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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Karnataka Elections – The Bigger Picture

Team Being Cynical
Before we start - Just look at Siddharamaya in this picture. He is exhibiting the expression that is reserved for the father of that girl who introduces her boyfriend with shoulder length hair and tattoos at all inappropriate places. Isn't it that a picture depicts 1000 words?

This Karnataka election should be remembered for many reasons. It could easily be one of the most interesting elections that I have witnessed in my life. I initially thought of terming it ‘surprising’ but after a while I found, there actually isn’t anything much surprising here. Neither I was surprised a bit when the numbers started pouring in, nor am I surprised now seeing democracy being reduced to some shameless ‘Resort Politics’. And I have my reasons why I am not surprised a bit even today. But much on that later. Most of the psephologists predicted a hung verdict. My own prediction was around 108 seats for BJP. Hence the results that threw itself up on May 15th shouldn’t have astounded many, not just me. If one looks at last 30 years’ history of Karnataka politics, it always had been the case where the incumbent government was thrown out. So, Congress getting a beating here was more than a predictable outcome. Even the history was against the Congress party, not just the voters. I would rather be surprised if any Congressi, in private, would say that he believed they would make it back to the Vidan Saudha to govern again. 

Now you would be wondering why I am not flummoxed looking at the kind of politics being played by Congress post the results. After all a so called grand old national party is expected to exhibit at least the minimum grace in defeat.  The party got reduced from 122 seats to 78; 17 of the serving ministers lost their election, including the CM from his home town; vote share as well as seats plummeted to unbelievable low in many key Congress bastions. I mean, there are more than handful of reasons for Congress to accept the defeat gracefully and sit out in the opposition. But they are far from doing what is expected of a graceful and dignified competitor that lost the race. They in fact are busy forming the government by any means, though it looks great lot shameful for a national party. By supporting JD(S) unconditionally and rendering and reducing itself to a mere filler and a doorknob, Congress seems to have ditched the bare minimum grace we still expect from our political parties. This could easily be the lowest point that Congress plummeted in recent times. But I am still not surprised and as I said, I have reasons to not be surprised. Let’s see what are those.

It is no secret that Congress is almost wiped out from the political demography. You don’t need ACP Pradyuman’s intellect to realize this. Nothing can better depict the situation of the Congress party than the image on the right. As I always say, a desperate situation. Karnataka was the last ‘milch cow’ and ATM for the party. The situation was so disastrous for Congress that they simply can’t lose Karnataka. It both has huge political as well as monetary repercussions. Financially they are almost crippled as state after state being snatched from them quite unceremoniously. Even their decades long bastions like the North-East is no more with them. The loss is not only political, there is lot of corrupt money that goes away with each state. At this rate, they would not be in a position financially to fight the 2019 general elections with valour. Something must be done. That said, financial loss is just part of the problem. The bigger problem is the political irrelevance that would creep in event of a loss in Karnataka. Congress may even lose the national party tag. Whenever Congress had a direct fight with BJP in last 5-6 years they were literally decimated. Looking at the number of states they have lost to BJP in last 4 years alone would make the 2019 general elections a foregone conclusion. They are staring at a humiliating defeat yet again. Only hope that is left for them is to somehow bring in regional satraps alongside to create a combined opposition. Individually even the regional parties are no match for BJP. Only option, flock together.

To the utter despair of Congress, previous attempts at forming some kind of united opposition has failed miserably. Secretly funded good for nothing individuals like Arvind Kejriwal or Raj Thakrey aren’t yielding much either. Other rogues like Hardik Patel, Kanheiya Kumar and Kishore Mewani failed too. Congress hoped to sail through Gujarat with help of these rogues but they couldn’t. All Dalit fracas didn’t stick either. There has to be a template that can give some semblance of assurance that it would work to some extent, if not fully; and time is running out. Out of this desperation for existence Congress could only see JD(S) as a saviour. Without thinking much of their reputation, they readily agreed to support JD(S) to form the government. No strings attached. A party that could barely gather 38 seats with 30 of them coming from one single region of a big state like Karnataka was offered the CM’s seat and still most in Congress can’t spot the irony in their decision. 

They literally have gone down on their knees and started licking shoes so that they could remain relevant. Such a shameful situation for a national party to land itself in. Even calling it an irony appears such an understatement now. Perhaps the lust for power makes you sell your dignity at the first instance. That said, there is a long-term hope for Congress in this self-inflicted shame. This very hope prompted Sonia Gandhi to call H.D Devegowda and beg for help in exchange of no pre-conditions. And the hope is – this shameful act may just build a template where other regional parties can be fitted in running up to 2019 general elections. In recent times, we had instances where rabid political enemies were forced to sallow their respective spit and join hands to remain relevant. Be it Lalu-Nitish or SP-BSP, it has brought some kind of political success against BJP. No harm in licking our own spit again and join hands with another sore enemy like JD(s) if it satisfies our lust for power.

Now let’s see the bigger picture.

How long such an unholy association would survive in case the combination is called to form the government? If history is any kind of pointer then all previous support of Congress party to smaller outfits in forming the governments were, well, in lack of a better word, uninspiring. Be it Chandrasekhar, IK Gujaral or Devegowda himself, all coalitions were sucked out of their wind by the Congress party within a years’ time. When it comes to Congress and their support to smaller parties, it always was the lust for power of Congress that ruled the decision at the end. They are a serial offender in pulling down the governments that they themselves supported for power. It is the arrival of the right time and the plug is pulled. It is all about the unbelievable greed that Congress never tries to hide. And I don’t see any exception with the present offer of support they have issued to JD(S). They will drag this coalition till 2019 elections with a hope that the template would bring more allies. I won’t be surprised if they would agree to denounce the PM’s seat to someone else so that they remain in power somehow. There are lots of ifs and buts here but a realistic dream nonetheless for Congress. Now if this coalition manages to win the election, which is highly unlikely in many fronts, the arrangement in Karnataka may survive a little longer. If they manage to lose then knowing Congress, I don’t see any reason left for them to continue. They simply would pull the plug and call for fresh elections as that would give them a glimmer of chance to come back to power in Karnataka. They may lose the state yet again but worth an attempt nonetheless. Congress simply can’t stay away from power for long and do nothing sinister. That is not the qualities of the Congress party that I know. I won’t be surprised if they still would pull the plug even after they manage to win 2019 with a ‘Khichdi’ coalition. No other party knows better on how to usurp the power of your own allies and there are ample examples of the Congress party carrying out midnight coups in lust for power.

Now let’s guess what would happen if BJP as the single largest party is invited to form the government. But before that, how would BJP pass the confidence motion on the floor when they are falling short by 8 MLAs. Only option left is horse-trading. Honestly, I don’t see any harm in horse-trading here. When you toss the CM’s seat to an absolute incompetent individual and a loser with no mandate, just to satisfy your ego and lust, the other party should and must deploy all possible methods under the sun to spoil your unholy plan. No morality preaching here please. If it is horse-trading, so be it. Now post the 99th amendment poaching opposition MLAs no more remains that easy. The best BJP can do here is to ask those bought out MLAs to abstain on the floor test day thereby reducing the half way mark till the numbers they have. But will this manipulated majority mark work for five years? Will BJP leave itself vulnerable in the state by running a potentially minority government through its entire period? The answer to such queries lies again on the 2019 elections. If BJP loses then they may not want to lose Karnataka as well. In fact no party would. They would rather prefer to continue. Now if BJP wins 2019 then it would become a whole new ball game. The popular wave would be with BJP post 2019. A right time to get rid of this minority government and call for fresh elections in the state. This would pamper two purposes. 1st – By riding the wave of the general elections they would try to cross the magic number of 113 in the state to form a stable government on their own. 2nd – BJP’s long tern goal is to combine both general and state elections together. By holding Karnataka elections in 2019 with a fresh mandate, they would ensure that another major state will come in line with the general elections period. And I don’t think I may be required to explain how a common election period for centre and state helps the ruling party at the centre no end. So, in nut shell, even if BJP manages to form the government they wouldn’t want to continue with a sword on their head. It is always better to get back to the voters whom voted for you in the recently concluded election for national duty and seek their mandate for the state. Of course, it would also depend how well BJP performs in the Loksabha seats in the state of Karnataka. Any adverse performance, even though nationally they still are the winner, BJP would prefer to stay away from seeking fresh mandate in the state.

But, whosoever forms the government, will the people of Karnataka get what they wished for from their new government? Your guess is as good as mine. A stop-gap arrangement, that Karnataka has become, for both national parties, the interest of the incumbent would be to churn the state for the upcoming general election than serving the people for whom they were elected. Our politicians are selfish and I don’t expect them to stretch themselves beyond their interest and comfort zone to think for the populace. That hasn’t happened in independent India’s history and I don’t see any credible reason to expect a change.

By-and-large a hung verdict has let Karnatak become a political pivot to be exploited and abused at the mercy of the politicians, till at least 2019 elections are over. I feel sorry for the people of Karnataka but politics never was meant to safeguard the interest of the citizens. Had serving people been the inherent motto of our politics, we wouldn’t have witnessed hundreds of Congress and JD(S) MLAs hurled into buses like animals and ferried to a five-star resort just outside of Bengaluru so that no body poaches them.

I am speechless!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Poisoning Our Alma-Maters

Team Being Cynical
Catch them young. This is the standard operative procedure across the globe if you want a generational change. But more on that later. For close to a decade I am laying out my concerns on how systematically our generation was fed with snake oil through our school books and other assorted means of learning. We were told Nehru was a great freedom fighter, closely followed by a certain Mohandas Gandhi.  And no wonder we only have produced idiots in millions. Irony, knowing what we were been fed, we still are extremely reluctant in bringing about the much needed changes, which would ensure our future generation/s isn’t/aren’t fed with the same poison. We are continuing with the exact gibberish even today. Our kids still are told how big a freedom fighter Nehru was. Probably we aren’t yet done with the supply of enough idiots by our own that we expect our kids to fill the vacancies in future. This is a terrible situation to be in. Not just our entry and intermediate education system; more frightening is how we have let even far bigger sinister agendas to get into our higher education system as well. Nothing is spared it seems. This is what acute commie ideology imparts on a nation that was too gullible, either by choice or design, to object when the filth was getting pushed through. 

Barring our technical streams, most other streams in our education system is full of trash. Yes, I'm being judgmental here and I have reasons for it. Even our technical institutions weren’t spared entirely. Some time back I had written an essay on the systematic filth piling in an institution like IIT Madras. “The Morons Of IIT Madras”, I wrote back then. If you haven’t read it yet, I would suggest you must read it here. I don’t know what something like ‘African Studies’ would bring onto the table or for that matter Sociology, Humanities or Philosophy. I may be extremely dumb to not see their utilities in general but I am sure they add no values to the growth of the nation. Don’t agree with me? Then prove me wrong by giving a single example of an individual/jerk from these streams who has any credible contribution to the nation building. At least I haven’t seen any. All that I see from the patrons of these streams is lies and more lies. They just keep on feeding their commie garbage to whoever is listening to them. Perhaps they are taught to pass on the nonsense to the next generation. 

Look at the jokers like Kanheiya Kumar or Shehla Rashid and her gang of freeloaders; all are worthless characters as far as their education is concerned. Don’t get me wrong here. I am not saying they are useful anywhere else. They are worthless in whichever parameter you look at them. All that these morons could achieve after wasting lot of tax payer’s money is to shout ‘Azadi’. Azadi from what? Systematic aberration of our educational institutions have led to the production of many such Kanheiyas and Shehlas of the world. They know nothing except lie peddling and absolute bigotry. Don’t forget the act of treachery that comes so naturally to these junks. In the name of education (on entirely stupid and rubbish streams) they only have wasted public money. That said, these rogues are still useful to some. The political masters who thrive on the idea of destroying the nation for power enjoy the company of such useless entities no end. They enjoy because these clowns are exactly the output the Commie charlatans had envisaged when they started this systematic distortion of our education system. It takes ample amount of poison and brainwashing for one to shout ‘Bharat Tere Tukde Honge’ in full throat and yet be shameless to call it as their FoE. This phenomenon of going against the state at the drop of a goat isn’t just restricted to the Commie warehouses like JNU. It seems to have spread to other universities as well. The experiments that were carried out in JNU seems to have been percolated to universities elsewhere. How contaminated our education system has become can be gauged from one single fact that – now we have clowns who even dream of fragmenting India in the name of some phoney liberalism. 

But you know what is the sorry fact in all of this? JNU is a gone case now. It is beyond repair as for decades it has been used as the experimenting ground for filth creation by the Commie rogues. Only way to fix the rot that routinely comes out of this shit hole is to shut it down permanently. Universities were established to generate sensible citizens who would guide the nation in future but JNU has only produced morons. All that this university managed to produce are individuals who hate Hindus, India, our culture and everything else that defines us as a nation. From the days of that worthless Sitaram Yechury to an even bigger worthless like Kanheiya Kumar, it is garbage galore. There is nothing great to talk home about when it comes to JNU. Since JNU is done and dusted and rendered beyond repair state, the template that these Commies planned to let loose on JNU now has been shifted to other universities. Such vicious are these Commies. They are in a mission to destroy every bit that we otherwise should have been proud of. Latest causality of these rogues is the Aligarh Muslim University. But then AMU is a natural second choice, isn’t it? Like JNU you would struggle great lot to find an alumnae of AMU who has done anything good for the nation. There are lot of freeloaders here too who are merrymaking on tax payer’s money studying all kind of bogus subjects. Bogus subjects with no utility leaves a lot of spare time to be part of all kind of ‘Break India’ brigades. In the ‘Morons Of IIT Madras’ article I have mentioned how all kind of nuisance and nonsense emanates from the students from these bogus streams. They have lot of free time, along with a rotten mind-set perfectly tuned to the Commie ideology.

Recently it was found that the student’s union office of AMU had a Jinnah portrait. What was Jinnah doing in an Indian university and for what reason? A man as spiteful as Jinnah, who is the architect of partition, finds his way inside an Indian university and nobody knows why. For me he is no short of a rabid criminal. This pathetic human being isn’t just accused of partition alone. He was a mass murderer too. He called out for show of strength to his Muslim League workers and party bearers. It is famously known as 'Direct Action Day'. That led to a bloody communal rioting in Kolkatta. Thousands of people were butchered in just three days. A quick Google search would throw you many gory photographs from that riot. One is given here as a sample. All this was carried out to show the Congress and the then parting British government what to expect if his two nation theory isn’t accepted. Such a nefarious man would one day occupy a space in one of our universities should come as a shock to any sensible Indian. That is as loathsome as it can get. Rightfully a section of the students opposed this naked display of treachery. This brought about a riot like situation in the campus. Many students were injured in the clashes that erupted post the removal of the portrait. I don't know why anybody should have problems in taking down a Jinnah portrait. It shouldn't have been there at the first place. In a leaked video of the said agitation, mainly perpetrated by the routine freeloaders, one could easily hear the slogans for ‘Azadi’. What has ‘Azadi’ got to do here? Which ‘Azadi’ these morons were demanding and from whom and what? Who is instigating and fuelling this nonsense? How come the biggest enemy of India has got so much fan following here? This is what I mean when I said – we have poisoned our education system so much that we have produced absolute idiots. These idiots are so potent that they hate their own country without much provocation. Just because ABVP and other Hindu aligned students object this portrait the scums didn’t think twice before advocating for our enemy.  

The usual whataboutery followed after the said clash was out in the open. If not Jinnah then why we have Savarkar’s portrait at many government places, came the hilarious and the usual rant from the liberal Commie circle. Are these guys so dumb to not realize the irony in their query? Why I hear the same bogus argument every time to defend each of India’s enemy? I feel the time has come this nonsense to be answered fair-and-square. Here is a glimpse of what Savarkar had to go through. Side by side I also have put the situation the liberal poster boy Nehru had to go through during the same period. But before that – have you wondered why Savarkar was sent packing to Andaman while Nehru wasn’t? Liberals hail Nehru as the greatest freedom fighter and instrumental number one in India’s freedom movement but surprisingly the British never thought that way. British people only sent those to Andaman whom they thought are potential threat to their rule. Real threats to British rule were either hanged or punished severely while thugs masquerading as freedom fighters were left to done swimsuits and spend lusty time with equally half naked women beside swimming pools. When the real architects of the freedom struggle were barely given enough to eat while serving most inhuman jail terms people like Nehru were roaming around smoking fine Cuban Cigars. Here is the fact – Nehru and many other power hungry charlatans of that era were never a threat for the British rule. In fact they were friends. As a symbolic gesture so that the gullible citizens don’t end up identifying the ‘Jaychands’, people like Nehru were sent to cosy jails where they were treated royally. While Savarkar had to stay inside a 6X3 ft cell with no visible window people like Nehru were given couple of orderly to take care of their demands inside the jail. Morning tea was served, as was gourmet food on demand. I am not sure when air-conditioners were invented but I won’t be surprised if Nehru’s cell was fitted with one or two. When Savarkar was mercilessly getting caned every day like an animal Nehru was scribing crappy books full of Commie ideology. How much time Nehru would have taken to beg for an apology and mercy from the British had he been thrown inside an egg like cell in Andaman, kept half naked from top and caned brutally on daily basis? A week, a month, six months? I bet Nehru would not have survived more than a month before begging for mercy. This is the rude fact that these footsies try to divert nation’s attention from. 

You don’t believe what I am saying, don’t you? Then just pick a book about India’s freedom struggle. As expected you will find pages after pages talking about these farcical characters like Nehru and their imaginary contribution towards India’s freedom. Total decimation of our real history and real heroes. You seldom would find a decent enough chapter on Bhagat Singh. Forget that; as per the government official records Bhagat Singh isn’t a martyr at all. This is how these Commies have treated our heroes. There are thousands who did the heavy lifting and scarified their lives in the process while the applauses were stolen by few quacks. Lot of paid ‘Distorians’ have slogged day-and-night to make sure that the generations to come forget the real contributors of free India in a jiffy. All that they should remember are these phoney characters and their fairy-talish contributions and sacrifices for the nation. Aren’t we being told even today how Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, and hell, even Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi have/had scarified lot of things for the nation? This is how these Commies have poisoned our education system. Real heroes, real act of valour were systematically taken out of public discourse filling them with false and bogus characters. 

Yesterday our security forces gunned down five terrorists in Kashmir. One of them was a J&K University professor. God save our students if we have such dogs teaching them. What kind of education this pig would be imparting on his students is anybody’s guess. The Commies rather being critical of this terrorist are actually trying to defend him. Much like how Bhuran Wani became the son of a school headmaster, this moronic professor also now being levelled as someone who was pious, friendly and a family man. How does that matter? These are the kind of sickening expletives fly around post the killing of terrorists in the valley. Total filth. A known moron and a certified Naxal in the field of Commie lie peddling called Gautam Navlakha even advocated to the students of AMU that how frustration and discrimination leads to one picking a gun against the state. Fantastic but how this chump managed to get inside the university campus? On what ground he was allowed spew nonsense before the students? Who invited this anti-national to vomit against the nation? Who gave him permission to host the students? To a gathering of many worthless students the rascal explained how a frustrated J&K professor did the correct thing by picking up an AK-47. This is the kind of poison the Commie scums spread. Any Tom, Dick and Haroon Bhai today stands up and starts peeing on the nation and we seems to do nothing expect remaining stagnant as useless mute spectators. Even if we try to act against these traitors the scumbags shout sabotage of FoE at once. This is another Commie trait – when challenged play victimhood without much commotion.  

But you know what the problem is? No, morons like Gautam Navlakha are least of my problems. They would put into their respective rat holes in due course of time. What bothers me is the ease at which these anti-nationals could get access of our students. This is just one issue where we have video footage of the moron spreading hate against the nation but I am sure there would be hundreds of other instances where this moron and other similar tuned rascals may have poisoned our students. That is the real scary part. How this is allowed in a government funded institution is beyond me. They preach students to hate their own country and we do nothing about it. The Commie pigs instigate students to support their break India strategy and yet we remain silent. These buggers ask the students to celebrate if Maoists kill our Jawans and we remain dumb as we always do. It is only in India that the bastards like Navlakha are roaming free. No other sensible country would allow a scoundrel like Navlakha to see the light of the day, much less spewing venom against the state. Systematic corrosion has damaged us from inside. We have turned too fragile to fight for our own pride. Potent mixture that these Commies have sold us in the name of secularism has done immense damage to our whole system. It requires deep cleansing from inside to even recognize where our spine is. The land of Bhagat Singh and Rajguru now has turned into the playground of notorious fear mongers and anti-nationals. Shameful that we have let this to happen without much objection. 

The ecosystem these Commies have built during their prolonged misrule is there to hound us further. This ecosystem becomes very vibrant when Commies and their ideology is questioned. Post the JNU ‘Tukde Tukde’ fracas many morons from the ecosystem rushed to the campus to take interviews of that ‘Sadakchap’ Kanheiya Kumar as if he is a celebrity. What that scumbag has done except shouting derogatory profane against the state that requires an interview to be taken? They defend a drug-addict like Umer Khalid just because he shouts ‘Azadi’ and calls Indian state oppressive. Nobody talks about the linieage of this particular moron. Nobody says that the rogue Umer Khalid is the son of a known terrorist. Same is the case with that woman called Shehla Rashid, who even don’t know who her father is. Faggots call Indian state as oppressive and atrocious and these Commies go berserk in support like third rate cheer girls. A place like JNU allows thugs to study for donkey’s years on tax payer’s money while the shameless jerks get full time busy politicking and bitching against the nation, at time at international forums. These Commies teach our students to celebrate if our country gets humiliated in international platforms. 

Not only that, they also teach students to hate Hindus and Hinduism. The pigs get overjoyed when a half-educated foreign scum calls Lord Ram a ‘Misogynist Pig’. They not only get overjoyed, they also defend the scum if one questions her credibility for writing something as mischievous as this. These Commies simply keep on poisoning our education system with absolute disdain and we do nothing major to stop these rogues from getting away easily. 

Hope the Modi government, for least, should take all such anti-India froths to task before they remit the office for 2019 general elections. Let’s fight the election on these grounds and what steps are a must to stop these Commie criminals from spreading further. They are a virus for this nation, or for that matter any country. Precisely why these jokers were unceremoniously kicked out from everywhere. Commies haven’t done any good to any nation and we certainly aren’t an exception here. The pigs belong to filthy swamps and they must not be allowed to poison our young minds thereby saving the nation from these hounds.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Pidis And The Karnataka Elections

Team Being Cynical
It is a spiral downhill for Congress since 2014. They are virtually eliminated from Indian political scene. Barring their nonsensical jingoisms every now-and-then the party as a whole is as irrelevant as Anna Hazare and his crook disciple Arvind kejriwal are. Nobody cares two hoots for what they are blabbering anymore. The situation for the much preserved ecosystem of the Congress party is no different. Most of the ‘Pidis’ that did a lot of merrymaking during the Congress rule are vastly irrelevant too. The Modi government has kept these charlatans at arm’s length and for very good reasons. The free scotch has dried up, as were the fountains of free money. No one today lets these scums do power broking in the corridors of high power. Even in the public discourse these thugs are being dealt severely as well. Their stupidities are now being called out loudly by people which these morons always thought were too gullible to be exploited with their regular doze of falsehood. Entire ecosystem along with the mother ship is in deep shock. Being naturally clueless isn’t helping them here either. No one knows how to revive the situation. In shock few ‘Pidis’ have turned street thugs too. Desperate situation.

For the record, Rahul Gandhi has managed to lose 17 elections post 2014. After being coroneted to the party’s top post this clueless wonder has managed to lose 8 elections. That is some achievement. Now he is demanding 15 minutes debate with Modi. I don't know what he wants to debate. In fact nobody knows, including he himself. How will he debate is another question when he would struggle to tell his own name without a sheet of paper in his hand. But the ‘Pidis’ haven’t stopped evolving this good for nothing creature. I call them day dreamers. They dream a lot with paramount being – one day RG would rise like a Phoenix and give them back their old days of free scotch and money. Election after election these ‘Pidis’ just keep on dreaming. It would be this time that RG would show some glimpses of revival – the thought that gives these ‘Lutyens crawlers’ the wet dreams. This is probably why they were over the top even after losing Gujarat, where it was for BJP to lose. Most of these crawlers even hailed the loss as a moral victory, whatever that means. But that self-inflicted joy was short lived. Their dear party got thrashed in the north-eastern states that went to poll after that. ‘Pidis’ are back to square one again – clueless, restless, desperate and out of shots. What to do now? Even the ‘Cambridge Analytica’ crap backfired badly. The fracas of ‘Dalit Agitations’ didn’t stick either. 

In such a gloomy situation Karnataka holds the position of that beacon which the Congress and its ‘Darbaris’ can ill-afford to lose. This is the only big state where Congress still exists and a loss here means Congress is literally wiped out from the scene. All efforts must be put in to win it by any means. No slack in effort can be accepted. No wonder why RG and his ‘Pidis’ are super active today. They simply can’t lose it. The five year long wretched governance of their worthless CM in the state has fuelled lot of anger against the government. If ground realities are true, Congress would lose this state too, come May 15th. What is the way out? Desperate situation, as I mentioned. And whenever Congress is desperate for power they do what they know best – throw skulduggery at an unbelievably rapidity.

First came the hilarious flight scare that RG got while on a campaign trail. Both he, his sidekicks and the ‘Pidis’ shouted ‘Sabotage’. What sabotage they were referring to? Who on earth would want to eliminate a worthless person like RG is beyond me. For sure, BJP can’t afford to eliminate their star campaigner. Jokes apart, what was that flight snag is all about that no one knows a thing of it; not even the pilots who were flying the plane? Both the pilots have maintained a tight lip and refused to comment. The flight path on the radar showed no deviation. While RG claims the flight had a scary free fall of 1800 ft his sidekick who was flying with him is claiming the fall to be 8000 ft. Even more interesting, how these morons could manage to count the fall when there aren’t any technical details coming out, neither from the ATC nor the company which maintains these charted flights. According to the ATC under which the said plane was allegedly flying, they noticed no malfunction whatsoever throughout the flight duration. This is very surprising. A free fall of more than 1000 ft in any flight is a serious matter and needs investigation to find the reason. But there aren’t any proof of the claim on the ground except the nonsensical blabbering of RG and his equally worthless sidekick. When in emergency the first thing the pilots do is to land at the nearest available airport. If nothing is in sight there are instances where the pilots were forced to land on freeways and water bodies. But with RG’s case nothing of similar nature happened. The plane kept on flying and landed as planned after two hours. Forget about any emergency landing, the pilots didn’t even made any ‘SoS’ call, which as per the flying manual the first thing the pilots are instructed to do in case of emergencies. Things aren’t just fitting in. But as expected the ‘Pidis’ didn’t take much time to shout sabotage. Like most cases these morons gave ‘homework’ a skip. Laughable enough, even the ecosystem called for an investigation when there are no proofs of malfunction anywhere. Let me not even get started on the ‘Kailash Yatra’ nonsense RG brought in while narrating the situation. What was that crap all about? Why this shit act when no one knows what really happened? 

Every election in India gets ugly. Personal attacks during elections is a norm now. It has got more to do with the desperation of Congress party after losing power in one state after another. As I always say – Congress would even burn down the nation if it assures them power. They literally tried to burn the nation by inciting Dalits to go on a rampage for no apparent reason. Using filthy language against their political opponents is a minion effort in comparison. Congress getting jittered in the face of another humiliating defeat and probable extinction is not a surprise anymore. What surprises me here is how these morons feel the pinch when someone deals with them fair-and-square. But before the party, it is the ‘Pidis’ which feel the pinch. What is so wrong with the statement of Modi that bugged up the street thug so much? Is there anything wrong in what the PM said? A worthless like RG, who has no achievement to his credit except a borrowed surname, would challenge the PM with his bogus claims and yet the PM isn’t entitled to respond? Why these crawlers get annoyed if one pops up the Italian origin of Sonia Gandhi? Is she ashamed of being an Italian by origin? If not then the PM when asked RG to use any language including his mother’s mother tongue, he was absolutely fine with what he said. Why the street thug is bugged up? But you know what; this is not exactly the irony. Irony is, the same scoundrels minced no words in vilifying Narendra Modi since 2002. In fact street thug had no problems when Sonia Gandhi called Modi as ‘Mauth Ka Saudagar’. I don’t remember the street thug getting so bugged up back then. This same moron continued to lie through his teeth for a decade against Modi with choicest of words. I have seen this thug lying for close to a decade and half now. Didn’t this street thug referred NaMo as ‘hero of hatred’ many times? He never had any problem when the filthy ecosystem that he is a part used ‘Chaiwala’ in the most derogatory way many times. Now since the masters are rendered irrelevant the slave is getting his nickers on fire.  

How can you forget the ‘Johnny come late’ clown in all of this? Bollywood as such is full with all possible crap but this joker holds a special place there.  Bollywood pests aren’t very bright people and this moron is no different. He in fact competes very cloely with ‘Pappu’ as far as IQ is concerned. Last time this scum was in news, he shared some 2013 photographs claiming them to be the ones taken during the recent visit of our PM to London. This is what happens when you are dumb by your gene but try to act like an intellectual to prove that you have balls. This jerk was at it again. How can’t he be? He is that kind of perfect candidate and an absolute lose cannon that Congress party loves no end. The moron asks if Modi was fearful when he fought from two seats in 2014. This is the kind of mental state this stupid creature possesses. Even a child that time was aware that the Vadodra seat was almost a walkover for NaMo. That is why neither the Congress nor any prominent party put up a decent fight against Modi there. An unknown joker was asked by Congress to fight against NaMo. They didn’t even sponsor the poster charges for their candidate. What was this Prakash Raj doing that time? Varanashi as a choice for the second constituency was purely because of political reasons, not because Modi was afraid of losing from Vadodra. It was because of the upcoming UP elections and he contesting from Varanashi has huge impact. Modi may very well be contesting from Bhubaneswar or Puri in 2019 elections and those would be purely for political reasons. But expecting dumb characters like Prakash Raj to understand is plain futile.

Even more hilarious are his comparison with ‘Siddu’ fighting in two seats. Karnataka is a single state and Siddu is already the CM of it. Still this stupid man doesn’t carry enough confidence in his governance that people would elect him. That is fear. He fears his own people would kick him out. Better play safe and fight from two seats. His decision of fighting from two MLA seats reflects how badly he has messed up his own credentials before the voters. But clowns like PR won’t see the irony there. He won’t because he doesn’t carry enough grey cells to understand it. Yet the faggot will lecture all on secularism and other nonsense on similar lines. In all of this, the same moron is complaining how no one in Bollywood is offering him a role since he started speaking against Modi. Seriously? The same Bollywood hates Modi no end and at the same time they don’t support anyone who speaks against Modi? Does it sound true? Most in Bollywood are on crackpot with no value system instilled in them. All they know and understand is money. The Bimbos who were out in the market with all kind of crappy placards to gain publicity for their upcoming movies are nowhere to be seen now. There are thugs in Bollywood who have sons and daughters befriending international terrorists like David Haidley. And yet this moron is complaining that he isn’t been offered with any work post his nonsensical and baseless burst against NaMo? These liberal chums are best at victimhood playing and PR seems to have mastered the art very quickly.

‘The Underwear’ wasn’t too far behind either. For close to a year now this selfsame media house is trying its best to become the lead cheer-girl of the Congress party. Fall of NDTV as a disgrace to journalism has opened doors for junk like ‘The Wire’ to fill the void. That said I must congratulate them for deciphering RG’s latest ‘Kailash Yatra’ speech. I am sure most won’t understand a thing that RG says but then Varada Bhai is a material of his own kind. He not only understood the gibberish but went ahead and wrote a whole article on it. That is a phenomenal achievement. Like most I don’t believe RG would ever remember lord Shiva when he sees death. He was an accidental ‘Janayudhari’ before Gujarat elections. As I had predicted back then, once the elections were over RG went for his vacation leaving the lesser mortals to fire fight. In the process he also forgot to pack his ‘Janayu’ and left it back home. And he never wore it again, not at least till now. But Varada Bhai knows inside-out, including the thought process of an enigma called Rahul Gandhi. Slavery is very potent; didn’t I always harp on this statement? As per this bogus article, what RG transformed himself into this time? Yes – to a PILOT. I am sure even the makers of ‘Avengers’ would be mighty proud knowing about a certain Rahul Gandhi. RG allegedly stood calm beside the pilots and helped them bring the plane in their control; and all this happened while the flight was in a free fall. What kind of nonsense is this? I guess Varada Bhai was hiding inside the toilet in the plane and peeping through the hole to witness this mega act of RG. For proof Varada Bhai quotes the sidekick of the prince. Really? An event that has no official backing yet but Varada Bhai wrote it as if he was a witness to this whole act of valour and calmness himself. Laughable. The chief clowns who were cheering RG post Gujarat elections by calling it as a moral victory are cheering the failure yet again and hailing him for a probable fabricated story.

Here is the truth. As told by one of my friends in WhatsApp, RG is a serial offender as far as escaping tough situations are concerned. This won’t be the first instance where RG would make a vanishing act. He had earlier made unceremonious exits when his party needed him the most. By the time result day arrives, RG conveniently slips out of the country and leaves his cohorts to face the embarrassment. It happens after every election. No wonder RG has received lots of flak for this very stupidity. He wants to excuse himself from another bout of hostility. Hence the shit act of narrating a story that no one understands except the line where he says, he would crawl out of the country during the result day. The party animal can’t just remain stuck to his responsibilities. He isn’t made for that. Other than these Darbaris no one believes that RG could be worth of anything, much less the PM of the nation.

There are other usual morons who too have tuned themselves up as campaign manager of Congress party in Karnataka. All of them are part of the same filthy ecosystem that thrived during the Congress time. Be it Nidhi Razdan or Catagory5Moron or Barkha Dutt or other desperate souls; all are showing uncanny stupidity to prove themselves as better slaves. Sekhar Coupta isn’t shying away either. He is churning out garbage after garbage every second hour. The usual ‘Has Rahul Gandhi Come Off Age As A Mature Politician’ is the war cry among the touts. It seems the thugs haven’t drowned their hope completely on RG yet. They still hope, RG would win someday and they would run to the city center naked out of sheer joy. But is it going to happen?

I see these morons actually getting defeated once again. Their desperation for survival is an easy takeaway. When ‘Pidis’ bark relentlessly hopping from one place to another like headless chickens it is a giveaway that the masters are in a deep trouble. And in Karnataka ‘Pidis’ are all over the place to push their agenda. They also know that Karnataka is lost already. The party of their choice have governed it so badly that Karnataka was squeezed out of its breath. But as they say – “Umid Pe Duniya Kayam Hai”. A hope that miracles happen and the next miracle could be a RG who won’t demand unbelievable stupidity to be hailed as the work of a genius.

By the way; can’t Rahul Gandhi or any other duffer from the Congress party read the postings on the wall? 

Now it is time to share my seat predictions for Karnataka. 

BJP – 108
Congress – 74
Kumaraswamy + other assorted craps – rest

Before I leave you to enjoy your weekend I must share one of the masterpieces that RG ornamented during the run up to Karnataka elections.   

In the morning, I woke up at night and realised that in all the cities of Bangalore, all canteens are named after Indira Gandhi alone.   

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Rape Agents

Team Being Cynical
I am not going to talk about how heinous the ‘Kathua’ rape case is/was. I won’t because I am not a moron; more accurate – a selective moron. For me, every ‘rape’ is heinous and there is no standout point in any particular rape to make it more heinous than some earlier ones. I am not a secular/liberal bimbo of freeloader category to start differentiating a rape based on factors that suits my or my master’s agendas; political or otherwise. Neither am I being paid by any political party to toe their lines or worse, drag myself to the India gate for a midnight farcical candlelight march. Neither do I go on episodic outrage by cherry-picking rape instances that my masters order me to; nor do I sleep over every such instance and only wake up when I smell money, fame and fulfilling of my inherent agendas. To be honest, as an individual I can’t possibly be able to outrage post every such instance. It is simply not possible for any human being. To make all of you clear – I am not that terribly interested for Kathua rape case. But then, as I said, I don’t cherry-pick either, which most in our liberal brigade are busy doing since last seven days. I would be more inclined to wait till the investigation is over, more so after the shocking experience of ‘Sopian’. Wasn’t that rape allegation and the subsequent over-the-top hysteria of the #LoL Brigade appeared whole lot farcical and manufactured?  

As I said, I rather on any day would let the law take its own course and the investigation to dig out the truth so that the culprits of such heinous crimes could be punished. I don’t distinguish between the victims/culprits of one sect from other. If I am keeping mum over the rape of a certain ‘Geetanjali’, I don’t qualify to tear my ‘Kurta’ for a certain ‘Asifa’. If I do, I am liable to be called a hypocrite, which these liberal bimbos are. There are many rape cases reported on daily basis in India. What is it with ‘Kathua’ that got so much traction among our ‘fiberals’? Did anyone of you ever wonder why only ‘Kathua’ got to the limelight while in other cases you even don’t get to know the name of the victim, much less her religion? Come to think of it now – Kathua is such a special case where the religion of the victim and the religion of the alleged culprits seems to have got more limelight than the ghastly act itself. How does the religion of the victim/culprit matter if seeking justice for the victim is the paramount interest? The moment one finds religion in crime that is the moment when the issue is diluted. It no more remains a fight for justice but becomes naked dance for agenda shoving. Which kind of justice seeker would conveniently let go one case while run naked with all profane for another one, though both cases merit equal condemnation and outrage? Have any of you seen the same justice seekers firing through their posteriors for similar cases involving small children in recent times? At least I haven’t. Assam alone would throw at least six cases involving small children in last one month but I never found a single #LoL brigade jumping like a circus clown. Why is it so? Is it still the tyranny of distance that plagues the likes of Rajdeep Sardesai from outraging for rapes reported from our north-eastern states? I call them circus clowns for valid reasons. When one jumps around showing a placard that reads – “Rape Should Be Banned ” as if it is a legal act in India, you would struggle great lot to refer these morons as anything other than clowns. The pattern these morons follow has become so exposing that you almost would strike out their jingoism as ‘Paid Outrage’ and you won’t be wrong most of the times. 

Let’s dig a little deeper. 

First the rape allegation – the initial forensic report suggested the absence of rape. Only time will tell how that initial conclusion was arrived at and if at all it was wrong then how such a serious mistake could happen. Now to just make your point, if you readily accept the second autopsy report that talks about rape and discard the first one as part of a bigger political conspiracy then I have all the right to go the other way round. I don’t become heartless or inhuman if I pay you in the same coin that you trade. Second startling thing that came out from the residents of the area is the location where the dead body of the ill-fated girl was discovered. Many were seen saying, it was not the temple but a cattle shed from where the body was discovered. Now how that transpired into the nearby temple is still a mystery and there are no conclusive evidence to show light either way. Again, time will only revel the truth. But I see a pattern. Kathua is probably the only place in J&K where Hindus aren’t minority. For last 25 years there is a constructive effort to drive Hindus out of the state. Bring the Rohigyan Muslims being settled in the neighbouring areas to the mix; the plot starts to clear up. Post ‘Sopian’ rape saga the orchestra that these liberal morons play is no more a secret. The handy hands of the separatists in the ‘Sopian’ saga is beyond any doubt. Could there be a similar plot getting churned out here? I don’t know but I am suspicious of a foul play. I always believed, whenever I see these liberal frauds howling as a group and getting into a collective orgasm every second minute, I know something sinister is cooking. And every time this happens I have come out vindicated as far as my suspicion is concerned. I even get more suspicious the way lies are getting peddled with absolute impunity and the manner in which the girl was refused a burial by a section of the Muslims residing in the area. Let’s examine it further.

This is what I mean when I say collective orgasm. As we know our thuggish media clowns, they first lie through their teeth and then start to build a convenient story around it. Here is an exhibit, a seasoned offender at that. The street thug wasn’t just lying through his teeth but was actually vomiting lie through every orifice he has in his body. Who supported the rapists and where? Whoever you may be but I can’t simply imagine anyone supporting a rapist, not even his own family members. Here the said protest was against the random arrest that the police/investigating team was making; probably in a hurry to close the case. Almost half of the village fled in fear of being apprehended by police. There are TV reports where the residents were seen questioning the investigating team and their real motive. Afterall when you entrust a police officer who himself is accused of raping a girl and killing her brother in police custody, doubting on a genuine investigation is quite normal. The fringe Hindu outfit of the area came out in protest against such random and baseless arrests. Two BJP ministers later joined the protest in demand of a CBI enquiry so that the real culprits are apprehended. What is so wrong here? Had I been from that area I would have also joined the protest because I want justice for the little girl, unlike our liberal hawks who only wish to push their vested agendas. Who in all of this supported the rapists? From where did this street thug hear such stories that he seems way too sure about? What are the proofs that he holds to support his thuggish claims except reportage of few known liars like him? 

But you know where the irony is? Thugs like RS take all the liberty to malign one and all just to appear wagging their tails properly to their masters but one can’t ask the thugs if he/she/they have any proof/s to support the claim. If one asks he is branded as one supporting the rapists, just as the BJP ministers and a never heard fringe Hindu group is branded. This is how the media rascals work like a colony of jackals. They take a high moral ground based on a lie they themselves manufactured while we all are aware how morality evades these scoundrels at ease. Remember what I always say about the modus operandi of these media crooks – “Sabrina blabbers and Shalma gleefully quotes her syndicate in crime” and they demand their lies be taken as gospel truth after that. Anyone questioning their lies automatically called out names and branded inhuman, in this case one who supports rapists. 

Our Bollywood rags are another lot who aren’t very bright like our media thugs. Not that I expect anything better from a bunch of uneducated, uncouth and highly uncivilized lot. These rags were nowhere to be seen to comment on the thousands women that ISIS enslaved for sexual pleasure. They won’t scowl their filthy faces against a Mullah who raped a 5 year old girl inside a Mosque or that sexually maniac pastor who sodomized young boys inside a church. But the same lot would waste no time in coming up with funny placards to comment on Hindus and the Hindu religion. What these bimbos think they are achieving with their funny placards? On free time, when there aren’t enough avenues to bash Hindus, these morons can very well roam around with empty placards on their necks that reads ‘Free For Advertisement’ as unoccupied billboards putout on freeways. Look at the text on each placard. How the text can be same with everyone? Who is instructing these rogues to come out with their dramas? Another interesting thing to note here is the way these rags admitted the country’s name to be ‘Hindustan’ for the first time in their lives. This is my India; the clowns would say in other times but today since the agenda is to blame Hindus, it suddenly becomes ‘Hindustan’ for them. Who has given these morons the script? And what is this lie about it being a ‘Devistan’, which all of these bimbos are peddling? The temple in ‘Kathua’ where the girl was allegedly raped isn’t a ‘Devistan’ at all. It is actually a ‘Devstan’ of Baba Kaliveer Ji, a folk God of Jammu. Why lie here if agenda isn’t the key. These same rogues never flash their placards against the bastards, those throng in to join the funeral processions of terrorists. Sonam Kapoor never feels ashamed seeing his father clapping beside Dawood Ebrahim but she certainly feels ashamed being an Indian and a Hindu at the drop of a goat. 

This is an organized outrage, make no mistakes about it. The farcical outrage is mostly a manifestation of the ideas that ‘Cambridge Analytica’ has passed on to the Congress party and other commies. I will explain my claim with proof. Whom do you see in this picture? Yes, a notorious traitor named ‘Shela Rashid’ or whatever. Whom do you see beside her? Correct again – Deepika Singh Rajawat, the so called lawyer in the ‘Kathua’ rape case. Do this needs any further elaboration? Morons like SR are flaring up this nonsensical communal claim for some time and it is not a secret. All she wants is to fling open a communal angle in a ghastly crime. This is perhaps what her masters in the political circle want her to do. Now suddenly a never heard lawyer jumps in to lie alongside her and it is no surprise that this new found bimbo is a very good friend of the original traitor. Is this all falling into place slowly? These anti-national and anti-Hindu brigade work as a group. As individuals they are worthless, and they know it very well. SR even claim to have collected 10 Lkh rupees through donations to support the case. Don’t know who donated such a bimbo when her own credentials are dubious. This is how illicit money to fuel anti-Hindu anger is pushed through in the name of crowd funding. This Deepika S Rajawat also works for another known moron named Indira Jaisingh, whose multiple fraud NGOs, mushroomed for specific purpose of illicit money laundering, has been delisted and derecognized by GOI. Every time these anti-BJP rascals had ganged up in the past they had eggs on their faces. Every time the gang was up in arms it was always against the nation and Hindus. I simply won’t agree to admit that the thugs have ganged up yet again selflessly on their own without any notorious agenda hidden behind their Burqa. It isn’t simply possible with these leeches. They have a rotten history of baking their breads over dead bodies in the past. Morons don’t change overnight and certainly these morons haven’t either.  

This is another rag, the new found outlet of the left loony that howls from the corner 24X7. Varada Bhai has also a strong NGO connection. His wife’s multiple bogus NGO were shut down by GOI as well. Since the formation of ‘The Wire’ Varada Bhai was seen relentlessly peddling anti-India and anti-BJP propagandas. He is busy barking at Modi too, like most media thugs. No wonder why these rogues find religion in crimes while they don’t find any in terrorism. Hypocrisy apart, the fraudulence these stupid gladiators exhibit is overwhelming. Shamelessness goes to coma seeing people like Varada Bhai. For personal gain, he and his equally notorious team leaves nothing in tarnishing Hindus and India as a whole. This article itself speaks a lot on what people like Varada Bhai are made up of and what they are upto. Absolute hate for Modi and BJP and complete disdain towards public at large is the key here. Like Shehla Rashid, Varada Bhai flashed heavily and asked for donations, which he claimed he would give to the victim’s family. Crowd funding, you see? This is how this rogue wants to be a Messiah with your money. In fact this is how every rascal wants to be a messiah. Do you remember Varada Bhai being so agile for donations in other cases in the past? What is striking here is that, the easy way these clowns have adhered to push ill-gotten money to fuel the crisis further. This is how the mafia syndicate works. They take shelter of the public to push, both their agenda and the mafia money to fuel the fire. They had done it in the past and were caught red handed and I am sure they would be caught again with their pants and skirts down this time. 

This is an organized outrage and it gets further solidified when one looks around a bit. This is what one finds at the Istanbul airport. Who is paying for such T-Shirts? Organizing fake agitations and outrage seems to have become a global business. There are agents all across the world who have mastered in putting up fake stories, fake agitations, and fake photographs of kids in Syria and may more. It is not alone. There are many other junk periodicals in countries that you may not have heard of are publishing hate stories against India, Hindus and BJP based on just one ‘Kathua’ rape. Seriously? A lousy Malaysian junk would teach us just because a bloody ‘Kathua’ happened, which even may not be true in totality? Seriously? Whose idea is this? More important, who is funding for such nonsense? Can you see what CA has imparted on the modus operandi of the Congress party and its other footsies getting played out here? I simply can’t believe that someone in Turkey would distribute T-Shirts for free for something that has happened in India. Have you ever seen anyone in India wearing a T-Shirt condemning the atrocious behaviour of the refuge immigrants in a city like London? Have you seen anyone wearing a T-Shirt being critical of France and their systematic Talibanization of their cities? But we are a different case study as a nation. The first thing our liberal frauds do is to malign our own country as their stepping stone to elevate their falling reputation. They ask outsiders to slander India and call all Hindus of the country as barbaric and rapists. This is precisely how these mafia are operating since last 4 years. I had said once, Congress would even burn the country and its reputation to asses if that assures the elevation of a worthless creature going by the name Rahul Gandhi.

Last exhibit here is the ‘Category5Moron’. Look at the hidden delight in the tweet. Mission accomplished for her. This is the end result they want – malign the nation for petty benefits. The more you read such nonsenses the more you get sure how organized these criminals are. They are so much organized that they rope in jokers in Turkey to push their agenda. All they know is divide the nation. They did it during the stupid anti-Gouraksha agitation too. A single ‘Dadri’ made them call an entire nation barbaric. Not only that, they also urged the world to call India with names. They have done pretty much the same here. A single ‘Kathua’ has been projected as something that entire nation suffers from. To add to this time, all Hindus could be maligned in the same breath. That is a bonus right there. For these morons terrorism has no religion but rapes certainly do have. Such anti-nationals are these traitors that they get joy and pleasure if someone calls our nation bad. Few days back I had predicted that craps like the UN, which is as worthless as our liberal thugs are, would deliver a nonsensical statement on ‘Kathua’. And didn’t this bogus concern, which carries no value, sound much like a frustrated joke? Anyway, the whole of UN is full with jokers. The same UN which turns a blind eye towards the Muslim terror every time would have its nicker on fire for a single rape. When last time you had heard UN being critical of a particular rape that happened in any country? They would vomit on India because our own within desperately want UN to call India bad. They want UN to refer Hindus as the most barbaric lot on the face of the planet. This is how the ‘Break India’ agents operate. They masquerade as justice seeker while in reality they only push communal hatred. This has happened many times in the past and this is happening all over again.

One must not take me wrong here. I have all the sympathy for the poor little girl and I want the culprits to be hanged, nothing less. But I don’t want these clandestine morons to push their nefarious agendas in disguise of well-wishers. These leeches are there for no one. All they understand is money, and their abject hate for Hindus and BJP supersedes everything they have. They care two hoots if at the end of the day the little girl gets justice or not. Delivering justice to the poor girl is not the idea; in fact it never was. They never cared for justice in the past. They just are interested for their agendas which their masters pay them to propagate. Little ‘Pappu’ is in great danger and the CA chaps have dutifully advised Congress to do what they know best to do – divide the nation. The footsies in media and other assorted liberal commie circle are activated to spread the falsehood and malign one and all. Malign the country, malign Hindus, malign the PM and if required malign the army. This is what they are interested for. Justice for Asifa is a hogwash and I am sure most of these lot wouldn’t be knowing to which part of India Kathua belongs. I don’t call them bimbos for no reasons. 

Justice for Asifa – my ass. None in the howling lot is bothered about justice; I mean none. That is not the priority. Priority is how communal angle could be drivelled out to divide the nation.  But do remember and I should repeat it so that you keep on remembering – Congress won’t hesitate to burn the country if that assures a career for ‘Pappu’ and these lunatic footsies are the ground agents that work hard so that India burns quicker.

Hence I call these leeches - 'Rape Agents'

Postscript - The Break India agents want CBI enquiry for Unao but refuse for Kathua. Why so? 

Sunday, March 4, 2018

When The Shit Hits The Fan!

Team Being Cynical
The phrase dates back to 1930 when it was coined to explain what one can expect the situation to be when something very secretive becomes public. And certainly, you don’t need Ramachandra Guha’s intellect to imagine how meshy the situation could be if shit really hits the fan running full speed. Scared to even imagine the situation? Then let me make it even scarier. Imagine the shit hits the fan while you are inside the room. Sounds like a nightmare? Then let’s get one step ahead – imagine you are desperately trying to run out of the room seconds before the shit hits the fan and you find you are locked from outside. Oops!!  Horrendous situation. Precisely the situation that most left liberal frauds of India and their Lutyens cabal finds themselves in today. By the way the said idiom, if you want to call it as one, has got nothing to do with the content of the post. I had it as the post title for two reasons. First –  just to make you realize how these left leaning craps have thrown themselves into a situation that no one with slightest of mental stability would even imagine to be in. Second – for long I wanted to use the idiom in one of my posts.

Triviality apart, the situation is now so precarious for these frauds that they have nowhere to run. Nowhere to run because they simply have slammed the door closed on their own faces. They finally have run out of ideas, excuses and lies after today’s North-East election results. 
I almost always harped in most of my posts that our vicious media, ably crowded by the fake intelligentsia and the pseudo liberal brigade, had become the first line of defense and the last escape route for our Commies. And it is no secret that here the referred Commies are not just restricted to morons like Sitaram Yechury and his little moronic circle of comrades. Though they differentiate themselves by different names, most political outfits including Congress are nothing but Commies in disguise. The other assorted fakes who identify themselves as intellectuals and analysts are no less Commies either. They match their actions and philosophies syllable by syllable. The fake intelligentsia and the pseudo liberal brigade, clownish feminists and ‘Bakchod’ Standup Comics included, also played their best to cover these Commies with all kind of bluffs and deceit. They lied so heavily for seventy long years that the masks finally fell off around 2014. And it is a downhill for the Commies and their ‘Darbaris’ since then and getting worse each passing day. Free money has dried up and so as the free wine for these ‘Darbaris’. So, the call of the hour is whining and put out the constructive ‘Rudali’ acts nonstop. That’s what these fakes are best at doing. Now that their last bastion in Tripura is decimated conclusively, the entire gang has gone into a collective shock and blabbering ever so incoherently.

Leading the blabbering lot is the notorious moron Yechury himself. This man is as worthless a politician as one can be. He in fact is so worthless that he never could win a single electoral battle in his entire political career. Even his own within his party, or whatever left of it, rejected this man recently. He couldn’t even win that intra-party election. He is worthless inside his party too. In fact, his utility for India is in the negative, so much so that even the rabid separatists of J&K refused to entertain this loser when he was there as part of an official team. Introductions aside, look at what this man is up to today. Each time I hear this loser it flummoxes me no end. It is a classic case of ‘The Pot calling the kettle Black’. No ideology can be as anti-national, vicious, destructive and corrupt, let alone more, than those of the Commies. History goes here as a proof. In fact, the history of these Commies is so dark that it would take decades to instance out each of their misdeeds. This is precisely the reason why these junks were uprooted and thrown out by the masses worldwide. Our own Kerala would give you a fair idea what these Commies can achieve if given a freehand. Not a single day passes in the state without these Commies being in the news for all the wrong reasons.

A man like Yechury, who has his career based on the philosophy, that patronizes political killings as its main weapon, is today accusing someone else of using muscle power. Irony can’t stretch any further. While at it, look at his complete refusal in reading the writings on the wall. They have now reduced themselves to a single state, which even is slipping out at an alarming rate because of their decades long misdoings, and still this moron is busy counting the vote share. What matters seems to have given a complete miss to the likes of Yechury. Rather than being worried about the imminent total anhelation of his party, not that I am complaining, this man is rather pliantly busy churning out nonsense that hardly makes any sense in an electoral politics. But then, Commies are known escapists and as part of a rotten cultural and philosophical upbringing show abject disinterest in owning up. Another core philosophy that has shaped Commies in becoming what they are today. No wonder why even his own men wanted this joker out of the party’s decision-making body.

Where is Rahul Gandhi, you may wonder. On a day when his party yet again laid massive eggs in a democratic battle, the president of the party is nowhere to be seen. This is the fourth successive election that he somehow managed to lose after being appointed as the party president and seventeenth successive loss for the Congress party. Don’t fizzle out too much in thinking about RG’s disappearance. He is a habitual escapist. As expected, the great leader in RG has yet again ran away from the scene to Italy. This time his sudden bout of love for his aged Granny came to his rescue. By the way, this is the last Tweet I find in his account. Not a single word has emerged from the great leader for his party carders. I can’t even fathom how on earth the party men are tolerating a leader who totally avoids himself being subjected to tough questions when it matters the most. Each time the party is in a crisis, RG slips away from India. The minimum expectations that the party carders would be harboring today is the solidarity of their leader on the face of a huge and embarrassing defeat. But that is not the case with the Congress party. Their leader is the first one to run away whenever crisis befalls, leaving the lesser ones to defend and fire fight the situation. Such repeated tolerance towards incompetency and nonchalance can’t be possible without the absence of acute servile mindset, which these ‘Congressi’ are taught to learn from day one. I can’t recall a single political party anywhere in the world, not just in India, that accommodates such non-performers and escapists at their helm. But as I said, Congress is an entirely different case study. Rahul Gandhi did everything during the runup to the election, including gatecrashing a musical concert wearing a Burberry jacket, except winning the election, and yet, none in the party seems interested in asking – where is my leader when we have finally laid eggs and when I need him the most. Surprising!!

When one dynast is in question trust another dynast to come to his rescue. Farooq Abdullah is one more worthless politician like Sitaram Yechury. Having said that, there is one advantage with Yechury though. At least Yechury made his way up in the party by his own work, good or bad. FA didn't have to work for his position, much like Rahul Gandhi. FA is all about his family name. Like Yechury and RG, FA’s contributions towards India doesn’t scale much beyond zero. Other than being the spokesperson of Pakistan on our soil FA has a very thin achievement list. I call this moron a ‘Useful Idiot’. His oozing love for our enemy makes him get into my ‘Hall Of Shame’ and ‘Father Teresa’ list quite comfortably. Beyond the headlines, the words of this old fox talk a lot about his attitude towards the state which he served as the CM many times. The nonchalance about the idea behind our democratic processes and the subsequent responsibilities that the electorates expect you to exhibit post your win are legendary. Elections come and go, says the worthless man. Seriously? Is this how you look at elections being a so called leader from the most troubled part of India? Is this how you weigh your state and the electorate’s expectations? They just come and go while you remain perpetually busy advocating for Pakistan? I always suspected this man to be on drugs most of the times and I am getting vindicated on my conclusion. Shame on you Mr. Abdullah for reducing our most important democratic process to your usual free scotch Lutyens gossip. For your information Mr. Abdullah – elections don’t just come and go. They come and throw out garbage from our system for good. And this is what the elections have done and rightfully continue to do with Commie ideology laced parties like yours’ and Congress.

Where are our media thugs in all of this? Where are the evolvers who were desperately trying to evolve Rahul Gandhi for last one decade? Have they given up evolving the ‘un-evolbale’, if I may coin the word? Is the first line of defense of these Commies finally cracking? Not so soon, if you think so. Just when you think the usual nonsense of ‘Moral Victory’, as we witnessed post Gujarat election verdict, is a thing of the past, the shit hits the fan again. Charlatans crawl out of their woodwork slowly but surely. Junk periodicals like ‘The Print’ or ‘The Wire’ come out with a different narrative altogether. When I listed the ‘Bakchod Standup comics' as part of this pseudo liberal lobby somewhere in this post, I was precisely hinting at outlets like ‘The Print’. The credibility of ‘The Print’ would leave you at no speculation once you are aware of the founder of this trash. It is none other than the certified ‘Wheeler Dealer’ of our journalistic world, Sekhar Gupta. He is one of the many Commies in disguise. He is a ‘List-A’ Lutyens crawler too and a long time 'Pidi'. This is how these selfsame nuisance makers judge the electorates. They consider the electorates as, pardon my French, ‘Chutiyas’ while they are the only smart jacks roaming on the face of this planet. Sitting in the comfort of their AC rooms, these ‘Bakchods’ masquerading as intellectuals decide which and what is the ‘Achhe Din’ for the electorates. Laughable. This is some scaling in the direction of stale profundity of the public aspirations, I must admit. And it takes the skullduggery of the level that only Coupta can produce to admit it in the form of an oped. While Coupta does what he knows to do best, other ‘Pidis’ on the ground start re-tweeting the trash as if their lives hinges on it. They make one hilarious and flabbergasting display as a unit, which most of us have witnessed many times post 2014 general elections.

While BJP has made it to 21 states as the ruling party these Commie craps have reduced themselves to Kerala only. And I am not complaining at all. I always maintained – for India to grow Congress and the Commies must die. And I am delighted that we are almost there in achieving this pious goal. Goodbye #LOLSalaam. As someone correctly said – Commies are now present only in Kerala, JNU and NDTV studios. Oh yes; since we are talking about NDTV, hope these morons would take a break from their nonstop coverage of 'Taimur Ali Khan' and talk about this humiliating loss of their brethren in the seven sisters states.

P.S – To my readers : I am extremely sorry for not posting too often. This post is almost a month and half after my last post. I guess, the least that I owe you all is an explanation. The work I do for a living is on the higher side of late and like most of you, I must work to survive. I am not as blessed as the freeloaders Coupta or Varada Bhai are. 

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