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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Calling Them Lone Wolves Is A Critical Mistake

What would you do when your established narrative start to fail regularly of late? You try to develop another narrative of similar nature and desperately hope it to stick like the earlier one did. Not sure where I am heading to? Remember how the liberals across the globe coined the phrase ‘Terror Has No Religion’ to protect the crimes of the Islamic Terrorists? It eventually became a convenient gateway for the filth to be swept out of sight, each time, and every time. ‘Terror Has No Religion’ could easily be the worst manifestation of word play in the 21st century. Gullible people across the planet too started to believe the narrative, more because, the ones who coined the phrase projected themselves as the apostle of modern and liberal way of thinking. Whoever dared to call the spade a spade was dismissed with complete disdain; worst being, called as a communal bigot. But ultimately people saw through the falsehood and started rejecting such phoney notion. Liberals end up losing ground everywhere. It was desperate times and it called for desperate measures. How about coining a new phrase, as untruthful as the earlier one, the liberals thought?

There was the advent of the new phrase – ‘Lone Wolf’. This phrase too has a sinister plot as the earlier one but slightly different in the core articulation of untruth. While the earlier one broad brushed the terrorists as a bunch of nuisance makers belonging to no religion the later one cleverly agreed to the fact that the latest terrorist apprehended belongs to Islam. But that hardly matters since he has got no association with the religion he practices or the religion he swear upon before killing the innocents. It doesn’t matter since he was acting on his own, which further led to the invention of another phrase – ‘self-radicalisation’. I see the plot thickening. The idea : Let’s not exonerate all in one go but do it one by one so that it becomes easy to dismiss them by calling them fringe and possess no real threat to the society as they are acting on their own. But is this the truth? Are these people really working in silos? Are we making another mistake in terming them as ‘lone’? Let’s see.

Let’s scavenge the recent past a little. When ‘Charlie Hebdo’ was attacked in 2015 and 12 innocent people lost their lives, the liberal narrative at once pointed at the singular nature of the terrorists. Though the killers, here they were two biological brothers, clearly shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ before firing at helpless people, we were told to ignore the sermoning part and concentrate on the nature of the crime and how they managed to plot the onslaught. Sounds convenient? But that is not all here. Before the investigators could come back with their detailed findings, the liberals started dismissing the two brothers as someone who have got nothing to do with Islam or any terror organization. But was that the truth? It was later found that they weren’t entirely acting on their own. They were routinely in touch with the radical elements of Brussels and a possible visit to Syria through the porous French borders via Africa. They were regularly fed with terror literature by organizations known for their organized terror activities. The master minds of the attack were later found to be involved in the Truck massacre in France during the Christmas season.

So what made the liberals jump the gun and pronounce the ‘Charlie Hebdo’ terrorists as ‘Lone Wolves’, whatever that means? It can’t be an innocent mistake in reading the situation. Whole idea was to shield the real reason of the attack which may be because of the teaching these guys got through their growing up ages. Like all activities, terrorism too is a social activity where it only produces ideas of destruction rather than construction and the very ideas are shared among the likeminded perverts. There are many things common between these single terror modules. All of them grew up in surroundings that housed lots of religious preachers and who taught them nothing but hate towards every other religion in particular and humans in general. They also taught these cowards that how the infidels around the globe are on a mission to destroy Islam as if there is nothing better to do. ‘Hate One And Hate All’ is all that they were asked to remember. Most of the so called ‘lone wolves’ were in the radar of the security agencies at some point of the time. Most were found to have travelled to Syria, Afghanistan or Pakistan, the known hotbeds of terrorists and terror activities, in the recent past. Most were discovered with cupboard full of terror literature where page after page hatred is spread like there is no tomorrow. So how these guys were acting in silos, if the liberals would care to answer?

Charlie Hebdo is not the one of case. ‘Mohamed Merah’ who killed 12 people in France in 2012 had similar background; so as Mehdi Nemmouche who fired at a Jewish museum in Brussels in 2014. The similarities among these ‘Lone Wolves’ are too striking to ignore. The second fallacy in the ‘Lone Wolves’ theory is the convenient ignorance of the liberals in noting down the region these lone wolves operate. Entire Europe is witnessing hard-core Islamic militancy because of these lone perpetrators. Even in USA, post 09/11, there are no instances of organized terror acts except couple of lone Islamic warriors who tried to stamp their terror trail. You would rarely find these lone wolves operating in the developing nations like India and subcontinent. Why? There has to be a reason and I see the increased security and intelligence in these prominent cities of the world which virtually has made impossible for these organized terror modules to work in a group without being noticed. In comparison countries like India are still lacking behind in effective terror management and other similar skills. In big cities like London or Paris or New York it has become easier to operate alone which the organized terror outhouses have realized finally. That is where these so called ‘Lone Wolves’ come handy. Though the masterminds sit three continents away they still manage to perpetrate the crime through their supply-chain agents acting alone. At times they get people willingly there to join hands while at times they force radicalize gullible youths deprived of any basic education or skill. They catch these gullible chaps early, most of the times in jails and correction centres. At least three instances, including the Brussels airport bombing, the terrorists were said to have met their masterminds or rather handlers when they were serving jail term for petty crimes.

These guys are anything but ‘Lone Wolves’. They are part of the bigger module only. They in fact are as organized as any other terror modules are. They get everything, from motivations to logistic, at times even weapons, from people who are known terrorists or groups with dubious past record vis-à-vis terrorism. Of the hundreds of Islamic militants who have been involved in terror activities in Europe over recent years, only tiny portions have acted alone. Most others are part of a larger network with professional know-how and execution. Many of them have travelled overseas and spent time with major militant organizations. Self-radicalization is a myth which serves no purpose except may be satisfying the falsehood of these liberals worldwide. Terrorism is something that can’t be practiced alone. It always was a group work and it still stays that way. Yes, you may show early signs of radicalization because of your upbringing and teachings but to execute a terror act you need to be part of a broader spectrum of organized terrorism.

Lest we forget, terrorism is largely an idea and a bad one at that and people do tend to get attracted towards the bad things quicker than the good ones. Parvez Rassol struggling his way into the national Cricket Team may not impress much as compared to a certain Bhuran Wani and there are ample proofs for this. This is common across the globe. The organized terror gangs pick these jokers from the open market and train them remotely to unleash themselves at the first opportunity. Sweeping this truth under the carpet by calling them ‘Lone Wolves’ is a big disservice that we all must refrain from. It is not going to help anyone except the terror gangs who would be laughing their ass off seeing how clownish we are to even accept the hard facts. Let’s not allow our security agencies and powers that be to get away easily by showing their helplessness in countering these ‘Lone Wolves’ and  furnishing excuses on how tough it is to detect them as they work alone. This is nonsense of highest order because there are no lone wolves roaming our streets; it is all organized as it used to be.

By the way, it is not the liberals alone. Various governments and their representatives blow their own narrative to cover the crimes of these Islamic Militants. They do it to largely remain politically correct. Take for example Mr. Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London city. As early as September 2016 he gladly announced how terrorism is part of living in big cities like London. By the way I haven’t heard this man after yesterday’s London terror act which took three innocent lives. What Mr. Khan said is clear cut forgery of truth. There is nothing but hypocrisy and dishonesty in his words. Terror has no place in a civilized society, let alone big cities. One who asks people to compromise on the pretext of absolute lies or may be self-interest has no authority to be in the position of power, small or big.

Before we say bye to each other for the time being, please do read my piece on the Brussels Bombing HERE and see how the incident was waiting to happen for quite some time before it happened; thanks to many Mr. Sadiq Khans of Belgium.

Monday, March 20, 2017

The Yogi Adityanath Gamble

To be honest Yogi Adityanath isn’t a name that automatically excites you as a political observer. I am no different here. Barring his few stray statements blown out of proportion by our ever agile media there wasn’t much in him that would have got me thinking. Until recently, for me, he was just another politician from BJP albeit with strong Hindu centric ideologies. But that perception suddenly got changed overnight. His surprise elevation as the new CM of Uttar Pradesh made me sit and take a note of this man in saffron little more seriously than I used to do. Why I used the word ‘surprise’? Well, to be honest again, I had thought BJP would be better served if they install a big shot like Rajnath Singh as the CM of the state. That was even the whisper in the corridors. Knowing the strong local leadership that BJP enjoys in the state, it required someone having experience in handling big portfolios to lead them. Rajnath Singh fit the bill like none in BJP did. But when the national leadership of the party on 18th declared Yogi as their choice to lead the state, it made my eyebrows raised in some kind of astonishment. Has Modi lost the plot, we may want to think but knowing Modi and his political acumen it could be a possibility that we may be missing something that Modi isn’t. So how about doing our bit to understand the psyche behind this decision and the possible political compulsions, or choice if you want to call that way?  

Some time back I wrote a piece on the way Modi and Amit Shah are handling the party’s political ambitions. They have taken few surprising gambles in the recent past and each time they have proved the political punditry wrong. Except Bihar, all their plans and moves, recent being the decision to go it alone in the Maharashtra municipality elections, have yielded rich dividends for the party. This can’t be just a fluke. There has to be something substantial that most observers either aren’t capable to see or are not ready to accept as points to ponder.

Many of Modi’s supporters and party men are still lavishing themselves under the euphoria of the 2014 general elections win. The only person who seems to have forgotten that win and since had moved on is Narendra Modi. He knows his politics and the road ahead of him. If nothing, the loss in Bihar elections must have thrown more political food for thought at him. No one knows better than Modi that the road ahead won’t be simple as the situation today has snowballed into an existential crisis for many. Many of the big political names that we grew up hearing are today struggling to even remain relevant, let alone posing any serious threat to the Modi juggernaut. Only way out of this imminent annihilation for them is to stay united. It even is proved in Bihar election that a united force of worst of yesteryear enemies can defeat the phenomenon called Modi. Modi may not be invincible if political parties can shed their ideological, political and personal differences and join hands at a desperate attempt for survival. And no one knows better than Modi that this is not just a hypothetical possibility any more. Come the elections of 2019, majority of these political outfits, who are in the verge of alienation, would come together because that is the only way out for them. A combined force of SP, BSP and Congress going together to challenge is not just a possibility but a surety today. And here people like Yogi Adityanath play a vital role in Modi’s grand plan to counter the united opposition in 2019 or may be even beyond.

It is plain foolishness to believe that people voted BJP to power in 2014 just on the developmental plank. That is again a wishful thinking, not pragmatic. It is true that people were desperate for a change that could assure them some development in many areas but that is not the only reason for the empathetic win of BJP. And dare I say many people voted BJP on ‘Hindutva’ agendas as well. It is these voters who would come handy if the 2019 elections going to be fought on religious and caste lines. You don’t always choose your war. If a grand alliance would be formed purely on caste and religious lines, as by 2019 these parties would have nothing to showcase except their caste biasness, the opposition has to adopt similar strategies. It would be stupid to go out there and wave your development placards alone. As is politics is always a mix bag, not a singular form. You can’t fight, at least in India, caste arithmetic with just development. This won’t work in Indian politics at least. It doesn’t work in any country’s politics even. Had people been so observant to realize their real benefits in overall development over religious appeasement, the said future ‘Gathbandhan’ political outfits would have been history by now. But since they still are here and quite static at carrying on the same caste/religion lines that they used to do 30-40 years back at the time of their inception, it is only safe to say, caste based politics is still at play in our country. Let’s not shy away from this fact. And Yogi Adityanath is one of such many counter measures that Modi going to deploy over the next couple of years.

The core vote bases of BJP are the ones who see it as the party that would satisfy their ‘Hindutva’ aspirations. Call it our misfortune or the outcome of the prolonged filthy minority appeasement that other parties play shamelessly in open, we have many among Hindus who feel, it is about time that they forget everything and vote for the party that assures them the much needed uniformity among all religions, if not outright majority appeasement. And Modi knows very well that, in last three years, he hasn’t done anything for this peculiar vote bank. It need not always have to be the ‘Ram Mandir’ in Ayodhya. There could be small measures that would assure his core vote base that they aren’t entirely forgotten. And this is precisely what Modi is trying to achieve with installing Yogis of the world in position of visibility. This would assure the ‘Hindutva’ segment that one of their own, who has a history of open support for every Hindu sentiment, is assuming power in a state that matters the most for them. I don’t see any reason why Modi and BJP shouldn’t follow that path if the battle lines are pretty much drawn on caste lines. If there could be a Haj Ministry, why not have a person as the CM who wears saffron proudly? Every election is fought on polarization one way the other. It is not that the voters do some high end ‘LaplaceTransform’ or ‘Fourier Transform’ to deduce the person they should vote. There isn’t any algorithm available to deduce that even. It is always the polarization, religious or otherwise, that makes voters chose their choice of candidate.

As an individual ‘Yogi’ played a big role in the state politics. The phenomenal success that BJP got in past two elections, both the state and the general election, a good amount of credit should go to Yogi Adityanath. He held this ‘Hindutva’ flock together though there was nothing noteworthy coming from the centre for them. He made sure that the core sentiments of this vote chunk are reverberated in the power corridors of Delhi. He in fact introduced couple of private member’s bill; one among them is the complete ban of cow slaughter, which is very dear to the Hindu sentiments. Not only that, Yogi too made sure that he enjoys equal affinity, both among the Muslims and Hindus, at least in his constituency. Media may want to picture it entirely different from the facts but Yogi is a very popular figure in Gorakhpur among all sections of the society. He has a reputation of being a saviour first irrespective of the person’s faith. There are other areas in the state where Yogi Adityanath enjoys similar perception. In hindsight Modi could have played a masterstroke which our gullible media and other liberals are too naïve to understand. As a politician Modi sees religious polarization in UP is going to be the driving force in 2019 elections. He is just preparing for that eventuality. If Azam Khan can become the head of the organizing committee that oversees the preparation of ‘Kumbha Mela’ then Yogi is a perfect choice to the post.  Being the CM he has the tremendous potential to bring benefits to the party. BJP may be playing its own religious manoeuvres but that is what the situation likely to throw up, come 2019. As I said, you don’t choose your war and it is foolish to blame only one party. Terming Yogi’s appointment as deviation from BJP’s developmental plank is again foolish and premature. Yogi Adityanath has lot to his credit as an able administrator in various capacities. Just because he wears saffron doesn’t make him any lesser administrator. If skull caps make no indication at the religious overture, saffron shouldn’t either. It is too early to draw conclusions, much like how few were out in the open shouting when Narendra Modi was elected as the PM candidate of NDA.

Confusion of our political pundits and liberals alike over having two ‘deputy CM’ is no confusion at all. The reasons are clear as crystals. First of all, Yogi asked for two deputies to manage such a vast state. Second reason is very well documented in the state BJP manifesto. One of the poll promises of BJP was to divide UP at least into three smaller states for better administration and governance. This three way top tier may suggest in that direction. I won’t at all be surprised if these two deputies concentrate on two different regions that are in BJP’s plan of UP fragmentation. And I see logic here. Breaking a state and letting it in the hands of political opportunists has resulted in Jharkhand and Telengana. No significant development has happened post the split. It is all about nursing individual’s or a family’s political aspirations. We have to formulate a better approach and nothing better than grooming people for the post in all earnest. Call it BJP’s move towards grabbing power in these probable upcoming new states or political hara-kiri but the fact on the ground is that, it has taken most of BJP’s opponents by surprise.

Having said that, as an individual, I don’t see a reason why Yogi Adityanath can’t be the CM of the state. He is a five time elected MP from Gorakhpur. His unbiased and administrative qualities are vouched by many from his constituency and elsewhere. His percentage of attendance in the parliament is 100% more than the national average. His participation in debates and raising questions during the zero hour is even double than the parliament average. We have seen him debate on varied range of topics, from Industrial revolution to SAARC congregation. Why he shouldn’t be the CM of UP, if any of the objecting lot would care to explain it to me? Please, the explanation should carry some substance, not just ‘Yogi had said this against Muslims’, ‘Yogi had said that against Muslims’ and other such assorted rhetoric. That ain’t make any impact, rather would appear like whining on usual dirty lines.

By the way, I don’t know why Yogi Adityanath’s appointment reminds me one joke of my school days – make the naughtiest fellow in the class the class monitor, most of the things would fall into place. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

How Could Our Delhi Based Journalists Miss The Modi Wave?

The recent five state poll results showed one more thing very clearly other than the still persisting Modi wave – our Delhi based journalists are totally out of sync with the ground realities. Whether it is by design or it was another mistake is debatable, it is no doubt that there is some sinister thing going behind the scene that regularly helps our ‘liberal flavoured’ journalists make a mess of their reporting. It simply becomes unbelievable when these journalists virtually camped in the states for months and yet reported stories that eventually turned out to be exactly opposite to the fact, come the results day. Mere mistakes may make you deviate a bit from the facts but certainly won’t put your stories at the opposite pole. And knowing the dishonesty that these journalists play around for their and their master’s vested agendas, it even becomes more questionable.

An election in UP is always a luscious piece of political cake for every journalist of repute, fame and bad fame. It is even doubly slurry for our ‘Big Blow To Modi’ gang of journalists. Any big state election post 2014 automatically becomes a test for Modi and his governance. And the ‘Blow To Modi’ gang always remain at the ground to live report how the ‘Blow’ is getting bigger by the day throughout the campaign period. They did it in Bihar, Assam, Maharshtra, Delhi and everywhere else. Few even rode triplet on scooters to air their ‘Big Blow To Modi’ views this time. But how could such ‘Big Blows’ turn out to be exactly opposite to the ground realities. So many ‘Krantikari’ journalists can’t go wrong all at the same time, which raises a very fundamental question – were these journalists reporting or campaigning for their favourite political parties?

The answer to this question lies in the history. During the recent USA election the same cabal was all over the place, though they were majorly reduced to the ‘supporting actors’ role alongside the real actors of NYT, Washington Post fame. Continuous whining and rubbish peddling left them eating crow when the votes were actually counted. So many vibrant people went wrong at once. Surprisingly, the person whom they never gave more than 7% chance of winning the election ended up as the winner with a substantial margin. This can’t be a miscalculation of public mood. There has to be more to it. This is plain and simple skulduggery to hide facts from the people. There appears to be no truthfulness to what these journalists kept on peddling with their bogus stories. People ultimately saw through it. And trust Barkha to shout first when someone talks about truth and honesty. Now she asks, which journalists TRUTHFULLY predicted this. This is what the journalism in India has ended up at. She in a way admits that her reporting were more wishful thinking than factual but rather being brave enough to admit it, she shamelessly asks if any other journalist did any factual reporting. I feel sorry for such people who are loaded with duality. The ones who quote ‘two wrongs doesn’t make it right’ at ease would do the same to defend their cultivated sins. What kind of excuse it was for a genuine question? When people expect honest ground realities, these journalists start campaigning for their favourite party but are shameless enough to ask who doesn’t when countered with difficult questions.

Similar behaviour spilled over to India from the day EC announced the poll dates. Hoards of these usual suspects rushed to UP to air their bogus stories. There are lot of them. As early as February 7th we had these journo barking at the wrong tree. The only weapon at their disposal was – demonetisation. They couldn’t simply digest the fact that people actually queued up patiently to support the demonetisation move. Not only that, they even queued up to vote the same man who this Delhi gang accuses of torturing an entire nation.They tried their best to manufacture shoddy stories to bring people against the government. Nothing like that happened. People even supported the move more euphorically. The script has to be rewritten with more phoney stories to instigate at least those who are queuing up to vote. And the great Rohini Singh asks how the Delhi based journalists missed the sombre mood of voters post demonetisation. That was laughable to say the least. This can’t be mere misjudgement with your reporting; it is plain and simple political campaigning. Other noted ‘Big Blow’ gang members joined the clique willingly to propel it further. They even saw how the biggest loser was BJP and how even the core vote base of BJP are annoyed with the demonetisation move are drifting away from the party. Wishful thinking can’t get uglier than this. The Johnny come late Prashant Jha even saw sharp hostility among voters. This is plain lie peddling to scare away voters from facts. The 325 seats that BJP won shows the euphoria of Modi wave hasn’t died down a bit but surprisingly our liberal journalists only saw sharp hostility.  
Rohini Singh has a long history of rabble-rousing. I haven’t ever seen her holistically analysing any government move. All her works of journalism is full with mindless whining and hate. She was outright abusive at times even. During demonetisation she was all over the place castigating each and every one who was asking for truth to be rolled out by our journalists. Not a single agitation of considerable proportion happened against demonetisation and yet the liberal journalists saw only disagreement and burning anger. Asked to put the real picture for public consumption she talked about public mood during Bihar and Delhi elections in response. Karma is such a bitch. The campaign managers of Akhilesh and the little Pappu had to face the truth head-on now. This is how truth has this uncanny knack of coming out. The fact here is that, these journalists were dishonest to their profession during demonetisation and they remained deceitful during UP election as well. Not a single story they run which could have hinted at a massive under current that was brewing against the ruling lot for their five long years of misrule, hooliganism and nepotism. This can’t be a mere misjudgement which these ‘Big Blow’ cabal would make you believe. They even gave Mayawati a healthy chance to make it when in reality she was reduced to just 16 seats. This can’t be a misjudgement too.

Here is the thing – our Delhi based journalists are losing it since quite some time. No one is buying their stupid theories and analysis any more. Prolonged charlatanism to support their favourite parties has reduced their credibility to an unbelievable low. I don’t know if anyone would believe their stories henceforth. They are continuously messing up in any of their journalistic work. Few even went there and campaigned for AAP and predicted an AAP sweep in Punjab. But the result turned out to be entirely different. Someone like Saba Naqvi even congratulated AAP for sweeping Punjab before the counting could begin. This is not reporting but clear perjury of their profession. There were a couple of journalists who even claimed AAP to sweep Goa too. In reality AAP lost deposits in 38 of the 39 seats they fought. This can’t be just misjudgement. This shows desperation and abject slavery that our Delhi based journalists simply don’t want to come out from. While they are supposed to write back home the truth they end up as campaign managers of different political outfits of their choice.  Is this because of the free money or their pathological hate for BJP and Narendra Modi has rendered them blind? Whatever it may be, it certainly isn’t fair journalism by any means. It is clear-cut forgery on various OpEd pages.

No one of them ever cared to question their new found favourite Akhilesh Yadav and his baseless and funny ‘Kaam Bolega’ jibes. No economist- turned journalist ever pulled out a single graph to show how the state lags in every kind of social parameters. Had it been a BJP ruled state, our liberals would even have whined for days on why ‘Test Cricket’ isn’t returning to Kanpur Green-park stadium. This is the level of stupidity and dishonesty this Delhi Gang has stooped to. I am sure these biased lot are far from over with their dirty tricks. Now be prepared to witness chaos in our main stream media for the smallest of happening in the state. Even a pickpocketing in Lucknow station won’t go without a massive debate in our armchair critiques packed prime time studios. In fact it already has started. ‘Kaam Bolega’ was never countered but M.K Venu is already out with his graphs to show how UP is lagging behind India in many parameters, and how it ultimately percolates to BJP and their failure if they can’t fix it within 15 days. This is how this Delhi gang works. They throw mud without any reason and most of the times peddle their lies to support their mud slinging. If that fails, the narrative changes to a ‘BJP Failure’ in about a weeks’ time. The intellectual M. K Venu may never answer if UP is at so low in many parameters then what 'Kaam Bolega' their little Akhilesh was blabbering about? But that is expected of any Delhi based journalist. They are weak at their knees and prefer crawling before their political masters for thrown away crumbs. If they find adverse situations for their masters, they manufacture stories full of unbelievable lie and dishonesty. This is why people are throwing their biased garbage to the trash can the moment they open their mouths.

By the way Varada Bhai has one genius idea up his sleeves. Since his relentless salesmanship couldn’t make little Akhilesh and Pappu to hold on to the power, Varada bhai wants to wet-dream with yet another of his wishful thinking. According to him, since there is hardly any opposition left in UP, it is the media that should act as an opposition. Brilliant!! In fact Varada Bhai is on a mission to change the constitution itself where the unelected media would always end up as the opposition by default. You can expect such brilliance only from Varada Bhai. But there is a catch here with his track record, which to say the least, is shoddy. There isn’t much opposition in Delhi either but have you ever seen Varada Bhai showing such tenacity with his pledge for acting as an opposition? Varada Bhai never shouts for Bihar either. But come to UP, he is all over the place with his bile as if we didn’t have enough fun during the campaign time itself. And who gave Varada Bhai the liberty to anoint himself and his brethren as the opposition of the state? Who elected them or they got elected in their dreams just like how Akhilesh-Pappu-Behenji and AAP clean swept the states?

Friday, March 10, 2017

Women Who Inspire Me

Woman is a ray of God. She is not that earthly beloved:  She is creative, not created – Anonymous

All women are beautiful. They are powerful too. The world that we have is vastly indebt to the female race for making it a place to live. Throughout our life cycle we learn a lot from women in various form, be it our mother, or our loving sisters, or our caring wife, or our giggling daughters; all add a lot of meaning to the life that we lead and live. I am no different here. I am being influenced by lot of women in my life. Few of them are from my family and the extended part of it, while many others are from outside of my family chain. But the common thing that binds them all is their self-assertion and their overwhelming passion in doing something against all odds. It is these women, who have fought against all odds to achieve, may not be huge always, what they wanted, that inspires me a great lot. On this 'World Women’s Day' week, nothing can be more befitting than writing a post on all those women who have inspired me and continue to do so. Please be noted, the list is not on any accreditation scale. All women in my list are equally powerful and I revere them with equal respect. It is just a compilation of few lovely women whom I always look up for inspiration.

Yazidi Women Fighters:

It was all lost for the people of Iraq. The notorious ISIS seems to have engulfed an entire nation with torture, slavery, unending war and religious fanaticism. Innocent people were killed in hoards, women were getting raped and kidnapped to be used as sex slaves, young boys were forcefully thrown into war zone to fight for ISIS; in nutshell it was complete chaos. Even the Iraqi army were running away like cowards leaving their people to fend for themselves. When all is lost, believe your women to stand up and win it back for you and precisely that is what a handful of 20+ year old young women went out to achieve. When the men failed or were too coward to fight for their survival, these young women lift their guns to challenge the monster head-on. In 2014, after witnessing massive genocide, a group of Yazidi women formed a battalion group to take the fight to the enemy camp. They named it ‘The Sun Ladies’. Only motto – fight back. Not much ammunition in hand and no immediate support from outside world insight, these brave women stood up for their right to live free and their right to live with respect. While their army already showing their helplessness, these young women believed in what they are out to achieve. I remember a BBC documentary on these very brave souls and the reaction of a young fighter – we are not doing this for anyone. It is our existential crisis and we don’t want to go to the deep of the night without giving a fight. Honestly, for a long time, I didn’t find anyone so crisp and clear on what they want to achieve. And didn’t these brave women proved yet again – when there is a will, there ought to be a way? Who had imagined that a bunch of young women would defeat the mighty ISIS on their own backyard? Yes, the world came out to these women’s support later but it is these brave women who showed the world, how a war for rightfulness should be fought and won. My standing ovation to these brave-hearts.

Rockstars Of ISRO:

If today ISRO is considered one of the best in the business, a lot of credit must go to these rock-star women scientists of India. Saree clad with big ‘Bindis’ on forehead might tempt you to call them aunty or ‘Behenji’ but underestimate these rock-stars at your own peril. When India dreamt of competing with the best in the world in Space science, it is none other than these women of India who stood up to the challenge. Notwithstanding racial mock of the likes of BBC, these scientists proved what India can achieve if she makes up her mind. Not to forget, they have their families to manage back home. During the ‘Mangalyan’ mission many of them spent their weekends in pursuance of this space brilliance and that too for years together. It must also be mentioned here that most of them are from humble background and struggled all through their lives to make a name for themselves and that for India. Most of them are self-made in a period when a largely parochial society saw women education as a taboo. Many fought with their family members, the society and their own shortfalls to reach where they are now. In a befitting tribute our PM praised them and hailed them as the group that the world must look up to for inspiration. As rightly put by someone – who knew that the women of India would make a transition from rhyming lullabies like ‘Chanda Mama Dur Ke…’ to their kids to landing us in Mars itself?  

Padma Sri Kalpana Saroj:

She was a born Dalit. Like an average woman of India, she had a childhood of apathy and negligence. At a tender age she once even tried to commit suicide. She was married by her parents when she was only 12. To her bad luck, her in-laws were no lesser than animals. She went through abuse and humiliation by her husband and his family. Finally she left her abusive husband’s home and the slum for a better future. Equipped with no formal education she strolled out to the open world to face the challenges. She joined a small garment factory as a daily wage worker. She struggled hand-to-mouth for a decade before starting her own tailoring shop from her savings and government loans. And as they say, rest is history. Almost everything against her and yet she managed to achieve what many ably supported souls wouldn’t even dare to. From a small tailoring shop to garment export with huge furniture business in-between, Kalpana now is considered one among the successful women entrepreneurs of India. She belongs to the league that has become an inspiration to every aspiring business person, not just women. Latest to her credit, she successfully revived the fortunes of a dying ‘Kamani Tubes’ to profits. As the board of the company agrees – she not only saved the company but also saved the livelihood of thousands of workers. For her tremendous achievement she was conferred with ‘Padma Sri’ in 2013.

Women Of Lijjat Papad:

‘Sri Mahila Griha Udyog’ was the first all-women co-operative society in India. Seven Gujarati women living in the slums of Mumbai thought of starting something where they can earn a livelihood to survive in a big city. All they are equipped with were their only skill – cooking. The women borrowed Rs 80/- from a social worker and started their venture. In 1959 on the terrace of their home they kick started something that now rules most of the kitchens in India and abroad. From the four packs of Papads they made on their first day, today they are a multi-million dollar company savouring the taste-bud of lakhs and crores across the globe. From the beginning they had a rule – The Rs 80/- would be the first and the last amount of money that they would ever borrow. They never would borrow again, even if the society goes for a loss. I remember an old DD-National interview of one of these founders. The lady in a white Saree taught all business school graduates a very vital lesson – we don’t understand business neither we want to. What matters to us is the quality and we always remember those who would be consuming our products. They would also have a family like ours. So we ask ourselves, will we let our kids consume our own product? Business couldn’t be made any simpler than this. Be honest to yourself, the world would recognize your honesty. Lijjat is perhaps the only company in the world which stands merely on its decades of honesty.  

Tessy Thomas:

We all know APJ Abdul Kalam. Now let’s meet the ‘Missile Woman’ of India Tessy Thomas. She was the project director for Agni-IV, Agni-V and Agni-VI missile projects. Like any other Indian working woman she too does a tight rope-walk between her family and career; between a mother and a renowned scientist. She belongs to a family of not many means. Her father was a small time businessman with little to afford for her ever expanding dreams. I am told, she self-financed her education post her 10th standard through various scholarships she won at both state and central level. From seeing the rockets getting launched from her neighbourhood launch station to head the mission herself, Tessy is an example that many would want to miss. It is none other than Kalam who named her ‘Agniputri’ and hailed her achievement in a predominantly male dominated bastion as something as a nation we should cherish. No wonder why she features in my list of women who inspire me.

All Women Gram Panchayat Of Sisva Village:  

These are a rare breed of women who not only challenged the status-quo but also the mind-set of parochial dishonesty. And their efforts and fight for equality led Sisva village of Gujarat to become the first all women Panchayat of India. These 12 member gang are achievers in their own right. Most of them are graduates and having stable jobs while three among them are still perusing their graduation. With families to manage, these exceptional women have yet again set a mark on the field that is predominantly male oriented. All started when four of these women requested their earlier Panchayat to construct toilets in schools for the girl students. No one heed to their request which led to these women form a group and build one on their own. Next they challenged the mighty Panchayat in polls to get rid of their nonchalance and incompetence. They not only won the polls but for the last five years they have worked 24/7 to prove what women can do if given a chance. Now the village has good sanitation measures, doctors regularly available in the hospital, regular electricity and now they have managed to open a branch of a leading private bank. It even speaks volumes of their achievement when PM Narendra Modi personally visited their village and congratulated these young women on their achievements and perseverance. He too mentioned these women in one of his ‘Maan Ki Baat’ episode.  And you ask these young girls on what they have to say about their achievements – We are normal girls, who have big dreams and who love to have fun with our friends. However, we are aware of our responsibilities as Panchayat members and hope that our example will motivate parents to encourage their daughters to participate in grassroots politics.

Chaavi Rajawat:

She is the first woman Sarpanch in India with a MBA degree. Not only was that, she at her time, also was the youngest in India to hold the office of a Sarpanch. While we take pride on our high paying corporate jobs, she is the woman who ditched her job to serve the people of her village, a small hamlet called Soda, 60 Km from Jaipur. And ask her, why she left her high-flying job and her urban life – my grandfather was the Sarpanch of this village when I was a kid and I can still see some unfinished dreams of my Grandfather. I am here to fulfil those very dreams. She not only is dreaming but also doing it on the ground. Out of her many dreams, first of them being her Grandpa’s vision of having a government college till graduation in the village. Proper road connectivity to the village so that farmers could benefit is what she took up next and successfully executed. For her exemplary work, Rajasthan government conferred her with the ‘Best Administrator’ of the year award in 2014. She is an example for many who want to see clean and efficient politics in India. No wonder that she was awarded the ‘Young Leader Of India’ in 2013 for her work, dedication and honesty.

Kiran Bedi:      
She needs no introductions. The first female to join the IPS in 1972 and she still holds the honours of being one of the finest officers the institute has ever produced. From being an upright police officer to being a politician, she has executed her duty in every role with extreme brilliance. Among her many fine acts, one that stands out is when she confiscated the convoy of the all-powerful PV Narasimha Rao, the then prime-minister, for traffic violation. That lead to her being invited by Mr. Rao himself to 7 RCR and praised her for being so honest towards her duty. Her tenure as Delhi police chief has many accreditations. Sharp fall in crime rate is one that was well acknowledged by one-and-all. No one can forget the pictures of her fighting the hooligans of 1984 riots on the streets of Delhi. She was as steadfast as a police office as she is now as the governor. As the governor of Pondicherry her works speaks for themselves. She is actively getting involved with the state government to make sure that the state gets overall development. She personally monitors the welfare schemes and sees to it that they get employed as planned. Praised by her fans as well as her critiques, she is one woman who would stand tall among all the police officers of India for years to come.

Rockstars Of My Project Team:

They are no one and yet I get inspired every time I look at their work and dedication. Stretching themselves beyond the call of duty is just a small part of their charisma. They are overall winners. When we first took up the project, it was everything that was new for us. From the technology to the domain, it was learning all through. But these lovely women took the black hole ahead as a challenge, not as a hindrance. They not only mastered the technology in double quick time but also took it on their own to pass on their accumulated knowledge to anyone getting inducted later. They slogged over the weekends to make sure that the deadlines are met. Like any other working woman, they too walked a tight-rope between their family commitments and professional demands. And didn’t they come out with flying colours? The praise that the team received, both from the client and the internal management, has got to do a lot with the efforts and dedication of these rockstars. They came, they saw and they achieved against all the challenges that were thrown at them, one among many being having an irritating and demanding superior like me to continuously demand the best. It leaves me no option but to admire them at the end of the day and look up for inspiration when I am down. Cheers guys!! 

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Now, Who Is Polluting Ms. Nidhi Razdan's Mind?

Nidhi Razdan has a history of shooting in the feet. If I count, I at least would have seen her making complete mess of her articulation half a dozen times in the past. So she did it again with her latest post in support of Gurmehar Kaur. No, I am not question her intentions in supporting Ms. Kaur and her not so required politically laced overtures devoid of any logic or reason. Neither am I questioning how Ms. Kaur, who enjoys a friendly association with AAP, can’t be questioned of her rants which may not be totally apolitical. After all, it is the FoE that is in jeopardy and who other than our Delhi based journalists to vouch for the same? So I give that to Ms. Razdan. As is, I don’t have much against Nidhi and I can even remotely associate myself as one of her fans. But that said this particular post of her needs a rebuttal. By the way, do read her creativity here before going ahead with this post.

So Ms. Razdan starts shooting from the very first line. Quite aggressive I would say. The tone and tenor of the post doesn’t at all give an impression of it being a neutral observation; not at least for someone who has seen the way Ms. Razdan conducted her show ‘Laft, Right & Center’ in last four days. Anger from each line was evidently oozing out. I am not sure if Ms. Razdan is aware of it or not, anger actually is a pointer towards the lopsided view. It was pretty much like Ms. Razdan delivering a monologue without taking into account the counter point of views. That is so absurd coming from a journalist who claims to be as holistic as Manish Tewari never was. Nonetheless, let’s read through her first stanza.
A young, feisty, intelligent woman has been trolled these past few days for having a point of view on India-Pakistan ties. She has been abused, attacked and hounded by the usual army on Twitter. But what should anguish our great democracy is that she has even been mocked by a senior government minister and a ruling party MP. When Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju asks who is "polluting" Gurmehar Kaur's mind, he is assuming she is too dumb to have a mind of her own, attributing political motives, patronising this 1st-year student of Lady Shri Ram college for having an opinion. The entire debate tells us a lot about the Indian male's mind too. That is why actors like Randeep Hooda are quick to assume that this "poor girl" is a "pawn".
Terrific!! But I read couple of monumental mistakes in first two sentences. Young – agree. Feisty – hmmm. Intelligent – Ohh my God; what is that thing you call, yes, LOL. First thing Ms. Razdan, there is nothing feisty about pushing your absurd views that has no base or value. Feisty is something where one upholds the truth against all odds. Pakistan didn’t kill our soldiers is as big a lie and skulduggery as it could be. More of, the feistiness goes for a political walk when you run a dumb charade while a known AAP clown behind the camera captures it for mass production later. It is plain political hypocrisy, period. And if we are not from different planets Ms. Razdan, in my planet, an act of hypocrisy is dubbed in as many words. We don’t call hypocrites 'feisty' nor 'intelligent' in my planet. Not sure about yours though so won’t argue on it further. Now coming to the intelligent part – exactly which portion of her act did suggest a great lot about her intelligence quotient? Now don’t turn around and accuse me of mocking her because I am not. It is a genuine query. What I see instead is foolhardiness whole through. To crosscheck, I even asked few of my friends to find the ‘intelligent’ part but surprisingly none could find. As is, a lie doesn’t require much of intelligence. All you need to do is parrot the line that you are been told to parrot. Now don’t tell me that it was her own opinion which I squarely disagree, as much you agree of it being her own. If you want me to change, please do furnish facts, not just your emotional jamboree. That’s not going to cut the ice.

Now the second monumental mistake – abused, attacked and hounded. This sounds so heavy. Last time I read someone using these three words in one sentence, it was for the ‘Yazidi’ women kept captive by ISIS as sexual slaves. So let’s get rid of these exaggerations first. No one has hounded or abused her. She put forward her point of view and people with contrarian view asked her questions, at times tough. See, these are the perils of being vocal in public and open places. For example, this particular rebuttal post of mine is in public domain and it is me who only has put it here. Now that I have put it in public, I would very well be ready to accept and accommodate any opposing views. Who knows, it may be you who would jump out and call me a ‘guttersnipe’ as one of your yesteryear lady journalist friend called me once. If I suddenly grow a problem with all that negative I receive for being too adventurous in public space, a good, preferably ‘feisty’ and ‘intelligent’, friend of mine would turn up and slap me to make me understand – if so then you shouldn’t have been merrymaking in public domain in the first place. Since you have done what you had to do, notwithstanding your compulsions or political affiliation, now don’t be a ‘Rakhi Shawant’ and run around TV studios donning a ‘Meena Kumari’ look and play the victim card quicker than Sanjeev Nanda washed his BMW. No one is going to buy your victim card. Exchange of opinion and views is not a one Way Street, at least that is what I am being told. It can’t happen that you have your say and then safely run away like what the owner of the bat used to do after his batting is over during my school days. What is that famous English saying, yes – you can’t have your ‘Samosa’ and eat it too. Had an opinion and you are dying to open up then please do open up but at the same time be ready to listen to those of the others. If you are so adverse to what others say to counter you then keep your opinion to yourself. Simple!!

One more thing before we move to the next paragraph – since when questioning someone has become hounding and abusing? Or has the dictionary changed its word orientation in-between that I am not aware of? But Nidhi you know what, someone questioning against something that he/she doesn’t agree with and of all the people it is you who is adverse to this very idea of engagement, well, I wasn’t expecting it from you at least. Remember, it is you who taught or rather educated us on how we even should question/mock the judgments of our Supreme Court if it doesn’t matches with your agenda … err.. expectations? Remember, how in that ‘L, R & C’ edition you left that dumb ambassador speechless with your verbiage? Poor soul. He tried his best to explain how we shouldn’t mock our Apex Court but you stood to your ground? Honestly that was one ‘feisty and intelligent’ act of yours. So taking a leaf out of your book/s, we must also question/mock one and all if we don’t support their views. Do you see any harm here? At least I don’t. By the way it is you who assumed that Kiran Rijiju was assuming Ms. Kaur to be dumb while there is no fact to establish whose assumption looks more of a possibility, provided that your seasonal and pretty much tropical ‘Indian Male’s Mentality’ bashing crescendo makes any lyrical noise. As such a responsible journalist, that too after having a loving fan like ‘Me’, should have some differencing points from ‘Sanjay Jha'. So next time I expect Ms. Razdan to refrain from using ‘easy to use’ and ‘easy to infuse’ diabolic in course of serious debates. That kills the fun, you know?

Ohh wait, you have more problems it seems. I agree I haven’t seen Ms. Kaur’s entire video but what a work of generous gesture from you to take the pain and read out the autobiography of Ms. Kaur vis-a-vis her you-tube video in one single stanza. This is crisp and to the point. It is refreshing too. Kudos!! But how about revisiting it again? Here we go.
How many of those attacking her actually saw her video in full? Gurmehar was trying to make a bigger point about peace, because she lost her father, a soldier. Those attacking her called her out for one line: "Pakistan did not kill my dad, war killed him". But see the full video. She says "I was 2 years old when my father died...I remember how much I hated Pakistanis because they killed my father...When I was 6 years old, I tried to stab a lady in a burkha because for some strange reason, I thought she was responsible for my father's mother held me back and made me understand that Pakistan did not kill my dad, war killed him."   
Well, for the earth-shattering question of yours in the first line, I have answered it I think. When you ask all to see the full video and then react, it kind of fills me with laughter of bizarre limit. Since when our Delhi based journalists have started going through every speech in entirety before concocting stories around it? ‘Puppies under the tyre’, ‘Rs 15 lakh in every account’, ‘Kabrasthan & Shamsan’ are few of the many such examples that our journalists, including you, have exploited no ends by excavating a line/phrase that suits the agenda. Or is it the liberty of cherry-picking that can only be enjoyed by our Delhi based journalists and that too when bashing the BJP? Why only BJP because each one of you suggest us to hear the complete statement of Rajiv Gandhi before cropping the ‘Big tree falls, earth shakes’ marvel but you never take time in denouncing BJP and Modi. Now this ‘Pakistan didn’t kill my father’ sounds so rubbish that I find it out of tune to even talk on it. She is not the only child whose father is a martyr, there are others. Have you ever cared to ask them of their opinion? Can you be so sure if Ms. Kaur’s ‘AAP infected’ view point hasn’t hurt the sentiments of other martyr kids? If she has hurt even a single soul, her opinion needs to be questioned with strongest of words. It can’t be a one-directional proselytization. 

And which 6 year old thinks of murdering another human being? When I was 6 the biggest dilemma with me was to formulate an excuse good enough to get that coveted 1 rupee coin from Dad for my next ‘Poppins’ bar. By the way, ‘Poppins’ was 80 Paisa at that time and rest 20 Paisa was for a small pack of tasty ‘Murukku’. Anyway, we are digressing. So, here the whole point is not what Ms. Kaur was feeling at the tender age of 6 after seeing a woman in a Burqua or a tent or whatever. It is her feelings and it hardly matters in the context of a mature debate. What actually matters is the line that appears grossly offending for many, including other martyrs and their kins. If you care to know the truth, I better should request you to talk to the father of Capt. Shaurav Kalia. Surprising even, you not only forcing others to tow the personal beliefs of an individual but also are bashing those who don’t agree to her opinion. This is not done. You can’t be another ‘Harbajan Singh’ who slaps ‘Sreesanth’ and then defends his slapping act in a ‘Mayanti Langer’ episode on Star Sports-1 five years later. Have you asked if ‘Sreesanth’ is buying it?

You have problems with Virender Shewag and Randeep Hooda too. No, I am not surprised at all nor am I questioning it. As it is, whoever supports BJP or any of its affiliates gets the same treatment from our Delhi based journalists so it is pretty much in line. But reading this paragraph again would be fun. So let’s do it.
The issue isn't about Virendra Sehwag or Hooda's freedom of expression. It is how they mocked this woman online, when she was already facing threats and abuse, only to send a new wave of trolls after her. They are well within their rights to disagree with her, and could have engaged with her directly. But they didn't even have the courage to tag her and have a civilised debate. People like Sehwag and Hooda have a huge following online, and with that comes a greater responsibility. 
Now, who mocked whom and where? Or am I missing something here? Anyway, a little ‘Gyaan’ on psychology for you Ms. Razdan. In fact our whole primary education system (or should I say education?) is based on this principle. If one is taught with pictures as supplement, the learning becomes far more easy and interesting. When Shewag put out that placard, he simply wanted to impart a very vital teaching on Ms. Kaur with an image for supplement. After all a young girl shouldn’t fall prey to the Hyenas of our dirty political world and she shouldn’t drift away from the truth. Was Shewag incorrect with his assessment? If Pakistanis didn’t kill Ms. Kaur’s father then Shewag didn’t score those triple tons. 

There was a hidden learning for Ms. Kaur in Shewag’s mock, if you are so desperate to call it mocking. And the learning is this – she is as far from truth as my Tennis coach was from Tennis. If she is perpetrating her own brain with all kind of falsehood for some reason then it is a different matter altogether but if not, then she requires all such mocking to get out of her hallucination. There can’t be anything other than hate with Pakistan and this feeling is mutual at both sides. More of, it is Pakistan that always have attacked us, not the other way round. When Ms. Kaur’s father was killed by the terrorists it wasn’t a war even. It is the Pakistanis ably supported by rogues like Umer Khalid that killed her father and she should be the first one to realize this. If she doesn’t, it is for her own good that someone pushes this truth deep within her. This ‘Love Pakistan, Love Pakistanis’ rhetoric has led us nowhere in last 70 years and would lead us nowhere in next 150 years either. By the way, in disguise of freedom of expression, people can push through their sinister plot of ‘Bharat tere Tukde Honge, Insallha’ but mocking is not acceptable. If FoE is absolute as you always suggest, then why so many ifs and buts be introduced? If the Azaadi gang can enjoy a call for destruction of India why not few chaps enjoy a bit of mocking? 
I am almost at the fag end of your post Nidhi but I am still struggling to figure out if the post is in support of Gurmehar Kaur or it is all about your whining against Mr. Kiran Rijiju. The poor minister of state makes guest appearance at many places in your post. At one point you even played out a skit of your interview with him in ‘Eastman Colour’. That was some 'Shakespearean' stuff. But in all of this the below stanza on Rijiju takes the cake. Lets read it all over again.
By the time Mr Rijiju tweeted, Gurmehar had already choked up on NDTV and talked about the rape threats she was getting. Instead of assuring her that she would be safe, Mr Rijiju, under whose charge the Delhi police comes, decided to attack her instead, deploying many more trolls to her timeline. Today he told NDTV he was not aware she was facing rape threats when he tweeted.    
Now here is a hypothetical scenario. Please don’t claim that I am issuing rape threats to you. It is just a metaphor, much like that ‘Puppy under the tyre’ type. Now suppose, you get rape threats, where would you approach first? Will you rush to NDTV studio to cry around or DCW chairman’s office to make it a political pawn or you would go to the nearest police station to lodge a complaint? I guess most, including you, would opt for the third option. That is judicious even. I am not sure about the compulsions of Ms. Kaur but she instead preferred the first two while completely giving a miss to the vital third option. May I know, what could be the reason provided that NDTV hasn’t started taking FIRs and issuing arrest warrants. It is the ABVP general secretary who filed a FIR on behalf of Ms. Kaur which in itself is an enigma to me. Had the ABVP chaps were involved in such deplorable threat calls they would have refrained from filing an FIR themselves. And who was finally caught issuing those very threats? A nugget from AISA, the very chaps who appear to be great friends of Ms. Kaur. 

And hey, these are facts, not fabricated outlays that we commonly associate with Delhi based journalists. Kiran Rijiju may have the Delhi Police reporting to him but he certainly doesn’t report to NDTV office for SoundBits. He can only have the knowhow of a rape threat when there is a FIR lodged. But Ms. Kaur never lodged one, for reasons best known to her. And yet, you expect the minister to visit the NDTV office every evening and procure the list of all rape threats issued on that day from your program manager. That would be slightly over doing the governance part, won’t you think? And please stop calling those who ask genuine counter questions as trolls. If you have the audacity to blabber incoherent ‘Bappi Lahari’ songs with absolute impunity and still hail it as facts and work of ‘intelligence’, don’t be judgmental in name calling of those who ask uncomfortable questions as counter. Either both could be wrong or right. It can’t be selective outrage if one wants to be realistic. Things don’t work that way.

And yes, Yogeshwar Dutta was furnishing a metaphor to show how Ms. Kaur could be wrong. I don’t see there is any kind of comparison. Rather he was trying to get the similarity, if at all, and if you ask me, I find lot of them in what Ms. Kaur said and what Yogi shared. You may not agree Nidhi and you are entitled to your hypocrisy but this could be a fact which you may not want to ignore by looking the other way. Facing the truth head-on is another ‘Feisty’ thing that both you and Ms. Kaur should aim at rather being cry babies in this tough men's world with all having that notorious 'Indian Men's Mentality'.

Grow Up!!  

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Gurmehar Kaur And The Notorious Commies She Supports

All martyrs are special and they are our national assets. A society that forgets its martyrs is bound to be doomed. I said this umpteen number of times. This too holds true for a bimbo named Gurmehar Kaur and her martyred father. He was a brave heart and I have all the respect for him. I have no problem in saluting him and each one of them like him every day. My problem starts when such brave-hearts are dragged unnecessarily into political slug-feast for personal/electoral gain. It even becomes more flabbergasting when martyrs are politically pawned by their own, this time his own daughter. This is precisely why I called her a bimbo in the first line. I had unequivocally condemned the parents of PVC Vikram Batra when they tried to pawn their martyred son during 2014 general elections. You can read my counter here. Such nonchalance coming from the family is both disrespectful towards the martyr as well as our armed forces. So when Ms. Kaur stands up and tries to sell her father’s bravery to the political leeches, this time the notorious Commies, it falls upon me to stand up and call her bluff squarely. So here it is. Ms. Kaur, for starters, you shamed your father and I will tell you why and how.

Here is the dirty fact Ms. Kaur, if you are not yet aware of the reason for the ruckus that engulfed Ramjas College four days back. For motives not quite known, the college invited Umer Khalid, a pig, charge sheeted for 'sedation' and treachery, to come and vomit his poison against the nation in an event. What are his achievements for this invite – open declaration of war against the nation and a voracious call for the ‘Tukde Of India’? FoE is at one place but accommodating outright traitors with known anti-national credentials is quite another. As such FoE comes with its own checks and balances. Such pigs and those who support him need to be thrashed and thrashed badly. Exactly what happened in Ramjas College. Before you had shown your uncanny love for pigs like Khalid, Ms. Kaur, I wish you had the minimalistic shame to have remembered your father’s bravery for once and how pigs like Khalid are majorly responsible for his martyrdom. These shameless parasites haven’t changed much. His father was a terrorist and this chap hasn’t shaded of that filthy gene. People like him are still hurling stones at our soldiers, even at the vehicles carrying critically wounded soldiers to the hospitals. You support such scoundrels, even there by taking your father’s name as an excuse? You not only are a bad citizen but you appear to be an extremely bad daughter too.

But Ms. Kaur is just a symptom. She is a symptom of the filth that the Commie pigs have sowed deep within our education system. But that said a systematic study of this symptom need to be done since she has evoked a martyr’s name for her and those outlaws she supports, gain.

Let’s look at the past of Ms. Kaur a bit. And the past suggests that, she is a seasoned placard warrior. This is not the first time that she has sold her father’s bravery. She had done it before too. When we debug a little on her earlier placard nonsense, her true colour comes to the fore. Her past also points at the reason why she is so shameless with her father’s legacy. There is this filthy congregation of louts that mostly constitutes the known Pakistani apologists. And this woman is a regular attendant in all such bogus ‘Love Pakistan, Love Pakistani’ events. The events are organized by people like Jhon Dayal who has a long history of hate towards India and Hindus. Kavita Krishnan is another exponent of that group and we hardly require any rewinding to mark this noted Commie pig. There are other morons in that list, few even have the distinguished credentials of being in the invitee list of ISI sponsored anti India parties hosted by Gulam Nabi Fai. Just look at the list given in the bottom part. There are these Azadi gangs too. AISA, the Commie wing that houses traitors like Umer Khalid also feature in the list. Not to forget here, all these morons I named are flocked in the AAP gang as well. And these are the kind of deplorable flounders that Ms. Kaur regularly hobnobs and advocates their dirty anti-India ideology. Before one such event she even had a placard to her chest that read – Pakistan didn’t kill my father, war did. Fantastic!! She is so damn right. We in fact fought the Kargil war with aliens from another solar system. When the nation is still mourning the loss of our brave sons, a daughter has already exchanged her father’s bravery to pigs that are proven of their anti-India rhetoric and surviving on enemy money. And what made her to exchange her father’s bravery so cheaply? Well, we will get to that little later.

Post the Ramjas nonsense that the left wanted to orchestrate Ms. Kaur had her placards out again. This time she supported the Commies and called names of ABVP and proclaimed that entire student base of India are against ABVP’s attack on traitors. All students of India? Seriously? She seems to represent everyone out here. What a bluff that is? Virender Shewag tried to call her bluff and had his placards out too. That makes perfect sense to me. Kargil is something that was thrust upon us by Pakistan. We lost many of our soldiers because of Pakistan only. Someone coming out and giving clean chit to Pakistan for Kargil is demeaning our armed forces and the sacrifices they made in the hills. Such bluffs need to be called out loud and VS did exactly that. If Pakistan didn’t kill Ms. Kaur’s father but the war did then Shewag didn’t score the triple tons either. Hitler didn’t kill Jews too. Rightfully Randeep Hooda joined Shewag in calling the bluffs of Ms. Kaur. I don’t see any harm or problem here. But for some reason our Commie brigade are having their posteriors on fire. For them all of their nonsense is Freedom of expression but when someone else tries to execute his/her FoE they have a problem. In fact these bogus preachers of absolute puke worthy notions can’t tolerate anyone challenging their nauseate approach. They love their FoE, even if that means supporting traitors but others can’t have their views. This is the reason perhaps why an entire Commie lot from our media and other secular political outfit jumped out to bash both VS and RH.   

It started with the wheeler dealer. Coupta was all over the place. This is how it pans out in Commie circles. For some reason a martyred father seems to have given all the liberty to the daughter to run around delivering garbage. Even more interesting, none can oppose her views since her father is a martyr. At least that is what Coupta suggests. According to him Ms. Kaur’s patriotism is stamped while people like VS or RH don’t have anything to their credit to call her bluff. Randeep Hooda picked this age old phoney quite beautifully. People like Coupta and his brethren are long using gullible citizens for their own agenda. Notorious Commie exponents in public life in connivance with their political masters have used everything at their disposal for their political cause. Single aim is to oppose BJP and Modi in every step. This is the reason why they latch onto anything that they feel can make some noise against BJP. This is precisely why they rallied behind traitors like Umer Khalid, Kanheiya Kumar and Hardik Patel. But they aren’t that supportive when someone stands up and opposes their views. FoE of those who oppose rotten Commie ideology of hate and bigotry doesn’t find their kind love. In fact they start hounding the individual. Not long back a fifteen year old girl challenged the Commie morons like Umer Khalid and Kanheiya Kumar for an open debate. At that time it is people like Coupta and other sundry freeloaders that traumatized the small kid with their bile. I never saw a single fiberal crying for the FoE of that teenager. But today when this girl is here to trade her own father for political reasons the Commies are all around crying victimhood. And remember, Ms. Kaur and her views are anything but neutral. Her association with Commie warehouses like AAP are no secret.

Kiran Rijiju was correct with his apprehensions. This is shocking to see a young girl dishing out anti-India sentiments and siding with people who have sedition charges against them. This is how our education system has gone to dogs, thanks to these Commie fiberals and their absurd hate mongering for their own country. But the ‘Radia Tape’ finds nothing amiss with the girl. She rather questions KR. This is how the Commies possess a blind spot; reason why they feel they can play the victim card and yet no one would pick their nonsense. BD asks if Ms. Kaur can have her views or not. What a sham of a question is this? Who on earth is questioning her right to have views? It is she who brought her martyred father to play the emotional card but when one points that out it becomes a problem. This is nothing new with these Commies. A shameless daughter thinks of trading her father’s legacy for her political masters but when someone asks why she is auctioning her father’s legacy so cheap, it becomes witch hunting. Ms. Kaur enjoys her right to views as much as Shewag or Randeep Hooda enjoy but Commies only want to see and hear their side of the story. They can take all the liberty to call names but aren’t ready for counter views. They are so unionistic towards opposing views that they can’t even tolerate if someone shows his/her dismay on the developments. Just because her father is a martyr it seems rest all cease to enjoy their FoE in opposing her views against India. What kind of logic is this? In which world these Commie morons are living?

You can’t leave Congress much behind in supporting the Commie agendas. People who introduced 66A to suppress the voices of the land so that the first family could be shielded from public scrutiny would be the first ones to vouch for FoE. They even are masters at finding saffron connection in everything. Randeep Hooda’s mother being a part of BJP automatically makes his views repulsive. Ms. Kaur can use her father’s name to stand against the nation but RH can’t oppose since his mother belongs to BJP. They live in their own theory of ‘culprit by association’ but seldom apply the same rule to themselves. Robert Vadra’s loot can’t be attached to Sonia Gandhi as he is a private citizen but RH having his views is same as that of the views of BJP. This is what FoE stands for these Commie morons today. It is one way street where only filthy Commie ideology is allowed to pass through. If questioned, it becomes hounding of free speech. Ravish Kumar’s brother engaging in running a prostitution racket can’t be attributed to this media crook but RH need to be questioned of his mother’s political association. And yet, they have a problem if one lays out the ‘Raincoat’ metaphor. They run around Teflon coating their own chumps but don’t show similar charity with others. Every one’s views seem to have an agenda except of those belonging to the Commie brigade. This is what defines FoE for these rascals.

But here is a simple fact – universities and colleges are places for studies, not to engage in political bigotry. For long our educational institutes are been taken hostage by these Commie frauds and they are pushing their anti-India sentiments with all force; case in point, Ms. Kaur. When she should be studying, she rather is busy tweeting and hopping TV studios for SoundBits. Things need to be resurrected. I won’t mind at all if all kind of political nonsense is totally banned in our institutes. No kind of political skulduggery should be allowed inside our campuses. This will also flush out charlatans like Umer Khalid or Kanheiya Kumar from continuing doing their shoddy PHd/MPhil for donkey’s years on tax payer’s money while in reality are only interested in dirty politics.  

By the way, it may not be that important, but as per army records Ms. Kaur’s father didn’t die in Kargil war but he was killed by terrorists in Kashmir. And sad, his daughter is shouting alongside the very people who killed her father. And worse even, she is using her father’s name with liberty so that she can gather some sympathy. Sorry to say this but she is a bad, bad daughter. 
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