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This is a small attempt at rediscovering India, far from the usual leftist myopic view point. A contemporary blog that exposes the charlatans in our media and politics alike, who have nothing but sold us snake oil for last seventy years. A blog that calls ‘a spade a spade’ without mincing a single word. It is an attempt to let know people that there is something terribly wrong in our country which the usual hypocrites are too sinister to admit.

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  • The Myth Called Kashmiriyat

    For the first time I heard this nonsense from Atal Bihari Vajpayee. While addressing a rally in Srinagar he said – “Kashmiriyat Insaniyat And Jamhuriyat”. Whatever that meant though but it still did manage to pacify the perpetual trouble makers of the valley for some time. But little did Vajpee ji knew that the apologists elsewhere would pick the gobbledygook of his quite seriously. For every damn squabble emanating from the valley now days is conveniently covered under the pretext of some ‘Kashmiriyat’ that no one has ever seen being practiced by the people in the valley. I don’t know what ‘Kashmiriyat’ that these selfsame terror apologists sing about all day long, but the minimal time I have spent in the valley makes me wonder if I had been to an entirely different place than what these advocators describe sitting in the comfort of their AC rooms. Now why I am picking up this ‘Kashmiriyat’ farce today? Three days back seven Amarnath yatris were being gunned down by these same ‘Kashmiriyat’ exhibiters and we have hoards of morons who are already busy piling up the same garbage to cover the trail of the perpetrators once again. It is about time that the nonsense that Atal Ji kick started must be called out loud and clear. The jokers who survive on the crumbs we throw at them and yet whine mindless ‘Azaadi’ all through the year is the real Kashmir that our established apologists try to wash away with some non-existent ‘Kashmiriyat’ fraudulence. So lets settle this falsehood once-and-for-all.

    History is always been a blind spot for the leftist and the same crap is fed to us 24X7 through various intellectual masturbation that has no base or truth in it. The morons of the valley who today shout that India and its citizens have betrayed them were shouting ‘Asi gachhei Pakistan, battaw rostiy; battaneo san’ (We want Pakistan without Pundit Men; but Pundit women) while driving out the 5000 year old native civilization of Kashmiri Pundits from the valley. At one point there were only 11 Pundit families left in the valley. Thousands of Pundit men were killed; their women were raped and mutilated. Even small kids were not spared. Many small boys died due to unimaginable pain and bleeding when they were subjected to forceful castration as per the Islamic ritual. The image to the right is just a sample of the crime that was perpetrated in 1990 to which no one till date is even charge-sheeted, much less punished. The history of Pundit exodus is so horrific that even the steel hearts cringe while narrating the gory tales. There is an infamous spot in Dal Lake called ‘Bat Mazar’ (Graveyard of Pundits) where Pundit men were stuffed in shacks and drowned and their women were then paraded naked, humiliated, raped and then butchered. Pundits were given a three day ultimatum to either convert to Islam or face the consequences. Many fled the state in fear of their lives and still are living a refuge life in their own homeland. The properties of the Pundits were either illegally snapped by these ‘Kashmiriyat’ exponents or purchased at dart cheap rate. I have a friend named Nitin Kaul whose family property was taken away in exchange of Rs 18,000 and free one way bus tickets to Jammu. His father and grandfather along with all female members and kids had to flee in the mid of the night to save their lives from the prowling wolves. Where was the ‘Kashmiriyat’ hiding back then? Or is it actually the true ‘Kashmiriyat’ that otherwise being sugar coated by our liberal apologists and served to us on daily basis with a different humanity flavour? In fact many in the apologist’s clan out-rightly refute to acknowledge the merciless butchering that went around 1990. This is the true ‘Kashmiriyat’ that the intellectuals are trying to cover. While we as a nation are spending millions in giving food and shelter to the pigs in the valley who, rather being grateful, turnaround and bark at us at every given opportunity. Morons are enjoying on our money while the Pundits are still living in refugee camps and dying of starvation and snake bites.

    While we are paying through our nose so that the parasites of the valley can survive, the morons themselves are oblivious to our generosity. Unfurling of our national flag isn’t acceptable to them. When Indira Gandhi, the then PM, was addressing a crowd in Srinagar, the so called ‘Kashmiriyat’ exhibiters flashed their genitals and foul mouthed the PM and the Indian state to go back. This is what these pigs really are. They hate the state, our laws, our elected government and everything else that defines us as a nation. They want everything from India (including only Pundit women) but whine ‘Azaadi’ all the time. And these are the same germs that seem to have turned victims at the altar of the Indian state in a decade’s time. This has to be the miracle of the 20th century. But as I said, the leftist and the apologists alike have a blind spot in the history, precisely why; everything in India starts post 1992.

    It was 1990 and it is 2017 today but the morons haven’t changed a bit. In fact they have gone worse. They pelt stones at our security forces at their will. They burn our national flag in broad daylight. Every year the Amarnath Yatra is subjected to stone pelting by these ‘Kashmiriyat’ thugs though many of them make a living from the money they earn doing sundry jobs during the Yatra period. They simply hate India no end. They don’t even spare the ambulances carrying critically injured army personnel. They pelt stones at them too and block the road so that the injured couldn’t be ferried to the nearest hospital. They come out and pelt stones at the security forces while they are engaged with the hiding terrorists so that the terrorists could flee. Their Mosques announce in loud speakers where the security forces are engaged with terrorists. They make Bhuran Wani a hero and cry for revenge against the Indian state and vow to inflict more damage. The list of crime of these pigs is literally endless. But what we were told instead? There is some bloody goodie-goodie ‘Kashmiriyat’ in the valley that unfortunately no one has seen or felt; not now never in the past. DySp Ayyub Pundit was lynched while on duty because he was perceived to be a Hindu. This is how the ‘Kashmiriyat’ flows down to the street. Just because he could be a Hindu, he must be lynched. And the morons aren’t remorseful at all. That is perhaps why thousands attended the funeral of the pig who was the mastermind in DySp’s lynching. Not only that, they draped his body with ISIS flag. Where is the ‘Kashmiriyat’ here? I don’t see any. What I see instead here is pathological hate for India and everything Indian. In fact the entire valley’s mind set is anti-India centric. It flows down from their leadership. They consider any non-Muslim not part of the valley. That is perhaps why when Pundits tried to return to Kashmir were faced with deplorable comments and obnoxious gestures from the native populace. Look the Pundit men have sent their women for our pleasure is what they jollied about while laughing at the decade long apathy of the Pundit clan. Is this the ‘Kshmiriyat’ that the louts tout about? Omar Abdullha was delighted when Parvez Rasool was selected in the Indian Cricket team and tweeted how the first ever Kashmiri makes it big in Cricket. Alas, he conveniently forgot a certain Vivek Razdan or a Suresh Raina. But I don’t blame Abdullha Jr. because this is the exact mind-set that is long been sugar-coated and served as some laughable ‘Kashmiriyat’ to the rest of the world.

    The same ‘Kashmiriyat’ nonsense was raked up again when seven Amarnath Yatris were killed. And who took the lead in peddling the nonsense? Yes, it is none other than the great Rajnath ‘Kadi Ninda’ Singh. This is how the current Modi government is losing its core vote base. Not only Mr. Singh, there were many other ministers in the present government who peddled this ‘Kashmiriyat’ baloney. Seriously? BJP is perceived to be the only party that cares for Hindu sentiment but I guess the masks are off now. They too are getting into the farcical secularism nonsense to protect their Muslim votes. Is Hindu votes taken for a guarantee? Is it the mind-set that is creeping into this government’s hierarchy? Coming back to the tweet to the right; I don’t find a problem with Suchi Karla’s tweet. In fact anyone with slightest humanity would react the same way. Who really gives a fuck to this ‘Kashmiriyat’ nonsense when innocent people were killed just because they were Hindus and were on their way back from a religious Yatra? Any sane mind would see that she wasn’t asking for every Kashmiri to be culled. It is not very difficult to realize that she is pointing at those who carried out the killings, provided you are not Rajnath Singh. Just to make a place in the liberal hearts RS abjectly misrepresented her tweet and threw his own baseless nonsense as response. No sir, you aren’t doing your job well. Hindus are getting killed on daily basis in Kerala and Bengal. Have I ever heard you, even for once, on those killings? Post every terror attack you do nothing, absolutely nothing, as the home minister of this country. Your competence level in executing your responsibilities doesn't go much beyond your flabbergasting ‘Kadi Ninda’ which is as hilarious as you being there at the position you are in. For a long time I haven’t seen a more incompetent home minister (in fact Shivraj Patil was far better) than RS and yet he finds ‘Kashmiriyat’ as answer, rather cover-up, to the killings of innocents and his subsequent incompetence. No wonder RS became a darling of the liberal clout instantly and that is perhaps what RS wanted deep down when he conveniently distorted the angry and genuine outburst of a common citizen.

    I am sure RS isn’t that naive to have realized that these liberals would never support his party when it matters. They never have done it in the past nor do they have any plans to change that in future. Yet RS conveniently peddles the same rubbish that these liberals want to hear. People who have long supported BJP and objected to the falsehood of the ecosystem without anything in return matters nothing to the party and its politicians. What matters to them is their acceptance in a group of spinners and applauds from the secularism cheer girls. Ask RS to talk about the mindless killing going on in Kerala or Bengal, he would wet his pants but conveniently let the liberals pounce on a woman by distorting her tweet. Few even reached out to her employer and asked her to be removed from her job. This is what the incompetent RS perhaps wanted. Even Modi tweeted that he is pained to hear the death of seven Yatris because of terror. I am sure he didn’t mean a single word of it. Neither he nor his government cares two hoots for Hindus and their sentiments. Cowards these people are. To hide their own shortcomings they let others be used as scapegoats. 

    The ever clownish Ravishankar Prasad is another idiot who makes no sense by his presence in the government. He asks if those who died in the terror attack have any human rights or not. Whom this joker is asking this question and why? Someone please educate this moron that his party is having the government at the center and he is the law minister himself. Who is stopping him or his government from acting? He was equally shameless when Mamata Banarjee government banned Durga Puja at few places in Bengal. He then asked if Hindus have the right to celebrate their festivals or not. What a moronic question that was? This even sounds more moronic coming from the present law minister. Why not act if there is a violation of someone's fundamental rights? Why pose nonsensical questions on tweeter as if that matters? Please tell me, who made him the law minister right-away. What level of incompetence and cowardliness would make one be so disgraceful to his/her own responsibilities? Narendra Modi seems to have filled his cabinet with jokers of all hue. It looks like as if he handpicked the best from the 'good for nothing' lot to fill his cabinet posts. Monumental miscarriage of people's mandate, I tell you. 

    When the ‘Kashmiriyat’ is peddled from the least expected quarters how on earth one can expect the natural components of the ecosystem to not peddle it further? 'Barkha Tapes' shouts her lungs out. Which ‘Kashmiriyat’ she thinks the terror attack has undone? Didn’t I say it earlier that the frauds do a nice sugar-coating job of the nonsense? All that I can remember of Kashmir is terror attack and abject hate for India and Hindus. They agree to repel article 370 provided no non-Muslim is allowed to purchase property in the valley. This is how these leeches build their narrative. With blood and only blood in their hands, which ‘Kashmiriyat’ Barkha thinks is undone by few more extra killing? And what the solution that this Darbari is offering in hindsight since the so called ‘Kashmiriyat’ is in jeopardy – government shouldn’t have organized the Yatra. Brilliant. This is what even the bone of contention for ages for these ‘Kashmiriyat’ chaps. They don’t want the Yatra to happen there ever. It hurts their Muslim sentiments which they showcase every year by pelting stones at the Yatris without fail. Ban Durga Puja in Bengal since Muslims find it offending can very well be experimented in the valley as well. No Yatra, no stone pelting hence the ‘Kashmiriyat’ would stay intact. This is how our liberals push such unbelievable charlatanism to cover the criminals.

    But Kashmiriyat isn’t over Ms. Barkha Dutt. Don't be so perturbed. ‘Kashmiriyat’ was again on display on the day the terror attack happened. If I see someone in distress my natural human instinct would tell me to help him/her. It is true for most of us. This is called basic humanity. But ‘Kashmiriyat’ is a different ball game it seems. When people were dying the leeches were laughing at them, much like how they laughed at Pundits when they revisited their place after decades. This is ‘Kashmiriyat’ for you. But it is our fault. They weren’t laughing at the plight of those who were killed or severely injured. They were laughing at us for being so shameless in sponsoring their nonsense from our Tax money. This is precisely the ‘Kashmiriyat’ that I am witnessing for decades now. As I said, they survive on the crumbs we throw at them but turn around and bite us at the slightest opportunity – this is ladies and gents the dictionary meaning of ‘Kashmiriyat’, if you still haven’t figured what this phenomenon is. Millions of pilgrims go for Haj from Mumbai. Can you imagine any liberal or Rajnath Singh applauding the ‘Maharashtraiyat’ (if I may coin this nonsense) had there been similar attack on them? Would you have expected the cheer girls to go there and cover the crime? Your guess is as good as mine. But today no one is talking about those who lost their lives; hell, no one even knows what their names are. Was it by design and purpose Mr. Rajnath Singh? Because it took no time to know a certain Akhlaq Ahemad or Phelu Khan. Why the names of the dead still not been disclosed? Exactly which part of ‘Kashmiriyat’ is holding the incompetent Rajnath Singh from divulging the names?

    Such a disappointing government we have chosen, I tell you. Other than delivering his monotonic and boring speeches Narendra Modi has done nothing for the Hindus, presumably his core vote base. He sees ‘Gaurakhaks’ but never could see the hundreds of killings of Hindus in Kerala and Bengal. I never have heard him say a single word on those killings. Where is that ‘56’ inch chest Mr. Modi? Or the astounding love of ‘Kashmiriyat’ has shrunken it to naught? Congress, with thousand flaws, is still better any day. At least they value their core supporters and go to any length to satisfy their wishes. But in case of BJP, those who hate and abhor them are dearer than those who have supported them in all thick-and-thin. So dear Narendra Modi, next time Hindus are butchered again, please don’t tweet your farcical ‘I am pained’ avowels. We for sure know these are meaningless and probably outright lies. In reality, you care nothing for those who struggled, fought, supported and voted you to power. I guess, you are better off with the ‘Kashmiriyat’ and all the exponents who dance around this mythical jargon while having group orgasm.

    P.SOne of my regular readers asked me the other day; will I still vote for BJP next time? My answer is – probably yes, but I won’t be as vocal a supporter as I used to be. Let the ‘Kashmiriyat’ engulf me with its charm instead. Enough said!!
  • When Swaminathan Aiyar Lost His Marvels To Pseudo Secularism

    Exasperating farrago of distortions, misrepresentations & outright lies being broadcast by an unprincipled showman masquerading as a journalist 
                 –Sashi Tharoor

    I am sure Swaminathan Aiyar could have uttered the above sentence and still would have made as much sense as he did with his latest piece in ‘Times Of India’. SA generally is a decent and well-articulated writer and most of the time does justice to his opinion pieces. But then, his earlier posts were on economics and economic policies. All the more reason why I thought people should stick to the job they do best. But alas, it seems the urge to jump into the prevailing ‘Liberal Bandwagon’ has got the better of SA finally. One fine morning the erudite SA wakes up and thinks – “Aaj Kuch Toofani Karte Hain” and churns out a piece that neither makes sense nor makes any concrete statement. All he managed to achieve from his ‘rant’ is he, now is in the astute league of the well-known liberal brigades of this nation, even if that means ditching his area of interest, that is Economics, and dishing out some nonsense on secularism. If you want to go over SA’s meaningless piece you can do this here before moving ahead with this post. Over this post we will try to understand the mind-set of SA while writing this rant because I know for a fact that SA is a non-smoker. So we can’t claim him being too high over the weekend to whip out such truculent stuff. It has to be something else. So let’s see from where SA starts his transformation to an ‘Indian Secularist’, if I may coin the phrase.

    In fact SA was desperate from the heading of his post itself. He was so desperate to make his mark as an upcoming secularist and set the tone upfront that he messed it up with his post’s title to start with. It goes something like – Those who sow Hindu terror will reap Muslim terror. This could be easily the funniest whataboutery I ever have read. Not alone funny, there is a blunder (read monumental hypocrisy) in the heading too. SA tried to paint terrorism as a reactionary phenomenon while the truth is far from being that. It is the terror apologists who employ their fertile imagination to concoct reasons for the rise in ‘Radical Islam’, whatever that means but the rest of the world knows where the exact problem lies. These are the same chaps who rather debate on the rising ‘Islamphobia’ post every terror attack than being concerned for those who lost their lives. SA falls to the same trap in justifying, though not in as many words, the Islamic fundamentalists in disguise of some shoddy and laughable excuses. These terrorists work for their religion and only escapists like SA who would prefer to stay away from this truth. The best way to sweep truth under the carpet is to come up with bizarre reasoning in response and put a frantic attempt at painting terrorism as a reactionary object. At this juncture I might as well advice SA to read few and specific religious books to know where this hatred for the human race not belonging to your faith is emanating. He may still chose to live in his ‘La-la-land’ but that doesn’t change the facts on the ground.

    Let’s see what is the next set of hypocrisy that lies ahead from the pen of mighty SA though nothing could be more hypocritical than the title of the post forthcoming from him.
    Going by this definition, the lynch mobs that beat up and kill people suspected of carrying beef are terrorists. So too are Muslim lynch mobs killing policemen in Kashmir. All these lynch mobs are unlawful, use violence against civilians, and have religio-political goals. They fit the definition of “terrorist” like a glove. 
    It didn’t take much beyond the second paragraph for SA to furnish the first meaningless stanza of his post. This is precisely how the secularists whitewash the terrorists – they compare apples with Swami Nithyananda. Had SA thought of being logical before smoking out this stanza he would have cared to go over few statistics first. A quick glance on Google search would lead you to the number of people who were killed by these terrorists compared to those being lynched in the name of beef in last twenty years. I am sure the difference is staggering enough for even blinds like SA to see. This is not all. These terrorists aren’t just a problem with India. They are a menace across the globe. How many lynching these so called ‘Gaurakhshaks’ have done in London or Paris or Brussels? But facts never excite the apologists hence SA preferred to make a vague comparison to establish this age old falsehood and we must give that much to him and his clan of noise makers. But before we move ahead, it is only interesting to point here the reason why DySP Aayub Pundit was lynched in Srinagar. He was lynched because he was perceived to be a Hindu. Hope SA is aware of this particular part in the whole lynching saga of Srinagar.

    SA further jumps into more hypocrisy and starts to designate ghastly acts as per religion. Let’s see what his next hypocrisy is.
    The murder of 15-year-old Junaid Khan, for the crime of simply being a Muslim, has been condemned — after a typical long pause that will not discourage mobs — by Modi. Many of his ministers have also issued condemnations. Yet the lynch mobs have not appeared out of a vacuum: they have grown in a socio-political climate created by three years of BJP rule.
    How on earth SA knows that Junaid Khan was killed because he was a Muslim? Didn’t I say the apologists concoct stories from thin air? It is quite clear from the investigation that the fight that resulted in the murder erupted because of a dispute regarding seats. Even the victim's family authenticated the same. So how does the victim’s religion managed to sneak into SA’s hypocritical abhorrence? Second thing, the main culprit in the murder is a Muslim himself. So how far the claim of Junaid Khan got killed because of his Muslim religion makes a semantic sense here? Or Muslims kill Muslims because they are Muslims is what SA is trying to prove? I mean it could be true as we are seeing in Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and elsewhere but has this phenomenon already reached Indian shores as well? This is how people like SA make a fool of themselves. They make a statement based on their own imagination without bothering for a second to look around for facts. They similarly cried for the Jharkhand lynching but crawled back to their rat holes when it became clear that few of the lynched were Hindus too. Blaming Modi and BJP for creating the so called ‘Socio-Political’ atmosphere is another standard nonsense that every Lutynes crawler of late is catching on to. Once when I asked a typical apologist to share some numbers to back his claims, I was confronted with a staunch ‘Go, find for yourself’ narrative. This is precisely that reflects the charlatanism these selfsame liberals want to exercise. When cornered they even blabber more incoherent lies for response. By the way, ask the likes of SA to say in the same breath, the Amarnath Yatris were killed because they were Hindus, and I bet, most of these cowards, not just SA, would start crawling back to their rat holes forever or till the time some farcical ‘Not In My Name’ nonsense is organized.

    In the next paragraph SA employs his imagination again to come up with another baseless stanza. Let’s see how SA failed himself again.
    My fear is that, unless checked quickly, Hindu terror will be met with Muslim terror, and the country will go up in flames. If the state cannot protect Muslims, there is a high risk that they will devise their own armed squads for protection. Hindu-Muslim terror can escalate with the state a helpless spectator.
    Dear SA, if you are hallucinating, which you probably are, please look around, wake up from your slumber – Islamic terrorism is already pissing right on your face. Stop talking in future tense. The nasty spectacle of Islamic terrorism is a clear and present danger, started long before even these ‘Gaurakhshaks’ were born or for that matter, even before the Indian state started banning beef. A Hindu majority country can’t have its Hindus visit their place of worship without the fear of getting killed and you are talking about the society being up in flames in future? It is unfortunately a fact of the present with or without ‘Hindu Terror’, whatever that means. Radical Islam is a resultant of hate-filled preaching that is capable of only germinating inhuman mind-set, not because the state can’t protect Muslims. Had this been true, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan wouldn’t have been in flames. Stop smoking weed if you have started of late. The radicals don’t need an excuse to form their squads because they already have done it a long time ago. Remember 1971 Munich Olympics? What made them kill those innocent athletes? Was it because of Hindu terror or RSS or Modi or because India didn’t protect its Muslims? Rubbishes generally don’t qualify as sane articulation, provided you aren’t in the lookout for a Congress spokesperson’s job. So stop your hallucination; that would probably help you see the truth far more clearly.

    SA finishes his post with another set of whataboutery which is equally hilarious, if not more, as the post title itself. He minces no words or sheds no shamelessness in propelling the standard falsehood of the liberals once again.
    They were a reaction to the anti-Muslim riots that followed the destruction of the Babri Masjid in 1992 and the Shiv Sena’s maha-aarti riots of January 1993. Thirteen bomb blasts hit prominent locations including the Shiv Sena’s headquarters. Fortunately, violence did not ratchet up further, and communal tempers gradually eased.
    This is some hypocrisy to reckon with. That said the astounding consistency in every liberal’s narrative must be lauded. They are so pathetically predictable with their narratives that you can bet your lifelong savings on the way they would explain the rise of Islamic terrorism vis-à-vis India. Surprisingly, the India before 1992 and Babri Mosque is a big blackhole for every apologist. For them India never existed before 1992. That is perhaps the reason why they fail to cite the reason why Kashmir Pundits were cleansed out from the valley. What was the trigger point for the killing of innocent KPs? Though I know he is bluffing and don't have any answers to the question I would ask now but nonetheless it is worth an attempt if SA, being so insightful, may just answer it. He seems to have knowledge of all the reasons why Islamic terrorism germinated in India so he must be aware why KPs were killed in masses, their women were raped, and their houses were burnt. Was there a mosque being demolished in the valley by Hindus before KP exodus happened in 1989? Or were BJP and Modi in power for a short while before the ethnic cleansing started? Or SA finds this particular act of Muslims in the valley not qualified to be called as terrorism? As I said, people like SA make a fool of themselves at ease. They pick a thread and build their imagination around it, facts notwithstanding. This is not only shameless but a whole lot charlatan too. In the process they forget, they actually are justifying terrorism in the most absurd manner. A mosque’s demolition justifies the killing of innocents in hundreds in their world. This is how they in unison, not only fail the nation but even fail their minimal sane point of views. By the way, none of these apologists yet to explore the reason why guns, killing innocents and spreading terror in the name of religion is so dear to a particular community. I don’t read how Jews leaped into terrorism since the entire world oppressed their race for half a century in the past. I am sure many of their places of worship were destroyed by their oppressors, not just a single Babri Mosque.

    By the way dear Swaminathan Aiyar, since we are at it, let me pass you an information – seven Amaranath yatris were killed and dozen others are injured by the reactionary terror portent of the valley that raised its head because of the 1992 demolition of Babri Mosque. 
  • The Lynch Mob Of Our Liberal Elite

    When Narendra Modi took charge of office in 2014 there was a sudden spat in attack against the Church. The liberals cried foul at once – Christians are under attack in India. That falsehood fell flat in no time. Most of the attacks that our media and liberal elite alike cried for months together turned out to be insider jobs. At one instance even it was found to be the handiwork of a church employee because of some unpaid dues. This is how the narrative our liberals want to build against the present dispensation. They tried their falsehood with Rohith Vemula as well. It turned out that Rohith Vemula wasn’t a ‘Dalit’ to begin with. They roped in Kanheiya Lal and his gang of thieves from the valley to shout on some phoney ‘freedom of expression’ wolf cry. That falsehood failed too. That was some desperate situation for these liberal elites who are nothing but rendered irrelevant and jobless post BJP win in 2014. They somehow need to cling on to something and hope it to stick. What better than bringing up a new narrative – Muslims are under attack in India?

    There are definitely instances in the recent past where people have got killed in suspicion of being Cow-Traders or as frivolous as consuming beef. This is heinous to say the least. No one should get killed for such absurdities. For me one innocent life lost is one life lost too many. As late as August 2016, the PM himself blasted the so called ‘Gaurakhsaks’ as a threat to not just the civil society but also the Hindu religion itself. Without mincing his words he even referred all such ‘Gaurakhsaks’ as frauds. But the liberal clan seems to have other ideas, and the idea here is not to speak up for those who were lynched mercilessly but to arrest their already half sunken ship. That is perhaps why the latest ‘Not In My Name’ narrative was purely built on untruth and skulduggery. To oppose the so called ‘Muslim Lynching’ (whatever sense that makes) in India the liberal termites held protests in various cities as a show of strength. Not to mention, most of these protest sites were thronged by the usual suspects. And when there is a gathering of these usual suspects eg. the street thugs, the litfest mafias, the ‘Idea Of India’ frauds, the Pakistani sympathizers, the Azaadi gang; lies are expected to fly unobstructed. We will see how this time around the scenario was no different than the earlier ones except for a change that this time the narrative was – ‘Muslims are under attack’ in India.

    These liberals are so desperate for their survival that they stoop to implausible low. This time they took their shamelessness to the next level. Just to make a point they didn’t even spare our country’s map. This is how these liberals expose themselves every time. In fact the ideologies of these liberals are so shallow that it doesn’t take much time to expose them. They called it the ‘Lynch Map Of India’. How unbecoming it is on the part of a citizen to refer your national map as a lynch map? But this is how these liberals flourish – by defaming and badmouthing the nation at every given opportunity. This pictorial presentation of our map is a criminal offence too. This is not all. This moronic representation of our map is just part of the falsehood that these liberal termites showcased yesterday. Just look at the blood stains on the map which according to them depicts the location where innocent Muslims were lynched by Hindus. Do you see Srinagar in that map being highlighted where a brave DySP Aayub Pandit was lynched by a Muslim mob? Does this omission appear obvious to you? As I have said many times, these liberal frauds aren’t very bright people. They in fact are stupid to the core but live with a hallucination that no one will pick their stupidity. In the same map there was no mention of the lynching that happened in Bihar either. Why no liberal is talking about this particular lynching where the perpetrators were the ‘Adivasis’? Here it is. Just about when the liberals were in the verge of an episodic outrage for the Bihar incident, it came to the light that half of those who were lynched are Hindus. What a spoilsport this revelation was, I tell you. Few of these morons even tried, presumably for the first time in their lives, to identify the ‘Adivasis’ as Hindus. But 2-3 Hindus in the victim list spoiled the fun for these liberals hence it finds no place in the so called lynch map of India. This is how these selfsame faggots build their ‘Your Lynching Vs My Lynching’ chronicle and still wonder why they have suddenly become irrelevant in India.

    Since we are discussing DySP Aayub Pandit’s lynching it should be interesting to note how these same liberals and their fraud outlets tried to cover this particular crime initially. This is NDTV for you, a known culprit in the act of spinning and covering the crimes of Muslim. No wonder that they were telecasting the whole ‘Not In My Name’ farce live. According to them, it was a civilian who got lynched because he brandished a gun. Does it sound like a plot? Only that it misfired badly this time. There was massive outrage in the social media over this false reportage of NDTV. But I wasn’t surprised a bit. This is how NDTV always operates on their master’s behest. For the entire day, the notorious morons of NDTV were busy defending their clandestine reportage as a mistake but this far from being the truth. It is just that their fabricated lies have become too obvious for the populace to pick. Didn’t I also say our media chaps aren’t bright either? They tried to cover the crime but failed but aren’t brave enough to admit their phoney narrative. They did the same again with the Ballabhgarh train lynching. Without any base they claimed the lynching happened because the victims were perceived to be carrying beef. What a monumental lie it was. But truth has this uncanny ability to come out without giving any warning. NDTV was caught with its pant down yet again. This time the father of the victim spilled the beans. When the attack was purely germinated from a dispute regarding the seat the morons in our liberal termite clan tried to give it a communal spin. Lo and behold – these same morons would waste no time in certifying everyone else as communal.

    Not just the nation, the utter contempt for Hindus in all of this is also palpable. This is what a junk and dubious ‘The Wire’ puts out as fact. This is another kind of ‘Your Lynching Vs My Lynching’ albeit of a more stale nature. But I am not surprised again. Varadabhai is another of those classical morons who have long feasted on the dead and travesty of the citizens. Mindless killings don’t bother him or his notorious clan as much their falsehood does. In one brush he tries to call all Hindus as bad while runs around funny with the phoney ‘Terrorism Has No Religion’ nonsense when the discussion is around the close bonding between terrorism and religion. He is the same joker who never had any reservation in advocating the ‘Hindu Terrorism’ gobbledygook. Just because there is a false notion brewed around the lynching, Varadabhai leaves no opportunity in branding an entire religion as blood thirsty. It even becomes funnier coming from a man whose wife was recently being charge sheeted for conspiring against the state with help from the Naxals. His wife was another from the rascal’s lot who even carry charges for plotting the Chatishgarh killing of our brave CRPF Jawans. These are the kind of people who sermon everyone else on how a nation should be built. Even more irony, they stage bogus protest march to let know their fib louder. I must say, irony should commit suicide at once.

    I was long wondering, where are the ‘Award Wapsi’ termites in all of this? Just when I thought, there aren’t any more stupid awards left to be returned, there comes Shabnam Hashmi and her never heard award. The award she got for her persistent barking against Modi in 2008 suddenly turned out to be useful for this useful idiot. Before we move ahead, let me remind some facts about this moronic woman. Her NGO was recently declassified and licence was withdrawn for financial violation and money laundering. Now in India, a criminal would give up her never heard award to protest against the so called atrocities against the Muslims. Who would have thought, a day would come when frauds and criminals would preach sainthood? But this is how this termite clan operates. They push their lies thinking no one would pick it but unfortunately people have turned smarter. People are calling the bluff of these morons time-and-again but it still doesn’t instil anything inside the vacuum, criminal and anti-national brains of these scoundrels. They think themselves to be cult above where in they are third rated liars who survive on either free or fraudulent money. People whose whole identity is crawling at the doorsteps of their masters in anticipation of thrown away crumbs/bones would lecture us all on morality. Yet they wonder why most call them jokers.

    All-in-all this ‘Not In My Name’ farce is yet another self-goal these morons scored. Though it doesn’t take much time in exposing these termites, the morons themselves are working overtime to expose themselves. They expose themselves by their absence in condemning the lynching of many BJP workers in Kerala in recent past. They expose themselves because they go in a hiding whenever the 1984 Sikh riots is popped up. They expose themselves because the try to do political pimping over phone. They expose themselves because they find a lift apt to pounce on a girl of their daughter’s age. They expose themselves because their whole life is based on lies and stupid jamboree which has no place in an honest society. They expose themselves because they are so disconnect with the ground realities.

    By the way, the morons are far from being over with their deceit and falsehood. The more we approach closer to the 2019 elections shriller these jokers would become with their tone and tenor. It is a survival crisis for these scoundrels and they are bound to go berserk in their act of falsehood. Hope we will keep exposing these scumbags with absolute disdain. Remember – you won’t have to put too much effort to expose these liars. 
  • Just A Bad Day In Office

    Let me start the post with a caveat – If you can’t stand with your team during tough times you don’t deserve to celebrate in their wins either. It was heartrending to see us lose badly to our arch rivals in an ICC final, make no mistake about it. As a Cricket fan myself, I am yet to come in terms with the fact that we lost to a team that in all probability is far inferior to us on the current form. A team which had to manage/modify their international schedule so that they would have enough points to qualify for the ‘Champions Trophy’ actually ended up as the winner on the final day. But that is perhaps the beauty of the game called Cricket. Nothing is predictable in this game and it is proved yet again that on any given day a spirited lot can give rude surprises to the best in the business. Just that we found ourselves at the receiving end this time. This happens in every sport. You lose some and you win some. A mere loss doesn’t make our team any less. They were champions and they still are and least as the supporters we can do is to keep the moral of our team high.

    India by far is the better side on any given day and I say so quite dispassionately. It required some exceptional performance to beat this side. We can juggle around with numbers and individuals depending on which side of the fence we are in but the entire tournament showed what this current Indian team is capable of. If the sloppy physical attributes of Kedar and Ashwin could be shorted out, this team could very well become the benchmark for the modern day one-day team. This team isn’t quite as yet become the Australian team under Ponting and Waugh or the West-Indies under Llyod and Richanrds but they are certainly on their way to become one of the greatest teams to ever have played the game. This team isn’t surrendering meekly to the opponents like the team that we grew up idolizing. I can count at least hundred matches where the departure of Sachin Tendulkar almost led us to capitulate like pack of cards. Even before that, we had a team that made a win a prized rarity. Our head-to-head record against Pakistan would reflect the capabilities of our yesteryear teams. Post Dhoni, this team seems to have built a reputation of fighting like a wounded lion on every match day. ‘Never to say die’ attitude is another thing that this team possesses unlike our earlier teams. A single loss doesn’t alter these facts and nor does it makes our team a second string lot.

    India lost, which to my opinion, because they played against a team that had nothing to lose. Pakistan played a high risk game which on the day worked out well. Pakistan could win because they went to the park without any plan, or may be a simple plan to play a high risk game and hoping it would click with a little bit of ‘lady luck’. This is in fact the only way out for any underdog. The final game came as a stark contrast to the first game between the same two teams. In the first game Pakistan played with a plan and approached the game with a no or minimal mistake game. This won’t work if you are pitted against a better side. The better side is bound to make lesser mistakes and trounce you down and that is what happened on June 8th. Throughout the tournament India took the approach of sensible and copybook cricket because the situation never demanded to change the course. We followed the same approach in the final as well while Pakistan was quick to learn the bitter truth – they simply can’t beat this Indian side with orthodox cricket. It has to be something different, if not outright crazy. The risk paid off which on other days may not.

    Look at Fakhar Zaman and the way he batted. According to Kohli in the post-match presentation, Zaman played a high risk game. Close to 80% of his shots were high risk shots. Nine out of the ten times such shots will land you in trouble but the odd day it clicks it returns you high dividends. Setting up effective filed for such high risk shots is next to impossible. Zaman played an innings of highly insane nature and as luck would have it, most of his shots were coming off well. Look at the bowling of Pakistan as well. Aamir started with an attacking field position and persistently kept the ball up knowing very well that the batsmen could get away with a flier. But that is the risk the underdogs need to take. As I said, you can’t beat a superior side purely on one-on-one mistakes because the better side is bound to make lesser mistakes. Approach has to be unorthodox and sadly India realized the game plan little late and by the time Hardik Pandya came out all gun blazing it was too late. Post the first defeat Pakistan changed their tactic while India continued with the conventional ‘avoid mistakes’ game like each and every match they played in the tournament. To our utter bad luck, while all the unplanned and unorthodox overtures of Pakistan came off well our very own orthodox approach cracked up badly. This may not work for Pakistanis in next twenty attempts but unfortunately it worked out well when it mattered the most.

    As somebody correctly said – India  played its conventional, “avoid mistakes” game, as it has done throughout the tournament, buying bonds and investing in index funds and pouring over annual earnings statements, but if the opponent is putting it all on the blackjack table and winning pretty much every hand, there is no way you can match his Return of investment. To put it in layman’s language – Pakistan took the gamble and chose to rather appear ugly to make their way out while we simply couldn’t match the outcome with our orthodox approach.

    That said I am not taking anything away from the Pakistan team. They played like they mean business. They played as if their life hinges on the outcome. India thought the encounter to be just another game, thanks to the experience of the earlier game with the same opponents but instead faced a spirited bunch that was ready to give it their all for a win.

    Would the results been any different had we adapted earlier than Pandya and done our bit of risk taking to counter the game plan of Pakistan? Well, the answer is both yes and no. Yes because it could have worked out as evident from Pakistani batting; No because the ‘Lady Luck’ seldom smiles on both sides on the same day. It already had smiled on the Pakistanis earlier on the day and in all likelihood the smile would have stayed that way. But then, Hardik Pandya did manage to make my assumption/conclusion look little wrong.

    Congratulations Pakistan on a good win!!     
  • The Curious Case Of Prannoy Roy And NDTV

    I have been saying this for last seven years or may be more. All our media houses engage in corrupt practice with NDTV having the darkest of underbellies among the lot. A company which never had shown ‘GREEN’ in their balance sheet is still running without a problem. Either it has to be plain magic or something sinister behind the scene that kept NDTV running for such a long period without generating any self-sustaining revenue. It even becomes more enigmatic when one searches for the investors in a company like NDTV that has got nothing to write home about in their business viability. Either you would struggle to find the list of investors officially being acknowledged by the company or you would find shell companies with no legal or financial obligations turning out to be generous enough to lend out hundreds of crores to NDTV for fun. If at all one could get the detailed transactions of NDTV for one financial year, one would be shocked to see the one-way nature of funding that always makes its way to NDTV but never goes out as repayment. Now I don’t quite phantom how an investor would conveniently forget the hundreds of crores he/she has invested just like that. It only points at massive financial mismanagement by choice to hoodwink the tax man and SEBI and I am glad that the government is finally acting on these frauds, which I feel is already late by six-seven years.

    Now how NDTV was allowed to run amok all this while without being acted upon? When UPA assumed power in 2004 NDTV was in the verge of bankruptcy. They didn’t even have enough money to pay-out salaries of their employees. All these are documented facts which even NDTV can’t deny. Few of their employees of that time in fact went public under anonymity to let know their plight. If anything, they weren’t being paid for last three to four months in average, they told. Interestingly NDTV never objected to this claim which was run by another reputed media house. This proves that the disgruntled employees weren’t entirely untruthful. But suddenly after 2004 NDTV started rising in their financial part exponentially though their viewership drastically kept on declining every quarter. Now this equation simply is not fitting in. During the same time NDTV launched at least 20 subsidiary companies on foreign land. At least the eight that they started in UK had the same correspondence address, which again was shared by 3000 other companies. All these shell companies appear shoddy in whichever way you look at them. They largely were placed there as window for the mother ship to accumulate funding under bogus investment deals. Most of these companies were shut down within days they got the dividends for their earlier investment. It can’t be co-incidence that the companies which have potential to raise hundreds of crores for NDTV would close their doors within a week they received their return of investment. This simply isn’t digestible at all. There too is no account for the money that the channel earned after selling ‘NDTV-Imagine’ to a foreign buyer. The $ 117 million seems to have vanished in thin air. They never even cared to clear their balance sheet while closing these phoney shell companies either. Under the pretext of no financial or legal obligation clause they simply shut these bogus companies and conveniently siphoned the money. The taxation that otherwise the government would have got against these high valued financial transactions were gone too. How this could be possible that our tax-men would be so willing to let go hundreds of crores on which they have legitimate claim? At least I haven’t seen our Tax-men being so generous ever.

    But there is a trick and connivance in the manner NDTV was allowed to operate with their shoddy business ethics. And the clue here is the vicious P. Chidambaram, the then finance minister in the UPA government. The financial rise of NDTV and the role and help of Chidambaram can’t be separated and I will tell you why. In a series of E-Mails that were been leaked, the conversation between  Prannoy Roy, his wife Radhika Roy and the PWC (Price Waterhouse Coopers)member, the one who were managing and auditing the NDTV record books, points at the sinister plot of mass scale money laundering that was going around NDTV. In clear violation of business ethics, Mr. Roy was suggesting to keep the $ 400 million raised through various bogus funds with NDTV, rather than pushing it to their network of channels, presumably for which the shareholders (both corporate and retail) invested their money. This is a clear cut violation of SEBI guidelines. By not pushing it to the channels, NDTV managed to inflate their books thereby resulting in increase of their share value. This is not all; while filing the books, along with the mother company all subsidiary units too need to furnish the details of their books including the book details of the child companies if any to SEBI. But interestingly NDTV never was forced to do so as per the regulation. They continued to omit the names of its shell companies in every year balance sheet. This practice is not allowed in normal circumstances unless you back it up with the special approval of the finance as well as the tax department. Surprisingly NDTV could manage to procure the required approvals in no time. This smells rat since even a state owned organization like Indian Oil were declined such a request when they wanted to keep the books of their child company in Iran out of the purview of our Tax laws. Now how Indian Oil is denied, though there weren’t any baleful plot/s but NDTV is duly obliged by P. Chidambaram to continue with their shoddy financial deals? We will see how and why there is so much of love towards NDTV from the UPA government in general and Chidambaram in particular.

    Prof. Gurumurthi has nicely pointed out with examples on how the connivance of a private channel and a political outfit outran the state interest with ease. It all started in 2006 when an honest tax officer going by the name S.K Srivastava dug out the nefarious deals between Chidambaram and NDTV. The financial mess or rather payoff between Chidambaram and NDTV eventually went up to 5000 crores. Within three days of unearthing this unholy association, Mr. Srivastava was arm-twisted to change the content of the file. When eventually the officer declined to act like a clown the overzealous Chidambaram and his cronies in the tax department actually destroyed the file and created another file related to the said investigation and recommended Mr. Srivastava’s suspension insted. Not only that, a woman ‘tax official’ also complained against him and accused Mr. Srivastava of sexual harassment. Later it was found that the husband of the said lady officer was employed by NDTV with no designation and they too were sponsoring the couple’s foreign junkets for free. When this revelation was done the husband of the lady officer promptly resigned from NDTV and never brought into the context. Mr. Srivastava also unearthed huge tax fraud by NDTV and assessed it close to rupees 300 crore. But how small the fraud amount Mr. Srivastava thought it to be, no? Today the amount has gone up to a staggering rupees 1400 crore and even the NDTV has agreed to pay it out to save its skin. Any tax official unearthing so much fraud should have been awarded by the finance minister himself but here with Mr. Srivastava, the case was little different. The very next day after Mr. Srivastava sent his findings to the finance ministry, Chidmbaram himself directed his cohorts to suspend Mr. Srivastava immediately citing bad behavior. This sounds so interesting when you join the dots. In a mail/notice sent by Ram Jethmalini to Chidambaram, he pointed out all these facts that Mr. Srivastava has unearthed to which Chidambaram never objected but rather laid out his phoney explanation which further solidified the claims of Mr. Srivastava, which eventually our courts too accepted.

    Not just daylight robbery but valuating itself is also a special art with NDTV. In fact their self-valuation ranges from rupees 192 crore to rupees 10000 crore and all within a year and half timeframe. That is some range I must say and that too within a double quick timeline. When Reliance industries wanted to buy a sizable portion of the channel the valuation of NDTV was kept at four hundred millions. The same valuation went to a precarious 192 crore when Naveen Jindal wanted to purchase 15% stake of the company. The same company also floated an inflated valuation when they were inflowing money through their bogus shell companies. This massive variation of its value also was objected and questioned by both SEBI and the tax department on technicality and practicality grounds. Poor Ambani had to lose close to 350 crores and eventually had to sell the shares he bought at a throwaway price of 50 crores. And the company in Himachal that bought the shares so damn cheap is owned by a very close relative of Mr. Roy. By the way, the lowest valuation when Ambani sold his shares and when GE Corporation raised 400 million for NDTV after valuating it to 10000 crores happened in a span of three months. That is almost 1000 times growth in 90 days only. This again can’t be a coincidence. If experts were to be believed, from these shoddy devaluations alone NDTV would have siphoned close to 800 crores of tax payer and shareholder’s money. And no wonder there would have been many in UPA, not just Chidambaram, to get their share from this public loot.

    The dark underbelly of NDTV is too long to be covered in a single post. What surprises me here is how the motor-mouths of NDTV and their secular supporters in various political parties and other walks of life are crying foul. They are crying vindictive politics when it is all about financial fraud of a company that has never gone green in its existence. There isn’t anyone who is trying to curtail the so called press freedom, which these selfsame flag bearers of free speech are crying about. Here is the fact – Government of India is acting against a fraudulent organization that has made corrupt practice as their forte. During the entire period of UPA rule NDTV declined to furnish their investors list which automatically tantamount to FEMA violation but surprisingly neither Chidambaram nor the finance ministry ever bothered to act against this open violation. Instead Cidambaram was making sure to cover the crimes of NDTV even if that means suspending honest officers like Mr. Srivastava. There was a time when every alternate day Chidambaram was used to come on NDTV for one or the other bogus discussions.

    I too had hoped the Modi government would act against NDTV as quickly as possible and I always feared Mr. Roy could easily turn out to be another Vijay Mallya otherwise. The promoters and the directors of the channel anyway have bought huge ranches in the country of their choice. Running away from prosecution couldn’t have been any easier. That said I am in fact quite surprised that the current NDA government actually acted against the frauds like NDTV. In many of my earlier posts I had written how Arun Jaitley is so dear to NDTV whereas he should be acting against their forgery instead. In the autobiography of the late Vinod Mehta he has nicely narrated the episode of ‘Radia Tapes’ and how Mr. Jaitley bailed out Barkha Dutt from the imminent mess she was in. Before the start of the winter session Barkha Dutt paid a visit to Mr. Jaitley’s residence and literally pleaded to not pick the ‘Radia Tapes’ for debate during the zero hour. Not to mention here, Mr. Jaitley was the leader of opposition and his silence on such an important issue where the opposition could have cornered the ruling party came as a huge surprise for many. It took late Vinod Mehta to lay out the precise reason for Mr. Jaitley’s silence. No wonder, NDTV is yet to run a single program criticizing Mr. Jaitly though they are quite vocal in running vendetta full campaigns against each one of them from BJP. No one would have seen a single program on NDTV about the monumental corruption that happened in DDCA under Mr. Jaitley's watch. If Dr. Manmohan Singh could be termed as corrupt in Coal scam I wonder how Arun Jaitley managed to stay safe.

    So to the intellectuals, please spare your ‘Curtailing Press Freedom’ or some nonsense to that effect for your respective gossip circles. Acting against fraudsters is no curtailment. It is called upholding the laws of the land, if you guys have forgotten. The biasness that NDTV exhibited against Narendra Modi or any other BJP leader is a crime in itself and that requires separate prosecution. As I said earlier in the post, the current action isn’t anyway related to the vendetta campaign that NDTV was doing against BJP for last ten odd years. There is clear cut fraudulence on the part of NDTV and there is ample proof to nail them square this time around. I am glad that the government is taking these frauds to task finally. They belong behind bars and this step is judiciously in the right direction. For the rest; to cater to your false sense of truthfulness and journalism that no journalist today practices– take a chill pill and stop your filthy spinning work; it ain’t cut the ice anymore.

    By the way I won't be surprised a little if their latest decision of shutting down NDTV-Profit has another mega tax loot in the background just as they did with NDTV-Imagine.  
  • When Secularism Culminated At Butchering A Helpless Calf

    If Congress ever were worried to know the reasons for their rapidly thinning political footprint since 2014, or rather in last ten years, they may just have found the answer from the state of Kerala, which they rule in alliance with the Left. For a moment, I presume, the debates and discussions on how and why Congress is losing its political battle everywhere should be arrested, for we, seem to have found the exact reason for it. Post the debacle of 2014 general elections Sonia Gandhi constituted a team headed by A.K. Antony to dig deep and find the reason/s why people so savagely rejected them. In no uncertain terms, Mr. Antony, in his report, admitted how the general public's perception towards the party has been that of a party that is overtly anti-Hindu. And it should be told here; he in fact put that as the reason number one for the Congress devastation. The interesting point here to be noted is the use of the word ‘Anti-Hindu’. Today being pro-Muslim in the name of secularism is practiced by many political outfits, not just Congress and people largely have come to term with this fact, though dirty. The difference between Congress and other political parties is that no party till date has flared up their abject ‘Hate Hindu’ syndrome as openly as Congress has achieved in last decade and half. Haven’t the powers that be in Congress learned anything from Mr. Antony’s report? Unfortunately it appears, they haven’t. Forget about the much needed learning, from what happened yesterday in Kerala I doubt if anybody in Congress would even have studied the report in its entirety, let alone doing any kind of introspection.

    Now one wonders which event Rahul Gandhi is talking about. Though many of my readers may not want to listen it but RG, for a change, appears to be convinced on what he is saying. For a change that is. For the first time I find the Gandhi scion not mincing his words in condemning the event which unfortunately his own party’s youth wing orchestrated in Kerala to protest the latest ‘Cattle Sell’ prohibition orders of the central government. As RG suggested, the event was a naked display of thoughtlessness and barbarism and certainly not expected of humans. Just one qualm  RG should have named the event in as many words. By using general phrases like 'What Happened' sounds like an evasive tactic. Nonetheless, as I said, I appreciate RG for coming out and thrashing the deplorable act of his party men in clear and crisp avowals. Killing animals for food is still justifiable but to kill an innocent animal as a token of protest not only sounds gory but it also is a criminal conspiracy towards humanity. What kind of teaching and human ethics would allow one to kill an animal for fun? Just to make a point, which very well could have been sent across in many other ways, you can’t kill an animal and RG is bang-on on this point. Now for those who still are wondering on the event that led RG to lash out against his own youth wing members, here is the story in short – just to protest the ‘Cattle Sell’ prohibition, the youth Congress of Kerala culled a calf in broad daylight and made a video when they were at their heinous act. They made their youth Congress office a makeshift butcher stall. They too organized a beef festival post their barbaric act. And all this was just to oppose the latest legislation and to probably insult the Hindu sentiments in one go. For the first time I am feeling sorry for RG. With such youth party carders you really don’t need an opposition to defeat you.

    But this is just part of the story. The larger part is the impunity at which irony evades the Congress party and that too quite regularly. The history of Congress vis-à-vis cow and cow slaughter makes one wonder, how this party has long lost its charisma in remaining in sync with the ground realities. Not only that, it also reflects how badly the party today is totally out of sync with the public sentiment. Out of all the states that now have ‘cow slaughter’ ban, 18 of those were imposed by Congress party. This is not all. For a larger part of its political existence, Congress had ‘Cow and Calf’ as its party/poll symbol. In fact Indira Gandhi herself contested her first election under this symbol. And dare I say such a symbol was chosen for a reason. Dare I say again that during the earlier times, with all their flaws still intact, Congress at least was quite aware of the public sentiment. A Hindu majority country, which revere cow as sacred, can easily be exploited by the clever use of the animal, though for symbolic reasons. In practice Congress party may had their anti-Hindu agenda, as pointed out by A.K. Antony, intact back then but it was largely practiced indoors. There were no open exhibitions of Muslim appeasement or shameless display of anti-Hindu manoeuvring. Something is terribly amiss with Congress party of today. Not sure what the thought process has been within the party in last 10-15 years but all that is coming out of their stable of late, to put it lightly, is flabbergasting, latest being the culling of an animal to lodge a protest. I wonder how a political outfit with close to 100 years of administrative experience would churn out such self-destroying acts without being provoked. Though RG’s words as well as his intentions are well placed this time, one wonders, what would be his specific actions, now that he has come out strongly against the shameless stupidity of his own party men. The man who organized this fracas is a close aid of RG and is seen many times sharing the stage with him. Will RG act decisively against this moron of a human who barely qualifies to be called one? This person deserves to be behind the bar and I am sure RG knows it as well. Will he make sure that this idiot is first thrown out of the Congress party and then behind the bars for coming up with such a bizarre idea? If not for anything else, RG must act against this moron for his own and his party’s good. There are many states which are going to poll in a years time. All the states that are held by Congress at present are having their legislative elections as well. Knowing the veracity of the act perpetrated in Kerala it is bound to be exploited by the opponents. Not only this election, BJP may end up using the same video footage in 2019 general elections too.  

    RG too need to be told once more that his party’s domesticated media houses must be shunned out as quickly as possible. They are adding no value to the image of his party and that of his own. In fact they are ruining it, if they ever had one. If RG had given a quick glance at A.K Antony’s report he must have noticed the mention of negative role played by the friendly media houses in his report. For a prolonged period people have seen through these sold-out outlets and rarely want to believe them. RG and Congress would be better served if they get rid of such news channels and stop being prisoners of their own device. A calf, which was as clear as daylight in the video shared by the youth Congress workers, actually appears like a Buffalo to the NDTV journalists. That is some fun ribbing spinning right there. Though NDTV reluctantly settled after transforming a calf to an OX finally, in the process they possibly could have injected the worst kind of service to the Congress party. If RG wants to listen, such abject lie peddling to cover the indefensible crimes of Congress is what that irate the public more. The belief that people are largely fool to be loitered around is what makes the situation even worse for Congress. It is no one better than RG himself who can authenticate how persistent skulduggery and spinning since 2002 has decimated Congress completely. Like the youth Congress head of Kerala, media houses like NDTV are no friend of Congress and RG. In fact I have started to have the feeling that channels like NDTV might as well be funded and used by BJP like a ‘Trojan Horse’ to destroy whatever left of the Congress party before 2019 general elections.

    Jingoism apart, it baffles even more on how the chain of events leading to this fresh legislation gave a miss to the Congress party. The said legislation isn’t something that is a brain child of Modi government which our active liberals want us to believe. It was the output of the PIL that was filed many years back to curtail the cruelty on animal. Enact an effective cattle legislation, was the guideline issued by the apex court against the said PIL. As early as April 2017 the Supreme Court had sought an explanation from the government on the steps it has taken to lay out the guidelines as suggested by them. The legislation that eventually came out is something that the highest court of our country has suggested. According to the premier court – effective cattle protection guideline is the need of the hour in an agricultural based economy. It should have avenues to both protect the interest of the farmers as well as the animal rights as prescribed by our constitution. Calling this legislation as something coming from Modi government and projected as a move against the minorities (I don’t understand how) is not only factually incorrect but also a great lot hypocritical. Many intellectuals who are burning their midnight oil and concocting stories on the timing of the legislation as it came into force just before the beginning of Ramzan is not only falsehood but also hilarious. Ramzan has got nothing to do with this new law and certainly it has got nothing to do with the minorities (read Muslims) either. It was something the apex court has prescribed and the present government just enacted it as any responsible government would do. At least I don’t see anything wrong here.

    To Rahul Gandhi – Sir, your words should match your actions if you want to be taken seriously. If anything, your past record on doing what you preach is little shoddy and this latest outburst against the shameless display of barbarism by your party men must not follow the same route. As I said in the beginning, I for a change see conviction in your words. Let me not conclude that your concerns were hogwash since you never had any sympathy for the poor animal but you understood the gravity of this heinous act and the political optics thereof.                   
  • Excuses Can’t Be Liberal Narratives – A Response To My Friend

    I don’t have any particular disliking for ‘Liberals’ or those who claim themselves to be one. What I dislike is their self-assertion of righteousness, thereby automatically making them, or they think so, the official spokespersons of ethics, morality and all such asserted uncountable nouns. Either you believe and agree to what we say or you are a fool is another thing with an average modern day liberal that I find abjectly repugnant. The routine act of white-washing the crimes of the known monsters is another of the trait that makes me call these liberals as epitome of hypocrisy. And how do they cover these crimes? Of course by generalizing and manufacturing narratives those are not only factually insufficient to stand on their own but also are far away from practicality. Add to that, a little bit of hypocrisy in looking the other way, and you have a potent mixture to drive truth to oblivion.

    My friend, and a dear one at that, is one such upcoming liberal with all ‘Liberalic’, if I may coin the word, attributes. No doubt he is an excellent writer and I personally am a fan of his writings. Though being very good friends, we never crossed our writing paths. It stayed that way all these years but I guess it should change now; at least after his latest piece on the gruesome terror attack in Manchester. Although there is nothing factually wrong in what he wrote, the points he harped upon need not be analysed in isolation the way he tried to derive. As is, there is no wrong time or occasion for a friendly banter – so here I go.

    He starts off with a great covering act as every liberal does. Cleverly he neither denies nor accepts the real trouble makers as is. He gives it a nice coating while ignoring, presumably by intent, to name those who perpetrated the crime. Let’s see what he writes.    
    The ugly monster called ‘Terrorism’ has reared its ugly head yet again and this time it is the ‘Cottonpolis’ of Manchester that has been targeted.
    I agree, he hasn’t put the quote around Terrorism but I did since I wanted to highlight it for a purpose. This is precisely how ‘Looking The Other Way’ is achieved by conveniently hiding behind English words. This also is the first instance in the post when my friend tried to explain a fact in isolation. Over the last 5-6 years whole of Europe has witnessed regular terror acts. All of those terror acts were perpetrated by ‘Muslims’ without a single exception. So my friend did a great disservice to his own concerns by not naming it as it should be – ‘Islamic Terrorism’. In one of my earlier posts I had written, this basic denial in admitting the facts on the ground is what draws the first fault line in our so called fight against terrorism. Little should we forget, our fight against these monsters is more against an ideology than individuals. By denying to define your enemy in correct perspective you are actually depriving yourself the very chance to prepare accordingly. A solution to a problem starts with the admittance that there is a problem in the first place. Here we are still fooling ourselves to admit the existence of a problem on the pretext of political correctness or some nonsense to that effect. The moment we call them plain ‘Terrorists’ we are blinding ourselves to our very own strategies for the fight ahead. Look at the countries that are subjected to ‘Islamic Terrorism’ of late. Most of their leadership would be found juggling around this falsehood for quite some time. Admit that you are fighting against the religious ideology of Islamic nature and this would give comfort that at least we know with whom we are fighting rather remaining sloppy and misguided in our approach that leads us nowhere but to run around in circles and coming up with meaningless condolence blog posts after every such attack.

    After three paragraphs of marathon white-washing the real culprits and their filthy mind-set my friend goes about finding the imaginary reasons why these monsters are acting the way they are. And where does he find the fault line? Oh, yes, the US of A and the arms they sale to countries that covertly support these Islamic terror organizations. That is like accusing the Car manufacturer and the Car buyer, not the thief, for a car theft. Let’s see his second analysis in isolation.
    America just solemnized an arms deal worth an eye-popping $10 Billion with Saudi Arabia a nation which is arguably the biggest sponsors of terrorism and most importantly the ideological home as well as the most diligent exporters of the ultra-conservative and fanatical strand of Islam that experts say promotes and inspires the kind of violent extremism that groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS subscribe to.
    By the way a little correction here; it is $110 Billion not just $10. That apart I fully agree to what my friend wrote except may be the indirect inference he wanted to draw through his parallels between the rise of Islamic terrorism and the amount of arms USA sells to the Gulf nations. USA has virtually made the entire world an arena of mindless rat race to procure weapons of all hues and no one can deny that. But is it really proportional to the rise of Islamic terrorism? Saudi and UAE started buying arms from USA post the Gulf war and I would be surprised if my friend claims that there was no Islamic terrorism before 1991. If he does, it actually would sound very similar to the argument of our home grown liberals who take liberty in claiming the rise of Islamic fanaticism in India because of ‘Babri’ demolition. Even before USA could sell arms to the religious morons of Saudi, the oil money was pushing the cart quite effectively. USA selling high-end arms to these nations who support Islamic fundamentalism might have helped the terrorists to get their hands on assault weaponry easily but it has got nothing to do with the very rotten ideology which makes morons raise those very arms against innocent people around the globe. More than weapons you need unimaginable hatred within to kill innocent people, including kids and infants. Had it not been USA, as evident from the pre Gulf war era, these morons would have procured the arms from various arms Mafia around the world since the reason isn’t the easy availability of arms but the ideology that makes you hate everyone else from every other religion. They simply want to kill and reign in their supremacy over the world because that is what these morons were fed all through their lives via religious sermons. I am sure my friend must have tried to blame it on USA to cover the real scoundrels in haste as his excuses aren’t fitting into his otherwise sensible analytic skills that he more of than not exhibits.

    Coming back to the arms that USA sells to other countries.  After Saudi Arabia and UAE, that top the chart, the other biggest clients of USA arm factories are South Korea, Australia, Taiwan, India and Singapore. Now here is my question – how many terrorists these countries have produced and exported to the outside world? The numbers could be zero or very well negligible. Why may I ask again? And to the utter disliking of my friend and other liberals, the answer to this question lies with the religion of the majority community in these countries. This is exactly what I harped upon in the beginning. Pointing your blames at entirely wrong directions only blinds you towards your own strategies, if at all you have one, to fight the terrorism menace. So it boils down to the fundamental question – what is so special with Islam that may be transforming an average human being to a ruthless monster? Does USA play a role in this transformation too? The arms again aren’t the only thing that USA sells to the world. They finance for it too through various grants. They call it ‘Foreign Military Financing’. The biggest beneficiary of this scheme is Israel with a whopping $3.1 Billion cut. Now how many terrorists Israel has produced till date? Look in contrast at Pakistan which features at 8th in the list with two hundred odd million in funding and yet caters to half the ‘Terrorist’ demand of the world. How this equation spells out if it is the USA and its mindless arm selling endeavour is to blame for the rise in Islamic terrorism? Again the answer lies in the religion of the majority community in Israel and Pakistan and no kind of political correctness can wash away these facts.

    Moving on; somewhere in between white-washing the Islamic terrorists and blaming USA for the rise in terrorism, my friend took shelter of ‘Brexit’ to drive home his point. That is little, well, hilarious. It is hilarious because the nations who are still flocked there in the EU congregation are at no better position. They in fact are at equal or may be worse receiving end of the Islamic terrorism. How would it have mattered had UK not decided to walk away from this meaningless and defunct post World War-II establishment like EU? In fact all post World War-II organizations like EU, IMF and NATO are largely defunct and worthless. More off there are many serious reasons why people (lot of people) of UK choose to walk away from EU. Economy and Sovereignty are primary two reasons while the third most important reason is ‘Political Elitism’ that the EU leadership in general and British leadership in particular was shamelessly flaunting. People were angry because there were a handful of idiots who were humiliating their sense of nationalism through their not so required soft corner for Islamic fanatics. The decision was not emotional at all. People were both angry at the Conservatives as well as the Labour parties which says a lot on the fact that people voted pragmatically to get out of the mess, not emotionally, which people like my friend want us to believe. The very hands which strengthened and cajoled the Islamic terrorists can’t and won’t protect the nation from imminent terror strikes. Their political dividends won’t allow them to even admit that the problem lies with a particular religion and their rotten ideology, much less acting on the menace. People of UK found this mindless liberalism overture a gross misfit to the prevailing situation hence the decision to get out of the mess. And we certainly can’t argue with the fact that, it is the people of UK who know what is best for them and we should abstain from drawing narratives of our own, more so, when sitting thousands of miles away.

    It’s vital to understand that ‘Brexit’ was a vote against the British elite, the so called liberals who sermon on how one and all should act. Voters thought politicians, business leaders, and intellectuals had lost their right to control the system. Voters thought the elite had contempt for their values—for their nationalism and interests. Not sure how my friend missed this one.

    I guess this is going beyond a friendly banter. It is time to stop.
    By the way my friend – a great write up from you as always.

    India And Everywhere