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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Excuses Can’t Be Liberal Narratives – A Response To My Friend

I don’t have any particular disliking for ‘Liberals’ or those who claim themselves to be one. What I dislike is their self-assertion of righteousness, thereby automatically making them, or they think so, the official spokespersons of ethics, morality and all such asserted uncountable nouns. Either you believe and agree to what we say or you are a fool is another thing with an average modern day liberal that I find abjectly repugnant. The routine act of white-washing the crimes of the known monsters is another of the trait that makes me call these liberals as epitome of hypocrisy. And how do they cover these crimes? Of course by generalizing and manufacturing narratives those are not only factually insufficient to stand on their own but also are far away from practicality. Add to that, a little bit of hypocrisy in looking the other way, and you have a potent mixture to drive truth to oblivion.

My friend, and a dear one at that, is one such upcoming liberal with all ‘Liberalic’, if I may coin the word, attributes. No doubt he is an excellent writer and I personally am a fan of his writings. Though being very good friends, we never crossed our writing paths. It stayed that way all these years but I guess it should change now; at least after his latest piece on the gruesome terror attack in Manchester. Although there is nothing factually wrong in what he wrote, the points he harped upon need not be analysed in isolation the way he tried to derive. As is, there is no wrong time or occasion for a friendly banter – so here I go.

He starts off with a great covering act as every liberal does. Cleverly he neither denies nor accepts the real trouble makers as is. He gives it a nice coating while ignoring, presumably by intent, to name those who perpetrated the crime. Let’s see what he writes.    
The ugly monster called ‘Terrorism’ has reared its ugly head yet again and this time it is the ‘Cottonpolis’ of Manchester that has been targeted.
I agree, he hasn’t put the quote around Terrorism but I did since I wanted to highlight it for a purpose. This is precisely how ‘Looking The Other Way’ is achieved by conveniently hiding behind English words. This also is the first instance in the post when my friend tried to explain a fact in isolation. Over the last 5-6 years whole of Europe has witnessed regular terror acts. All of those terror acts were perpetrated by ‘Muslims’ without a single exception. So my friend did a great disservice to his own concerns by not naming it as it should be – ‘Islamic Terrorism’. In one of my earlier posts I had written, this basic denial in admitting the facts on the ground is what draws the first fault line in our so called fight against terrorism. Little should we forget, our fight against these monsters is more against an ideology than individuals. By denying to define your enemy in correct perspective you are actually depriving yourself the very chance to prepare accordingly. A solution to a problem starts with the admittance that there is a problem in the first place. Here we are still fooling ourselves to admit the existence of a problem on the pretext of political correctness or some nonsense to that effect. The moment we call them plain ‘Terrorists’ we are blinding ourselves to our very own strategies for the fight ahead. Look at the countries that are subjected to ‘Islamic Terrorism’ of late. Most of their leadership would be found juggling around this falsehood for quite some time. Admit that you are fighting against the religious ideology of Islamic nature and this would give comfort that at least we know with whom we are fighting rather remaining sloppy and misguided in our approach that leads us nowhere but to run around in circles and coming up with meaningless condolence blog posts after every such attack.

After three paragraphs of marathon white-washing the real culprits and their filthy mind-set my friend goes about finding the imaginary reasons why these monsters are acting the way they are. And where does he find the fault line? Oh, yes, the US of A and the arms they sale to countries that covertly support these Islamic terror organizations. That is like accusing the Car manufacturer and the Car buyer, not the thief, for a car theft. Let’s see his second analysis in isolation.
America just solemnized an arms deal worth an eye-popping $10 Billion with Saudi Arabia a nation which is arguably the biggest sponsors of terrorism and most importantly the ideological home as well as the most diligent exporters of the ultra-conservative and fanatical strand of Islam that experts say promotes and inspires the kind of violent extremism that groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS subscribe to.
By the way a little correction here; it is $110 Billion not just $10. That apart I fully agree to what my friend wrote except may be the indirect inference he wanted to draw through his parallels between the rise of Islamic terrorism and the amount of arms USA sells to the Gulf nations. USA has virtually made the entire world an arena of mindless rat race to procure weapons of all hues and no one can deny that. But is it really proportional to the rise of Islamic terrorism? Saudi and UAE started buying arms from USA post the Gulf war and I would be surprised if my friend claims that there was no Islamic terrorism before 1991. If he does, it actually would sound very similar to the argument of our home grown liberals who take liberty in claiming the rise of Islamic fanaticism in India because of ‘Babri’ demolition. Even before USA could sell arms to the religious morons of Saudi, the oil money was pushing the cart quite effectively. USA selling high-end arms to these nations who support Islamic fundamentalism might have helped the terrorists to get their hands on assault weaponry easily but it has got nothing to do with the very rotten ideology which makes morons raise those very arms against innocent people around the globe. More than weapons you need unimaginable hatred within to kill innocent people, including kids and infants. Had it not been USA, as evident from the pre Gulf war era, these morons would have procured the arms from various arms Mafia around the world since the reason isn’t the easy availability of arms but the ideology that makes you hate everyone else from every other religion. They simply want to kill and reign in their supremacy over the world because that is what these morons were fed all through their lives via religious sermons. I am sure my friend must have tried to blame it on USA to cover the real scoundrels in haste as his excuses aren’t fitting into his otherwise sensible analytic skills that he more of than not exhibits.

Coming back to the arms that USA sells to other countries.  After Saudi Arabia and UAE, that top the chart, the other biggest clients of USA arm factories are South Korea, Australia, Taiwan, India and Singapore. Now here is my question – how many terrorists these countries have produced and exported to the outside world? The numbers could be zero or very well negligible. Why may I ask again? And to the utter disliking of my friend and other liberals, the answer to this question lies with the religion of the majority community in these countries. This is exactly what I harped upon in the beginning. Pointing your blames at entirely wrong directions only blinds you towards your own strategies, if at all you have one, to fight the terrorism menace. So it boils down to the fundamental question – what is so special with Islam that may be transforming an average human being to a ruthless monster? Does USA play a role in this transformation too? The arms again aren’t the only thing that USA sells to the world. They finance for it too through various grants. They call it ‘Foreign Military Financing’. The biggest beneficiary of this scheme is Israel with a whopping $3.1 Billion cut. Now how many terrorists Israel has produced till date? Look in contrast at Pakistan which features at 8th in the list with two hundred odd million in funding and yet caters to half the ‘Terrorist’ demand of the world. How this equation spells out if it is the USA and its mindless arm selling endeavour is to blame for the rise in Islamic terrorism? Again the answer lies in the religion of the majority community in Israel and Pakistan and no kind of political correctness can wash away these facts.

Moving on; somewhere in between white-washing the Islamic terrorists and blaming USA for the rise in terrorism, my friend took shelter of ‘Brexit’ to drive home his point. That is little, well, hilarious. It is hilarious because the nations who are still flocked there in the EU congregation are at no better position. They in fact are at equal or may be worse receiving end of the Islamic terrorism. How would it have mattered had UK not decided to walk away from this meaningless and defunct post World War-II establishment like EU? In fact all post World War-II organizations like EU, IMF and NATO are largely defunct and worthless. More off there are many serious reasons why people (lot of people) of UK choose to walk away from EU. Economy and Sovereignty are primary two reasons while the third most important reason is ‘Political Elitism’ that the EU leadership in general and British leadership in particular was shamelessly flaunting. People were angry because there were a handful of idiots who were humiliating their sense of nationalism through their not so required soft corner for Islamic fanatics. The decision was not emotional at all. People were both angry at the Conservatives as well as the Labour parties which says a lot on the fact that people voted pragmatically to get out of the mess, not emotionally, which people like my friend want us to believe. The very hands which strengthened and cajoled the Islamic terrorists can’t and won’t protect the nation from imminent terror strikes. Their political dividends won’t allow them to even admit that the problem lies with a particular religion and their rotten ideology, much less acting on the menace. People of UK found this mindless liberalism overture a gross misfit to the prevailing situation hence the decision to get out of the mess. And we certainly can’t argue with the fact that, it is the people of UK who know what is best for them and we should abstain from drawing narratives of our own, more so, when sitting thousands of miles away.

It’s vital to understand that ‘Brexit’ was a vote against the British elite, the so called liberals who sermon on how one and all should act. Voters thought politicians, business leaders, and intellectuals had lost their right to control the system. Voters thought the elite had contempt for their values—for their nationalism and interests. Not sure how my friend missed this one.

I guess this is going beyond a friendly banter. It is time to stop.
By the way my friend – a great write up from you as always.

Monday, May 8, 2017

When The Republic Hit The Lutyens’ Crawlers

On May 6th Arnav Goswami (AG) launched his much awaited ‘Republic TV’, a 24X7 media outlet. Now one wonders, why a new channel getting launched would make news headlines. There are channels, especially news channels, that are mushrooming every second day. Then what is so special about 'Republic TV'? No other channel till date had made as much noise (quite literally) as RT did before its launch. Much of the English news consumers, fan and critic alike of AG, were eagerly waiting for the channel to start airing. Call it whatever but AG and his style of journalism seems to have a lot of followers across India. Distractors, and we will get to them in the course of this blog, would like to continue with their mindless whining but the fact is, there are a lot of people who were eagerly waiting for AG to occupy their prime time viewing again. Knowing the manner and the reason why AG was asked to leave ‘Times Now’ it was expected of AG to come back with vengeance and determination. He didn’t disappoint anyone on those particular expectations. On the first day itself he made sure that Lalu Yadav is taken to task for his continued unholy trinity with mafia Dons. But is everyone including our liberal contingent really delighted with AG’s second innings? We will see.

Before we go further it is required to be analysed how AG has caught the imagination of many English news viewers. There were other anchors and quite popular at that, who left their channels and joined other rival channels but no one made as much whisper in the public discourse as AG did. Street thug someday back was asked to leave News-18 for some unknown reason. Nobody cared to even find out why. He joined back ‘India Today’ group and no one even noticed when he did that. Same is the case with ‘Radia Dutt’. She was asked to leave NDTV and no one was concerned a bit on that development. She quietly appeared for News-X during UP election and no one bothered to even notice her. Then what is so special with AG that people not only discussed his ouster from ‘Times Now’ but also debated through various medium. His run-up to the mega launch has its share of controversies too. There were a lot of people who didn’t want him to be successful with his new venture. Even his own (read his media colleagues) wanted him to fail and they still probably do. What is that with AG that made the entire liberal outlet go crazy in one direction – to sabotage his venture? Now that he beat all odds to start his venture, most of those who wanted him to fail have started their usual name calling. There has to be some reasons behind it. When the entire Lutyens’ gang exhibit tremendous support for everything, even for the known morons of their brethren, what made them go so shrill against AG and his venture? Politicians from Congress and other secular outfits having rancour against AG still sounds logical though it is a condemnable act but why on earth other media morons be against some one of their own?  

Here is the thing. These Lutyens’ crawlers are hypocrites and manipulators of worst kind. They have made a career and lot of money just by peddling lies and vested agendas of their political masters. Many even routinely turn as their master’s campaign managers during election time. They have built their own narrative of falsehood and run their own kitchen cabinet in connivance with their political bosses. They didn’t want their ecosystem of freebies and deceit to die or challenged. AG came here as a threat. For right or wrong, he built his own narrative, far different from what these ‘Darbaris’ masquerading as journalists were doing all these years. He threw a challenge at the statuesque that these selfsame Lutyens’ crawlers built over a period. He challenged the establishments, political or otherwise, that were engaged in mutual shielding with these crawlers. The freeloaders who were delighted with the crumbs and free scotch thrown at them by their masters suddenly found their falsehood crumbling before the masses. It exposed their hypocrisy before everyone and in turn dried their easy money spinning fountains. People liked the narrative that AG regularly was putting up. His popularity grew while the ‘wheeler dealers’ were losing their very presence. They became irrelevant before they could realize. The viewership number of few known liberal news outlets over a period of last 2-3 years would explain how people, like their opportunist and duplicitous masters, rejected these ‘News-traders’ fair-and-square. Being a journalist suddenly became a profane. These freeloader morons probably would have lost a lot for this one man and they are bound to cultivate their hatred for him. And didn’t the hatred oozed out when ultimately RT went live on May 6th?

Who else can start the slander except the category5moron? She definitely wasn’t too happy about ‘Republic TV’. For decades she and her street thug husband ran the worst kind of propaganda against Modi and BJP on instructions from her masters but today she took no time in dubbing a start-up venture as a propaganda outlet. Keep it in mind that she concluded even before RT could air its first story. This is plain hate and hypocrisy, nothing else. Some days back one asked her the reasons for her inclination towards Congress in her reporting to which she replied – journalism should be towards truth and it shouldn’t be compromised just to sound neutral. Really? Truth and Congress? Scavenging the streets of ‘Juhanpura’ and putting words into an average bystander's mouth is an act of tilting towards truth? Since when? Each one of her story on Gujarat riots was found out to be full of lies and today she is shamelessly calling someone else a propagandist. This is how truth evades these spineless crawlers. They live in their own fabricated world and take liberty in labelling everyone else the way they want. Both she and her husband took money to sabotage the ‘cash for vote’ tape that was given to them and today she questions if a particular media outlet is by, of and for the government? AG, the least, is an equal offender. I have seen many programs of him where he has openly questioned and mugged BJP and its ministers but I can barely remember a single program of this moron where she has questioned the Congress party.

Next inline was the evolver. Whoever this woman has supported in the past it has resulted in catastrophe for him or her. Be it Rahul Gandhi or Hillary Clinton, all lost their relevance in no time. So I am not too perturbed that she is against RG and ‘Republic TV’. What is interesting here is her self-righteousness. The woman who was acting as a ‘Dalal’ for Congress and was caught red handed while doing political pimping is actually surmounting ethics and morality that one associates with journalism. This is the funniest of all that I had observed in last few months. This is in fact shamelessness personified. She must be suffering from acute memory loss to have forgotten her dirty acts in ‘Radia Tapes’ but we certainly haven’t. A political pimp of her masters is whining about alternate narrative and it creates laugh riots among sensible readers. She calls populism shameful while in reality it is journalists like her and their tireless political butt-licking that is a shame on the profession. It becomes populism when people, a lot of people like it, which in a way reflects what people want to hear from the journalists, unlike the morons like BD who run around the country and ass-worship known anti-India elements for SoundBits. People hate such liars and hypocrites, more so when one is a certified pimp as well. The last moron who should talk about journalism and the ethics that involves in the profession is someone like 'Barkha Radia Dutt'.

Next to come is another moron who spent her entire journalistic career at the doorsteps of her political masters and wagged her tail at the instructions. She says, she is embarrassed. Really? Morons do feel embarrassment? A person who has money extortion and land grabbing charges running against her is actually embarrassed with something. This should be a rare phenomenon. For last ten years this woman has peddled lots of falsehood in the name of journalism. She has routinely towed the lines of Pakistan and the separatists at every given instance. She too was in the Ghulam Nabi Fai brigade. She was another strong advocate for Kanheia Kumar and the whole ‘Azaadi’ gang. Routinely she churns out her bile against the Indian state and almost calls our occupation in Kashmir as illegal. She is another in the ‘referendum in Kashmir’ advocacy group alongside Grade-A moron Prashant Bhushan. She is a big time data manipulator too. In one of her rubbishes in ‘The Hindu’ she claimed the number of Hindu temples destroyed in Kashmir valley was only two. It only took government records which pointed at 208 destroyed temples to call her bluff. For major part of Delhi assembly and MCD elections she was actively campaigning for AAP quite openly and today she is embarrassed and lecturing about journalistic neutrality. This could be another joke of this decade. Harinder Baweja is a name synonym with extreme journalistic filth and yet she is the one who is questioning the credibility of someone who at least never been seen peddling enemy view point or sleeping with political masters for personal gain. And believe at your own peril, she is embarrassed. Hope she had similar embarrassment while extorting money in exchange of supressing a news story.

Could you keep Ramachandra Guha out of any rubbish? You certainly can’t. The man who perpetually remains promulgating bogus quotes of Gandhi and Nehru as if both of them personally whispered in his ears was at it again. He is another classic case of a freeloader who is merrymaking on doles thrown at him for decades together. And what is his job in return? A famous ‘Distorian’ that we know him as, he is bestowed with the responsibility to cover-up the crimes of yesteryears; be it the Chinese Gandhi family or the Islamic invaders. The chief spinner in the Lutyens’ free scotch circuit was always at the forefront to showcase his stupidity at the drop of a goat. How could he be away from creating more mess? Though ‘Republic TV’ never claimed anything to their credit this moron concludes his bile which he otherwise thought is sarcastic avowals. Here is the thing Mr. Guha if you care to know what is so wrong with our existing set of ‘News Traders’. Though ‘Republic TV’ may not stop Pakistan from carrying out their nefarious acts, I am sure; it certainly won’t give air space to charlatans and anti-India thugs to vomit against the state. The basic principle of honest living misses the likes of Ramachandra Guha by a milky way. You may never do one thing right in your entire life and that is fair but at the same time you should never commit wrong and that too knowingly in exchange of personal benefits. People like Guha knowingly white-wash traitors and anti-nationals for money and other emoluments. They term abject anti-India notions as free speech so that our enemies can drive home their point and yet when one tries to establish a different narrative he gets his pants on fire. Free speech vanishes from Mr. Guha’s idioms at once.

To conclude, here is a fact that exposes these skulks like nothing else did. The expose that Republic TV made on Saturday about Lalu Yadav has a history to it. Last year the tape was shared with at least four media houses. All of them chickened out from airing it. Worse even, two of the media houses reportedly have extorted money from Lalu to cover up the news. Now the same crawlers are questioning Republic TV and Arnav Goswami on ethics, neutrality and journalistic ethos. Honestly it no more remains hilarious; it in fact has turned into blasphemous as far as journalism goes. 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

AAP – The Party That Was Destined To Collapse

For a change I agree to the lines of the perpetually overexcited spokespersons of AAP – BJP for Municipal Corporation Of Delhi (MCD) is what ISIS was for Syria. They have destroyed the organization to the worst possible level one can. I also agree to the fact that the present state of Delhi streets and other public places would reflect the unholy functioning of the MCD, even with the basic parameters of a metro city. There were large scale corruptions too. All three wings of MCD were run by people in neck deep corruption. There was unbelievable incompetency as well. Overall, in last ten years, BJP made a complete mess of the civic body and the city of Delhi. That said this is not what points at the possible rigging of the EVM machines in the recently concluded MCD elections, which the AAP as a party is desperately trying to project as one. The loss of AAP is because of an entirely different set of reasons and it is better for the party to admit the mistakes and move on than engaging itself with incoherent and meaningless blabbering and behaving as extremely sore losers. Fact is, AAP got a humiliating defeat and it is they who are solely responsible for the rot they find themselves in today.

Here is the thing. In 2015 AAP got a massive mandate, somewhat unprecedented in Indian politics. That was a mandate for Arvind Kejriwal, the leader. People of Delhi had shown immense faith in AK and his leadership and perhaps his style of functioning. Though rolling out doles seldom defines effective governance, I still took AK’s massive victory with a pinch of salt. May be people of Delhi wanted everything free and they got their man of choice to catalyse their desire. Now the same people (read voters) have rejected their man fair-and-square in about two years time. In the history of Indian politics no political outfit has lost its credibility as quickly as AK and AAP managed to achieve in Delhi. From 54% vote share in 2015 they almost halved their electorate share in just about two years. This is again as unprecedented as their spectacular win of 2015 was. There has to be imploding reasons for people to reject a party so savagely. AK and his stooges may want to find solace in their imaginary faulty EVMs stupidity but the facts on the ground points somewhere else. Is AAP, AK and his cohorts are ready to read the writing on the wall? I doubt, certainly after the reaction I saw from the known AAP faces after the results were out.

First official reaction of the party in the form of Manish Sisodia’s press conference was bizarre to say the least. His utterances of how people could vote BJP over them unless the EVMs were rigged is a callous and lose statement that is not expected of sincerer and mature politicians and parties. This also reflects at the arrogance and complacency of the party as a whole. More than just being bizarre it also shows how AAP and its leadership were taking Delhi voters for granted. No sensible political outfit would stamp their authority on voters and their choices, irrespective of the nature and magnitude of mistakes they made while in power. This is more like a blind spot which AAP leadership thought to be non-existent. What amiss with AAP here is the crude reality of democracy – people vote you to govern, not to throw your tantrums all the time. Has the party ever showed interest in governing Delhi, for which they got the mandate? Let’s see.

In an earlier post I wrote, AK is one person who simply doesn’t want to work. This attitude isn’t limited to AK alone; it spreads across the party. They got a great mandate to serve the people and establish them as a credible alternative in our political discourse but surprisingly that is what never interested the party and its leadership. They were in a hopping spree. Having bigger political ambition is fair with any political party but that certainly shouldn’t make you disregard people who have voted for you with a hope. Civilized people hate the ones who run away from their own promises. Post the 2015 win, AK left the state at the mercy of his worthless sidekicks and went around a countrywide drive to quote nonsense. Every damn thing under the sun had an opinion coming from AK. There are many political adversaries to BJP and Narendra Modi but AK was the only CM who got himself fulltime employed in slandering and mudslinging against the central government and Modi in particular. He even called Modi a psychopath out of frustration. He simply wasn’t interested to execute his responsibilities as the CM of Delhi and kept on dreaming to be the PM of the country by magic. Whenever Delhi was under a crisis, be it civic or otherwise, none of the ministers, including AK, were to be seen in the state. For straight two years post 2015, most of the ministers were busy campaigning in Goa and Punjab. They made their politics purely on accusations, most of the time baseless. They accused everything under the sun again. More than being there in their offices, they were seen defending their bogus accusations in courts in one or other defamation cases. This is certainly not what the voters of Delhi voted you for. On the pretext of pan-India growth you can’t neglect your governance. That is plain breach of trust and voters do mark these acts of political treachery very closely. The anger of the voters was destined to befall on AK and that is precisely what happened in this MCD elections.

People’s anger has many folds for AK and AAP; being not truthful towards their responsibilities and promises is just part of it. The whole narrative behind the formation of the party was anti-corruption plank. People saw a bunch of honest individuals in AAP and saw their benefits in them. But what they got is far from what the party projected itself in the beginning. To their utter despair the voters realized the true colours of AK and AAP, which in a way is far worse than few regular political options. There are many in AAP who are deeply emboldened in corruption. There are few wife beaters as well. They ate lakhs and crores of ‘Thalis’ and ate close to a crore rupee ‘Samoshas’. Blue ‘WagaonR’ was long replaced by swanky cars and the ‘Aam Aadmi’ in AK shifted to a plush Bunglow, in fact two of them. The austerity vouching leadership started travelling business class, that too for personal work and party campaigning. Worst even, the fanfare was billed to the Delhi tax payer. Even the crores spend in defending AK’s personal adventures in courts as lawyer’s fee was billed to the tax payers too. In fact, the ‘Krantikaris’ end up worse than seasoned political class that the citizenry has come to despise for long. While the existing political class were considered known devils the self-proclaimed messiahs of AAP end up becoming even more evil. More than political dishonesty AAP broke the trust of the voters and they rightfully punished the thugs. AK and his moronic brigade can cry to the city centre and blame the rigged EVMs but the fact is the same voters who saw a change in them a couple of years ago actually end up looking fool and they were desperately waiting to correct their mistake at the first given opportunity. It warranted no dying necessity for the CM to fly to Hyderabad to act as a Rudali for Rohith Vemula when Delhi was reeling under Dengue and Malaria. In fact there was no other CM who acted as funny and mischievous as AK did in last two years. A CM has no business in demanding resignation of everyone else when his own track record has lot to be desired. Free doles can only win you an election but certainly can’t establish you as a viable political option. For that you need to work for the masses and as we all know, working is the thing that AK hates the most. He just wants power without any responsibilities or accountability. People saw through this charlatan finally and settled him for good.

Way ahead for AAP and AK is precarious here onwards. As I wrote three years back when the party was formed, it is destined to die a painful and oblivious death. They would die because they don’t want to serve the people. That is not their forte either. They are largely self-serving and duplicitous characters of worst kind. That said, I know, politics is funny and anyone can revive his/her political balance over a period of time. It has happened in the past. But for revival even you had to have some achievements in the past for people to associate you with fond memories. AK and AAP have nothing praiseworthy to their credit. There is nothing worthwhile coming from them for people to remember them with goodwill. From the time of their inception till date, all they have done is to betray people, both their own as well as the voters. There are many core members of AAP who would certify these facts. You can’t possibly blame the entire world and still expect people to believe your falsehood in the long run. You end up looking bad finally. You can’t possibly blame everyone else’s way of functioning when you have only rot and filth to offer from your side. Things don’t work that way, not at least in politics. Of late voters have turned savage towards the political options they don’t like. They are even doubly annoyed with leaders and parties who are opportunist and liars at large.

But for good I am happy that this bunch of liars and thugs are shown their rightful place. AAP as whole was a stinking pot from the beginning and it deserved to be disposed in the nearest dustbin. They were a disgrace in the public discourse and it was time that people call their bluff. This gang of third rate rascals are more than deserving to be settled for ever. Well done people of Delhi. You just may have saved yourself from these opportunistic morons at the right time. Hope you won't repeat your blunder in exchange of free water and free electricity.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Sonu Nigam Puts It At The Right Place

I am glad that someone finally said it. Though it was little surprising coming from an otherwise cool and sober Sonu Nigam, it still merits applaud, just for being honest and to the point. It also reflects how genuinely irritated he was when he tweeted his anger. For long I too had my reservations on having loudspeakers screeching all through the day and disturbing one and all. This applies to all religions, not just Islam and their ‘Azaan’, which they recite out loud five times a day. There are students preparing for their exams; there are mothers desperately trying to make their toddlers sleep; there are heart patients with critical ailment. No one has the authority and liberty to disturb everyone else to satisfy his/her religious ego. This can’t be allowed in a civilized society, be it the ‘Azaan’ or the ‘Ganapati Pandals’ or for that matter even the nonsensical political rallies.

I don’t see any problem if one opposes such blatant misuse of public announcement systems. But that seems to be not the case with Sonu Nigam and his series of tweets accusing the nearby Mosque for repeatedly disturbing him at his sleep every morning. The usual suspects have already gunning for his head. There is in fact one Mullha in West-Bengal who already has issued a ‘Fatwa’ and a reward against SN. The notorious ‘Raja Academy’ which even let its members go on a rampage in the Mumbai streets and piss on martyr memorials some years back seems to be too perturbed by the honest tweets. They have requested the commissioner of police in a letter to file an FIR against SN and arrest him for alluring communal disharmony? Disharmony? Really? Such lose use of sensitive words shows that there is much more to just ‘Noise Pollution’ angle that our intellectual morons were busy describing the whole fracas as. All-in-all, it is monumental chaos and unbelievable hypocrisy all around. Since things aren’t looking entirely normal it warrants that we should analyse what the whole farce is all about and what could be the real reasons why our liberals are at it again.

For starters, it is not all about noise pollution though SN may be trying to point at that direction. For some time the Indian version of secularism has its own way of presenting issues pertaining to Islam in an entirely different way. And you only need to know how secularism has come to being traded as a convenient projectile to aim at any sensible articulation, be it UCC, triple Talaq or Azaan. Have you heard of a controversy of similar nature involving the ‘Bhagyalaxmi’ temple in Hyderabad? It is not your fault if you haven’t since none of the liberals ever bothered to shout their throats out that time. So the temple had to shut down its ‘Aarti’ because the Muslims residing nearby had problems with the noise. Brilliant, no? The over vigilant city administration run by outright secularists like AIMIM and Congress sprang into action within no time. The Temple was directed to stop their ‘Aarti’ at once. I never saw a single intellectual questioning the move. But today all of them are up-in arms against Sonu Nigam. Did you see the trend? Few months back the West-Bengal government banned ‘Durga Puja’ at places where there is Muslim majority. Reason given – Muslims are finding it offending. Brilliant again. In a Hindu majority country a popular Hindu festival is getting problematic for a minor section of the society while the Indian version of secularism upholds the demands of the minority group. No intellectual has any problem here. In fact Mamata Banarjee government is quite blatant in violating many norms when it comes to Hindus and their sentiments. She does it quietly without any noise coming from the usual quarters. And keep it in mind, we are talking about a democratically elected government whose lookout should have been assuring equality to all and they are bound by our constitution. Yet not a single secular moron raised his/her eyebrows, much less going on an episodic outrage. But today an individual showing his genuine displeasure has the same gang going for a group orgasm. Did you notice the trend now? Let’s go through few more examples to elaborate it further.

When Modi pitched for international Yoga day the HRD ministry thought of introducing ‘Yoga’ in school curriculum. It took no time for the Mullhas to shout ‘Yoga is against our religion’. The entire liberal brigade lined up at once in supporting the outcry. Suddenly ‘Suryanamashkar’ become an object of ‘Haaram’. But today the same morons who stood by the rabid Mullhas back then are lecturing you, me and Sonu Nigam on the intricacies of a pluralistic society. Though I am not a Muslim I am told to listen to ‘Azaan’ five times a day irrespective of if I like it or not but Muslims can’t be asked to listen to the ‘Aarti’ of ‘Bhagyalaxmi’ temple or attend ‘Suryanamashkar’ in school. Everything under the sun seems to be in the ‘Haaram’ list of a particular religion and the elements of the entire list can’t be performed but I, being an individual, can’t complain if my sleep gets disturbed because of the noise coming from a Mosque. People can cite their religion and refuse to sing ‘Vande Mataram’ but I seem to enjoy no such liberty as I have my ears already shoved with four large size loudspeakers. Irony even, I can’t complain of this forced religious surmounting. I guess we too need to come up with our own set of ‘Haaram’ list and include everything under the sun so that we can have our displeasure getting the desired support from the intellectual morons. A mere 52 second’s national anthem is problematic for a certain section and with all probability; it is ‘Haaram’ in their religion too. But come to me being given lecture on ‘beauty in diversity’, I am told to tolerate something that I don’t like fifteen minutes every day and throughout the year. People can show their displeasure with having our tri-colour getting hoisted in their cities but I can’t show my displeasure for being woken up from my sleep every day for no apparent reason. Why I should be told to listen to something that I neither believe nor I like? Stranger even, why I would be name called if I make my stance very clear on this? Where am I disturbing the religious harmony with the openness and truthfulness about my daily discomfort?

Skirting of ‘Ganapati’ festival to defend the musical terrorism is as bogus as it can get. All Hindu festivals including ‘Ganapati’ are once in a year occurrence unlike ‘Azaan’ which is here forever. For a month Muslims block all major city roads for Namaaz during Ramzan while a five day ‘Ganapati’ festival seems like the worst thing happening to the nation. One day ‘Holi’ is problematic too and we should stop celebrating the festival if possible but I am told, I have to tolerate 38 days (roughly) every year on listening to ‘Azaan’ only. All major festivals in India put together may not cross 38 days even and yet the morons are advocating for gibberish and meaningless comparisons. There is more to my abhorrence than odd noise. I as an individual find the lines of ‘Azaan’ as an insult to my religion. How it is possible that one who uses big loudspeakers to mock other religion Gods and Goddesses as non-existent as there is only one God called ‘Allah’ is perfectly an harmonious act while I being termed as communal if I object to such open insult towards my God? Why someone would use loudspeakers to disturb me five times a day thereby nonchalantly announcing Gods of my religion as slaves of the God of their religion and yet I still can’t object? Why I am told to tolerate such blatant acts? Where has secularism gone here? If people can have problems with ‘Aarti’ where nothing is said against any religion or God why can’t I have problems with open insult of my beliefs? This equation simply is beyond my understanding.

That said, I still agree, all short of musical terrorism should be stopped. We must respect the 2005 ruling of Supreme Court in which the phenomenon called loudspeakers for any religious reasons is termed as a public nuisance at large. Here we shouldn’t be selective in implementation. If ‘Ganapati’ festival must get rid of its vulgar Bollywood numbers playing out loud, ‘Azaan’ too stop blabbering on loudspeakers which largely calls every other religion as rubbish. There can’t be selective secularism.

By design Hindu religion is confined to one’s belief and surroundings unlike Christianity and Islam which is mostly forced on others. But this small thing doesn’t get into the vacuum brains of our pseudo liberals. Case-in-point – MS Pooja Bhatt here. She salutes the ‘Spirit Of India’, whatever that means, by giving the most absurd of metaphor. I may very well love to know the exact part in her that salutes the martyrs and victims of 26/11 which was an organized terror attack where one of the architects was felicitated by her own brother. I also want to know the part that salutes her obnoxious father who attends junkets thrown away by ISI agents like Ghulam Nabi Fai. But these liberals aren’t very bright people. All they are master at are mindless hypocrisy. She explains how she lights an ‘Agarbatti’ before her regular saluting gesture but fails to get the drift. I am forced to listen to the ‘Azaan’ where as her ‘Agarbatti’ may not be visible to anyone else. Precisely why I advised her to rush into every household in her neighbourhood next time and light an ‘Agarbatti’ in every home.

By the way, dear Sonu Nigam – I am grateful that you let out this bitter truth. The Prophet never had loudspeakers when he established Islam and I too don’t know why I have to face this pain today after the invention of electricity and loudspeakers.  

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Kashmir – The Morons Within

Eight people died during the recent assembly by-polls in the Srinagar seat. Now one wonders how an innocuous looking democratic exercise would end up taking eight lives. It may be something very surprising for most of the places on this planet but not for Kashmir. This is what has been the situation in the valley for decades now. For a change the 2014 general elections went of largely peacefully with negligible violence. The voter turnout was very good too comparing to the state’s standard. All that changed in about three years’ time. Not only the turnout fell to a miserable 7.8%, it too resulted in mass scale agitation and stone pelting, resulting in the counter offensive from our armed forces. Eight lives lost in the process thereby bringing back the debate if the state really is alienating the residents of the valley with its visionless approach all over again. Can the state really be accused of not reaching out to the stakeholders of the valley in any constructive manner? Let’s see.

To start with, here is what I feel about the much touted 'Kashmir Issue'. For me Kashmir still remains an over-exaggerated phenomenon that no political will is convinced enough to solve. In fact there isn’t a problem to begin with. Decades long ‘Kid’s Glove’ attitude towards the nuisance makers of the valley has ensued in a situation that is getting worse by the day. Majority of the populace in the valley want to live their lives as normally as others do. It is the separatists backed by illicit money poured in from our enemies that routinely incite violence for every damn reason. Our own home-grown intellectuals of ‘Left’ hue do lend their support to the trouble makers in regular intervals. The ‘Azadi’ gang which demands separation from India are mindlessly supported by the liberals. Our media that are in a bad habit of denouncing the nation for the slightest of reasons do also play their active part in worshiping the seditious louts. They cry for a ‘Bhuran Wani’ and they open the gates of our Apex Court at the mid of the night to save a terrorist. Clowns like Prashant Bhushan also suggest the Kashmir be made independent in no uncertain terms. Every constructive step of the central government towards bringing normalcy in the valley is squarely throttled by the trouble makers on pretext of one thing or the other. It is in fact these trouble makers who don’t want a solution to the so called Kashmir problem as their very household runs because the problem is persisting from Nehru’s time. An amicable solution would lead to a situation where these free money would run dry and that would be catastrophic for these parasites. The ‘Litfest Mafias’ too want the air of turbulence to remain there because that pays for their survival. Any solution would act against these freeloaders.

Not long back the then UPA government formed an ‘Interlocutor’ team comprised of the regular ‘Darbaris’ to talk to the separatists of the valley in pursuance of a solution. I am not sure what kind of solution was in mind but the team and the efforts they put in were a big sham. The three freeloaders of this team entrusted with the job of finding a middle ground for solution did nothing except enjoying their free junket in the valley on taxpayers’ money. After two years long hara-kiri the team that was designed to achieve nothing, came back empty handed as expected. After spending crores of public money the final output of the effort was later summarised in one single line – “There is a lot of trust deficit among the general populace of the valley”. Brilliant!! As if we were required to waste so much money to know (read hear) the same bogus lines. 

This loose use of the phrase 'Trust Deficit' always makes me admire the amazing 'sweeping under the carpet' abilities of our Left morons. For me this is the second best escapist analogy after the 'terror has no religion' nonsense. I don’t know what kind of trust deficit that was pointed out here but it appeared more like an average government employee giving stupid excuses to not do his job. Since I can remember I am hearing this ‘Trust Deficit’ nonsense while no one is sure what that deficit is. Government after government just sit there and ponder on this very phrase without trying to get to the core. Every intellectual worth of his/her salt cries for dialogues with Kashmiris while no one knows with whom we should talk. Separatists who toe the line of our enemy are not the people who can be invited for discussions. They are traitors and enemy of the nation. Traitors are never cajoled in any civilized society, which our Left Mafias believe otherwise. People who simply want the disturbance to continue for their own good can’t be trusted to become a catalyst in the peace process. That is as absurd as it can get. Left loony may have their moronic compulsion to day-dream but facts on the ground are far from it and it is no other than Sitaram Yetchuri who can confirm it.

For reasons best known to the Modi government, it sent an all-party delegation (all-time freeloaders) to talk to the separatists in 2015. A known freeloader like SY was also part of this money-wasting gang. But the truth was waiting for these morons in the ugliest form. And I am glad that it was ugly. No one in the valley showed any interest in talking to these worthless chaps. On hindsight I am glad that the Modi government sent SY and other known left dungs in the party. Their credibility is so low that even the Separatists threw these jokers out. Even the Separatists didn’t agree to trust these clowns. That should be a mirror to SY and his sick brethren of irrelevant touts. The worst kinds of leeches too find these Left scums reprehensible to hobnob with. And these are the buffoons who would come daily on primetime to lecture us on the possible solution to the Kashmir problem. This is the problem with these morons. They suddenly asperse too huge of themselves while in reality their gutter mentality is already exposed enough for any sane mind to believe them. Even the traitors of the nation are abhorred of these intellectual vermin. While the Left brigade weeps inconsolably in-and-out of the parliament for the ‘Kashmiris’, people in the valley know how idiotic and propaganda propeller these scums are. A poster at ‘Laal-Chowk’ denouncing these stupid all-party froths in one phrase as ‘Get Out’ sums up the entire credibility of these Left chumps in front of their very own. As I said, I am glad that this joker SY was part of the delegation. The Muftis, the Abdullhas and most in the Congress too have their dirty involvement in making Kashmir a mess that it is today. It was Nehru who touched Kashmir and it blew on our face and the same faggots are still continuing with their mishandling and absurd theories. Look at Saifuddin Soz for instance. I wonder why one would need enemies when you have such clueless idiots in your own ranks. And this is not just out of hallucination, if you think it to be. This is what the stand of these traitors for long. All of them belong to different parties but in reality they aren’t much different from the Separatists. This is precisely the kind of mind-set these worthless individuals carry. The Left morons aren’t too far behind and so as our useless media. There are other Kashmir centric media houses of the valley who always speak the language of our enemy.

Now coming back to the stone pelters, these are the worst enemies of the state. They live on the crumbs we throw at them but shout ‘Azadi’ every now-and-then. Routinely they attack our armed forces and pelt stones at everything India. They burn schools and destroy public property on daily basis. They burn our national flag in complete disdain and they hurl petrol bombs at every government establishment. They even pelt stones at the ambulances carrying critically wounded soldiers. When army retaliates to the mindless abhorrence of these morons their masters in wolf’s skin shout for human rights and ‘Kashmiriyat’. It was perfectly logical that the northern command head warned these leeches to stay away from army and their abject anti-India activities. Next time you are seen acting against the interest of the nation and seen hurling stones, be sure that you are committing suicide, he warned. The Left pigs were at once at their ‘Rudali’ act for the so called innocents of the valley. The same human rights warhorses close their eyes when videos show these bastards hitting our armed force personnel. Honestly, I am glad that our forces gunned down eight of these bastards this time for acting against the nation. They all need to be wiped out without mercy. They all are a danger to the nation and all that they deserve from us is death like feral donkeys. It is about time that our Army and CRPF forces are given full authority to deal with these ‘whore-children’ on their own way. Even the last bullet shouldn’t be left unused if that is the requirement. It is long that we are tolerating these beggar parasites and we ought to call it ‘enough is enough’. I am equally glad that pallet guns were used liberally in the recent past to blind these bastards. We should keep on using them even more liberally and keep on blinding these bastards at the slightest provocation. This attack on our sovereignty shouldn’t be tolerated any more.

In the mean time I would urge our PM to support and empower our armed forces in the valley. Give them enough bullets for the last bastard of the valley. Also give them the power to shoot down these traitors wherever they find them. I am sure not a single moron would be seen on the streets of Srinagar hurling stones or shouting for ‘Azadi’. Images of our soldiers getting bitten and kicked by these louts is something that we shouldn’t tolerate. It makes no sense tolerating the traitors. They deserve death and a painful one at that. I am sure our army is capable of this pest control act and quite effectively at that too. Hope we realize the threshold of all tolerable limits are long been crossed by these morons and we should answer them back in one language – BULLETS.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Why I Support Narendra Modi

This is a question I have been asked many number of times in last decade or so. Both the critics of my blog as well as my supporters at some point wanted to know the reasons that made me an ardent supporter of a certain Narendra Damodardas Modi. Many, mostly my critics, even term my support for the man as borderline sycophancy, which may not be entirely wrong as far as perception goes. But there is a catch to my support than just plain sycophancy. True support comes for a person from prolonged observation and careful analysis of the acts and actions of the man/woman in question unlike sycophancy which comes naturally out of servile mentality. And those who follow my blogs for some period of time would agree that I was an equal boisterous supporter of Modi when he was no one as I am today when he is the PM of the country and arguably the tallest leader of the present set. I find it apt now to open myself and lay out the reasons that entice me to adore this politician like I did to none; no, not even the great Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

It was 2001 and I wasn’t much into national politics. Fresh out of engineering college had its own inhabitations to make one spare time on politics and politicians. There were other interesting things to do, if you understand what I mean. It was 2001 Republic Day and it changed my interest towards many things, one prominent being my interest to observe and follow Indian politics henceforth. As a ritual I am a big fan of our Republic Day parade. That morning I switched on the TV around 9 AM to watch the spectacle from Rajpath. The tragedy unravelled as we were half into the parade. An earthquake measuring 7.7 in the Rector scale has hit the ‘Kutch’ region of Gujarat. Around 20000 people lost their lives. Lifelong savings and hard work were lost in ten minutes flat. Many were rendered homeless and jobless at once. Scale of devastation which gradually unfurled was of serious magnitude. The rescue and rehabilitation work that was taken up was equally grand scale in nature.

Keshubhai Patel was the then CM of Gujarat. Night after night, I found Mr. Patel coming before the media to lay out another of his sluggish excuses to defend his incompetency. I was relieved when he was asked to leave his position. It was a political crisis, both at the state and the BJP government at the centre. No one was ready to fill the void that Mr. Patel left. It was apparently perceived as a political doomsday for anyone who was ready to take up the vacant job. Would you believe I was a fan of Rajdeep Sardesai back then? In one of his ‘Big Fight’ episodes the very political semantics of Gujarat was debated in length while the known faces from Gujarat present in the debate showed their hidden reluctance to put their political career at stake. Then Atal Ji pressed a political novice named Naredra Modi to take up the challenge. Though it was much like how Manusr Alikhan Pataudi forced Farooq Engineer to open in Antigua since no was willing to face the fierce West-Indian bowlers first up, Atal Ji still put a straight face and explained his faith on a political novice as he was known for his organizational skills. So there was the advent of Modi on our political scene and if I dare, I may very well put it as – by accident. For a change Modi appeared refreshing compared to the slothful and escapist altar of Mr. Patel. I loved the way he answered the media and other critics. The man of the moment also spent a day in ‘Kutch’ and vowed to bring it back to its earlier glory or even beyond. Brick by brick he worked non-stop with various agencies, both government and private, to fix the disaster. As directed by Atal Ji, Modi made sure that the help reached the last needy standing. Instantly I liked the person in Modi. I liked his no-nonsense attitude. For the first time I felt, here is a politician who at least cares for the people.

Then came the dark chapter in Gujarat history; the infamous 2002 Gujarat riots. A bogie full of Hindu ‘Karsevaks’ was charred alive in an organized manner and that kick started a chain of events which we still are witnessing. Almost a thousand people lost their lives in the communal riots that followed. Post the riot, I found a startling difference with Modi in comparison to other politicians. It was a given in our liberal flavoured narrative to have the state head standing up and apologizing to the Muslims after every communal riot irrespective of who kick started it. By default the chronicle has been set at a point where the Hindus were held responsible for every communal disharmony in whichever way. Modi came here as a change. He refused to apologize for events that were never in his control. The Hindus in the state as well as across the country loved this upright approach of Modi. I liked it too. In the liberal narrative that was pioneered by the Congress-Left ecosystem never gave Hindus their space to be heard. The top brass of BJP was also falling into the trap of the same phoney narrative though they projected themselves as a Hindu centric party. Hindus in the state wanted someone who becomes their voice and Modi appeared the ‘Hindu Narrative’ that most Hindus were desperately waiting for some time. As the CM, Modi did his best to control the situation but never stretched himself to the filthy tokenism that our secularism loving pseudos’ were so used to. This even angered the likes of Atal Ji. As per Yashwant Sinha, Atal Ji has almost made his mind to sack Modi if not for the fact that LK Advani suggested to wait and watch for few months. This complete disdain towards the established norm also angered the liberals alike. Vilification from the secular-liberal quarters started pouring in. Our media which was part of the same ecosystem started airing concocted stories to further belittle Modi and his style of governance. Epithets of worst kind were levelled against him. Few even called him ‘Murderer’, ‘Maut Ka Saudagar’ and ‘Butcher’. Relentless media scrutiny went on 24/7 on national television to degenerate one man with all kind of name calling and baseless allegations. But the man in question never reacted to the rot thrown at him. He kept on working thereby gaining more support from the common populace and the BJP cadres. This is perhaps the primary reason why Modi could survive the 2002 ‘Secular Onslaught’.

In July 2002, barely three months after the horrific riots, Modi resigned when the government still had good 8 months to go. He clearly took a gamble or maybe he wanted to prove is popularity base before the nation and defy the backbiting that the media and their masters in various political parties were orchestrating. His political career was hanging on a slender thread. One loss and Modi would have been history. But he won 127 seats, 8 more than the previous Kesubhai Patel government. This showed the popularity of the man and his consolidation of the Hindu votes. This win must have warned the top brass in BJP to drop their idea of replacing Modi as this may backfire in national politics. The surprising defeat of Atal Ji in 2004 general elections did help Modi’s political cause a bit but it certainly gave enough ammunition to the secular brigade to aim at Modi with more vengeance. As expected the narrative suddenly zeroed at Modi as being the main culprit for 2004 surprising loss. The so called ‘Ghost’ of 2002 Gujarat riots held as the reason. Congress too left no stones unturned in driving home their point. Numerous investigative wings were setup to castigate Modi and his government. I am still surprised how Modi survived from 2004-2009. Handouts were issued with specific dictations from the liberal gang so that the investigative agencies could nail Modi (un)fair-and-square. Witnesses were parroted before the court. All kind of skulduggery went around unobstructed. Cottage industries by the likes of ‘Teesta Setelvad’ and ‘Tehelka’ were opened as the second line of attack. But the man in question kept on working harder there by giving himself an image of a man who also loves development as part of his political strides. His work in the state also attracted the fence sitters, not just his hard-core Hindu vote base. BJP cadres even supported him more, so as the common populace. Gradually the web of falsehood that the secular brigade was webbing started to fall flat on the court of law. Unholy trinity of Congress-Left-Media-NGO came to public domain. People started hating these age old secularism ‘Thekedars’ for their lies and dishonesty. All this while Modi kept on working more.

The unflustered aura of Modi impressed me more going into 2008-2009. The second consecutive loss of BJP in 2009 general elections became instrumental in positioning Modi in pan India level as a person who would work for the much awaited Hindu cause. BJP too as a party lost most of the senior faces after 2009 defeat. That left a huge space for Modi to make a name for himself. He worked even more to present his dual avatar for the voters to choose. At one hand the core Hindu base were happy that Modi is courageous enough to challenge the Congress-Left phoney liberalism narrative while the development centric youth and corporates loved Modi as a man in a mission for overall growth of the nation. Gradually Modi become the darling of the vast Indian middle class. During this time the advent of social media helped propel Modi further. The mainstream media that was busy all this while in airing bogus stories against Modi was challenged with facts and details. A separate narrative was built by the supporters of Modi on their own. The popularity of Modi grew further in the internet world with more people willingly investing their time and energy in countering every stupidity and falsehood of our media. Yours’ truly is one of the thousands nameless and faceless entities who fought against the abject dishonesty of the established ecosystem and the ‘Darbaris’. Drunk with power, Congress and their associates kept engaging themselves with scams and loots and pushed their minority appeasement more. When they had free time they called the massive support Modi was enjoying in the digital space as a stage managed phenomenon by Modi and Amit Shah while the facts were entirely different. They kept on abusing and vilifying and the man in Modi gradually established himself further in the national politics.

Come 2011, Modi undoubtedly established himself as the voice of Hindus. In a ‘Vibrant Gujarat’ summit he openly refused to wear a skull-cap offered to him. That was again against the established norm. Till that day every politician was more than eager to accept one and wear it immediately to showcase his secular credentials though there were no proofs of reciprocation from the other side. Modi objected to yet another tokenism and instead claimed himself as a ‘Proud Hindu’. That irritated our secular stable more. Another round of fraudulence and filthy name calling germinated. The history of grubby abhorrence of 2002-2009 got repeated all over again. Few more adjectives were invented. People from our media started visiting streets of Ahmadabad more frequently to lie more. Every bit of news on Modi was given a communal spin. People in general saw through the plot and started supporting Modi more. Our media tried to downplay the support as one for the development promise of Modi, not the ‘Hindutvta’ politics that Modi assures. But that conclusion was for self-assurance only.

The massive mandate BJP got in 2014 and the recent UP election shows that Modi’s popularity is not only because of his developmental image. He is supported by all those Hindus who felt like being marginalised in the suffocating surrounding created by minority appeasement of the Congress-Left brigade. They see their voice in Modi’s speeches. Yogi Adityanath being elevated as the CM of UP is another proof that Modi hasn’t forgotten his core vote base and the lakhs of cadres who have supported him in all thick-and-thin. This is what I like most in Modi. His conviction on what he believes and he shows it openly unlike the charlatans who either act truculent or are too coward to admit it in open. Appeasement of a particular community is a thing of the past now. In entire UP BJP never fielded a single Muslim candidate and yet won 324 seats while the routine secular parties boasted the number in hundreds and yet all of them put together could only manage to win 78 seats. Even at places with more than 50% Muslim population BJP could manage to win with huge margins. This reflects that the Hindu votes have consolidated behind Modi and BJP. And this vote has consolidated not because of Modi alone. A good lot also is because of the Modi vilification in particular and Hindu vilification in general that the secular brigade played out for decades. This is because of the nonchalance in bringing draconian ‘Communal Violence Bill’ by Congress which had it been implemented would have labeled all Hindus as communal and at faults for every communal disharmony.

I am glad that here is a leader who is listening to my worries and assures me that the majority community won’t be subjected to vilification and humiliation for vote bank. There would be that much needed equality among every section of the society. There would be no appeasement and all the established falsehoods would be challenged in no uncertain terms. I am glad that here is a politician who promises and delivers development unlike others who are only interested in scams and nepotism. I am glad that we have a PM in Modi who promises ‘Sabka Saath – Sabka Vikash’ and implements it to the last syllable.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Kabab Politics

The day UP poll results were out I tweeted something out of my experience on our liberal mafias. As such our liberals seldom disappoint me. I had predicted that from now onwards our liberals would scavenge every street of UP to bring back stories on how the victory of BJP has resulted in an atmosphere of fear for the minorities and how Muslims are at the receiving end ever since. Before I forget, I too had predicted a ravishing wolf cry for the ‘Idea Of India’ and how the very idea is under threat all of a sudden. But this is nothing strange coming from the liberal quarters. Yogi Adityanath, monk wearing saffron, getting elevated to the CM seat was a double whammy for many in our political circle, our media and intelligentsia. They were bound to shout the loudest and they did exactly that. Even before Yogi could take his oath, the cry on the imminent threat for secularism started doing the round. As expected the usual suspects were at it again. Never mind the whining since it is nothing less than mindless hysteria and abject hypocrisy. A major state like UP was lost badly and a Hindu Yogi who got to the helm, which is the worst thing ever happened to the mankind.

It all started with the installation of ‘Romeo-Squad’ to tackle the street Romeos in lookout to harass hapless college/school going girls. For reasons that largely appear unbelievable our liberals found the move grossly undemocratic. Never ask for a valuable reason because the liberals don’t have any except their incoherent blabbers. But here is the fact. BJP in its manifesto has promised the installation of such a squad in major cities of the state to keep the level of female harassment to zero. And people of UP have voted BJP on the points that they have mentioned in their so called ‘Shankalp Patra’. In fact a lot of people have voted for BJP. And facts don't lie either. If one would drive around Lucknow during college hours, one would find many such street Romeos stationed in front of every school/college, and their fulltime job is to stalk girl students. It has become a menace in many parts of the state. If one would take account of the reported molestation and other related atrocities involving school/college going girls, UP would beat many other states hands down. I am not sure which world these liberals live, but an average girl’s parents in the state are happy about the formation of this group. Knowing the wrong foot they already are in, the liberals swiftly changed their narrative - though the move may be appreciated, what about the human rights violation that this group may introduce? I once referred these liberals as a bunch of opportunist nuisance makers who love to live in the future; a future which is darker if it happens to be a BJP ruled state.

They don’t even believe the IG of the state and his assurance that, it is the police that would take up the job and at no point private vigilante groups would be encouraged to take it on their own. Any such groups which try to take the law in their hands would severely be punished. But that is again quite routine with our liberals. They don’t believe the state, the officials or the elected representatives. They only believe their thick germinating imaginary prowess full with duplicity and hypocrisy. Not a single complain is yet been filed by the so called oppressed youths while our liberal bridged is busy doing Rudali act as if they are the sufferers themselves. I even requested one such Rudali to file a PIL if she is so convinced that the move is wrong and a gross violation of human rights. But the coward only knows to whine around without any reason or conviction because that pays. Not a single soul stood up and questioned their beloved little Akhilesh when Mafiosi had become a state managed affair from 2012-2017 but today each one of these human rights watchdog is out of his/her closet to shout garbage. This is so in line with the Dadri and the subsequent ‘intolerant’ farce that the nation breathlessly witnessed.

It seems the whining for the rights of these Romeos didn’t gather enough steam. It fell apart even before it could take off. People in general are in appreciation of this move and they don’t need a liberal to visit their homes to certify otherwise. They have decisively rejected all such bogus and stupid propagandas in the recently concluded election. I would rather call it another ‘demonetisation’ moment for our liberals. During demonetisation they wept for months for the poor and the common mass while the poor and the average Tom, Dick and Haroon Bhai not only stood in the queue to withdraw their money but also stood in the queue with equal enthusiasm to vote for the man who tormented them through ‘Note Ban’. That came as a shocker to the utter despair of these liberals. All their grumbling to instigate the voters fell flat. Their little Akhilesh and Pappu ‘Jugalbandi’ as well as their vested agenda were savagely rejected by the people who matter. In a way it is the repeat of history with Romeo squad. People who matter are supporting the move while the Lutyens’ #LOL crowd is busy shouting with stupid analogy and worthless reasoning which nobody cares to listen to anymore, including the Romeos whose human rights this #LOL brigade was out to protect. This is what happens when you are not in sync with the ground realities. They depend on their drivers too much to remain in sync with the realities. This doesn’t work anymore. If anything, the liberals hugely depended on their drivers back then to inform them that demonetisation has angered a lot of people and they would vote against BJP and today, their drivers are again passing the gossip that people are equally angry because of the Romeo squad. And we know how these drivers, like their masters, are so adrift from the ground realities.

Romeos couldn’t be saved since people throttled the nefarious intent. Next the liberals set their foot to defend the butchers of the state. Idea of India was again threatened when ‘Tunday Kababi’ shut its doors because the new UP government started cracking down on illegal slaughter houses. The usual suspects shouted again for the one day closer of the eatery though I never have heard them shout for the Kashmiri Pundits who were displaced from their land for last 27 years. Even the ‘One Day’ adjective was a lie to begin with. The shop was closed for only three hours but for the liberals a three hour time frame is equivalent to an entire day. Perhaps they were again informed by their drivers, just that I want to give them the benefit of doubt on this one. As is we would go to ‘Tunday Kababi’ a little later. Lots of intellectuals wasted rims of paper in dressing-down of the government move with reasons as absurd as it can get. One of the primary reasons given was the number of people whose livelihood was dependent on these illegal butcher houses. That is so hilarious when one finds people defending illegal organizations and yet shameless enough to call themselves intellectuals. It is only the illegal abattoirs that were acted upon but our liberals would want you to believe that the entire meat industry is asked to shut down in the state, thereby proliferation of the so called ‘Hinduvtwa’ agenda. This is how this #LOL crowd manufactures stories. Least they forget is the whole business is illegal irrespective of how many are working in there. There is lot of money in drugs peddling, flesh trade and child trafficking. There are lot of people engaged in this business as well. What our intellectuals expect the government to do? Allow these illegal businesses to go uncarted? Is this the argument that the liberals want to support? If so, what kind of argument is this? I am speechless seeing the reasoning of the liberals, much like the recent Maharashtra Municipality elections where they end up supporting Shiv-Sena because their hate for BJP surmounted everything else.

Here is the thing. As early as 2012 the apex court ordered all such illegal slaughterhouses to fall inline as per the structured guidelines. The then government of Akhilesh Yadav didn’t bother much to enforce the court’s directives. In fact they ignored it with a purpose. The ‘Urban Development’ ministry was under Azam Khan (a secular by name itself) and all municipalities were under him. The connivance of these illegal abattoirs with the local political class, leading up to Mr. Khan, it was a win-win situation for all. The business flourished without any government guidelines or taxes while the politicians involved got their share on regular basis. Looking at the inactiveness of the state government the apex court again ordered the guidelines be implemented in 2015. Nothing happened thereafter too. The nexus of the powerful and the beneficiaries continued as if it hardly matters what our Supreme Court says. The new government only found it feasible to abide by the court’s guidelines and that resulted in the ‘Fire In The Knicker’ situation for the #LOL crowd. Remember what I said once – these guys are so thirsty and desperate that they will crawl towards a mirage and when they find there is no water, they would end up drinking the sand. Here they are drinking sand by supporting the illegal activities. If required be, they might as well end up supporting prostitution if that can garner some points against BJP. As is, the government hasn’t shut them down for ever. The said slaughterhouses can get their acts together with full government compliance and can be back in business. No one is stopping them there. But that is what our liberals hate. Following government norms is least of their interest. The crap that these liberals propelling on how there should have been procedures, warnings and then adequate time should have been given before closing their doors is as gross as one can imagine. Isn’t the time given from 2012 till today is enough? If they couldn’t set their acts straight in five years how would they have done the same in a two weeks’ notice period? Which logic convinces our liberals that the government should mollycoddle the illegal serpents and plead them to fall in line? Which sensible country/state acts in that manner?  

Now back to ‘Tunday Kababi’ – why the shop had to shut the door if they were sourcing their meat requirements from legal slaughterhouses? Since they had to shut down for couple of hours, it shows, even they were benefiting from the mess that Mr. Khan and his team knowingly supported. After their reopening, they have removed ‘Beef Kebab’ from their menu which again shows which particular type of meat the eatery was sourcing illegally. Legal slaughterhouses aren't closed. A reputed brand like 'Tunday' shouldn't have any problem in sourcing their meet from these legal abattoirs. But these facts don’t get to the wise head of Ms. Barkha Secular Dutt. In fact it doesn't get into any secular head. As usual she blabbers without putting much strain on her brains; perhaps that is what the secular agenda is. She declares the Kebab store must have a say while clearly giving the logic a miss in-between. Someone picked her stupidity and asked a very valid question. And what were the replies of Ms. Dutt in response? More stupidity. And these are the jokers who call themselves intellectuals. Their agenda drives them towards stupidity and when confronted they spew more stupidity as counter. People like Barkha run a race thinking they are the only participants. But that is not all, her ilk even finds it their entitlement in issuing statements which they believe can be totally devoid of any facts and yet be hailed as gospel truth. This is precisely the reason why I call people like Barkha Dutt as #LOL crowd. They make a joke of themselves at rapidity unheard of among human race until ten-fifteen years ago. Hope she learnt her lesson as I haven’t seen the shove-agenda exponent tweeting about ‘Tunday Kababi’ after that. She perhaps would have realized her fallacy of putting a straight face while lying. People have turned smart to pick the nonsense at once.

By the way, while I was busy stringing words for this post, are there any new news of ‘Idea Of India’ being threatened again by Yogi Adityanath and his team? If no then I am surprised.
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