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    Open Letter To Rajdeep Sardesai

    Dear Rajdeep,
    What would you say about a man who sold his moral and ethics? That he is a self-proclaimed genius and a master at patting his own back. That he is opinionated as long as his opinions don’t hurt Congress or Gandhi family. That he always sees trolls among genuine people who refuse to agree to his blabbers or ask prickly questions. That he, in the name of truth and neutralism has only got lies and fabricated stories to tell; so to keep his pay masters happy. That he loves doing morning walks in the park with his dog. That he loves cricket; weekend Maalish and Old monk. 
    No, this is not a horribly translated version of Love Story. Anyways, that stanza stands extraneous. Coming back to the topic; Trust me when I say this. I am a fan of yours’ since the days you host ‘The Big Fight’ for NDTV aired on Star News. Not to mention, though Vikram Chandra is doing kind of an OK job but the program seems to have lost (for good or bad) it’s insignia since you moved out of NDTV and got into IBN network. I was a bit of both sad and happy when you moved out. The sadness was for not having you as the host for ‘Big Fight’ while happy that you may (emphasize this MAY since it has some utility later in the post) end up producing far many and better shows than ‘Big Fight’ as the Editor-in-chief of CNN-IBN.
    Now it is close to seven years you made your great migration and today I am neither happy nor sad but thoroughly disappointed. Not disappointed because you don’t dye your hair though most of it has turned grey but because you failed miserably on the expectations of mine that I set for you the day you quit NDTV. I wouldn’t have felt this annoyed had you failed in few parameters that are dear to me or for that matter to the entire nation or the profession called journalism. But in all likelihood you have failed in each and every of the parameters that so judiciously define how a mature, neutral and non-judgmental journalist should carry himself or herself.
    Don’t worry. I have just changed the paragraph and unlike our politicians who throw their volley of accusations and then run away, I am certainly going to explain the reasons with examples on why and how you molded yourself to a complete nonsense from the once promising and fearless Rajdeep Sardesai. You know Rajdeep; I always felt there is something grossly wrong with our media. Though I never could figure that missing something initially; after minutely observing our media and media persons like you for close to a decade, I got that eureka moment of mine. And the missing link, which I guess shouldn’t be a surprise to you is actually a lot of hypocrisy and double standard. Oh, yes; don’t forget to add a pinch of biasness and moral bankruptcy to that. When I say media, I am confident you won’t point at your chair, laptops which I am not sure what the anchors do with them, microphone, cameras, OB-vans, tea mugs your ties. Media is made up of a hoard of people; few of whom fortunately are still unsold. Yes, that also includes us viewers who are always taken for a ride for being just the audience. Coming back to where I left; so when I say media is biased and hypocrite it squarely pits the blame on people like you and many others who have long forgotten the motto of their profession, which is delivering truth at any cost. But Alas!! forget truth, now the only delivery that we get from our media is at best can be termed as series of advertisements either showcasing the good about a particular family, person, political party or exactly opposite of few others who didn’t agreed to pay enough to buy the media on their side. All of you, directly or indirectly attached to media are culprits and manipulators of best breed. You guys flourish through the lies and deceive. Most of the time you guys engage in fooling a lot of people vis-a-vis your half-baked and half-truth stories and conveniently run away with tails tucked between legs when uncomfortable questions start pouring in. You guys are so similar in every sense that I could have written this letter to absolutely any media chap by just changing the name from Rajdeep to XYZ and believe me it still would have fitted for the most part of it without even moving a single comma anywhere. So routine, identical, clone or whatever you all are. But yet I chose you as my addressee which in a way reflects my love for you.
    Moving on Rajdeep, I feel you are suffering badly with something called overconfidence. I could be wrong though since it may be just that you are dumb enough to not realize you are actually engaged in fulltime job of self-gloating (at times of your wife) than delivering credible and news worthy information. Hell, no qualms, I still give you the benefit of doubt. But as a gentleman’s promise I will share an example (of the many) to prove why I feel you are an overconfident bloke without having any potential at all.
    Let me narrate a very latest sample so that you don’t have to overwork your memory in stretching it too far. Do you remember your recent Narendra Modi interview aired on your network? After going through it from end-to-end I was speechless. Not because it was an out of the world stuff but because I was clueless on the answer of this question – ‘How the hell you can air this?’. Trust me; had I been in your place and successfully managed to churn out such a rubbish piece, I would have burnt the entire print and dump the ashes right beside where Osama Bin Laden ji is dumped. But you not only going ahead and airing it but also Tweeting to four odd lakh of your tweeter followers to watch this (by the way, I managed to get the aired timing info from your tweet only) nonsense, only reflects your overconfidence. Now I will tell why the interview was horrible. Do you know something called homework? No not your Maalish or strolling with your dog. It is like preparing yourself upfront for the task at hand. Ok; continuing with my explanation; since when credible journalists have started gushing inside someone’s political campaign vehicle without having an ounce of an idea on why they are there? You looked so unprepared for the best part of the entire interview that I wouldn’t have lost a single breath of mine, had you been landed there in your nightwear without even combing your hair. Or shouldn’t I entirely blame you since all through your life as a journalist the best that you have done is to interview absolute morons like Digvijaya Singh, whose mental balance and knowledgebase doesn’t score past an average mentally retard human or at best at par with a third standard kid? Only that you have always pitted yourself against absolute oblivious dumb entities like Diggy or that zero man who comes up with absurd theorems at alarming regularity, you have hallucinated yourself being too cleaver. Well true in relative terms but your wittiness fails like Bangladesh as a test team (you love cricket. No?) once you are anywhere near the vicinity of a shrewd politician like Narendra Modi. I reiterate Rajdeep; you should have done your homework before approaching this man. Didn’t he made a Sreesanth out of you there? By the way, since when Sonia Gandhi started working for CNN-IBN? I mean all that I hear you ask Mr. Modi started with something like; Sonia said this, that, blah, blah and more blah. This gave an impression as if Sonia Gandhi has joined the editorial panel (if you have one) of your channel and formulated all these questions to be asked. Didn’t you have any questions of your own? Is this plain incompetence or gross lack of preparedness on what to ask and counter ask? But heavens; you aired it as if it is a journalistic marvel. Didn’t you? Just a suggestion - If time permits, lock yourself inside a room and view the entire interview again and again. I bet at the end of third review you will contemplate jumping off a cliff, if you find one near Delhi.
    Another of those attributes which irritates me in you is this. This is bitter, so keep a sweet candy for relief. Ready? There you go - You have sold yourself and that too against a very cheap bargain. Ok, let me rephrase it. You have turned yourself a mouthpiece for Congress; or more precisely the Gandhi family. Come on Rajdeep; the least that I can expect from my favorite anchor is some difference between him and Mani Shankar Aiyar. Now don’t tell me I am biased since it is not only me but a good two third of the entire English news watching populace will nod in positive. So many people can’t be biased. Can they? So another jargon for you Rajdeep – introspect. Could you? Again lock yourself inside a room, this time a dark one and review your actions of last 6-7 years as a journalist. Trust me it will be fun. You will realize how bad it was to sell your concise and air stories of mass killing, rapes, tore apart foteous and what not on Gujarat riots. You will realize how ghastly it is to cover noted thugs under media hood from scams and taints though they were apprehended with their hands in the cookie jar and their pants down as well. You will realize how bizarre it is an idea to project to the world that secularism is largely Hindu bashing. Why Rajdeep? I mean why? Only because those who were paying you to tow their lines wanted it that way, you like a sold out slave followed their instructions till the last punctuation? Wake up; slap yourself and ask – were all of that nonsense you aired on Gujarat riots is truth? Were all that said by you to defend thugs like Raja, kalmadi and Kani were factual? Do you really believe what Congress is doing at large in the name of secularism is real secularism? No need to explain us Rajdeep; just ask yourself and I bet you will hear exciting answers for the rest of your life. Why so much hypocrisy Rajdeep? What is the point when you can’t even stand your own original views since it is already been sold? That is such a pathetic situation to be in as a human. But one thing that is commendable is your attitude off late. I see you have started to utter some negativism on Congress and Gandhi family (trust me, it was long due as a neutral journalist). I know not the reasons but can guess; you might have smelled the doomsday for Congress post 2014 and hence setting yourself for your new political masters. That could be BJP or a third front government headed by no lesser than the likes of Mayawati or Mamata Banarjee. Is that how it is shaping up Rajdeep? Anyway, goodluck for that.
    And by the way, what is that CWG telecasting rights nonsense all about? I am told your channel along with another perpetual Congress mouthpiece called NDTV did a lot of jugglery behind the doors for some sweet deals? Could you Rajdeep come clean on them? Be bold like your father. Dillip was one heck of a batsman who fearlessly stood in front of the fearsome West Indies bowlers and that too without any high quality protection gears. Dillip never ducked to bouncers but stood up and dismissed them from its presence; well almost always. So I would love to see some glimpses of Dillip (which I saw many times in a program called Sunil Gavaskar Presents, long time back) from you Rajdeep. Hope like father-like son you will do justice to the uncomplicated and fearless legacy of Dillip Sardesai and be a jurno that I always wanted you to be.
    Warm Regards
    A Well Wisher.



    1. I'm speechless !! First of all - this is so correct and secondly the last part of changing the stand by some media persons .... both these things we were discussing for last 5-10 days :-)
      One sample writing from our beloved Rajdeep only - (from Hindustan Times) "The media could not cover the Assam riots like Gujara 2002. This is not because of any religious bias but because the riot-hit areas were inaccessible" .

      I am amazed by such an explanation !! Does he believe that people will even give a damn to his absurd explanation?? Or was it the result of his guilt??

    2. "Who's right doesn't matter, who has the power does." ---Thucydides

    3. But for me "Who's right doesn't matter, what is the context does." :-)

    4. Most of this open letter lifted straight from mediacrooks.com article on the same Rajdeep interview of Modi.. (www.mediacrooks.com/2012/10/namo-interview-sardesais-sheer.html)

    5. Was the site of Godhra train massacre inaccessible to him ?

    6. is this fellow the son of Dilip... shame.... not only to his father but also to whole country for being such a paid journo...

    7. Maha Chors are gadkari (Gutter Curry) and Sushma Swaraj (Daayan,Chudail) Butcher of Gujarat is Narender Modi


    9. Diverse society is bound to fail.

    10. Wow, this piece is indeed commendable. This man along with his partner in crime "NDTV" are spearheading the "Fix Modi & screw BJP at any cost" campaign since a decade. And to an extent they have been successful. As I always write, media is a very powerful weapon that the Cong has with them to penetrate into the literate voters.

    11. "Media does not spread free opinion; it generates opinion." --Oswald Spengler

    12. Agree with all the points mentioned. Very good article

    13. more than good...this article is a true one...its very obvious that media is fully supporting congress and bashing narendra modi at evry instance...shame on these media people...they will regret all their actions once modi comes to power in 2014..

    14. Whatever rajdeep does against modi will go in vain as he is the only person who can lead gujarat and hopefully india in the right path..this is true inspite of the ranting of pseudo-secularists..shame on those who are destroying the nation in the name of a stupid european concept called secularism..i can bet on my life that a staunch follower of secularism can not be a patriot.

    15. Want a piece on Bakra Durr and Wierd Sanghvi too...

    16. Why is the author anonymous ?!! Open letter to everyone else but cant come up and face it !?!

    17. And that he has grown in saffron Sena citadel whole of his child life and throws all his sanskaras in the gutter for a few coins?

    18. i was searching for a column written by rajdeep today (ironically written on positives of narendra modi ) and look what i found.
      Brutally honest , sharp n extremely well written. ! Hope rajdeep did read this.

      I m not really a fan of ibn (or of any news channel for that matter) bt somewhere i think i understand their urge to stay commercial n please the ruiling govt. THAT however shudnt b a journalists concern though, all he shud aim for is fair view.

      Also i think u missed lambasting the very arrogant show by karan thapar named 'devil's advocate'. It seems like he is in direct touch with congress while doing interviews and just repeating what he is told to say.

    19. Can't understand you always keep on hoping issues over issues without completing them. senseless piece of shit.

    20. Congress humiliates India with truth and honesty

      CWG scam, Kalmadi sent to jail, Kanimozhi & Raja sent to jail in 2G
      bribery, Chauvan made to bite the dust for minor slip-up in Adarsh.
      MM Joshi caught red handed dictating CAG about figures, JPC finds 2G
      loss at 2,400 crores (now recovered fully), 2G expert price rejected by
      all players, talk time goes up due to no benefit to telecos, common man
      is now affected, all b'cos of MM Joshi's dictation to CAG.
      3. Coal Scam, BJP all of a sudden silent ? B'cos 80 percent scam has happened under BJP state govt.
      K'taka BJP govt, dubbed as most corrupt govt by HC, shame on BJP. All
      ministers tainted. CM sent to jail, Mining scam & BBMP scam alone
      totals 1,00,000 crores. 26 ministers tainted. Total corruption under BJP
      more than 5,00,000 crores.
      5. Kasav & Afzal shown where they belong ! RSS & BJP fielded Jethmalani against Afzal death sentence !!
      6. BJP & RSS cadres caught red handed hoisting Pakistan flag in K'taka. BJP MLAs watch BLEU film in assy.
      7. No punishment for Kingpin who mastered 3000 murders in Gujrat
      8. Helicopter deal sealed in 2003 by BJP led NDA not UPA. Bribe taken by MOD, of NDA.
      getting smart by being honest, BJP is clearly an anti-national party.
      Hail Sonia, the tallest & honest leader of India since 2 deacdes
      9. Record economic growth under MMS, GDP doubled in just 6 years 2004-2010.
      Only congress can fight Fascists & impending civil war due to uppercaste propaganda

    21. Get real.
      Modi(BC) is underestimating Forward Caste hegemony in BJP.
      Forward Caste(Advani,Rajnath,Gadkari,Jaitley,Sushma) will never accept Modi(BC) as PM.
      They'll collude with Italian Congress/CBI to malign/dump Modi at an appropriate time.
      Till then BJP will use Modi only for getting votes in elections.

    22. How can you forget his love for beef and beef eating festival? this is insult to his character(?) , apologize to him ...... LOL :-) .... you are spot on, keep it up.

    23. In the helocopter deal scam, from the e-mails it transpires that about 79 journalists are in the scamsters' pay to promote the cause of the black=listed arms dealers. Can this one be one of those?? One needs to probe and find answers. These guys are traitors not only to their profession, but to the country as well.

    24. 2014 : BJP will fail to get past three digits b'cos of Modi. MMS will become PM for 3rd time and after brief time he will be succeeded by Harvard graduate Chiddu.

      2015 : Modi popularity will slide and courts will make right decisions on his criminal past. Modi will resign and may walk into Tihar.

      2016 : Modi will be awarded death sentence, brahmin RSS will be happy to send off Modi. Sushma will declare herself as PM candidate for 2019.

      2017 : Pranab'da before relinquishing office will seal the fate of Modi. Court will order he be burried inside Tihar fearing rise of fascists. Modi will be laid to rest next to lesser criminal Afzal Guru.

      2018 : Sonia will be awarded Nobel Prize for keeping away Fascists from occupying seat of power of world's biggest democracy. Sonia will be world's tallest leader powering complex India into another golden era.

      Jay Sonia Mata, she is bigger than Bharath Mata, which is just idol of RSS.

    25. Modi timeline


      2014 : UPA-3 will storm into power, Modi popularity will slide rapidly, US will name Modi as terrorists, RSS as terrorist organization.

      2015 : Indian courts will make U turn in Modi criminal cases, Maya Kondanani & Bajarangi will testify that Modi was king pin of riots.

      2016 : Modi will be hanged inside Tihar jail, Kashmiris will oppose his burial next to Afzal. Adanis will claim his body.

      2017 : Reservation for muslims, dalits & dalit converts in all sectors based on population percentage.

      2019 : Land-slide victory for Congress, death of UPA, death of Fascists, NEW INDIA''

      2020 : Death of Internet Sanghi bloggers by 2020, dalits will take over internet and grow India into powerful nation,

    26. Excellent speculation, except that you gave away evidence for your feeble intelligence. Modi is a Hindu. Hindus are not buried, but cremated.

    27. Modi is fake lower caste OBC they are buried F'off

    28. best truth in words, nice article.

      Rajdeep- forget about ethics or morals-he'll sell his wife to congress MP's to run TV channel, by looking at his face anyone can understand his criminal nature

    29. This piece is truely commendable. Thank you. Just like somebody put words for the anger inside me

    30. brilliant article. i appreciate the person writing the facts... its like snatching my thoughts and putting in words. Evn I always use to follow him from the Big Fight days. but he has gone down to such a low label by advocating congress is unimaginable.

    31. Brilliant! Hats off to you for coming up with an article which echoes the feelings of people like me who are disillusioned by Mr. Sardesai. Time was when we used to look up to him to ask the questions on our lips, to the politicians who, of course, never cares to answer them (and believes asking stupid counter questions are reply enough). At least we had the satisfaction of hearing the right questions asked. I hope this letter pricks Mr. Sardesai's conscience. Will Mr. Sardesai and his media colleagues (not just in CNN-IBN but in other media houses as well) realise that no one will care to write a letter of this sort and lenth, unless his feelings are genuine?

    32. brilliant article. i appreciate the person writing the facts... its like snatching my thoughts and putting in words. Evn I always use to follow him from the Big Fight days. but he has gone down to such a low label by advocating congress is unimaginable.

    33. channel owned by sonia ji. Her puppet channel. Any way Mr. Rajdeep is enjoying because he has ads paid to him by tax payers money

    34. Mr. Sardesai MUST read this. SHAME ON HIM!
      Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep are a disgrace to this nation!
      SHAME man, SHAME ON YOU!