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    Another Republic Day & A Lot Of Farce

    Another Republic Day passed quite peacefully across the nation, provided you agree to the mindset of the separatists -Kashmir is not part of India. The spectacle of the day was the usual farce at the Rajpath in Delhi where the who's-who of the political as well as the elite circle attended the parade with the President of Indonesia being the chief guest. As a tokenism and customary Major. Jyotin Sing was awarded the Ashok Chakra. Tokenism because, I am sure Prathiba Patil would have forgotten this brave heart's name by now. Forget the nation – they would have forgotten Jyotin the next minute as majority of them wouldn't have cared to remember his name at the first place. When a nation of billion plus population can easily forget the likes of Bhagat Sing, Sukhdev, Rajguru, Subash Bose, Chandrasekhar Azad and Uddham Sing; Maj.Jyotin Sing hardly stands a chance that people would remember him anything beyond one hour.

    Amidst the celebration and chest beating, none seems to realize the very reason why we are celebrating is in danger. The constitution which gives us reasons and dimensions to define ourselves as citizens of this great country is stripped of its own identity and stands nude. The day we go around shouting with pride a certain honest officer called Yashwant Sonawane was burnt down alive by Oil Mafias. What was his fault – He showed respect to our constitution and tried to do justice to his duty and responsibilities. The day we were garlanding rascals and allowing scoundrels to hoist our Tricolor we never spared a thought for a certain Shanmughan Manjunath, who is another of that rare cult who show respect to our constitution. No mention of Satyandra Dube anywhere as if respecting the founding ethics of one's nation is a crime. So this raises a fundamental question – why this farce on Rajpath? Why the wastage of Tax payer's money? When it is evidently proved that the reward for respecting our constitution is humiliation and death, then why this hypocrisy flaunted openly on Rajpath for the world to see and laugh at us?

    Why this show of might? To whom we are showing our might and why? When we are coward enough to watch helplessly our constitution getting gutted everyday by few power hungry mongrels and do nothing about it; then what is the point in making few of our best soldiers to march down the Rajpath and displaying all the latest war gadgets that we posses? If the argument is – the whole exercise is to give a warning to all our enemies and a deterrent for them to stay away from the thoughts of harming India; then let me assure you – it failed more miserably and quickly than Jugal Hanshraj's Bollywood career. If that was the case then seeing our so called might for last 60 odd years on Rajpath; all the Terrorists and Maoists would have already wet their pants and laid down their arms at the nearest police station they come across, long back. But instead they thought of boating down all the way from Karachi in a fishing trawler and create mayhem in Mumbai. Now this is the impact of our show of might on the guys we probably want to show our might. More than anything the thing that irritates me most is the tall claims of the so called politicians while hoisting the flag. The power of constitution and how the 'equality to all' is the sole motto of the Constitution and other such nonsense is frustrating. When we see pickpockets beaten to death while highway robbers like Kalmadi and Raja roam around freely; how much our Constitution guarantees 'equality to all' is anybody's guess. Perhaps a certain species called Politicians doesn't come under the preview of our Constitution and probably are placed right above it.

    Now look at what we achieved in J&K on our Republic Day. In the process to satisfy individual ego we ended up insulting our Tricolor big time. To stop the activists from hoisting the flag our security personals did the act where even the word shamelessness takes a dent. All the scuffle and wrestling with the activists ending up playing a game of Tug-Of-War with our National Flag and tearing our Tiranga in half is what one least expects on Republic Day. If this very act is not an insult to our nation, our constitution and us Indians then I am not sure what else could be. Look at the tout turned politician from UP. He finds talking about his illegal income details with another rogue sitting beside him more important than standing up to our National Anthem. It took good twenty seconds for our Mantriji to lift his big fat ass from chair in honor of our National Anthem. Can't we just book this idiot on charges of showing disrespect to our National flag in public view and throw him for a better part of three years behind bars? If we really can then there is pride in celebrating our Republic Day the way we are doing. Or else if our constitution can't even defend itself then little did it can do for individual entities like me and you.

    With utmost respect to all the martyrs – You guys perhaps committed the mistake of your life by lying down your lives for this country. None here cares about the ethics, value system and moral that you guys carried all through your life and wished we would carry the same today. Little did you guys knew that you are handing over your hard-fought Nation to a bunch of rascals and scoundrels. Little did you expected that on occasions like Independence Day and Republic Day, we would remember everything (including our Swiss account numbers) but you guys. Hope you guys have adequate supply of sleeping pills up there in heaven. Pathetically sorry state of affairs – Painful but true.


    1. i wish this fire was instilled in all of us...it wont be long before the Zine El Abidin Ben Ali and hossni mubarak of our country fall flat...u what the funny thing abt the fall of these arab dictators (plundering the loot of their country so openly) all other dictators like the ones in kwait and other gulf countries have lowered food prices amongst other things...what i'm trying to say it that dont let the fire inside u die....our imagination of justice(inborn with us since birth) is the only hope for change...

    2. Couldn't agree more on what you are saying. By the way thanks for visiting my blog

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