have said, the rot is within us.

      I would suggest to build up a forum of such like minded individuals on a pan India basis and start arranging seminars etc on this issue, going to schools and public places. We have to reach out to the people and make them enlightened instead of just discussing here.

      Please do let me know if there are plans afoot as such. I shall be more than eager to join and contribute to the best of my abilities.

      Proud and happy to be a Hindu.

    21. @BarneyX

      Thanks for the nice words. No immediate plan but for sure in the long run me and few of my friends are planning something on the lines you mentioned. And we would certainly love someone like you on board.

      Please be in touch through cynicalpost@gmail.com


    22. brother... well said.....
      yes, all politicians makes us feel that by saying the word, "Hindu" you are inferior and you have no right in this country......!!! as this is secular country...?? Secularism word is used selectively in our country (only when it matters to Hindus.....)

      I personally do not hate any religion, but what makes me jittery is the attitude of Govt to majority community.......

      BJP also not less than Congis, they are equally to blame.

      So finally hindus are divided, more interested own pockets........by playing to the tunes of all other united religions of India

      The solution...?? First there should be awareness among hindus about their religion (all Hindu leaders of various sects and states of India should unite and should come under one umbrella.....) then only the politicians will take us seriously other wise, Hindus will extinct from this planet in about 100 yrs time....

    23. @ Anonymous

      I think you have diluted your arguments by giving examples of Aghoris or saints on Ganga...This shows that Hinduism as a religion does not intrude on the way you live...Dharma iti Dharanam (What I do is my religion). You are not bound by what delusional people in desert(or even on mountains) wrote 1500 yrs ago and your religion does not give you a right to tax or kill people of other faith. You can find your GOD in stone, in a building or your parents or even yourself.
      In fact historically India has been the only country in World which never had Anti-semitism and actually provided them sanctuary when they were being persecuted everywhere else.
      But if you still can't say you are proud of your religion, then somewhere some rot has spread to your conscience that tells you that being good is wrong.

      Best example would be yourself.. Do you think if you belonged to Ahmadiya sect(or a Shia) in Pakistan , you could have said these things about the majority religion and got away?
      If that freedom of thought is not worth being proud of , then I wonder what you think is worth...No of people you converted forcibly

    24. Dear anonymous
      It is all very well to say that let us be good human beings
      and religious identity is not important but the hard reality is that this axiom is being followed by Hindus alone .
      Islam and Christianity are predatory religions which are expanding at the cost of Hindu religion .
      India is secular country due to Hindu ethos , but the day the demographic balance changes in favour of Islam ,the country we now as India will no more will exist culturally ,In interest of secularism , safety of other Dharmic religions of India like Jains,Budhism,Sikhism unity ,prosperity,survival of Hinduism is necessary

    25. I tend to agree with the above anonymous because of one simple fact - Show me one (only one will do) Muslim majority nation which is secular. Please. I am eager to hear from all the intellectuals here...

    26. By the way guys, whoever interested to keep in touch with our 'Save Hindutwa' mission please follows us at @DJ_Cynical on Twitter

    27. Nice work.
      please add what will happen if we do not wake up now

    28. @the other anonymous ;)
      No where have i talked about any religion being bad.Im not against people following any religion,im simply against those hellbent on creating divisions based on it.
      Yes the islamic countries SUCK. Do you also want to become like them? The best thing about India is that atleast in spirit it was created to welcome all people of all religions. The only place where you will see people celebrate Holi and Ramzan and christmas.
      Keep your religion by all means. But if there is a political party who is pandering to minorities,what you should be doing is fighting that,not asking for your piece of the cake!! If there is something bad happening fight against that,dont join in with your own agendas

    29. @Bc . Yes none of the muslim nations are secular. Which is what makes them one of the worst places to live in. Do you really want that in India?

    30. @Anonymous

      Correction - They are the worse place to live in for any other religion, not Muslims. In fact they are heaven for the Islam followers.

      To be honest, I don't mind if one country out of all 432 becomes a heaven for Hindus. Do you see any harm in there?

    31. PS....No,the partition occured because the muslims wanted a separate state.Nowhere in the constitution does it say is that hinduism is the majority religion. You want to promote hinduism,do so by all means. But do it in a peaceful way,dont turn this into some religion bashing site.Do understand that most hate movements start like this. We've had enough of that here.

    32. Please, the least we talk about our constitution is better since for me it always is the snake oil that we were sold by a womanizer a good six decades back.

      And by the way - Who is spreading hate here? It is just a discussion on Hinduism. The post not even talks about any other religion anywhere.

    33. @BC
      I understand you dont intend to spread hate,but this is exactly how it starts.
      Our constitution defines our nation. Yes it is not being followed but what exactly is your problem with a secular nation?Is it a bad thing?No one will stop you practicising your religion.

      PS islamic countries are horrible for muslim women too. They cant even drive there. They're even proposing a separate city only for women.

    34. @BC
      If your only argument is "the muslims do it,why shouldnt we?" go ahead. Make this a Hindu state. With radicals who will punish women for not wearing sarees and men for not wearing dhotis. Penalty for not going to the temple thrice a day and missing your annual Hrishikesh pilgrimage :).

    35. No,

      I don't mind at all having a TRUE (mind the WORD)secular nation. Then first stop our PM from announcing 'Minorities have The First Rights To National Resources'. If there is no majority scribed in our constitution, there shouldn't be no minority either. isn't it?

      You can't have your Samosha and eat it too :)

    36. ^^Now you're talking :) That is exactly what we should be fighting for,a TRUE secular nation. Yep there should be no majority or minority.You may call it idealistic,but enough people can make ideals real.

    37. There Is nothing called utopian world but atleast we can close to it by creating one. No other religion should fear if India becomes a Hindu state. We go to temples and we go to churches and mosques too jus coz we respect and believe but why not the same Is reciprocated...
      Under the guise of rotten Democracy skin ( here Secularism ) Indians (Hindus) is on the verge of losing there sheen,there identity...
      It’s time for us Hindus to shed there tattered Secular robe and stand-up for their values, by force if necessary, as the Bhagavad Gita has taught us.
      There is no shame in defending our religion, our identity, the very base of our existence...

    38. BJP can't win the election for 2014, they can win only if muslims and christians support them

    39. Hi, This is very interesting to read and I really praise you first, for writing this. Though we all have feelings for our religion, we are not outspoken. Increasingly, the present generation shies away from talking/being Hindu.

      Iam a UGC professior and interested in psephology. I was posted in different part of north, west, south India in the last 30yrs of my service. I interacted with different age groups, I must say dooms day near for Hindus and present generation and future generations are responsible for it.

      The young urban Hindus shies away taking name of 'Lord Sri Ram'. But young muslims feel proud of taking their gods name even in their casual conversations. You can see that in your favourite stars on TV- shows down to your friend on the street, in conversations.

      Have you seen any Hindu star saying ' by the grace of Sriram' on any show ? It is the lack of conviction and a feeling of alienation or just plain carelessness ?

      Why Iam talking of Stars is the present generation is only after Stars, their goosips etc... They are worried if Katrina moving with Salman or Ranbir but never ever bother if they know any thing about their culture.

      Simply put, BJP which certainly represents Hindu minority to a greater extant, though less in South, could galvanise entire India 1990s for Sri Ram temple at Ayodhya. lakhs of karsevaks went on their own risk, but today no takers.

      Post 1990 liberalisation, it is just Paisa, entertainment, internet that is giving kick to Hindu youngistan and religion is certainly taken backseat. ............./

      Sarathi Menon,
      UGC professor (Retd),

    40. .... Historically in pre AD times itself, Hindus were in dilemna of following their religion and hence Atheism was gaining. Then came 'Saiva' 'Vaishnava' differences; Soon Buddhism came to foray as a anti-Hindu religion, which was adored by kshatriya kings like Ashoka who spread a lot thru conversion. Even Jainism got prominence with its principles.

      These got subsided soon with the advent of Sri AdiSankara who rejuvenated dying Hindu religion and saved it from extinction. Otherwise Hinduism would not have been in existence now. So this religion faced lots of troubles because of its own men turning to other religions. So I think we are always aping lot who wants something new.

      Then came muslim invasions, who killed scores of Hindus for not converting, historical facts show atleast 20 million hindus were persecuated by islam fundamentalist kings initially.

      Some of us embraced Islam equally, thats why we see around approx 3cr muslim population by 1640-50AD in India.

      Later on, under British rule missionaries were supported for education and conversion.

      Under various foreign rules, slowly Indian Hindus lost lakhs of temples, and so their identity. Sub division of its society into various casts, sub casts did further damage. Slowly cast leadership took prominence over religion and Independent India politicos only furthered it to enhance their fortunes.

      Today, many casts have their own patrons, leaders, societies but cant unite with other sects / casts. So being a 'Thakur', or a 'Gujjar' is more in vogue than considering both of them being Hindus.

      As I said at first, as we were a divided lot in Pre AD, we lost freedom. Same way todays society is much divided into regions, communities, casts, sub casts, reservations, conversion, minority appeasement, by power hungry politicos; Stage is rightly set for another spell of permanent bad times for Hinduism. Its doomsday ahead

      Sarathi Menon

    41. @Ankita

      by force if necessary? What makes you any different from all of the muslim radicals we keep bitching about?

    42. @Anonymous- teh typical pseudo secular blurting Aghori examples and going on even further with his/her ido-cacy of using examples like Annual Rishikesh yatra etc. dude are you even an Indian? forget Hindu? cause anybody with an iota of education and common sense can see how different Hinduism is from those "lakeer key fakeer" religions- with all due respects Abrhamnic religions are as they claim are "GODS WORD" or "GODS SONS WORD" or something similar..and are just blind to any other view..Hinduism is different from the me and teh family who live across my flat...we are never dogmatic or "Lakeer key fakeer"....so use better examples...atleast.....The author underlines one basu principle that Hinduism is in danger and Polticos, vote banks, Macaulys education and Pseudo- seculars and left lib retards are at teh helm of pushing it off teh edge....even if BC or other INTERNET HINDUS have started voicing their opinions started speaking about Hinduism is because we are pushed to teh very far end of the corner...if this Govt.s acts...are not enough if Assam, UP, Mumbai riots are not an eye opener if millions of conversions (The protest against nuclear plant on now is being spear headed by neo converts)if all this is still not enough...for you to open your eyes and smell the coffe then you never will you smack of the Secular Utopia spoken about by the English media elitist corrupt paid media of India (left lib and all with their pockets full of SECULAR govts illict money and Padmashrees to push their vile agenda)

    43. As per census 2011, India has 80cr Hindu population and hence called as majority. I tell you how Hindus are in minority in now itself.

      Out of 80Cr hindus, 25Cr reside in urban India and we know we urban doesnt care to wear 'bindis' or 'tilak' (to wear tilak is brahminism, a student told me once) and rarely visit temples, donations anyway not in our mindset. Then 30% of urbans are athiests or who criticise and indulge in hindu blasphemy. S0 hardly 5Cr urban Indian are Hindus who follow in festiv spirit(not whisky, brandy).

      Then come about 45Cr rural Hindus, still who are following traditions to some extant, but indulge in blasphemy, factionism, sedition of tribes their idols, due to their cast/sect leaders inciting them to do so, to show supremacy over other cast, which eventually ends in fragmentation and enmity among hindus. Factionism, nepotism, sedition, conversions are embedded, poverty, untouchability in that society.

      Dalits are counted as Hindus for reservations, but most of them follow other religions, so pseudo hindus are aplenty in villages. More famously, Reddys in AP are noted as Hindus upper caste, but many of them are christians. YSR is such phenomena who built 11000 churches in and around Tirupati and is big daddy of all converts in AP.

      You see many villages in south and also in northern, western regions where though hindus for reservations sake, they actually follow buddhism, christianity etc...

      If we exclude such, eventually you see only around 15-18Cr Hindoos who are Hindus.

      So now pan India picture throws dim picture, 20-25 cr are Hindus in India in a population of 120Cr in 2011. So is there any future for hindu followers ? There is a way -

      Being a Hindu, we love country anyway and doesnt like our mother India being shown nude by Hussains of the world. So we are not against other religions but love our mother, mother land, religion.

      Iam no big supporter of BJP and in south not many care them much, but it is the party which represent broadly hindu minority today. It has its own lopsides but being a hindu, support a party which gave us good rule between 1998-2004 much better than UPA.

      But BJP is not contesting in your state, atleast vote a party which is neutral to BJP but anti-congress in your constituency (make sure it doesnt support it eventually congress!)

      - Sarathi Menon

    44. HINDUS off late became spine less,and about movie star taking SHRI RAM's name,,there would be no overseas buyers from Pakistan and UAE if Hindu gods are shown a saviours,,the latest example being ,RAAZ 3 banned in UAE,because lord Ganesh was shown doing miracles.May be it may be released with few cuts.

    45. I think the more political parties in India pander to this minority minority minority minority minoritysm slogan which is downright COMMUNAL.... more will be the BACKLASH from the Hindus. So dont complain and stop whining about "if they are like that should we also be like that".

    46. I have a simple question very very simple. Nothing need be said after this question is answered.

      Are Minorities in India SECULAR????????

      Please anybody answer this question.

      After that nothing more need be said.

    47. @anonymous...

      In the Geeta it is said that bearing injustice is a crime, as bad as being
      a criminal... If our scriptures teach us to be patient& non violent they also teach us follow our "Dharma" which implies justice and propriety.
      Any the way we get our rights totally depend upon what language your opponent understands...

      *Hindus in there own country are bombed in markets, their temples attacked, their financial capital
      held to ransom for 3 days by a few
      *Gujart riots were triggered by the cruel murdering of 57 Hindus, 36 of them innocent women & children, burnt like animals in the Sabarmati Express? Why did something like dat happened?
      just coz Hindus believed that Ram was born in Ayodhya...
      *The Indians, be they Kasmiri Pandits who are living like refugees or be they North East People who were made to run for there lives SHOULD BEAR THE BRUNT OF NOT BEING MUSLIMS...

      The bottom line Is,today it is not good to be a Hindu in India, though Hindus represent 850 million here, a billion worldwide, one of the most tolerant, peaceful and successful communities in the world is facing danger from those who are so-called minorities...

    48. @goddamnit
      are you even educated you psuedo-intellectual? I was using the examples of aghoris to illustrate how difficult it is to carve out an identity for hinduism because it is so diverse. Where exactly have i compared it to any religion ? Nowhere have i supported psuedo secularism which is used as a cover for political parties intent on their own agenda. I havent refuted any of BC's allegations,i have only disagreed with his reaction. Work towards actual secularism not towards further divisions.
      Is that so hard to understans?Perhaps YOU should wake up and smell the rot in your comments. How about learning to read before you mouth off on the internet?

    49. @Ankita

      Again,you are quoting a holy book as an excuse for violence. Isnt that what radical islamists do? How are you any better than them?Hinduism is peaceful and tolerant,you are neither right now.

      Im not denying that there is a bias based on religion in India, But surely you can do more to remove that bias other than using force to glorify your religion.

      Why cant you try charity for instance?

    50. @anonymous and other anonymous

      Go ahead.Be radical just because "other religious minorities are doing it." Then come back to the internet,proudly proclaim that you are tolerant,and all this was done in retaliation.

      Just because some people are being idiotic doesnt mean you have to join them.

    51. Oh btw BC,
      the correct term is pseudo-secularist.
      a pseudo secularist is someone who pretends to be secular but isnt.
      How exactly you can apply that to any random person who doesnt support your logic is beyond my comprehension.
      Anyways apparently you dont really understand any of the comments,so screw it. Enjoy making long winded,gramatically incorrect and potentially communal posts!;)

    52. @ Whatever...
      I'm sure You have heard of Aurangzeb... how bout Sultan Muammad Dara Sukoh,the eldest son of the Mughal emperor Shzahjahan& Mumtaz?
      A patron of art and lit. philosophier, poet, a writer. His Sufi attitude brought him to the study of Hinduism. Dara drew parallels between the Hinduism&Islam. mentioning jus coz in spite of being a He was beheaded by Aurangzeb coz Hinduism&Islam
      'twin brothers'.
      Aurangzeb seems to have triumphed when shariyat law is imposed in Kashmir,Ban on singing Vande Mataram.
      World needs Dara Sukoh to bring the tolerant face of Islam,Need to stuck to there scriptures otherwise what they will get a stringent repercussions...
      SALUTE OUR SICK ULAR Appeasing lackadaisacal political leadership, we have roads in India on Aurangzebz name... where JamaMasjid was built on destroyed hindu temple...
      NO MORE SILENCE... WE should be heard, or WE will make it happen...

    53. If Muslim mobs catch you in a riot, they don't care whether you are a staunch Hindu or a secularist accidentally born, I -love-all-religions-equally Hindu. If you have not converted to Islam, they will tear you apart from limb to limb. I am sure the of the millions of Hindus that have been killed in this country by Muslims, many would have been very tolerant of Islam, but it didnt save them, did it?

    54. @Anonymous

      Thank you very much for improving my English. I will perpetually remain obliged for such a gesture. Ohh My God, I am so overwhelmed.

    55. I find a lot of comments like:'

      "If they are violent should we as Hindus also be like them. Then what is the difference between them and us?"

      Such dialogues can win Pullitzer prizes or Booker Prize or a grant from a US MNC or a US 10 year visa if u extrapolate it into a book!!!

      But when u are actually caught in between a rioting Muslim mob or in the Sabarmati Express or in a 1947 partition train or in any of the multiple riots started by these minorities only....then it will not help you!!! U may even think of turning the other cheek but u may not exist to do that also!!!

      Take off your CONVENT EDUCATION CONDITIONING and look at what is facing u CLEARLY IN THE EYE!!!

      Lady Gaga or Britney Spears or Elvis Presley or even Katrina or Kareena or SRK or Salman cannot help you!!! They only sell their body and empty ur pockets like the Nautch dancers and prostitutes. Think Think Think and look where u are heading towards!!!

    56. Schizophrenia is a condition when u hear voices in ur ears.

      Psychiatric Medicine has many medications to treat this condition.

      Unfortunately this condition and its treatment was invented in the early 90s!!!!!!

    57. ^^
      not we as Hindus,we as rational human beings. Get rid of violence and violent people no matter what religion they belong to.
      That's not convent education ,thats humanity. If you cant understand that,no religion or education can save you.or more correctly,save the world from you.

    58. @Bc
      You are most welcome. Even though it is obviously an uphill task,i shall rise to the occasion ;).

    59. @gubradi jo
      if im attacked by a mob,im not going to give a shit if they're hindus,muslims,christians,wiccans or whatever.Get it?Violence is violence no matter who does it.

    60. all @Ananymous, First of all it would help if you atleast state your real name instead of keeping Ananymous.

      The author is absolutely right in bringing out the actual scenario for Hindu society in India. Neither he is inciting us to be violent nor loot and rape others. Then why some of you on the board are criticising Hindus ?

      If you are a born Hindu, you identify yourself as one and dont hesitate to take SriRam or Srikrisn names. Try to follow the dharma and unite with fellow Hindu brotherhood. Some of the things which you shall undertake are -

      1. Buy standard religious epics like Mahabharat, Ramayan (not TV DVDs). Study them indepth, understand its essence.

      Know your religious heroes and events not just Salman, SRKs

      2. You enroll yourself in known organisations working for society like Ramakrishna Matt, Adishankara Matt and various other well known. Try to work with them in their social activities. you will interact with many learned.

      Spend few weekends in service than just off to Malls, films, or Internet.

      3. Contribute generously within your limits, for a social cause which is aimed at alleviating poor people from Hindus. But beware of some Babas' like Nityanandas.

      Never ever donate to 'SOS India' 'Helpage India' of the world which are less charity but missionaries in the guise of social service, actually spending on conversions.

      4. You spend part of your weekends (few hours) interacting with your fellow brethern from Hindu society, not just your caste organisations, and try to understand real issues faced by Hindus as society.

      Spend time with your kids telling them about Hindu religion and quote from religious Texts. Just taking them to eat-outs, films, Pubs doesn't help them in anyway to be Hindu tomorrow.

      5. Try and stand in union with other Hindus on any issue concerning common good. Be outspokenand don't be careless, 'its not my prob' attitude. Never know the same problem might hit you tomorrow.

      What I listed above is non violent, cohesive, no intolerance to other religions, Very positive approach towards your own religion.
      first be a Hindu than your cast or neutral.

      Preaching 'sarvamata sadhbavana' to Hindus is no use as Hindus are for that and never stomp on others freedom.

      India is the only example on this planet where many religions are coexisting, with Hindus in majority but still allow other minorities to rule them, even kill them post independence.

    61. @Ankita
      Bravo! What admirable sentiments!
      Tell me,in your "use of force" do you include children? the elderly?

    62. @Sundar Raman

      I absolutely agree with all the points you have enlisted.That is the way to go.
      But if you look at some of the comments here,they do not exhibit any balanced views.There is someone recommending use of force and violence.All i have been bleating about from the beginning is this ,apparently NO ONE here can understand it.
      Do understand that there are people who resort to violence in EVERY religion.so saying that "hindus never stomp on other people's freedom" is incorrect. What you should say is "Hinduism never stomps on other people's freedom." Which is absolutely correct.

    63. @Sundar Raman
      Yours are the first sensible comments that've appeared here.
      That being said,you cannot automatically assume that those who do not advertise their religion are bad people. There are many atheists who do a lot of good work. What does it matter if they dont believe in god as long as they are good people? Hence my arguments for a secular state.

    64. Interesting comments from Sundar Raman, like to follow them soon.

      Have you guys seen advt from Govt of India on 1.65 lakh loans to Minorties. It depicts Hindu bank official not willing to give loan to a muslim while his daughter condemns the banker and says 'Only you guys want to develop and not us'.

      In the backdrop the message goes 'Iss bharat nirmaan par mera hi adhikaar' (I own my part in Bharat Nirmaan) showing muslim father, daughter duo.

      All ananymous out there bashing Hindus on this blog, can you tell If this is a secular govt issuing minority advt inciting them as Hindus looted their right ?

      I saw this ad aired on Sony, NDTV yesterday.

    65. @Lokesh Patro
      There is not a SINGLE comment on this blog BASHING hindus. Nor is there any comment supporting this government. The only argument here is on the course of action. Do try to understand the comments before coming here and blazing righteousness.

    66. @Anonymous, atleast you could have stated your name. I try to put my view to your message -

      1. I agree some in Hindu religion are reactive, but very few or hardly any, even if you incite them.

      Gujarat riots happened only after Godhra incident, and hence some times reaction may be more in the face but the incitement never ever shall go from memory.

      2. You claim 'Athiest are doing good work' may be it but Iam only concerned about many urbane suave elite Hindus who gave up their identity of being Hindu for fear of being tagged as 'Hindutva'

      I want them to identify as proud Hindus, take part in community development.

      For all Arundhati Roys of the world -
      When you are ready to condemn Hindu reaction, then be the first to condemn Godhra type massacres.

      Visit few of Kashmiri Pundit friends and you will know the atrocities, persecuation done by Muslim neighbours in Kashmir.

      3. From Godhra or such incidents in the country, the root cause being always 'reactive' acts of violence by Hindus, if at all. Never had been Pro active inciting violence. So I standby 'Hindus never stomp on others freedom'
      I don't want to be Arundhati Roys of the world

    67. @ Sarthy Menonji,

      I saw your long messages now, very informative and definitely giving us an alert. But I think there is some time feft for us to to get up and set things right from our homes.

      My doubt is UPA Govt deliberately hiking the Hindu numbers so as we feel we are in majority.

      Assam Kokrajar was such example, while many Bodos and ethnic people told lakhs of them moved out of Assam for employment, studies etc
      and while thousands of muslim illegal migrants only added to demography, how still govt shown number of muslims lessened between 2008 and 2011? and Bodos number increased. We all know muslims are fast breeder plants.
      Tampering case just to fool India!

      @@Ananymous on 12 Sept,

      If you are (truly)secular, will you be able to message here with your actual name and your comments after seeing the Advt.

    68. @Sunder Raman
      1. Hinduism does not advocate violence or infringement on the rights of other people. Completely agree with you on that matter.There are other religions which are not that tolerant,agree with you on that too.

      2. Hindus may not be guilty of many instances of "organised violence". By organised violence i refer to mobs burning and looting under the banner of religion. But do look at the activities of the Sri Rama Sene,Rss , Hindu Rakshana Vedike etc. They do engage in violence. Do not interpret my comments as Hindu Bashing,im simply saying that all people engage in the name of violence.

      3. I am of the opinion that reactive violence is as bad as proactive violence.Not that the original perpetrators dont deserve it,but because so many innocent lives are also lost in the process. The Godhra carnage involved so many people who had nothing to do with the matter. I am not saying that people dont have a right to justice,but should it be at the cost of others,many of whom may belong to your religion?If it was specifically target at the instigators of the violence,or any administrative body that condoned the violence,it would have been acceptable.Again note,I am NOT attempting to shift blame.

      3. i am not the author of the aetheist comment,but i would like to respond to it.I dont think Hindus give up their identity out of fear of being tagged Hindutva. It has more to do with what works for them,what they identify with. I have seen people of all religions shun their religious identity of late.

      4.Your comments are obviously directed at people who dont want to be identified as Hindus because of fear of communal backlash. I respect that.I am only against those advocating violence as a solution.

      5.I have never denied the fact that there are people with a religious bias.My only contention is that we should do away with ALL religious bias,not just that which pertains to our religion.

    69. @ Anonymous addressing me,
      Your question 'the "use of force' do you
      include children? the elderly? in itself screaming volume about your Ignorant and Cowardly approach...

      here I just want to mention one thing, do you in any case remember Baba Ramdev's Nirnayak Andolan...? He didn't allow Children & women to leave RamLila Maidan when they marched towards Parliament house... Hope you know why I mentioned this...

      We need to find the cure... but not to kill anyone... and the solution is not being a victim.ATLEAST BE ONE AND RESIST... Hindus need not to cut the pity figure out of themselves or show there big hardness...

      but you seems to me an average Indian, who prefers not to bother with what Is happening around him unless its a game of cricket...
      Stay happy in a fool's paradise...

    70. @Ankita

      Perhaps you could've saved sll of us the pain of reading your rambling rants if you'd just answered the earlier questions to the point.

      You said "It’s time for us Hindus to shed there tattered Secular robe and stand-up for their values, by force if necessary, as the Bhagavad Gita has taught us."

      You havent defined what your "force" means. When you were asked if is the same as what muslim radicals do,you reponded with some other rant about the gita. When someone else asked you why you were advocating violence,you went on about Aurangzeb.

      If by force you mean something other than violence ,you should say it. Say what you mean,you had enough oppurtunities to clarify what you were saying,and instead you chose to blather on and on and on and on.........

    71. @Ankita

      Ramdev's Andolan was not a violent movement. If by use of force you mean PEACEFUL PROTESTS and LEGAL RECOURSES and AWARENESS CAMPAIGNS ,all of these WITHOUT VIOLENCE....you need to learn how to communicate. When you say force,people think mob violence. And who gets hurt in mob violence ?Children and elderly. and others as well. Are you so trapped in your TV serials than you cant see that?

    72. @above anonymous
      Ignore her,she's got no idea what she's on about. Check out Sundar Raman's comments,much more balanced and worthy of discussion

    73. @Anonymous,

      You are worried about RSS, Sriramsene, Hindu rakshna vedie, though Iam not part of their organisations, from various media reports, None of them are part of any case killing masses.

      I have been infact, a beneficiary of RSS volunteers help who rescued our neighbourhood during floods and gave us shelter,foold and we could return to our homes. Believe me, they didnt ask our religion and even many muslim families rescued from drowning just like me. Mind you, that is not a BJP ruled state nor BJP is well known. None from my neighbourhood didnt even bothered to know their organisation, is a different issue. But I see them doing such activities in other districts also year after year.

      There is lot of media hype giving wrong information about RSS since Nehruvian era, nothing new. It is a known fact, that ShyamPrasad Mukerjee, then head of RSS was brutally killed by Sheik Abdullah, father of Union minister Farooq Abdullah as Mr. Mukerjee opposed special status to J&K saying it just further allienate it from Rest of India. What happened later is well known. I think RSS suffered more for this State than gained. But it is my view.

      Next on your list is, 'Sriram Sene' which was involved in Mangalore pub violence. 'Hindu rakshanvedike' are also acted in similar against RAVE parties etc.. Those are mistakes by them but which was well highlighted by media n was shown complete weekend saying TALIBANISATION of Karnataka by BJP, as if done by BJP.

      But none of the locales took it seriously, as many under agers were in pubs with fake identity. Many of their parents were unaware of their 'Sahebjaadeys' were outing with girls!

      If you can see thru the news reported by media, then you can see the truth BUT if you just watch news, you will have lots of incorrect views about these Hindu organisations.

      Finally, In Afgan/Pak 16 people were beheaded for just dancing (out of burqas!), no drugs involved, nothing. I say that is TALIBANISATION.

      My piece of suggestion is, try to read, understand religious texts, be compassionate to your fellow hindus, dont just get carried away by missionary news channels airing some hyped news.

    74. I asked a simple question....

      Are minorities in India secular?

      Not a single answer I have recieved until now.

      why why WHY WHY????

    75. @Sunder Raman
      i wasnt aware of the good work done by RSS,good to know. But they've also been guilty of violence in some cases,and by violence,i dont necessarily mean people dying. The party should take steps to dissociate themselves from such activities - this just gives fuel to anti-Hindu agendas.

      As I am from Karnataka,i would like to tell you a bit about the homestay attack in mangalore by the Hindu Rakshana Vedike.

      There were NO drugs recovered from the venue,all those involved were adults.

      The activists could have chosen to talk to the police,but they instead chose to attack the defenseless teenagers and film it on camera. one of the girls involved has a punctured ear drum as a result of this.

      There was an actual rave party in Malpe,but these activists did nothing about it because it involved politicians.

      Several Hindus have come out and condemned such attacks and said that it is against Hinduism. But there are no steps taken by those in power to ban such outfits.

      If we dont take steps to wipe out the rot done in the name of our religion,we will all be tarred with the same brush.

    76. All those anon comments against Violence in any religion...fine..

      But when u r faced with violence what do u do?

      Try settling down in Kashmir!!!!

      Try settling down in Bhendi Bazaaar or Mohd Ali Road in Mumbai!!!

      It is ur convent education that has concentrated all ur brains in ur GROIN!!!!

      Come out of it and look clearly and think clearly!!!

    77. Are Minorities in India secularrrrrrrrrrrr??????

      I am asking this question from the top of my voice......

      Answer Answer Answer Answer plssssssss.....

    78. @Anonymous

      You won't get the answer because the so called pseudo seculars and members from the religion of peace chicken out when confronted with tough questions which has got potential of unmasking the truth.So chill!!

    79. @bc and the anon
      No some minorities are not secular. Neither are some majorities. What great truth are you unmasking here?No one has ever said that people from other religions are secular.Lack of true secularity is a problem .I think we have established it time and again in the comments ,not my fault if you dont read them.
      ALL WE ARE ARGUING ABOUT IS THE COURSE OF ACTION!!!! Should i carve that in stone and parcel it to you?Will you get it then?

    80. @anon

      when faced with violence what do you do?Try and eradicate violence. You apparently have no groin or brains. You make comments like you're making some major statement but they are dumb,and these topics have already been covered,stop taking the discussion in circles.

    81. BC BC BC.....
      get some things in your head.

      3.what i am saying is that we should go for a true secular state(which you agreed to).
      4.I am saying there are bad people of all religions,which any four year old can tell you.
      5. I am saying that Hinduism has the most tolerant ideologies,but we need to present it as such by weeding out those elements who use violence as a means of justifying the end.

      You and your psuedo -secular comment...is that a new word you learnt?You are acting as if im a government agent here to sabotage your blog! Guess what if you write something,some people may disagree,you cant label all of them pseudo seculars because of that.

    82. @Anon
      Forget it. The main post itself is targetted at a certain religion. You cannot expect secular views here.(and judging from some of the comments,common sense,rationale and coherence).Everything you say will be interpreted incorrectly.

    83. @Uber212

      I object to this. You just can’t take the word ‘Secular’ for the heck of it and announce, the post being directed towards a particular religion. Show me at one place I have written a line other than Hindus and the hypocrisy Hindus are facing in this so called secular country under the watchful eyes of a colony of high quality thugs and scoundrels called UPA-II. Please shoe me one place and I will take your words.

      Dude, don’t just furnish blanket statements out of the blue, without even going through post entirely.

    84. @Ananymous from karnataka

      Your disliking for HRV or Sriram -Sene as they involved in beating up youngsters in rave party or in pubs in afternoon shall not automatically branding hindus as non secular. To me, it is absolute foolishness to indulge in beating and they never said they did for Hindutva.

      There r larger issues effecting Hindu society today not Pubs, Raves. Measuring Hindus' secularism based on these trivia is senseless.

      Hindus are secular because if not, then you wont see India of today. Hindu society suffered silently for over 1000years to make India one of the progressing pluralistic societies of the world today.

    85. Boss,
      your post is directed towards Hindus? the title is open-letter-to-hindu-community?

      Yes,so your post IS directed towards a particular religion.

      If you had titled it "open letter to indians" i would've called a secular post.If you had talked about people of all religions uniting against what the UPA does. In your comments you ask what is wrong in India being a Hindu state.That is not secular. Simple.

    86. @Uber212

      Strange!!. I mean it is the Hindus who are facing the apathy. Why in earth I should point my post to entire India? If so why not to the entire world?

      So if I take the name Hindu then it is not secular? Then all these Muslim ligues and Ulema-E-hinds are not secular, you mean to say?

      Carzy argument!!

    87. I am writing to share my agony about educated people taking to terrorism in the name of their religion. I work in IT company in Bangalore, but native of Hyderabad.

      In my Team, Syed is from Nellore, AP and very hardworking, bad at english but workwise ok. He is docile, only used to move in his group of 6 men from other projects but belonging to his religion.

      Slowly I got acquaintance with him and even he used to share his marital problems. Once went to his house at JC Nagar, in Bangalore where I met his brother Mir. Mir is a BTech grad, came in search of job in Bangalore. We casually discussed on many issues like AB vs. SRK ; Indian cricket team etc.

      Amidst our talk, Mir put entirely communal arguments and his view is Pathan brothers not in the Indian team because they are muslims and was fiercely backing it by claims since SRK is muslim he took more muslim players in his team KKR. Then obviously Modi is the culprit of Gujarat rights. His contention is only Hindus torched godhra train and then killed muslims. But I tried to convince 'Form' really matter for cricket and some politics but not certainly religion, but of no use.

      Later on, I found Syed moving away from me in the office. 6 months later in 2010 Syed and I moved out to different Projects. 3 months later I heard he did his second marriage but didnt even invite me.

      Finally in 2012, I got to know his brother Mir is picked up by NIA and STF recently for terror planning.

      Earlier I used to think education betters our horizons of thought and can see thru the right and wrong. But sadly, not even education can guarantee tolerance in them. I still see many Syeds and Mirs in our neighbourhood falling prey to organised preaching of hatred.

    88. @Pradip

      I guess you committed the biggest sin by telling the truth. Now a bunch of self-proclaimed seculars will hound you around by their standard oration 'they are there in every religion' and many of that nonsense as if people from every religion blow their ass off routinely for reasons no one knows.

      Watch out buddy, coz in India a truth if going against this UPA or the minorities can very well be termed as treachery and sedition.

    89. @ Being Cynical

      Definition of secular :Denoting attitudes, activities, or other things that have no religious or spiritual basis

      Not mine,it is universal.

      By directing the post to a particular religion you made it non secular.because you are not encouraging the participation of all people in india.

      And if you are secular,then why are you against all the people calling for secularism here?
      Why do you keep saying only Hindus must unite?
      You talk about HInduism being the state religion?

      You are only talking about saving Hindutva. All the organisations you mentioned have secular agenda,they only have religious names. That's clearly not the case here.

    90. PS
      i dont see a single anti-Hindu,pro UPA comment.
      The only pseudo-secularist here is you.

    91. @Uber212

      And RSS? Conviniently enough they are communal while that duffer Owaisi promoted Azad party is secular. No?

      Boy, searching for the true meaning of Secular seems like searching for Nirvana. Need another Gautama Buddha, I guess.

    92. @ Being Cynical

      Definition of secular :Denoting attitudes, activities, or other things that have no religious or spiritual basis

      Not mine,it is universal.

      By directing the post to a particular religion you made it non secular.because you are not encouraging the participation of all people in india.

      And if you are secular,then why are you against all the people calling for secularism here?
      Why do you keep saying only Hindus must unite?
      You talk about HInduism being the state religion?

      You are only talking about saving Hindutva. All the organisations you mentioned have secular agenda,they only have religious names. That's clearly not the case here.

    93. Yes they are communal.The point here is that YOUR post is also communal. Call a spade a spade.

    94. Btw,you think no one notices the fact that you choose to skirt questions?

      I'll repeat them,since you have selective blindness
      if you are secular,then why are you against all the people calling for secularism here?
      Why do you keep saying only Hindus must unite?
      why do you talk about HInduism being the state religion?

      Willing to beat that you have no answers for these.

    95. Oh and my bad.
      I meant to say that IF the parties had non religious agendas,they would be secular.
      So yes,to answer your question,none of the muslim leagues are secular,neither is the rss.
      And apparently neither are you. Enjoy,have a nice day!

    96. @sundar Raman
      wtf is wrong with you?I never "branded" Hindus unsecular,i'm one myself.i have clearly explained my opinions,dont put words in my mouth
      and you obviously dont understand the pub or homestay attack.It was a complete break down of law and order and infringement of personal rights.It is not trivial.The explanation i will save for another day.
      But know this - political parties have always gotten away with rubbish. When they do it in the name of your religion,you SHOULD be offended. Just like peaceful Islamists should be offended by terrorism.(now please dont say stuff like "oh how many of them actually will be offended". I am saying they SHOULD be,as human beings.

    97. User212 said:
      Definition of secular :Denoting attitudes, activities, or other things that have no religious or spiritual basis

      According to your definition, show me one political party sitting in parliament today which is SECULAR??????????

    98. How do u tackle violence in the 21st century?

      Ever heard of DRONES???????????

      Yeah Yeah it is the US OF A that u dudes love so much. From where comes Lady GAGA and all the other nude apsaras....Yes it is the same land from which u enjoy great English movies full of SEX and VIOLENCE and feats that no human can ever peform!!!!!!

      This same ur loving US of A does not say oh dude we should give reservation for these fellas. Oh dude we should let the court decide. Oh dude Osama is in the queue. WAit for his turn to come. Oh dude Azamgarh is the most peaceful district on EARTH!!!!!


      They send out UNMANNED DRONES and bomb the shit out of these SCOUNDRELS who consider their GOD to be the only one and their PROPHET to be the only one!!!!!!

      Got it chicken holes!!!!!

    99. Somebody replied:

      Some minorities are SECULAR?

      Show me one pls!!!!!!

      Cults that claim only their GOD is the ONE AND ONLY GOD CAN NEVER BE SECULAR!!!!

      If u do not understand such simple logic u possibly were dropped on ur head when u were a kid.

    100. Secularism is an invention of the weak to counter the barbarism of the communal!!!

    101. When I was in school I was taught in history about great freedom fighters like

      Sir Dadabhai Naoroji
      Sir so and so ....
      Sir so and so...

      I used to wonder if they were freedom fighters how did they get the title of SIR from the British whom they fought?????

      So u see how history has been thoroughly distorted.

    102. So what is ur COURSE OF ACTION dear ANON??????

      Travelling with Rahul Gandhi on his helicopter and enjoying meals in some village?

      Or joining the National advisory committeeeeeeee?

    103. When in a minority these rascals pretend to be Secular!!!!

      The moment they are in a majority (for eg driving away kashmiri hindus/crossing the border like in assam) they demand AZZZZZAAAAADIIIIII and islamic states and start throwing stones!!!!

      Rascals!!! Utter Rascals!!!!

      What bloody secularism are we talking about here!!! Awake fools awake!!!!!

    104. Yes there are troublemakers in all religions.

      There are troublemakers amongst Hindus
      There are troublemakers amomgst Muslims
      There are troublemakers amongst Christians
      There are troublemakers amongst Sikhs
      There are troublemakers amongs Jews.

      Now look at all these troublemakers carefully and grade them according to the kind of arms they ahve and the kind of barbaric acts they have done and the future potential of committing a barbaric act.

      Game anybody? Can anybody grade them for me??????

      It will be an EYEOPENER!!!!!

    105. Hi guys are minorities given special priveleges in the biggest democracy US of A? Haj committee in US of A????? Reservation in US of A????? Loudspeakers in mosques in US of A???????

      In Europe?????

      Then why India????? For votes?????

    106. SRK repeats Inshallah after every sentence on TV shows and he is secularrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

      Guess what would hpn if Amitabh were to even sigh Shri Raaaam on KBC??????

      This is Indian secularism!!!!!

    107. @Ananymous who replied to me

      You seem to lost in Anon mindset. I have also agreed to your feeling Sriramsene's means is bad. Then why are you irritating and using bad words... Cant I use the same!

      You seem to be an arm chair idiot, Talking about a single point of Sriramsene and some untoward incidents in Karnataka and saying Hindus need to be secular, not looking at larger picture.

      Secularism means No special treatment to any religion by the Govt, and don't belittle one religion over other.

      If this is strictly followed, how the PM could say what he has said from the Red Fort on a August 15th. When your PM doesn't care to be secular, why not some right minded Hindus think and say we need to Unite, even our cast differences etc and move ahead as one entity.
      Did I say we have to take up arms and fight ?
      I said many of us realise and fear not to identify as Hindus.

      I worked in South earlier and know very well Bangaloreans and their perception of changing terror scenario. Many Hindus in areas in Bangalore cant see eye-to-eye with their Muslim neighbours. In the wee hours, windscreens of vehicles parked road side hit by selective group of Muslims. No one can file complaint with Police. Bakery is run by his brother, they make people vacate houses and go to other places.

      Banashankari, JCNagara, Madina Nagar, BTM Layout stage1 etc are not nonsense places ? Did you forget more recently, what happened to NE people in Bangalore ?

      Dont preach secularism to Hindus.

    108. @Pradip,

      I appreciate you could daringly tell us your experience about the current onslaught of terror who are more suave, educated, techie but with fanatic crude mindset of killing other religious people enmasse would earn Heaven for them. Sad to know nice people are brainwashed to spread more hate.

      Dont know if new measures of UPA with free loans, free education, reservation for these regligion will help at all in their life when they are riddled hate thoughts for Hindus, which eventually lead to more terror acts.

      Its like training every one of them how to make bombs! Will Hindus survive

    109. @uber
      you were spot on :)
      Evrything in circles

    110. @Ananymous who is asking if minorities are secular -

      No of true secular minorities who hate islamic terror
      No of Hindus who indulged in bomb blasts in India

      Now that sets the record straight.

    111. What is this,a lynch mob?!!

    112. @BC...with friends like these,you dont need enemies :D :D ...good luck cleaning up your blog.

    113. Anonymous if you are caught by a mob, you will not only give a shit whether they are hindus or muslims , you will also shit in your pants if they are muslims. dont be a hypocrite

    114. To all SecularistsSep 13, 2012, 10:33:00 AM

      It happens only in India:

      India Govt is secular becoz,

      1. Sadhvi Pragya, alleged conspirator in a bomb blast (not proven guilty) suffering from Cancer gets no medical treatment but Kasab who killed 180 people in Mumbai gets 40Crore security cover and mutton biryani.

      2. PM declares only minorities have first right over Indias' resources

      3. One religion gets reservation

      4. One religion is given free visas, return tickets for Mecca visit

      5. Free loans exclusively for one religion for their education, small industry setup

      6. Allow one religion to create mini Pakistans in Kanpur, Meerut, Azamgarh, Hyderabads and many more in Inda

      7. Allow Owaisi (MP) in Parliament to incite his religion youth to opt for radicalisation turning against the country

      8. Give freehand to few lynch mob of minorities to ransom, terrorise police from Azad Maidan. No action on culprits

      9. Some media savvy seculars, UPAs go after Modi for Gujarat riots and held talk shows, Hindu bashing but havent conducted even single interview with Godhra train victim families.

      10. Kashmiri pandits can be thrown out of their homes, their daughters raped, lost property 'Maan - Maryada' but still not even a single scheme for their well being in the last 20yrs.

      Still Hindus shall think this is secular country and they have to be more secular by loosing their lives, ransacked, living second grade citizens in their own country.

    115. UBER212 if calling oneself a hindu is communal or speaking about hindu community is communal or speaking about hinduism is communal or blogging about hinduism is communal




    116. Can somebody who follows a CULT that proclaims that their GOD is the only GOD and their PROPHET is the only PRophet of that GOD AND THAT ALL OTHER GODS ARE FALSE...... ....BE SECULAR??????

      Are we inventing a new convenient definition for SECULARISM???????

      So beware of this kind of secularism that is being shoved down our throats by our vote and power hungry politicians!!!! Bunch of Thugs!!!!!

    117. 'To all secuarlists ' post aptly portrays state of Indian secular? state

    118. BC, your article is spot on the facts of Hindu society. Also some of the grave concerns of Hindu community given on board shall also be considered by one and all.

      Simply put, Hindus only have to do self help among themselves to alleviate their condition, and no one else can do that for them. As no one in present UPA or SP or BSP etc are bothered majority it is for all of us to look at strengthening BJP for 2014 elections and wherever state elections taking place.

    119. To all the people who don't understand the BIG HEART of Hindus ,a classic example of Tirupati temple where you find workers belonging to islam and christian religions ,and many more temples.If we are not secular how could we employ cow eaters ourself being cow worshippers.CAN THEY DO THE SAME.

    120. BC,

      I noted your caution for revealing my experience with erstwhile friend. I pity them but at sometimes I fear what would have happened to me had I made aggressive posture in that discussion with his brother.

      Hope no one will be after me! persecuting me and my dear ones.

    121. Loudspeakers disturb my sleep early morning in my house. I cannot do anything about it. I am supposed to bear it.

      Does any Hindu temple have loudspeakers on top of their roofs disturbing the entire locality??????

      If u want to call ur faithful for prayers u do it, but dont disturb others. In todays modern world use mobile bulk sms or mobile calls and call them for prayer. Why using loudspeaker and disturbing others???? It is secularism?????

    122. It is all economic insecurity.

      Everybody wants to increase their numbers and have only their kind around them.

      Religion today is just a MNC corporation. Only thing is with different designations instead of CEO COO or executives or managers.

      Cut throat competition is going on between these MNCs just like any other business MNCs in the corporate world.

    123. Are these Muslim MPs or MLAs representing only Muslims of their constituency? Unfortunately they behave like that. Is this secularism

    124. There is a huge mosque coming up bang next to the 1000 year old Shri Krishna Udupi Mutt built by Madhavacharya in Udupi. They will fix loudspeaker on that now and disturb the whole town including the sanctity of the mutt. Is it not mischief that these rascals want to build mosques bang next to famous temples???? Is this not provocation?

    125. Who made India secular? With whose permission?

    126. @Sunder Raman
      When you put words in other peoples mouths,obviously it frustrates them.I dont see any abuses directed at you.
      You dont need to call people only a certain religion to unite.You can call EVRYONE of ALL RELIGIONS to get rid of the filth in our country.What is so wrong in that?
      There are some people who really truly dont care about religion. Get their support also no?Wont that help your cause?

    127. In the fifties a talented Muslim actor (Yusuf Khan) still felt it necessary to assume a Hindu name (Dilip Kumar) to survive in Hindi movies! Today there are more than a dozen Khans/ Muslim actors flaunting their Muslim name and identity and are doing well, with a large (including Hindu) fan following in a highly visible medium like Cinema! Yet the myth is perpetuated in the English media and by some “secular’ politicians/ academicians that Muslims are persecuted in India! Whatever be their motives (and there are many) in persisting with this myth, these people do a great disservice to India in the eyes of world community.

      Unlike in the West there were no organised religious wars (Crusades, Jihads) in the entire history of India! It is one of the very few countries in the world with no history of anti-Semitism. India had given shelter to all the persecuted minorities in the world; Syrian Christians, Armenians, Parsis, Jews, Tibetans and so on. Thus Christians, Jews, Muslims came initially and were followed by Portuguese, French, and finally the British who ruled the undivided India! All religions have co-existed peacefully and have grown here. Hindu tolerance for centuries has been well-recognised world over! The basic mindset of majority of Hindus is broad-minded religious belief that all religions lead to (same) God, a trend distinctly absent in any other, especially Abrahamic (Jewish, Christian and Islam) religions.

      The Hindus did not retaliate even once as a community, when its members were pulled out of buses (like in Muktsar) and killed in cold blood, during the entire period of Punjab insurgency. The much maligned RSS, counselled restraint on the Hindu community! Hindus have been selectively killed in J&K, almost on daily basis by Pak sponsored Islamic militants executing a diabolic ethnic cleansing, to which there has been no retaliation either in J&K or elsewhere in the country where Hindus are in majority!! To call the Gujarat riots as “ethnic cleansing”, having been silent to the actual ongoing ethnic cleansing in J&K for the past three decades, is intellectual dishonesty! A community, which has consistently shown such exemplary restraint for more than three decades, is being accused day in and day out as communal, intolerant and medieval!

      Majority of the Hindu politicians/ scribes feel a compelling need to project an image of being fair, but go overboard to be critical or apportion a part of blame on Hindus, a trend distinctly absent in Muslim scribes/politicians! Therefore if SIMI is to be banned for “anti national activities” a ban on VHP or RSS is insisted upon, as a balancing act, to be seen as “secular”! For fear of criticising the entire Hindu population (vote bank politics) criticism of “sangh Parivar” comes in handy! There appears to be a fear psychosis in their (Hindu journalists) minds that if they do or say anything in favour of the community they will be branded as members of the “Parivar”!

    128. @Anon replying to Sunder Raman
      They are only trying to galvanise a certain set of people,so there is no place for us here.
      They dont want everyone to vote against the minority-pandering UPA,they only want the ones who identify themselves as Hindus to do it.

      it is always "muslims unite,Hindus unite,christians unite - all other people who dont care about religion, shut up."

      Apparently all atheists and non-believers have to go create a country for themselves.

    129. You are very true in highlighting the tolerance shown by Hindu community and Sanghparivar. Though I was not a witness to Punjab terrorism, even Sikhs at one point of time were killing only Hindus selectively as part of ethnic cleansing.

      I myself was a witness to Kashmir pundits being persecuted by Muslims every day in 90s. Many of them were issued a 'chit sheet' as who all are on target list of Terrorists. Many ran away to Jammu and then to main land India. It is the largest internally displaced refugees since Independence. Hindus being pulled out from Temples, Buses and then shot at close range.

      How can true secularists on this blog can stop from criticizing terror created by this community.

      I was part of the engineer team in Kashmir in 1989-90 building warm shelters for Army men. We were provided high security but still I was injured in a bomb blast thrown at a hotel I was staying in Srinagar.

      After recent Assam violence, I could hear reverberation in Bengalooru here, and I certainly feel ethnic cleansing is on way across India, on Kashmir format by Muslims. already pseudo secularists fanning anti - Hindu feelings among educated Hindus.

      On one side conversion is going full swing by christians and with ethnic cleaansing by Muslims will certainly make Hindu population being wiped out from India. Probably we could see NRI Hindus may escape this onslaught.

    130. @Srinivas
      Read the comments.None of the secularists are pro-violence.Neither are they condoning the terror acts.
      All they are saying is:
      1. No religious violence
      2.Vote for truly secular political parties.
      3.Involve all people to remove any bias,corruption and lawlessness in all political parties.
      I dont see anything anti-hindu or anti-religious in these comments.

    131. @Sunderraman

      Felt happy to see your blog requesting Hindus to be Hindus first and not to fear for their identity being mistaken for hard line forces.
      I feel urban Hindus are moving away from the religion and so called Atheists only can dare to attack Hindus and cant say word against other religions.

      I would like to highlight here the politics played by Hindu religious leaders, I belong to Karnataka and a community guided by SiddhaGang Mutt swamiji. He is well revered and known for social service, fee education for poor, and has Hindu charities only for charity. Until recently we have seen various Hindu leaders from all political parties visiting the Mutt though community is BJP favoured. We are solidly behind BJP for all the good work it has done during 1998-2004.

      Recently Swamijis centennary celebrations were celebrated and guess, who the chief guest ? Sonia Maino. We were all shocked! How come we allow a christian, not even Indian citizen, never gave up her Italian citizenship, unwilling to live in India until 1995, whose children are baptised and known to marry christians only, whose husband was a Parsee, how she was welcomed with full Hindu formal swagatha ? Remember she never visited any major Hindu Temple after 2004! She never declared she belived in Hinduism to be Secular. Then on what pretext, she can be the chief guest ?

      On the platform, she rakes up Hindu religious fundamentalism in Karnataka, but praised Swamiji and its activivies, as usual.

      Will any Kanchi mutt Swami or Siddhagang Mutt swamiji ever be called as chief guest for any function/festival of Muslim or Christians.

      This is the prevailing Hindu religious leaders politics, but saddens people like me, am not against other religion unity (Infact I like their solid unity and atheism is banished in Islam!) but whats wrong with Hindus

    132. @Uber212
      like you said ,forget it.No one will directly respond to your questions,they'll simply say pseudo-secular.No country for the God-less.

    133. @Anonymous

      Sundar Raman's Blog? Which one? Is my post been hijacked :(

    134. @Uber12

      Practically no party is truly secular in India. Every party play vote bank politics but except BJP, other partys succeed.

      To me, Vote bank politics is not secular, you may disagree as you might love one bank over other.

      But I firmly believe in true secularism which is -

      1. No special incentives for any religion
      viz, reservation, sponsoring yatras etc.

      2. Respect and secure majority same as minorities in every state

      3. Practice your religion but Mass Conversions shall be banned unless a personal choice.

      4. Stop Govt intervention in Hindu Astha Sansthans like TTD, Vaishnodevi etc thereby not favouring land mafias, ministers

      5. Govt not to be soft on terrorism for the sake of a false notion as if to hurt minorities. Did same minority terrorist asked our permission to bomb a temple or a hotel. True secularist never feel bad if a terrorist is killed/hanged.

    135. I believe in natural justice Sirji,

      Thousands of Hindus were killed in Punjab during Bhindranwale terrorism which IndiraJi incited. Then in 1984, Rajiv Gandih killed 3000 sikhs to avenge the loss done to Hindus.

      During partition, Kashmir terrorism, communal violence, train bomb blasts by Muslims across India would have killed 10000 Hindus after Independence. So Gujaratis avenged these with 2000 Muslims killed. Some kinda levelling.

      All these Ubars and gobars are like communists of pre Independent India where they used to spy over freedom fighters, for Britishers and infact, got Chandrasekar Azad arrested by British by telling them his location.

    136. @Ananymous highlighting politics of Hindu matt,

      I agree with you on political play by some Hindu religious leaders just for the sake of some permissions, money etc.. This is what I said in my initial comment that every Hindu, if following Hinduism, shall be cautious just not to adhere to their cast leaders but look at larger picture - Hindus as one solid unit. Try to be united even though we are divided, subdivided, bisected, trisected... what not!
      Like every Hindu feel, first you are Indian then a Hindu.

      @Ananymous who replied to me today

      At last, good that you said ALL RELIGIONS shall shun violence, which is what I was telling since beginning - Reactive violence will be automatically stopped if there is no incitement. Punjab, Kashmir as someone pointed out, Hindus didnt react even while persecuted.

      Since my first comment, I am for united Hindu as religion and am not really overwhelmed with some of so called 'non believers of God' preaching secularism only to most tolerant Hindu religion. What an Atheist got to do with a religion in the first place.


      By secularism, India meant all religions are equal for Govt and NOT that a state sans any religion NOR State sans Hindus either.

    137. @Sunder Raman
      For your information every single secular comment has been saying that from the beginning.But none of you guys want to notice it.
      A secular state means one where the government policies are NOT influenced by religions.Religion and policies should be kept separate. When you do that the question of religious minorities will not even come up.
      I dont understand why there is a separate law for Hindus and Muslims(marriage act etc.),which i am sure you will agree with.

      Atheists dont have anything to do with religion,but they are part of the country as well,therefore they get to vote.And if they want separation of religion and politics,it is their right ,as per constitution.Separation of religion and politics is a good thing for all religions ESPECIALLY hindus dont you agree?No majority minority business.

      PS You are mistaken if you think that im preaching this only to Hindus. You'll find these secularist comments being given to Muslims regularly as well...check out some blogs.Will post some links here.

    138. @Anon talking about levelling...you should be levelled first.
      @Sunder Raman - If this post was only about religion,I wouldnt have bothered to comment.Why should I care about how you practice you religion?But this post IS about religion and politics,and that affects everyone in the country.
      @Anon replying to Sunder Raman - thank you for clarifying my position.

      @ Srinivas - Yours sir is the best response in this whole mess. I fully agree with all of your observations along with the 5 points you have stated.I strongly suggest that you reblog/retweet your initial comment and the response you have given me. Maybe the author of this blog Being Cynical can add this to his post - I think it clarifies the idea behind this post and is a very fitting last word,as compared to all the other Gita/aurangazeb/pseudosecular/DRONES comments.

      Infact i would like to retweet the 5 points myself(giving you credit of course).Do let me know if you're okay with it.

    139. @Ananymous, If you are THE person who was interacting with me (coz most of anons not telling ur names) then not even once you said you condemn about other religion terrorism but only asking me about HRV, RSS etc.. so it is a change in you to say All religious extremism shall go and my answer is same as said earlier.

      Secondly, Atheists are welcome as they are living along with Hinduism since pre BC times.
      But my suggestion is if this blog is a open letter to Hindus then why are you worried even to look at, since you shunned religion. Dont mistake it for Iam saying you pack off from this blog, Iam equally worried about your views.

      Finally, if you can share such links where secular people from other religion are patient enough to hear your secular views, share them I would love to see their sane replys to your suggestions. Only problem is how to know its your advise if you dont even divulge your name to us.

    140. @Ubar 212s and gobars of china/russia

      You are dead in russia and on death bed in China. You call yourself atheist but attack only Hindus as their response will not be slap on your face.

      Are you blind to whats happening since few days Muslims on rampage over their PROFIT PROPHET being ridiculed in a documentary. Preach tolerance to them, they will make you talcum powder.

      Go and tell your brothers in Kashmir, Assam, Owaisis in Hyderabad with your secular vaani, even if you dare to do that you will be killed, teared. If you survive then you try to level me!!!!

      I repeat you are of those communists of pre Independent India where they used to spy over freedom fighters, for Britishers and infact, got Chandrasekar Azad arrested by British by telling them his location.

    141. BC , good to see some article to Hindus. I find the responses overwhelming and you shall bring part 2 if you can. I give my piece of experience of being in a SECULAR country If I can say so.

      In old city of Hyderabad, it is a known fact Hindus are in minority and Muslims are in majority and hence you see Owaisis ruling the roost. An area called Bandlaguda has a vast tracts of govt lands and hence Owaisis felt its their own and occupied it('Kabzaa' in Hyderabadi terms) with the help of his religion Pehalwan (nothing but a ring leader of thugs). Slowly Pehalwan wanted a bigger pie as he got political ambitions also but Owaisi wants entire family to be MLAs/ MPs/ Corporators but none else can, striked down his request and hence a fight started. Tussle over the lands they occupied earlier. If a Tahsildar(MRO revenue officer) dare to notify the land, either he will be gently beaten / killed, if lucky enough gets transferred. The situation is such that now No MRO can ever be posted there, recently one Reddy went on long leave for fear of this lynch mob. About 5000 acres of land under disputes. AP govt as hand in glove with MIM keeps mum. YSR regime saw full power given to Owaisis as if 'Hyderabad is theirs'. This news appeared in TOI in August 2012...
      .. contd.

    142. ......
      Coming to actual parts of old city, there is a migration of Hindu marwari, Rajastani, Yadav, Telugu families happening for fear of safety and Izzat of their daughters. These politician turned thugs duo gangs target a prime locality house and tresspass their houses, bully the inmates, start a fight over nothing, molesting ladies. Now when the inmates feel untenable, they go to same butcher MLA (Goat believes only butcher!) to sell their property. Unless one gets clearance from them, registration will not be done in Old city.

      Buyer is obviously from Muslim community (mostly Benami of MLA) gives some money (as if he is giving alms) and make a registration. Most of such families settle in secunderabad and other areas. These families cant report to police as they know well it is of no use, as policing is dead in old city. Sooner you will see a complex being built up 'Mecca square' 'Madina frontage' what ever!

      Inorder to safe guard businesses at Abids etc, we are asked to pay Haftas to these so called fakirs. They are running government in Old city and not AP congress. Not even media channels venture into gullies to highlight these problems.

      Now tell me, what else Hindus have to do Inorder to prove they are secular, It is not exaggerating if I say, Old city is like Kashmir where all communities except Muslims only can live. They wont let other live at peace.

      Is this secularism, we want in India? Now I will be attacked by anons of all types.

    143. I asked it earlier also but no one replied, with whose permission was India made secular

    144. @gub

      It was made secular by a bunch of self proclaimed secular jackasses and a womanizer. Well by whose permission; That is still a mystery.

    145. @sundar raman
      i arrived at this page because i did a google search for upa+appeasement. Apparently the author has tagged the post as such.I dont go hunting for religious discussions :)

      btw, try a search on secular muslims. There is a blog with the title is "india really secular". Written three years ago,it addresses almost the same issue - minority pandering by UPA but how it affects muslims. There are thousands of comments on that blog including me,several secular atheists,several secular hindus as well as some intolerant people.
      There also,the author is attacked for his stance,there also there are people preaching secularism(and getting attacked for it).And as always,people trying to make peace.

      Issues have always been the same,our responses need to be different.

      Anyways i said before,i think Srinivas's comments are the last word on this.

      Would have posted the link,but am on a restricted network.

    146. @gub

      read srinivas's comments please. It defines what truly secular is to the satisfaction of all people here.

      You keep talking about the constitution like its the worst thing on the planet. Look at the countries that surround us. Do you REALLY think you could've written such a blog criticising the government in any of those countries?They would've beheaded you by now.Nepal had Hindu monarchy until the last decade. Do you think they were able to criticise the regime?No way. You have the "freedom of expression" and "press act" to thank for that.

      Btw you should check out a thread on 4cha one of your friends (or enemies)has posted a link to this. Causing a lot of entertainment :D

      @Ranjan. You're assuming that someone cares.

      @the filthy POS anon
      I know that its hard for you to read and properly understand my comments because you have your head permanently stuck in places unmentionable.

      Bye bye blog...you've gotten more attention than you deserve ;)

    147. @Ranjan

      I saw your post now but is really not so surprising. Iam aware of activities of these subversive elements getting re-elected every time based on the vote bank of Minority. Infact, there are numerous hate speeches given by these owaisi brothers on SriRam and Hindus etc.. on Utube.

      Also, Akbaruddin who survived life attempt on him owing to land disputes, after recuperating began to feel he is prophet of Hyderabadi muslims. It is also not surprising that while those are not condemned by secularist UPA sympathisers, they see secularism in them, but jump at us if we say 'Iam Hindu and proud to be a Hindu' as communal (non secular)

    148. The reason I hate secularism is because it is being used by muslims to destroy secularism itself.

      The people who are not secular in Pakistan, Bangladesh, any muslim majority country, why do we think they will be secular when they dominate India?

      I want to know how the people who defend secularism will like to live in an Islamic India.

      If you think the scenario is far fetched, well you have still not answered the question, but hiding behind their numerical inferiority to show your grandiose secularism.

      It is not tough to be secular. Who would not want to feel he is a great fellow who loves all religions equally. You shine with a halo around your head, and makes you feel morally superior.

      To argue the case for a Hindu republic, knowing fully well how many of your fellow hindus are in bed with the mullahs, that is the tough task

    149. @uber212

      Seems you have not seen all my posts on this blog. Anyways, if you are the Ananymous from Karnataka discussing with me about RSS,HRV earlier, I tell you again preaching secularism to Hindus who are already secular is like 'Teacher punishing a boy for being right'.

      Simply put I believe in 'It is not communal to say being a Hindu, fear not to have my identity'. I am for true secular country and not what some UPA followers propagate it as 'Minority appeasing is secularism'

    150. @gub

      India as a state ought to be pluralistic society, as it consists of many religions. Our forefathers thought it is well for the country, to be truly secular as it gives equal rights for every religion. In hindsight we shall be happy for that as we are not a failed state yet like Pakistan, if I may say so.

      However, politics ruined the secular fabric, as Nehru (Article 356 to JnK, Minority constituencies) Indira (for her vote bank politics he used Bhindrenwale in Punjab, and Farooq in Kashmir), Rajiv and VP singh (who were lameduck to pandits being persecuted) have caused collateral damage.

      Slowly mobocracy started replacing democracy.
      With the advent of UPA it is just free for all except Hindus. Interfering in Hinduism and appeasing minorities have been the meaning of secularism under UPA.

      So initial thought was good but implementation was never apolitical. But it is important for Hindus now to realise this as one religion and not bunch of casts, and face it in union, to safe guard out identity.

      Otherwise, as Srinivas pointed out earlier, Hindus might run helter skelter and mowed down, while select few NRIs may survive. Already we are called 'Internet Hindus' soon may turn out be religion in extinction.

    151. Uber 212 go and preach to Saudi ARABIA Libya Yemen and other islamic countries and stop pontificating here as if u are gods own representative. Ur faith does not allow any scope for secularism so stop pretending to be secular when in minority and demanding aazaaaaaaaaaaaaadi and throwing stones and islamic states when in majority. GET LOST!!!

    152. @uber212

      From your last post referring to 4cha link, it is clear neither you are atheist nor true secularist but in the veil of anon you are trying to be secularist but you are neither. read your own post first to reply.

    153. Just few thoughts..

      Indian society was always liberal in the matter of faith as it believed in unity of God. Traditionally, the Indian majority had nothing against Islam or Christianity.

      In Muslims there is a sense of "brotherhood". Islamic solidarity or pan-Islamism are all rooted to the Quranic concept of the word 'Umma'. In Christians there is a general sense of "activism" and awareness of identity..

      Among Hindus, there are horizontal differences on the basis of language, culture, sects, profession etc as well as vertical differences based on castes and classes.

      If the Hindus try to understand the spirit of community brotherhood and Team work..maybe one day may be...we would arise, awake and would not stop till we build a better nation together!

    154. @ Sundar Raman
      I am anonymous on this blog simply because im on a shared computer,and logging in and out every two seconds is not an option.

      I am the one who was talking about the RSS,HRV and mangalore attacks,but no where in that have i ever postulated that it is indicative of hindus being unsecular. I have simply pointed that out to tell you one thing - all political parties are corrupt. All of them have unlawful activities. I cannot be clearer than this. If you are hell bent on seeing rubbish in my comments,i cant help it.

      I have been talking about non violence in all of my comments which i will repost now:

      by force if necessary? What makes you any different from all of the muslim radicals we keep bitching about?

      Nowhere have i supported psuedo secularism which is used as a cover for political parties intent on their own agenda. I havent refuted any of BC's allegations,i have only disagreed with his reaction. Work towards actual secularism not towards further divisions.

      not we as Hindus,we as rational human beings. Get rid of violence and violent people no matter what religion they belong to.
      That's not convent education ,thats humanity. If you cant understand that,no religion or education can save you.or more correctly,save the world from you.

      I never "branded" Hindus unsecular,i'm one myself.i have clearly explained my opinions,dont put words in my mouth

      Do understand that there are people who resort to violence in EVERY religion

      Do not interpret my comments as Hindu Bashing,im simply saying that all people engage in the name of violence.

      3.what i am saying is that we should go for a true secular state(which you agreed to).
      4.I am saying there are bad people of all religions,which any four year old can tell you.
      5. I am saying that Hinduism has the most tolerant ideologies,but we need to present it as such by weeding out those elements who use violence as a means of justifying the end.

      All these comments have been made by me. You can scroll thru and cross check if you want,and the message in them is very clear.

      Look,Im a hindu by birth and secular by upbringing. An ideal such as secularism is not something you abandon in times of difficulty.In fact the ideal of secularism-treating other religions as equal is part of Hinduism. So i want to stand up for what i believe in.So when political parties do bad things in the name of my religion,i want to oppose them. I will not turn a blind eye.I will tell them "this is NOT what hinduism is about.You cannot call yourself Hindus and do such things." Freedom to personal ideologies is very important to growth as a nation. When political parties play games by pitting one religion against the other,you cant keep falling into the same trap. YOu have to call them on their bluff.

      As for the links - here they are. Read the comment sections and understand what i mean about TRUE secularists preaching secularism to EVERYONE.


      - Nischal

    155. PS @ Sunder Raman

      Uber212 may have been one of the other anons,but he/she is not me. I assume Uber212 replied to your comment simply because i had not replied for a long time. Do not come up with wild conspiracy theories. Even i can say that all the anons who were calling me a pseudo secular are actually the author or you.

      And finally,though i may not have been able to express myself properly,my views are the same as Srinivas's "true secularism" post. I would only like to add one thing "all political parties must be held to the SAME standards of behaviour as regards to corruption,engaging in unlawful behaviour and the conduct of party workers." (Please do not now say that me and Srinivas are the same person.)

      Thank you for articulating what i have been trying to explain - what "True" secularism is. Your assessment of the problem is very accurate.

      You're welcome:)

    156. oh and the previous comment addressed to Sunder raman, srinivas and Uber was by me,Nischal.

      - Nischal

    157. @Nischal,

      Good that atlast it dawned upon you to give your name and clarify. Had you given your name in the begining itself, I don't need to address you as '@Anon from Karnataka' etc...

      I have given my name since my first post, and have no problem in my identity that I had to seek Anon help to call anybody pseudo-secular, as you commented.

      Also I didn't mistook you for Srinivas, as he never discussed only right wing violence as worrisome issue. His post is clear on true secularism is all about, and no rational mind can disagree with him.

      Since my first post here, I am clear on few things and never ever change from my just position and ie., I urge Hindus to be a Hindu and fear not, to get identified as Hindu.

      I urge my fellow Hindus also to stand out for Hindu unity, by sealing off false notions of casts; so as one day, Hindus can stand out as One religion and not fall prey to divisive cast politics. Don't you agree ? You can disagree and am not here to blame you for that.

      Rest of your comments, I leave it to your conscience as bare facts are out there for us to see unless we turn a blind eye. Further self experience is the best experience!

      All of you, Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

    158. I could check replys to my post only now.

      First of all, thanks for expressing similar views as that of me, though in different ways.

      Sorry to know the sad state of affairs in Old city for minority Hindus.

      My colleague from Hyderabad tells me that during Hindu festival, there will be power cuts and also shortage of water supply. He says it cant be coincidence that during Bakrid/Ramzan no problems are faced but a week after that they face shortage during Ganapathi festival. As it happened for many years, we cant rule out vested interests at work(sleep?)

      I feel mass conversions shall be banned unless on personal choice, as a Hindu, I know for sure we wont canvass for religion to convert.

      Some time I also feel some of us go overboard to criticize Hindu fundamentalism (If I can say so) just to show more secular feelings.

      I think your experience is more direct (than mine) telling story of educated yet fanatic people growing in Muslims, is a pointer to very difficult for Police to find particularly owing to poor intelligence machinery in India.

    159. I wish to mention a thing here how religious polarisation effect each of us.

      As Indian we all know importance of patriotic song 'Vandemataram...'. Until few years back, it was being practiced by one and all in my school (I studied upto 10th std,long ago) but oflate, some parents of muslim children questioned it as their Mullahs told them it is sin to sing that song hence, their children wont. School obeyed it.

      But in my childhood, I remember my friend Yezas (a muslim now works in HCC) also used to sing this song and also participate in Moral class where they used to teach some moral stories from Panchatantra, Mahabharat and holy books of other religions as well. We used to get along very well.

      I still don't understand the real reason for calling it a sin to sing this now, why not then ? Neither the lyrics of it changed Nor the Islam changed.

      As a Hindu I might assume to be their intolerance, so I want someone have rationale reason ?

    160. @Sundar Raman

      "I urge my fellow Hindus also to stand out for Hindu unity, by sealing off false notions of casts; so as one day, Hindus can stand out as One religion and not fall prey to divisive cast politics."

      I would suggest one improvement to this statement.

      "I urge my fellow INDIANS also to stand out for INDIAN unity, by sealing off false notions of casts; so as one day, INDIA can stand out as One NATION and not fall prey to divisive cast politics."

      Now its perfect dont you think?

      Do not forget that the early tactics used by the English to conquer was to create divisions between Muslims and Hindus.
      I didnt discuss non Hindu violence simply because it was already mentioned in the author's note. And it is clearly mentioned again in the comments that i reposted

      "I havent refuted any of BC's allegations,i have only disagreed with his reaction."

      Seems to me that you are hellbent on one upmanship here because you are not reading my comments and putting forth the same arguments again and again. When I engage in discussions,i am not afraid to learn something. I didnt know about the RSS good work,and i said so. I thought srinivas's comments were more clearly articulated than my own,and i said so.
      And did you check out the links?The truth is out there as for everyone to see. If you had you would've seen secularism being preached to muslims as well(which you said does not happen).
      You would have seen articles on how difficult it is to be an openly secular muslim and how people go ahead,simply because they believe in it.
      So i leave this to your conscience - do you actually believe that there are NO true secularists in India,that they are all so called pseudo secularists simply because they dont agree with your point of view?

      Like you say,facts are out there for you to judge.

      - Nischal

    161. @Srinivas

      I agree that religious hypersensitivity,feelings of persecution and injustice is major problem among the Muslim community.the fact that they are insular complicares matters.The worst thing is that these feelings translate into violence.

      I believe the way to tackle this is to exercise some form of control over religious heads,who attempt to incite violence. Even in Godhra,it was religious heads who urged the mobs.

      with regard to your comments to Sundar Raman,
      I would like to say that some people also go overboard to criticize secular feelings just so that they appear loyal to their religion. There is nothing wrong in being secular.There is nothing wrong in BELIEVING THAT ALL RELIGIONS ARE EQUAL.There is nothing wrong in wanting a secular nation ,to want religion to be separate from politics. Just because im secular doesnt mean im hindu-bashing or muslim-bashing. In fact after reading the comments on this blog,im coining a new term "secular-bashing".
      I never disagreed with the author regarding religious bias,people assumed i did. I never said anything like "only hindus should be secular,muslims can do what they want" people assumed i did. I simply believe that if you believe in secularism,you reinforce it ALL THE WAY.You dont back out just because some other religion appears to be winning.
      Yes, no party is secular in India. Why is that? Because we never demand it of them. We keep playing their stupid games of divisive politics.
      - Nischal.

    162. @ Nischal

      Noted your comments and also gone thru replies between you and Sunderraman, as you pointed my reply to Sunderraman. Iam not playing a judge or mediator here (have no intentions even) but I can assay few things here -

      From his view, I felt his call is to Hindus to read, understand Hindu dharma, epics and propagate the values system to next generation, who seem to shy away from being Hindu. I agree with him on this, and being Hindu doesn't mean that you hate other religion by default.

      Also I could understand from his posts is Hindus are divided society and hence subjected to cast / sect politics, so He appeals to Hindus. It is also a fact and I don't disagree except with a caveat that it shouldnt turn into anti-minority which anyway it will not.

      Next on proactive-reactive violence posts, My experience tells me and I don't remember in last 30yrs that any case of pre-planned organised anti muslim violence pro actively undertaken by Sanghparivar resulting in thousand of minority deaths. But I condemn even reactive violence.

      I remember ethnic cleansing by Sikhs in 1985-95 and by Muslims in Kashmir in 1990s, both may be padded by ISI, but locals undertook it to see Hindus are persecuted, killed; so cannot escape citing freedom, Azadi etc.. My first hand experience in kashmir is a witness to this.

      My view -

      No secularist can mince words to condemn such ethnic cleansing which were pre planned, and was first of its kind to India. But how many from media, blogs, or UPA, and other parties mention it even when they talk of secularism in TV shows or on internet? If anyone rakes it up, he is shunned as non-secular, Hindutva ideologist, Pro-RSS and hence not Indian!

      So with these reactions, a Hindu if said 'he is a Hindu' being automatically attached to these Parties and hence being looked down or shunned away by fellow Hindus. To me, 'I can be Hindu, talk about disunity, effort for Unity' and still be tolerant to other religions, which is what Hindus has shown thru generations.

    163. @Srinivas

      Thank you for a very courteous reply(rare on these blogs)
      I agree with your observations on the media portrayal of violence and your statement of the problem. What i disagree with are the solutions as provided by some people on this blog

      As i have stated earlier,if this post was only about religion,i have no quarrel with sundar raman,simply because there is nothing wrong in practising/popularising your religion.
      However this post is about religion AND POLITICS and calls for people of a certain religion to vote for a party that will protect their interests.In my opinion,this is unsecular. Why not simply ask people to stand up for Hinduism,shun negative portrayals of Hindus,BUT STILL VOTE FOR A SECULAR GOVERNMENT?

      In his comments the author also says he wants india to be a hindu state. That is unsecular.
      I strongly condemn all violence -proactive or reactive simply because innocent people get hurt.

      All i am saying is keep religion and politics separate. No majority,no minority. Defend Hinduism against negative portrayals,stand up against violence but in the long run,always work towards a truly secular government.


    164. @Nischal, Thanks for your comments.


      Can you suggest a party which is for TRUE secular Govt.? You name one!

      If not, shall I vote in the elections? or not?

      If not, that is bigger mistake....
      I believe biggest mistake an educated, employed decently settled person (not all though) doing during elections is stay away from Voting.

    165. @Srinivas
      Thanks for reasoning out my views, though your effort might just land you as non-secularist. :(

    166. Hi,

      you know why there is so much of unity in Muslims, because they are afraid of being ruined if they scattered themselves.
      But I believe Hindu does not need such unity to protect themselves. Well regarding showing Hindu community power to political parties then I have a best solution - let's go out and vote, Muslims ki phir kya aukaat hai ki khaali unke dam per koi pura election jeet jaye. Because being muslim I also like to live in equal society, growth of the country where my next all generation will be living, and all of those dreams which might be with one middle class Hindu has....

      BC, I am very big fan of your political views and writing guts, but please don't divide country.

      I know you'll say read this article carefully and you don't find anywhere which divides us, but this subject itself passively does that...

      Ek Dukhi Muslim...

    167. Dear sir,
      It is well written peice but fundamentally flawed.20 years ago I have seen posters " Garv se kaho hum hindu hai" Coming from south I wondered which hindu says I am a hindu he says I am aste brahmin ,a thakur.The sir names in north refer to the caste and you are called by your caste name- tiwari,gupta,singhal,yadav sinha etc castiesm is the bane of the hindu religion.
      Dont club Christians with muslims who follow a dogmatic faith.
      RSS is not viewed as a hindu organisation but brahminical organisation .

    168. @ Dear Ashutosh and @Dr. Vikas Dave,

      I really understand and admire what Hindus have given to us
      (I am talking about myself and not for other Muslims), I do acknowledge and
      admit that what so far I have earned is from Hindus and I do not see myself
      separate by any means from Hindu society, even though I am strict follower of
      my religion.

      I am educated enough to make clear separation between my faith
      Islam and my fellow Indian citizens, my neighbor and so many childhood Hindu friends,
      in short why I should separate all of them from me just because they don’t share my religion, it
      is idiotic and nonsense if I do that. What I follow as region is deferent then
      Hindu style but that’s not a differentiator between me and my few Indian

      But you all are right most of my Muslim brothers may not
      share the same understanding as me and I urge you all to think little deeper
      that why do they not share or have this kind of understanding.

      And the answer you’ll find is not because they are extremist
      but because they are uneducated, separated by the society and headed by the
      people how is even worst in understanding, they don’t have proper guidance,
      they are very good instrument for political parties for votes and by other
      educated society for their blue or black collar jobs, western countries to sell
      weapons and to gain power, money and petrol, and rest all just seating and
      screaming on them for not being well part of their society. I will ask where is
      the opportunity for them to come and stand with all of us.

      Now I wanted to make my point very carefully, please
      REMEMBER I am not trying to finger point here on my Hindu brothers. Now take an
      example for the group of casts in Hindu who shares almost similar lifestyle, mentality
      and situations, and if you look closely you’ll find the same reasons for their
      current status, and so do Muslims, but you don’t notice those part of Hindu
      casts because we normally don’t see our own back easily. But since Muslims is standing
      other side we all can see it very clearly.

      I wanted to request all my Hindu brothers with all respect
      and humbleness that we wanted your helping hand not only for Muslims but if
      possible for all others who is sharing the same situation as Muslims to provide
      them more opportunity, welcome them versus separate them, try to remove all differences
      from our heart and mind and accept them.

      I know I sound little impossible here, but believe it is
      possible. I will give you my example, I was worst hit of 2002 Gujarat riots,
      the place where I used to live in Kalupur Ahmedabad as Paying Guest was burnt
      down, I saw many people injured and many crying for their lives and loved once,
      but I never let hatred grown in my heart or mind, because I know that it is
      done by few people not by all Hindus, and by grace of god all Hindus I know
      they loves me, they extended their hands for help when I was hit in riots.

      But unfortunately not all Muslims are lucky enough to have
      love and support like I have, and I do understand, it is because their action
      is also not very welcoming most of the time.

      In nutshell I strongly believe that all Muslim can be part
      of very harmonious one society and that is what teaching of Islam and Quran,
      and I pray to God that one day all Muslim will be educated. They’ll understand how
      beautiful it is to be part of one family.

      AND MIND.


      Jai Hind (Salam to my mother land India)

      Ek Hopeful Muslim

    169. By ur tone it looks your religion also cant promote secularism..

    170. I always respect Islam as a religion and revere Muslims as a community. The views expressed above are of a true India irrespective of his religion. It is not the religion but the wrong preaching or wrong interpretation of the religion that creates hatred. Had the world made only for a particular community and only one GOD supreme, he might not have allowed other religions to even born. So, we are first humans and something else later. Let us respect each other's religion, faith, community and be an India first.

      A Hindu by Birth, a Human Being by education

    171. Hindustan ke 4 Sipahi - Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isai!
      Need is to get them together as they stand divided by politics!

    172. Well even in Congress there are a lot of Hindus but are scared to call themselves Hindu.
      The Hindus are a divided lot and they can never get united because it is not in our blood.
      If you look in retrospect history we have never lived like a nation but only as different kingdoms.
      But the religion has always prevailed whether Hindu, Jain or Buddhist.
      We have been always fighting for our ideologies and not for the nation. There has not been any cohesive trend in our culture. We have always scoffed at each other and been zealots.
      Even today we call ourselves as Aryasamajis,Sanatanis, Shaivaites, Vaishnavites, Jains & what not. The new trend is schedule and dalits. Tell me are we or our ancestors not responsible for such miserable state of affairs of division in our society.
      Invaders and outsiders always took advantage of our disunity and ruled us for centuries and still we have not risen from our deep slumbers. did we ever show our patriotism for our nation or sincerity to our heritage. Has it been ther the foreigners would not have taken our precious heritagei.e.our scriptures and made use of themfor their advantage.
      We have no belief in our own ancient knowledge and are following the throw aways from western culture.
      We have lost our values and thus let us suffer silently for our own faults and not blame others for what they are doing.
      Will we atleast wake up now and fight for our rights. Our intellentia isa mental slave of West.