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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Me Lord, Who Is Whispering In Your Ears?

Team Being Cynical
Couple of days back four senior Supreme Court judges J. Chelameswar, Ranjan Gogoi, Madan Lokur and Kurian Joseph went public with their dissatisfaction on the alleged conduct of the CJI Deepak Mishra. And the lordships, for some strange reason, found it apt to hold a press conference to vent their anger. This was quite unprecedented in the history of the apex court. It was bizarre too. You could question, what made the lordships to not go to the president of the republic with their grievances first, if they had any, instead of holding a press conference to wash their dirty linens in public. Hold your horses, you will get your answers in due course of this post.

Over the years this blog has been very critical of many things. Irrespective of that the blog never ventured anywhere near in questioning our judiciary or even for that matter, our lordships. It was partly out of self-regulated editorial policy and partly out of respect. And I think this tradition must be broken today because a thinning out respect warrants the editorial policy be sidelined for a better cause. As is, the latest spectacle that four of our senior most judges orchestrated has got nothing to do with judiciary. Instead of maturity they preferred whining. And what they were whining about is the legislative part of it. In a shameless manner the four learned judges took no time in accusing the CJI of ‘Bench Fixing’. Hope the judges understand the veracity of such accusations and the long term implications of the same in public discourse. It amazes me how casual such senior judges could be with their conduct as I don’t even believe a bunch of school boys would behave in such a manner. I am sure the said judges haven’t thought through their action, either by purpose or by ignorance and it is all the more reason that their actions must be called out loud and clear and the bluff must be massaged. 

That said, does the mindless whining, borderline with acute stupidity, of the four judges should be analysed in silo? Is it really in black-and-white as it been projected by our media and the liberal syndicate? Or is it time that we read between the lines and try to sense the real motive behind such obnoxious conduit of our lordships? Trust me, the chain of events that preceded as well as followed the said press conference makes the entire fracas muddier than I initially thought. And certainly these judges are nothing but part of a bigger and far sinister plot. We would render a great disservice on ourselves if we refuse to see the plot in the background. And this blogger isn’t going to do that, he never had. Lets call a spade a spade again.

But before that, let’s take a pause and go back in past a little. Except Justice Kurian Joseph rest three served at the Guwahati High-Court at the same time. They were there for quite a lengthy period together. Is there a unionism that has crept in here? Out of the 50 odd judges in the highest court it is only four who had problems. We can’t ignore the fact here that three of those four had spent time together and must have more than just professional relationship. So when all three of them sing the same tune it sounds more like mutual scratching than making sense. Not long back Justice Karnan, who was jailed for questioning the judiciary, levelled serious charges of corruption against many Supreme Court judges. He in fact named 7 of them. His list of ‘Satte-Pe-Satta’ were JS Kehar, J Chelameswar, Ranjan Gogoi, Madan Lokur, Pinaki Ghose and Kurian Joseph. Interestingly all from the gang-of-four feature in Karnan’s corrupt list. It could be a coincidence that those whom justice Karnan called out as corrupt are whining today but I don’t entirely believe the coincidence theory here. I am disbelieving the ‘convenience of coincidence’ logic not just because Justice Karnan had named the same gang as gang of corrupt. There are other glaring evidences to prove my point, which I will elaborate in due course. 

First evidence is a certain Sekhar Gupta. Where ever this man is seen lurking around, it kind of rings a bell inside me. For the last 20 years, all kind of nonsense, more so political flavoured, had this ‘wheeler dealer’ in the frame. He was in the frame here too. SG and skulduggery are so synonym that I can’t just ignore it, even if I want to. At first I tried to ignore his positioning behind the judges as a positional mistake. When most of the reporters were in front of the judges I don’t know what SG was up to standing behind. There were few other reporters who also stood behind the judges and that could be because of shortage of space but what strikes here is what SG was really up to. Most reporters were either listening to what the judges had to say or were busy scribing down points for tomorrow’s news. Just look at SG. He was busy with his cell phone. You may say, SG fiddling with his phone, as shown here, could be the only instance in the entire press conference. If you think so then you are wrong. I even at first passed this off as one of the frames that captured SG deeply engrossed with his phone. Just to give SG the benefit of doubt I watched the entire PC again, even though I am not a big fan of stupid whining. Whole through the PC ‘Coupta’ was busy with his cell phone. I never found him, even for once, doing what most other journalists were doing. Whom he was continuously passing the information? Second murk in the PC was the presence of Indira Jaisingh, another lout from the commie stable and a known Congress stooge, in the journalist's box. Not only she was there, she even went ahead and asked couple of questions. What business does an advocate has in the press conference? What was that overzealous urge to change her profession from being an advocate to a journalist in this particular instance? She is another woman, much like Coupta, who has an extremely chequered past. Not long back her bogus NGO has been called a nonsense and de-registered by the GOI. I could sense where this lady was coming from with her bile and that made it so obvious that I didn’t have to put much effort to smell the agenda behind this mega stupidity.

As if there was something still confusing, the second evidence came in the form of D. Raja, and almost immediately after the PC. And this particular rogue as an evidence in the context that had build up is almost irrefutable. As we all know, achievements of D. Raja doesn’t go much beyond than he being a worthless politician all through his life. Right after the PC, this clandestine of a creature sneaked through the back gate of Justice Chelameswar’s official residence to meet him. He is a good friend of mine explained the ‘moronshri’ when asked about his shoddy looking meeting. But what the ‘moronshri’ didn’t answer is what was that dying urge to meet his friend right after the PC and that too like a robber through the back gate. Whom he was trying to hide himself from? But before that, what he had to hide? This is how these left clowns carry themselves – deceptive, venomous and idiotic. As is, my second thumb rule always comes handy – whenever you see these opportunist fibs from the Clown Party Of India (CPI) loitering around, be rest assured there is something sinister being cooked, most of the time against the nation. As an extension to this rule of mine – whenever I see these vultures from left wetting their pants in anticipation of an imaginary carcass, I tend to support what these morons oppose. Now you would ask, what my first thumb rule is – well, we will get to that in a while. In the meantime, appearance of dubious and notorious characters like D. Raja is almost a giveaway that something is not correct in whole of this. This reprobate wasn’t there to meet his friend. He was there to oversee if all went well in pushing their nasty agenda or not. And my second thumb rule has never disappointed me till today.

Third evidence came within an hour of the press conference. All the assorted liberals and their footsies in media started chanting the same mantra – democracy in danger. Look at the tweet of the ‘Bimbo In Chief’ Nidhi Razdan. People from the termite clan were disappointed that the ruckus didn’t last long. The judges reportedly mend their ways and shorted out the differences amicably. That was a jolter for these commie scums. How could the agenda fall apart so early? Believe me, these ‘Jholachaap’ leeches would rejoice if something wrong happens to the nation because that would give them arsenal to attack Narendra Modi. That is why all kind of anti-nationals are very dear to this termite clan. Didn’t I just say, these vultures wet their pants and skirts in anticipation of an imaginary carcass? So bimbo Nidhi is excited early morning today because her colleague, another moron going by Srnivasn Jain, had the attorney general told him that the differences aren’t shorted out as yet. Ray of hope for the bimbo and many jokers like her. And for many/all morons like her, my thumb rule 3 always satisfies – whenever you see these presstitutes, idea of india frauds, Aaman Ki Asha rascals, assorted Jholachaaps, Litfest Mafias are having a group orgasm in the form of one episodic outrage or other, trust something being done good. It is not only Nidhi, all known cribs of the media mafia syndicate were having a field day in hailing what these four judges did to so called protect the democracy. Now I understand what Coupta was up to standing behind like a tout. Must be busy gathering his colony of clowns to go berserk as always.

Now the question that really left to answer is why these judges did this? I am told the biggest concern of theirs was how cases are selectively being allocated by the CJI. Excellent. So these judges want to have their choice of men in benches as they feel like. I am amazed that being so senior the whiners aren’t aware of the basic functioning of our Apex court. Allocating cases is a pure prerogative of the CJI. Why on earth he would have to consult this gang of four is beyond me. Being senior, CJI may want to consult but that is not binding on him. At least the gang of four must not demand that as a binding. This is like me demanding who should be allocated to which project be done in consultation with me in my company. If not I would run to the media to whine like a Rudali. Imagine what would happen if I put forward such a demand. I would be kicked out as unceremoniously as one can imagine. This demand even looks extremely notorious as a neutral observer. In-effect the four senior judges claimed the existence of ‘Bench Fixing’ in the highest judiciary body and accused none less than the CJI of practicing it. How shameful it sounds? How can such vilification can pass as an attempt at saving democracy can only be answered by touts like Coupta and his brother/sisterhood from the termite clan. 

But is it the bench fixing accusation that was bothering our lordships? Definitely not. Was it the death of judge Loya that our fiberals howling about is the reason? No again. Barring the gleeful ‘Jholachaaps’ in the media and commie brigade, not even the judges themselves said so. There was no mention of Justice Loya in the letter they wrote to CJI either. So what could be the reason that got these judges to stand up and sound clownish? Let's see. It may appear very tough to unearth the real motive behind this fracas but trust me it is not that difficult to gauge, knowing which material the players in this farce are made up of. The vultures expose themselves quite easily. 

Not long ago the zero loss man went to court to postpone the delivery of Babri Mosque dispute judgment till 2019 general elections are over. CJI threw his petition to the nearest dustbin and asked him to take his sorry ass out. The ‘Janeyudharis’ in Congress are terribly worried how a positive verdict in favour of Hindus on Babri Mosque dispute would make their chances of even winning 10 seats in 2019 to zero. As expected even the ‘Pidis’ are worried too. Time to stop crawling for some moments and do something menacing and disparaging. Desperate time, so it calls for desperate measures. These liars and hypocrites want the verdict on Ram Janambhumi be scuttled as far away as possible. CJI here stands as a hindrance. They want their own to be installed instead, precisely what the four judges whined about – the bench is decided by the CJI for all important cases. Which important cases the lordships were talking about? Was it the Ram Janambhumi verdict that was bothering these morons no end? Was this expected verdict is the tipping point for all fiberals to screw over one another and shout ‘Democracy In Danger’? We can only speculate but the more you look at the chain of events and the known morons who played it along, it is only obvious that these judges seem to have lost their ‘moral compass’ to Rajdeep Sardesai. 

Looking at the Congress and how their heart is crying for our judiciary now, I can only ask; how big a hypocrite one can become. Indira Gandhi didn’t like the verdict of Allahabad High court so she declared emergency. Entire judiciary was rendered worthless and toothless. Most of the judges were seen crawling before her official residence. Rajiv Gandhi set aside the judgement of high-court in Sahabanoo case to please the Mullahs. There are numerous instances where judiciary was been treated as a pet dog by these Congressi slaves. But today the same slaves wake up and weep for the judiciary and its independence. Even more interesting, the jokers believe the populace is fool enough to not see who the real destructive elements are and who had time and again left democracy at the whims and wishes of a clownish family. As of  the judges, I would appreciate them to leave their jobs and do politics fulltime and join their party of choice for better whining skills.

Now coming back to my Thumb Rule – 1. It revolves around the legendary moron called Prashant Bhusan. Whenever you see this idiot is rampaging home for one dubious reason or the other, just support the opposite. You won’t be wrong at all.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Caste And The Curious

Team Being Cynical
Caste plays a very vital role in Indian politics. We would be fooling ourselves if we remain in denial. In India no election can be fought, even lesser, could be won, without bringing caste into the mix. And there are reasons why and how caste has become such a vital cog in our political demography. Like much of the ill that we as a nation are suffering, we can safely attribute this bastardization of our  democratic framework to Congress here. After Indira Gandhi successfully managed to usurp every power, it left a big void at the state level. This led to the germination of these millions of state outfits. And as we all know, till now, these state parties have offered us nothing constructive. It even surprises me at times how these pennyworth parties could survive so long. There has to be reasons. Once we scratch the top a little it gets clear how these parties are still existing. Though they never offered anything constructive, one sinister thing they consistently offered is caste based politics. Be it Lalu, Mulayam or Mayawati; all of them run their politics on just one thing – caste. 

A quick glance at their party's manifesto would say it all. The entire manifesto would only talk about one caste or the other. And mostly the caste these hawks have targeted over the years are the so called lower castes in the social chain. In exchange of their obedience and votes, these hawks only have given more fear to their sect of voters. A rough survey of the section of people these parties woo; one would wonder, what these parties pretending to be their messiah have done for them. And the disappointing answer that would echo back would be a big nothing. Skilfully these hawks have hoodwinked this gullible section of voters for decades together. And you would only be sorry for yourselves if you think they are far from over. They actually aren’t. Congress being the culprit in chief have their own plans to exploit this caste arithmetic. Since the regional powers managed to checkmate them on their own turf of divide and rule, Congress promptly tried to woo another section that wasn’t exploited. That is when the Congress discovered the charm in minority politics. Since the time of ‘Sahabanoo’, Congress has been relentless in attracting this section for their vote-bank. Again, what has Congress done for these so called minorities; absolutely nothing. Congress in fact has always been the trendsetter of anything wrong. Be it setting an extremely bad political precedence or outrightly sabotaging our democracy and democratic frameworks; it always been the  Congress party who is at the forefront. The regional parties, who are equally notorious in spreading the filth didn’t miss the trend that their parent party established. Slowly but surely, these regional outfits started wooing the minorities as well. In nutshell – the entire political demography of India has turned into a big chaos. 

And dare I say, I would equally blame the cronies in our media and the liberal syndicate who successfully managed to peddle the skulduggery of Congress and other regional outfits to their best. And like our dirty politicians, these set of hawks too are far from being over with their dirty tricks.

Over the years these morons tried to evolve Rahul Gandhi as best as they could. But the prince kept on failing. Bewildered and out of ideas these media thugs tried to propel RG even further. But the prince never could improve. Last pit hope was the Gujarat elections where it was there for BJP to lose. Way too many odds were against BJP but the prince managed to fail here too. Like most occasions when both Congress and RG lost badly in an election, the thugs here too got busy in whitewashing the goat. “Rahul Gandhi has come of age”, thundered a bimbo called Nidhi Razdan. For them it was a moral victory for the Congress party in Gujarat. Highly laughable. Though they were pretending a victory like atmosphere, it is all well known that RG failed again. The useless outcry on development didn’t work either. RG along with his ‘Pidis’ were a massively worried lot in private. Category 5 moron is another one who found RG coming out of yet another loss with some good blueprint. What blueprint she was referring to? We will get to this blueprint in due course of this blog.  For the time being, all that I could find is another loss for the Congress party in a state which they should have won. This was the best chance for Congress to come back to power but they spoiled it again. But the ‘Pidis’ found a rejuvenated RG in all of this. You won’t possibly find as bad a lipstick work as this one and you all know why it is so.

That said there is still a silver lining in the loss of Congress in Gujarat. The figures improved considerably and the ‘Pidis’ know very well that it is not because of RG. Precisely the blueprint that ‘Category 5 Moron’ was harping on. It was the regimentation of dirty caste politics that has helped Congress save its face in the state. Circus clowns like Hardik patel, Jignesh Mewani and Alpesh Thakore had their share of role in the marginal success. It is kind of an ‘eureka’ moment for the Congress and all their ‘Pidis’ elsewhere. They never had anything to offer and people had long rejected their style of politics. Recent juggling with Muslims/Christians under attack didn’t work. Neither did the ‘Lynchistan’ nonsense. Even the ‘Yugpurush’ had been rendered useless after four long years of nonsense. When nothing works, the best that Congress has always dependent on is caste politics. Their age old trusted bile had given them some hope in Gujarat; so the said blueprint must be carried forward, as suggested by ‘C5M’.

And always trust the ‘Pidis’ to wag their tails as instructed. Conviction of Lalu in the fodder scam was a great handle that seasoned wheeler dealers like ‘Coupta’ could ill-afford to miss. Sekhar Gupta has a long history of charlatanism to his credit. Like RG most in our media, including SG, tried to evolve Lalu-2 after his initial conviction. People like Barkha Dutt even had described a criminal like Lalu as ‘Phoenix’ in Indian politics. The internet is full with such loving praises for this seasoned tout. In many occasions we have seen these media crooks going for a group orgasm at the mere mention of Lalu. SG too had his share of affection for the convicted criminal. It is not because they necessarily love this criminal but because they hope, scoundrels like Lalu would one day help them topple the BJP government. Doesn’t matter if Lalu is a highly corrupt and grossly uncouth of a character. Enemy of enemy is always a friend. Staying true to his reputation of being a wheeler dealer, at many instances SG has tried to whitewash Lalu. He calls them opinion while in reality they are lies and hypocrisy that we only can associate with a moron like ‘Coupta’.  

People like ‘Coupta’ play a very vital role in Congress’s dirty caste politics. They as a group realize how Congress could manage to stay this long in our political discourse – that is by exploiting the caste division in the society. Desperation for power is another thing which is a vivacious part in Congress’s modus-operandi. Most in the congregation know, at this rate a massive loss for Congress in the 2019 general elections is a foregone conclusion. To defeat Modi, their age old gimmickry of ‘Mai-Baap’ isn’t enough. Voters have turned far too smarter to their liking.Only way forward is to reignite the caste arithmetic all over again and hope it would stick. This is where seasoned ‘Pidis’ like SG come very handy. Post Lalu’s conviction it never urged upon SG to discuss the topic of the day. He rather was busy in his own nefarious world. When all were talking about the corruption ‘Coupta’ was talking about caste. This is how these hypocrites expose themselves. And yet they wonder why we call them morons. Just to wag as instructed SG was busy salivating at how only lower caste morons get convicted while higher caste morons get away easily. Can there be anything more sinister than this? In a single shot SG questioned both our constitution and our criminal justice system. But don’t just get into an outrage seeing SG and his equally filthy tricks. He is just a pawn. He is behaving like a brainless retard because he is been told to do so. There is a plan behind what these ‘Darbaris’ blabber. They are paid and nourished for such kind of nonsense. Pretending as neutral journalists these crooks do nothing but crawl in front of 10 Janpath. Congress today needs caste more than they ever did and SG as a trusted lieutenant knows his tasks very well. His job is to find caste in everything and make it appear how lower caste people are at the receiving end since BJP assumed power. Done’t be amused if you see Wheeler-Dealer exhibiting similar nudism running up to the 2019 general elections. Gujarat has given a slender hope to a depleted outfit and that hope is caste. And I am sure Congress, in desperation of power, won’t leave any stone unturned to cash upon it.

Another ‘Pidi’ is the street thug. Like SG, this moron too knows his job well. In-line with SG, the street thug was also all over the place with his set of nonsense. Though he silently deleted this tweet of his when countered, internet seldom wipes out your crimes as easily. As is, his better half has already did her part earlier. I have exposed the hypocrisies of this particular moron many times here on this blog. Along with being a hypocrite, street thug is a big dual character entity. When BJP pushed Ramnath Kovind as the president, it was just a tokenism. But when Jairam Thakur is sworn in as the CM of Himachal, street thug gets busy counting how many OBC CMs are there in the BJP’s rank. But stooping to such deplorable limits is nothing new with RS. He in fact has championed the art of skulduggery like no one else could. Much like SG, street thug too is chained to his slavery. He simply isn’t capable of conceiving anything sane. That is not his job. He is routinely fed with nonsense by his masters and instructed to bark at regular intervals, so he is just following his master’s orders. Caste is the key and didn’t I say, these ‘Pidis’ are been directed to bark ‘caste’ for every damn reason under the sun? Expect RS to continue his stance till the 2019 general elections are over. Like most who have benefitted because of the crony altar of Congress, RS as a routine beneficiary, knows where his interest lies. A prolonged non-Congress regime would dry these morons thin. Post 2014 the relevance of these slaves has shrink to naught. The ‘Pidis’ are equally desperate as their masters. They want their masters back so that the bones they throw at them never stops. Caste is just a poor victim in all of this. By the way, have you ever seen the street thug questioning Congress on how many ‘Dalit’ Congress party presidents it had in its entire history? At least I haven’t.

Pune’s Bhim-Koregaon violence is another example of Congress’s desperation for power. As a party they won’t even hesitate to burn down the nation in their lust for power. This is not the first time Congress took shelter of anti-India elements for their electoral success. They have a rotten history of instigating violence in accordance with their core framework of ‘Divide-And-Rule’. For long this Bhim-Koregaon nonsense was celebrated in Pune. No one cared to give two hoots for these morons. I am sure most in Pune won’t even be knowing if this was a regular event every 1st January. There would be a handful of worthless and jobless morons who would go and shout some incoherent nonsense and go back home. None could care less for the precise problem these rascals have. Nobody even was interested to give a damn on what the worthless Prakash Ambedkar had to say. But this year, the template of Congress’s dirty caste politics added to the mix. No one knows what bloody business does jokers like Jignesh Mewani and anti-national thugs like Umer Khalid had in this event. Who invited these scumbags and why? If this is not exploiting caste politics then I am not sure what it is. But before that – who on earth in his sane mind would even think of celebrating the win of British over Indians? But these clowns are such morons who would celebrate such events if it satisfies their agenda. Precisely why these louts get excited for every wrong happening to India of late. Just because Modi is in power these rascals would even celebrate if our enemies fire nuclear bombs at us. This is where these jerks have stooped to. 

Look at the pattern even. All anti national elements including the ‘Bharat Tere Tukde Honge’ gang are a party to this bile. In one hand these chumps would celebrate a tyrant like Tipu Sultan in Karnataka citing how he fought against the British while in other hand the same termites would celebrate a British army win over us in Pune. How low one can get for the lust of power must be a case study and Congress blueprint of dividing the nation for their greed for power should serve as the prime example. Look at even the support that is pouring in for these morons from the usual suspects. The same lit-fest mafias, idea of India frauds, terrorist sympathizers, Aman Ki Asha rascals; all of them have gone into a group orgasm since yesterday. Doesn’t this pattern look so familiar? Post the thrashing of Kanheiya Lal and Umer Khalid in the Jehadi Naxal University (JNU), the same gang of rascals had a field day. Today I see the same gang with their underwear on fire again. This can’t just be a mere coincidence. Such constructed outrage is a well planned out sinister plot, as I always say. It is a plot to divide India yet again on caste line so that ruling it becomes easy. It is irony, all anti-India elements have ganged up again to execute this sinister plan; led from the front by the most notorious of the lot - the ever moronic Congress party. 

As I always say, the biggest threat to the unity of India is a party like Congress. For India to grow Congress must die. I am sure, there can’t be any purer pursuit than the ‘Congress Muqt Bharat’ idea of Narendra Modi. This highly communal and third rate political outfit must be annihilated for the good of the nation. Sooner it happens, better it is. I am glad that we are almost there. This is just the fag end.   

Friday, December 22, 2017

Loathsome Entities Of 2017

Team Being Cynical
We are again at that time of the year when the most loathsome entities list gets published on BC. This has become a watershed moment on BC every year when loathsomeness rewards itself thereby concocting a prestigious list of top 10 loathsome entities of the year. Over the years it has been noted that most entities quite effortlessly make it to this honorable list. This itself speaks volume of their loathsomeness. Few entities are good enough to make it to the list by their maiden appearance while few others slog it through the year to make a mark for themselves. Nonetheless, all of those who make it here are astounding oafs in their own way and field. But this year is little different from other years. This year we have maximum new faces that managed to dethrone the regular constituents of this list. That is some achievement I must say; for e.g – dethroning louts like Sanjay Jha or a Digvijay Singh is no mean feat. It takes unbelievable caliber to achieve this spectacle but then, we are not short of geniuses in loathsomeness in our country. My heartfelt congratulations to all those who made it here and I hope they would continue to ornament this very list for years to come. Not to discourage those who couldn’t make it here or missed it by a whisker, be resilient with your loathsomeness. You were champions on this field and I am sure it won’t take much time for you guys to bounce back. To show gratitude to this spectacular bench strength we would have a list of honorable mentions at the end of this post.

So without wasting any further time we must dive into this noble list. As always, the list starts with the least loathsome entity, leading all the way up to the coveted winner of the segment. So here we go 

Panna Lal Sakhya:

Not sure who this moron is? Neither do I till couple of days back. He is the first of the two who could sneak here by their maiden presence. I am told he is a lawmaker from Madhya Pradesh. Now I am not sure what kind of law this scumbag would be formulating for the state. When none thought there could be any controversy with the Virat Kohli – Anushka Sharma wedding, this gentleman from MP had to take the responsibility to prove all wrong. He did accomplish his job swiftly, didn’t he? And how he managed to scale over this impossible task? He called Virat Kohli an anti-national. Poor Kohli came in his Excellency’s ire because he preferred to get married in Italy, not in India. Wow!! That is some watertight logic to find the traitors among us. Next time one of your friends suggests for a destination wedding outside India just label that faggot an anti-national immediately and be done away with. You have the ‘Panna Lal Sakhya School Of Patriotism’ at your disposal to prove your point. And by the way, the moron didn’t say it for the heck of saying, if you think so. Genius people don’t just blabber without having enough proofs to back their point. Mr. Sakhya has some solid logic to back his theorem. According to him lord Ram got married in India as if he was a ‘Barati’ in that holy affair. So when lord Ram can get married in our ‘Bharatbarsh’ why can’t Kohli? Any duffer marrying outside automatically becomes an anti-national. He/she in fact becomes an anti-national on two counts – one, dumping India when it was presumably your most important day in your life and second, you dumped lord Ram and his core teachings of where one should get married quite nonchalantly. Both are offences of unacceptable proportions and somewhat unpardonable. Exemplary punishment is the need of the hour. But before we let Mr. Sakhya soak in his marvels, we must suggest him to eat Taiwanese mushrooms daily so that next time he is at his best again we could note his face with little clarity.  

Zaira Washim:

Another moron and another achiever. This bimbo is the second in the list who could sneak in by her maiden presence. Not exactly maiden but we can give her earlier nonsense on secularism a consensual miss. So that should be OK. She too has another achievement other than snatching a place in this prestigious list. She becomes the youngest ever in the history of the list to crack in. I would say, a Sachin Tendulkar equivalent in the loathsome list history. I am pretty sure she is a genius in the making in the loathsomeness direction. And how the bimbo did the impossible? She accused falsely that a man though cramped and tangled like a ball of wool inside an aero plane molested her by using his leg. Wow again. This man deserves to get in the plane that would take our athletes to Tokyo for 2020 Olympics. He definitely would bag the gold medal in gymnastics. And when he achieves this feat, we must also honor the bimbo back home with a ‘Bharat Ratna’ for unearthing this raw talent. Jokes apart, whom this bimbo is trying to fool and why? None in the plane, including the crew and co-passengers, could notice anything going even remotely uncharitable while the bimbo is all over the place with her nasty exuberance of victimhood. Boy, how could I miss to mention the gallons of crocodile tears that this loathsome bimbo shredded to make her falsehood appear genuine? An actor indeed. Now that her falsehood is being called out, the moron has gone hiding in a shit hole. No one has heard the bimbo since the time the bluff in her moroniry was pointed out. Where is she hiding? P.s – You can read “Bollywood Bimbos” on this site to know more in details on why this single event found her a place in this list of awesome.   

Nidhi Razdan:

One of the many who religiously make it to the loathsome list year after year. Commendable!! I both respect and appreciate such consistency. Kinda Rahul Dravid stuff; vintage, unmatched and unparalleled. She belongs to a special group and she must take pride on this fact. These are rare gems in the moronic scale and we all must do everything to protect such gems from extinction. As is loathsomeness comes very naturally with someone like Nidhi. This year Nidhi decided to break her own records in loathsomeness and tried to impress Barack Obama with her spectacles. She for some reason was invited to the Obama foundation’s maiden charter organized in India and the bimbo did what she only knows to do – show her unparalleled horribleness. The bimbo tried to flame some political fire in an apolitical event to draw some praise for her masters. But a matured politician like Obama knows only too well who the morons are, even if they are masquerading as journalists. Perhaps morons do have written something on their foreheads for easy picking. Rightfully Obama asked the bimbo to keep quiet and take her slavery out of the room. That was some slap to note. But did the bimbo left her moroniry in the conclave. Certainly not. She was all over tweeter to display her acute loathsomeness, even if that means questioning Obama on his intentions while spanking this bimbo in public. Same old ‘freedom of expression’ nonsense was the key. But little did this moron forget how she conducts herself in her pathetic TV show named LR&C. Not long back she asked a BJP spokesperson to leave her show because that chap was calling out her bluffs and exposing her agenda driven journalism, which she always does. The poor man’s only fault was he called this bimbo what she is – a slave of the Congress party. 

Shyam Benegal:

You can’t possibly conceive a loathsome list without a Bollywood thug capturing a position. This has never happened and it is going to stay that way, thanks to a certain moron called Shyam Benegal. The manner in which this moron stormed into the list, it even surprised me. And how I managed to discover this gem? For the better part of the year I was wondering where the typical ‘Jholawals’ of Bollywood are. I was almost in the verge of getting into depression when SB crawled out of the woodwork, closely following Zaira Washim, to bring that much needed cheer on my face. And how he crawled out? In a grand style, I must admit. Of all the people this joker now suddenly becomes a claimant in the Babri Mosque dispute. Wow again. What business this Commie lout has got in the dispute? How he became a claimant? This is such a mystery that even ACP Pradyuman and his gang of door breakers would find hard to crack. Not only that, the moron even is demanding that the disputed site be converted to a hospital. Perhaps he wants his unwanted piles to be operated there. Now this instant love for a hospital on the part of this loathsome man is astounding, though it is in line with the demands of other ‘Jholawalas’. This notorious charlatan has made a career in exploiting poverty in his movies. All that he showcased in his filthy movie making life is how poor and downtrodden India as a whole is, in line with the  typical Commie attitude. Now suddenly the scoundrel has lots of love for the poor and wants a hospital in Ayodhya so that poor would get treatment for free. What a noble enunciation coming out of this moron. Praise worthy. I secretly asked the thug – had that love for poor is natural, may I know how much you have donated of your ill-gotten money for the welfare of the poor in the past? The moron never did reply. May be the rascal is counting the amount he has donated till now.  

Hardik Patel:

Gujarat was poll bound this year and I was sure the state won’t disappoint me in throwing at least one joker to fill up my list. And I wasn’t disappointed a bit. It in fact the state gave me two morons to cherish. First of the two morons is an illiterate ‘anguthachap’ and somewhat ‘sadakchap’ Hardik Patel. Tongue-tied idiot and a hoodlum far from any kind of civility was bound to make it nasty and he certainly stood true to my expectations. After all a moron charge-sheeted with sedition will stay that way. Coupled with that, lack of any education won’t help elevate his civility any good either. And trust such thugs taking shelter under the protective umbrella of the Congress party. It has always happened when the best thug of any era has been patronized and protected by the Congress party. Because thugs bring lot of political dividends for the Congress party. So HP was an automatic choice to be included. Like most morons that were quick to exploit caste, HP had his share of caste division philosophy too. He demanded reservations for ‘Patidar’, a Gujarati community. No one, including the scumbag himself, knows why there should be reservations for this section. Even the Supreme Court threw his nonsense quite uncharitably. But that is hardly a point for the Congress party to look upon. Someone is trying to divide the society on caste lines; bingo!!  something that matches the core philosophy and blueprint of the Congress party. Good enough a point for that person to become an instant darling. More of, HP could potentially eat up BJP vote share and make it tough for Modi to retain Gujarat. What else is needed? National harmony, national integrity, secularism and all such sundry nonsense can wait. 

Jignesh Mewani:

Here comes the second moron from Gujarat. In fact this guy is quite a character. His only qualification for being in electoral politics is, he is a Dalit. And no Dalit card misses the purview of the Congress party. So this moron automatically becomes a trusted ally of Shri Rahul Gandhi. Along with being uncivilized, this scumbag possesses a highly stale mouth. In fact this moron is a close cousin of Rohith Vemula. He is a third rate Commie too. His ‘Jholawala’ syndrome is quite prominent if one looks at his past. He is a close confidant of other notorious jerks like Kanheiya Lal, Umer Khalid and the bimbo Shiela Rashid. This moron too is very supportive of the ‘Aazadi’ gang of the valley. He was seen many times with other assorted jerks like Gauri Lankesh. Now how a Dalit thug from Gujarat managed to sneak in to the established anti-India congregation of JNU is still a mystery to many. I last checked, this moron wasn’t studying in that farce of a University. By the way, Bhuran Wani is a hero for this moron. He too had strong objections against the government for hanging Afzal Guru and Yakub Memon. He also enjoys a good bout of laughter and enjoyment whenever Maoists kill our CRPF Jawans. In fact the list of idiocy and anti-national activities of this scumbag is too long to scale in a single blog. And doesn’t such thugs always attract the Congress party? Like Hardik Patel, this moron also appeared like a vote crusher of BJP hence the association of this moron was always on the cards. While I write it, this uncivilized idiot has shown his upbringing by using highly insinuating language against the PM. This had never happened in our political history. And such shit-mouthed scoundrels impress the Congress party no end.

Ankit Lal:

Like Bollywood morons, you can’t stop ‘AapTards’ from making it to the loathsome list. When their boss has always been a consistent feature in the list, his prodigies like Ankit Lal aren’t staying much far from the scene of action. By the way, this joker is equally, if not more, foul/shit mouthed like Jignesh Meawani. Before Yugpursh almost lost his deposit in Varanashi, this thug was all over the place calling Modi a ‘Chutiya’ and how his tout like father figure Kejriwal would defeat him there. Such a joke this clown is. But this is not the reason why he is in the list. This moron tried to be an intellectual in semiconductor technology to justify how EVMs could be hacked. Though I am sure this moron would struggle to spell ‘semiconductors’ in one go, he was acting like a know-all go to man for any query on digital electronics. He mugged up some bogus books on semiconductors and tried to act like an intelligent on twitter. Only thing this clown misread is that there actually are professionals on twitter who are working in the same domain. It didn’t take long for one such professional to pick the hilarious thread of this moron and thrash him left-right-and-center. This is what happens when you buy a pirated book from ‘Palika Bazar’ and mug up without knowing what your are mugging up. Even more suicidal is when you decide to display your engineering moroniry after mugging up the shit. This moron's bluff was caught, stripped naked and thrashed with absolute disdain by people who are working closely on this technology. But honestly, one need not be from semiconductors background to call the lies of these idiots. Being a certified ‘AapTard’ is good enough to point at your absent brain and an absent brain is not capable of even buckling shoe laces, much less lecturing on semiconductors.

Kapil Sibal:

Another regular in the list. Any legal nonsense you pick, you would find this dubious and dumb character loitering around there. He somehow manages to find a place in the list and he does it quite easily. Another astounding feet that isn’t simple to achieve, provided you aren’t a superhuman like Shri Sibal, the zero loss idiot. While his boss Rahul Gandhi was getting incarnated to a ‘Janeyu dhari’ Brahim, the slave was busy with his sinister plot. Lot of temple run in Gujarat by the master and yet the slave KS was all over the apex court with his usual religo-political absurdities. No Hindu love of his master was reflecting upon this moron. In fact he wanted and requested the Supreme Court to defer the Babri dispute judgment till 2019 elections are over. And why would the courts do so? Or for that matter, why this clown wants such a decision to begin with? Precisely what the courts asked this oaf to explain. But it seems the moron has some explanations to offer.  According to him, any favorable decision for Hindus would help BJP in the 2019 polls. What a moron this Kapil Sibal is? So courts would act according to what the political benefits/losses would be? Exactly what the courts explained to the thug while throwing out his rubbish through the window. Legal entails apart, from which world this moron has flown-in from to India? I am sure if the judgment would come in favor of the Muslim community, this rascal would have no problem. It is only Hindus that bother this moron like his masters at the top of his party. ‘Janeyus’ and ‘Rudraksh’ would be thrown away after the Gujarat polls but the core principle of the party to sabotage the Hindus somehow shouldn’t take a backseat. And I guess RG and down won’t find a better go to man than KS to carry out their Hindu vilification. KS even has an astounding track in this regard.

Manishankar Aiyar:

If not for the last minute entrant that won the coveted title MSR was well within the striking range to run away with the honors. Nonetheless, second last in this liast is no mean achievement. Pure geniuses in loathsomeness can reach here and MSR is no lesser a genius than most you find in our politics or otherwise. MSR and loathsomeness has a very intimate relationship. Probably Digvijay Singh apart none can match the loathsomeness skills that MSR possesses. Time and again MSR has proved, when it comes to sycophancy and charlatanism, he is absolutely second to none. Last time MSR featured in the list, he was the winner by a long stretch from other challengers. I had predicted back then in 2014 that this moron would learn nothing from here. And boy, am I not vindicated? This moron seems to have learnt nothing. Back then his ‘Chaiwala’ comment on Modi cost his party dear. Even an optimistic estimate would put anywhere between 25-35 seats that Congress had to lose because of MSR’s nonsensical brilliance. And only trust MSR to redo what he once did. Just before the Gujarat polls he was back with his shitty mouth again. He called the PM a ‘Neech Aadmi’, whatever that means. This is not just shooting in your feet, if you think it to be. This in fact is how MSR takes a gun and shoves it up his posterior and fires couple of rounds. And only trust MSR to achieve such feats time and again without being provoked. Again, this ‘Neech’ comment must have cost Congress at least 5-8 seats in Gujarat. Just wondering why Congress isn’t throwing out this morn from the party. Even before that, why don’t they just bundle this piece of filth in a room and beat him black and blue? This is not the only spectacle for Mani’s success in the prestigious list. Not satisfied with his ‘Neech’ comment alone Mani decided to scale it further. He in fact invited few Pakistanis to his home to discuss God knows what. In an explanation after he and his cohorts were caught with their pants down, the moron called these Pakistanis as his friends, who are extremely dear to him. Now it is clear why this moron was seen requesting Pakistanis to dethrone Modi and bring his party to power. After all friends in need, friends indeed.

Central Bureau Of Investigation:

Ladies and gentlemen; and the winner is ….. Yeh, our very own and the ever fumbling CBI. Though they came into the reckoning on the 11th hour they still defeated all probable entrants hands down to win the trophy. I now wonder, how these bunch of jokers who otherwise are alleged to be investigators as well, didn’t make it to the list earlier. In honors of their persistent stride towards loathsomeness, I may very well confer the life time achievement award in loathsomeness to this organization. Out of sheer gratitude of their astounding work, you see. And believe me, they deserve this like no one else does. I mean, to remain continuously as the most third rated federal investigative agency of the world is no mean feat. It takes courage, perseverance and incompetency of gargantuan magnitude to reach where CBI has managed to land up at. From Jessica to Monica with Arushi tucked somewhere in between, these louts have managed to achieve all kind of failures. Though they shamelessly identify themselves as the premier investigative agency, I for one, hasn’t ever seen them cracking any case in my life. More than the investigation, the jokers remain perpetually interested to file the closer report. The latest jewel that got added to their already filthy crown is the failure in concluding the 2G scam investigations effectively. Such was the magnitude of their incompetency that all held accused of this mega scam were acquitted by their own court. No wonder a frustrated judge held himself short of asking the government – didn’t you find anyone else to investigate other than this bunch of incompetent morons? What a mess that these guys have managed to create, I tell you. There was loot and plunder, which even our apex court authenticated while cancelling the already allotted spectrums but these morons couldn’t manage to produce a single evidence against the culprits. I am sure a group of high-school kids would do a better job than these scumbags. Now the question that irises here is  – why would the tax payers fund such incompetent louts? Why can’t this worthless organization be dismantled and all constituents be send back home?  

Honorable Mentions – Alpesh Thakore, Sidharth Varadarajan, Priyanka Chaturvedi, Sambit Patra, Sanjay Jha, Ashutosh, Navika Kumar, Tejaswi Yadav, Udhav Thakrey, Sobha De, Nikhil Waghle, Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghose, Srinivasan Jain, Sekhar Gupta, Tehseen Poonawala, Ravi Shastri, Siddharameiya, Rana Aayub, Sanjay Bhansali, Deepika Padukone, Prakash Raj, Kamal Hassan and last but not the least Asaduddin Owaisi. I am quite confident that this bench strength of morons won’t get disheartened that they missed the list this year. To clarify, most of them missed it by a whisker or else on any given day, their loathsomeness is good enough to make their presence felt in any and every kind of nonsense that the general populace generally abhors. Hope they won’t lose their focous and work harder to make it to the list next year.

P.S – If you find any name/s that is/are missing,  which you otherwise believe should be there, please share your feedbacks. Wish you all a very happy and prosperous NEW YEAR 2018. See you on the other side. Cheers!!          

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Gujarat Election - Are BJP And Congress Ready To Learn Anything From Here?

Team Being Cynical
I always believed, a good bargain is when both parties leave the table little disappointed. Exactly what the recently concluded Gujarat state election results did. It made a good bargain with both the major political parties in the fray. While BJP emerged triumphant, it didn’t disappoint the Congress entirely, or so do they pretend. Nonetheless, Gujarati voters ultimately turned out smarter than the entire state political force put together, thereby getting what they wanted while sending a strong warning/message to the winners to stay put on the ground. I can’t recall any recent election that has resulted in fulfilling these two criteria as the Gujarat election did. Now it depends how the two political parties perceive the result and what they take away from here for future reference. But for that to happen, both these political outfits need to be graceful, both in defeat as well as win. Let’s see if they are up for it or not. 

Moulding the facts on the ground to suit your political narrative seldom helps and none better than Congress knows this irony very well. Same could be said about BJP too. Over the years I have seen BJP being little accommodative about the facts on the ground after each election. It started after the 2009 drubbing and I am glad they are continuing with it even today. Evidence was the loss of Bihar election. Right after the results Amit Shah wasted no time in facing the media and answering tough and embarrassing questions. He didn’t even for once tried to change the facts on the ground. Rather he gladly admitted to have done a political mistake and vowed to look into the failure objectively for root cause. Is it same for Congress? Are they open to call a spade a spade and look objectively within after another loss and work towards fixing the lacunae? Doesn’t look like as one could find a missing Rahul Gandhi after the loss while a grossly unconvincing Ashok Ghelot attending the post results press conference of the party. What was stopping RG from being at the front and taking uncomfortable questions? Why send a sidekick that never had added any value to the party except his moroniry? 

Only time perhaps would answer it convincingly but knowing Congress and their complete disinterest in admitting the facts, it is no brainer that they would hardly encourage any confidence in the voters of a possible course correction within the party. As I write it, there are many in the Congress party who are ferociously reluctant to admit that they have lost two states at the end of the day. For most, Congress and Rahul Gandhi have won it for them. How, nobody knows or cares to know. Perhaps decade’s long slavery has blinded them from many things, including self-respect and self-assertion. It is both bizarre and unbelievable when as a party Congress is so adverse to truth. Motto after the loss isn’t to learn anything from the loss but to defend the newly elected president of the party by any means. Does it anyway appear that Congress would take lessons from this loss? I, like most, doubt if they would.

First case study of Congress as a party which would learn nothing is the tweet of P. Chidambaram. I haven't read anything more absurd than this for a long, long time. This is how Congress usually fails itself without any provocation. And they do it with alarming regularity. Being a senior leader PC was expected to be pragmatic with his analysis of the results. And this certainly is far from pragmatism. It is in fact plain playing ostrich. This is outright nonsensical banal that sounds so hilarious even if one considers it for pure academic purpose. Here was a state that had seen BJP for last 22 years. No doubt there was a huge undercurrent of political incumbency that BJP had to fight through. Coupled with that the civil movement, be it ‘Patidar’ agitation or the agrarian crisis that the state saw in last year and half. As if these weren’t enough, in all of this the most charismatic leader of the state and BJP was elevated for national duty at the centre. Harsh economic reforms of last one year was another anger brewing point within the vote base and the trader community alike. In nut-shell, it was all for Congress to take it. It would be unfair if we don't admit that 2017 was the best bet for Congress to come back to power in the state. But look where they ended up. After pitted against all odds BJP still could manage to stay in power and that too getting majority on its own. But how the biggies of Congress party interpret this rather humiliating loss of their party? They best could manage to churn out bogus literary work to defend their newly elected party head. Far from the truth and objectivity, majority in the party, not just PC, preferred to play Ostrich whole through the day. With a severely crippled and hilarious narrative they collectively managed to produce only some high grade garbage. How enigmatic their collective output was could be gauge from the fact that they in toto ended up being a laughing stock. I didn’t come across a single congress-man who offered to admit that it was a loss even when odds were heavily stacked in favour. If this isn’t good enough to be classified as stupidity then I am not sure what else could be. 

Another exit path for most in Congress and their cohorts in media and other liberal circle was the failed attempt at denouncing BJP’s surprising victory against all odds as something that is not new. Comparison charts against the erstwhile Jyoti Basu CPI government were drawn. I feel this stupid comparison must be swayed away as soon as possible because there aren’t any similarities between the left government of Bengal and BJP’s government in Gujarat. The similarities end at the timeframe level only. First thing; left didn’t have governments in many states when JB ruled Bengal for 34 years. Hence the fault lines of the party couldn’t be drawn beyond the performance in Bengal or at best Kerala. Look in contrast what BJP had to manage now. Even the smallest thing happening in any BJP ruled state was/is and perhaps would continue to be questioned both at the state as well as the central level. Questions even were asked in other BJP ruled states as well. Thanks to our utterly tout media, nothing could leave from the purview of an episodic outrage across all BJP ruled circles irrespective of them being relevant or not. This is another point that JB was shielded from. There wasn’t any constant glare at JB or his party’s performance. Our media back then was quite happy juggling around the Delhi Durbar for their sound-bites. None cared two hoots on what is happening in Bengal or for that matter in any state. And as is, our media was always full with 'Jholawala chap' Commies. Is it the same that Gujarat and Modi had to endure for last decade and half? Was our media equally in love with Modi as they were with Jyoti Da? Of course not. As CM JB never went under any kind of scrutiny unlike Modi who even was questioned on the colour of his Kurta he wore for a particular event. No one can recall a single instance when JB had to answer why he didn’t put on the skull cap he was offered at an event. There were no subversion of state and central machinery to organize vindictive politics against JB as is the case with Modi. So where this laughable comparison came from is beyond me.

Coming back to the hammerhead Congress members and their complete disinterest in reading the writings on the wall – second case study is the ever moronic Sanjay Jha. Like Rahul Gandhi, this creature too never fails to amaze me. I don’t quite fathom what this particular wretched tweet means or if at all it makes any sense. But what I am sure is that there can’t be any worse example of one attempting at lampooning his/her own intellect than this moronic tweet. Stupidity is quite natural with SJ and we aren’t going there but what should catch our attention here is the lose manner in which Most ‘Congressi’ use the word ‘victory’. It simply isn’t just misplaced it is totally out of context as well. At the end of the day Congress turned out to be losers in two states and managed to shrink their ever shrinking pan India presence but morons in the party take the joy in throwing nonsensical and meaningless prophases. At best Gujarat was a comparatively better show of the party in recent times and it is genuine to take hearts from the outcome but to call yourself a victor when you have lost it is worse than self-consolation. It is outright hara-kiri that most in Congress are habituated of doing. And they do it quite deliberately when it is totally avoidable. I mean, how one in sane mind could take joy in a defeat and call himself/herself a winner amidst humiliating defeat is just beyond me. Not just me, it would be beyond most sane people of the world. Perhaps losers take joy in their losses and that is why one calls them ‘losers’ to begin with.

Now to BJP and what they should learn from this wrapper thin margin win. It was for them to lose and they almost managed to get there. Celebrations apart I would prefer the leadership of the party won’t miss the subtle nuances that the voters tried to pass on alongside the victory result. And that nuance is – wake up, smell the coffee and dare you take voters lightly or for granted next time. This is a wake-up call for 2019 for sure. I have been writing since last one year on how BJP had completely betrayed the vast middle class that brought them to power in 2014. Poor do matter and they always should but that shouldn’t translate to a stand that middle class are worthless sect of voters that need no attention once votes are done. Middle class had huge aspiration from the Modi government but unfortunately once in power this particular section is wilfully neglected by the Modi government. They haven’t done anything for the middle class in last 3 and half years. Multiple times in the past I had urged Narendra Modi to pan his attention on the section that persistently has voted for him and BJP. But for some reason that I quite can’t logically lay out, Narendra Modi has preferred to look the other way. I even had warned how middle class would react to this apathy sooner than later. Hope the decreased urban vote share this time around would wake Modi ji from his self-inflicted slumber. 

People, mainly middle class, has huge aspirations from the current BJP government and Modi ji must take pride on the fact that so many people are pinning their hopes on him to deliver. It is time that Modi ji realizes that deliberately neglecting his strength would render him weak and that too in a very quick time. He and his government has to act in a direction that would address few of the aspirations, if not all, of this huge, huge middle class. Any failure in doing so would result in massive dissatisfaction and I would be surprised if it won’t end up at BJP kissing goodbye to the 2019 elections. Gujarat results precisely threw this possibility out on the open. In a way the middle class tried to shout ‘hello’ to draw Modi ji’s attention towards them with the result. For starters this government must try their best to give some major relief in direct taxation this year. This budget session should leave a major chunk of this middle class with a smile, a sense of relief and a bundle of hope. It is not an option for Modi government to miss this year’s budget to sooth the anxious nerves of those who run this country with their tax money. The middle class which pays through its nose to supply the adequate mullah for the country to run must not be made to feel like criminals. In the name of welfare measures for poor this paying section must not be relegated to non-entities. 

As I said earlier, dare Modi ji or his government try to play with the patience of the middle class any further. They haven’t done a single thing for them yet and they better should resurrect this mistake at the earliest.

In the mean time I hope, against the hope, that Congress too would resurrect themselves if they wish to remain relevant in Indian politics in future. Playing ostrich won’t change the facts on the ground but it certainly would push you to oblivion as Congress today finds itself to its despair. Sycophants won’t win you elections as they aren’t since last 5 years at least. And the first step towards the direction of course correction would be to be graceful enough to admit – we lost a simple battle where odds were heavily in favour of us to win. And please, ask the jokers who were flocked with you to stop blabbering on EVM tampering. This sounds so moronic and wolf cry that it begs immediate slapping of the jokers left-right-and-centre; quite literally this time.                 

Friday, December 15, 2017

Bollywood Bimbos

Team Being Cynical
Exaggeration comes way too naturally to our Bollywood. This is not just limited to the puke worthy stuff they produce, which they otherwise shamelessly call movies. This is also true for our actors/actresses and so called child actors who work there. Be it their idiotic movies or they themselves in real life, exaggeration flows along with seemingly. Victimhood too comes equally naturally with them. In fact victimhood comes as a close second in the scheme of things. Mediocrity is another thing that is profusely exhibited across the Bollywood spectrum. There are numerous instances where these stupid characters who claim themselves to be actors cry wolf for anything and everything. Being in Bollywood seems to go as an entitlement with these imprudent people who think themselves to be a notch above everything. Their idiocy which they otherwise claim to be “acting” also gives them liberty to talk like an intellectual about every damn thing under the sun. How many times you have seen our media thugs rushing to them for sound-bites that nobody cares. Not only that, these media thugs would air these rubbish opinions that makes no sense at all? It is these exasperation of our media and the inherited ‘Libtards’ therein that makes these moronic humans devoid of any acting skills talk bosh at the drop of a goat. These rash people, out of sheer hallucination, routinely go on lecturing the populace on many things which is totally unnecessary and uncalled for. 

This is perhaps why a certain Shahruk Khan or an Amir Khan blabbers on ‘intolerance’ or some nonsense to that effect. This Prakash Raj is yet another intellectual in the making. Another moron named Shyam Benagal has suddenly got the bamboo in his back and now had become a claimant in the Babri Maszid litigation. How, of all the people, it is Shyam Benagal who has a claim in Ayodhya dispute is still a mystery to many. Where this joker was hiding all this while? This scumbag isn’t stopping just there. Like a true third rate intellectual, he is suggesting, the disputed structure be converted to a hospital. I am surprised that this moron didn’t ask the site be converted to a movie making studio. Jokes apart, have you ever seen this Benagal chap talking about matters pertaining to other faiths? Not only Benagal; have you seen any other scoundrel from Bollywood displaying his/her intellectualism in matters involving non-Hindu faith? Forget about commenting, the same morons would wet their pants at the mere mention of the word ‘Muslim’. But come to Hinsuism they would eject all the fires from their filthy posteriors without being asked to. This Benagal chap in true sense is a serial offender. His offence actually spans across four decades. He has made a career out of his abject hate towards India and Hindus. A typical Commie that he is, he always had fancied projecting India in a very bad shape as his single point motto. Be it exploiting poverty in his movies or picturing Hindus as bad people, this scumbag has done it all. If I am not forgetting, he too has a great fascination in disrespecting most Hindu Gods and Goddesses in his rotten movies. 

But is Shyam Benagal just one of example? Certainly not. Bollywood is full with such craps. In the name of acting these liberal pimps haven’t brought a single laurel for the country and yet when it comes to vomit nonsense non-stop, these morons would be there on the front row. 

Not long ago another bimbo going by the name Deepika Padukone called an entire India regressive. And why would a clownish woman label an entire country as regressive? Because one of the many bogus movies that these twats successfully churn out every year had an objection from many quarters for projecting history in a derogatory way. And this bimbo is ‘alleged’ to have acted in the movie thereby donning the character of the iconic ‘Padmavati’, the female lead character of the movie. It is morons like her and Sanjay Bansali who can imagine a romantic sequence of the queen with the murderous Khilji and yet these selfsame bigots thought their intentional rubbish manifestation of history for self-pleasure would go unobstructed. Which world these bimbos live? These jokers can take the liberty of derogating a revered character from history with their idea of lust and yet if one opposes such obscenity of the falsehood the nation automatically becomes regressive. This is nothing but yet another classic case of playing victimhood when your nonsense is challenged. These morons have done it in past and have gotten away with their crimes. But people aren’t any more buying these idiots and their idea of ‘freedom of opinion’ lying down. They are now challenging these morons and quite rightly so. Though their sidekicks in our media and the pseudo liberal circle do their usual ‘Rudali’ act, none seems to care two hoots for these idiots. And I am glad that none is caring two hoots for these idiots any more.

The prologue above brings me to the latest bimbo from the stable called Zaira Wasim. She is another wannabe victimhood player and dare I say, she has learnt the trade quite early in her career. And this is just after her couple of below average performance. Some days back she cried wolf that a person molested her during a flight from Delhi. The claims and the crocodile tears on her Instagram profile looked so artificial that I smelled nonsense at once. First question that came to my mind was why this girl never raised an alarm or complained to the crew members then and there? Not that she is shy by nature. In fact she is far from being one. Surprisingly, the same girl was quite vocal while trolling Vijay Goel for her few minutes of publicity sometime back. There apparently had no reason for her useless trolling to take place. She pretended to be very forceful in what she believes in. She even called women in Burqa are beautiful. If one closely looks at what Mr. Goel said/tweeted, there isn’t anything wrong there. The picture to the right captures the entire conversation. One can easily pick who was trying to act smart for no reasons. But this bimbo had to erupt to showcase her filthy ‘Bollywoodgiri’. Now the same girl when got molested on a public place like an aeroplane, she preferred to stay quite; only to display her sobbing skills on Instagram later on. The claim looked so superficial on the face value that it didn’t require much to figure out the hidden bimbo in this limelight hungry girl. 

Let’s look at her fraudulent claim first. A person sitting on the back was constantly moving his feet on her back throughout the flight. Seriously? Anyone who have flown for once even would agree that flight seats aren’t exactly acres of space to pick up your feet and manoeuvre it the way you like. This applies to any class. As someone correctly picked up the nuance, if the accused really could achieve that feat against all odds, he must be sent to Olympics. Every time I fly for more than two hours, I get to feel how long my legs are. There simply isn’t enough space to even pull up your legs onto your seats. Vikash Sachdeva, the accused without any crime is quite a tall person. How on earth he managed to do that and why this bimbo remained quite throughout? As I said, she isn’t a shy girl at all. Much before she could be praised for her acting skills she had picked up the ‘Idea Of India’ rubbish quite well. Not long ago, one of her such nonsense was bashed on Twitter so much so that the father figure moron in Amir Khan had to come to this bimbo’s rescue. I am surprised where the fiery vocal cords of this attention seeking brat got lost when it mattered the most? If the crew of the flight were to be believed, the bimbo never complained to them. Like a true Bollywood moron she only shouted when the aeroplane was about to land.

I am doubly surprised of her silence because she wasn’t travelling alone. She was accompanied by her mother. Her mother is no less a moron, if you ask me. She in fact is a serial offender. Like an average stone pelting Kashmiri, she would live on the crumbs we throw at them but would turn back and bark ‘Azadi’ at the slightest opportunity. She had the audacity to claim that she loves to fly Pakistani flag atop her home every single day. Another exhibit of her oozing love towards Pakistan is attached here for reference. She supports Pakistan over India on every instance. Like an average ‘Azadi’ lover she barks at India and its populace whenever a chance is offered. During one of the promos of her daughter’s movie, she talked on length, hang on, not on the movie but how Kashmir and Kashmiris were oppressed in the hands of India. Now I wonder, what this pathetic woman was doing when her daughter was consistently being molested on the plane. Was she busy tweeting her next set of love towards Pakistan? Where the fierce advocate of nonsensical stone pelters hiding?

Even our media, the wretched feminists and the liberals alike have to be blamed for giving untoward leverage to this bimbo. No sooner she made her falsehood public, the notorious gang of ‘you scratch mine, I scratch yours’ howled in unison. No time was wasted in calling the poor man a monster. I would blame the Mumbai police equally here. They too spared no time in arresting this man and attaching stringent charges like POSCO. The bimbo never even had an FIR filed. Shouldn’t our cops have done their basic homework before booking an innocent man with such serious charges? At least they should have talked to the co-passengers for pointers. Case-in-point, the statement of a co-passenger that squarely busted the claims of the bimbo. The poor man coming back from attending a young death in the family and tired to the hilt dozed off immediately after take-off. The witness here saw nothing untoward being done by the accused, except may be, putting his feet on the armrest, which at worst could be termed as grossly bad-mannered way of flying. What was the hurry with the cops in acting before doing basic investigation? In an official statement released by the airline, they claimed to have unearthed no unbecoming behaviour of the accused in their internal investigation. How come it is only the bimbo who claims something that none of the 200 passengers on board and half a dozen crew members have any clue about? Now that the truth has come out in open, the attention seeking bimbo has gone inside the shit hole. No one has heard the moronic girl after that. 

But who to blame for such filthy behaviour emanating from Bollywood regularly? If you actually are looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror. The problem is with us actually. We give too much levy to mediocrity that makes these mediocre characters ride on a pair of larger than life shoes. They simply consider themselves invincible and unquestionable. And as is, seeking attention comes way too naturally with our Bollywood bimbos anyway. Such morons, drown in their false sense of accomplishment, display abject disrespect towards one and all. I would love if such bimbos are dealt with iron fist. I hope Mr. Sachdeva won’t let this moron get away easily. He must file a heavy defamation case against this pathetic girl and teach her a lesson on decency. May be a criminal proceeding alongside for false vilification would do no harm to sensibility. She deserves a hammer for her nonsensical accusation and she must be ironed hard for her falsehood. Enough sparing such idiots cheaply. 

Dear Mr. Sachdeva – my sympathies are with you. If you need any help, this blogger is just a call/tweet/msg away. You can reach me at the tweeter handle ‘@dj_cynical’. Time has come to teach such bimbos a lesson or two on basic human articulation and sooner it is accomplished, better it is. I am all for it. The manner in which such one-sided laws are being routinely misused must stop too.          

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