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    Events That Caught My Attention

    Not that the event has to be of any significance or important for me to take a note of. When Mandira Bedi’s noodles strap top can take my attention, then you bet everything else can certainly do. Let me also tell you – I am not THAT big (mark the word in CAPS) a figure whose attention seeking events would break the headlines of all major Newspapers the next day. Let that for the privileged ones like Rahul Gandhi, Karunanidhi and Mamta Benarjee to enjoy. As for me, anything that helps me scribe another liver churning nonsense (like this one) is bound to catch my attention. So here I go –

    Jaitapur Agitation –

    On the contrary, this piece of my attention seeking event certainly did break and continues to break few headlines of major Newspapers. All the hell is for that wretched proposed nuclear power plant in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. Thanks to this dangerous idea of our Sarkar to please Uncle Sam, people of Jaitapur who never knew who their Chief-minister is (3 CMs in 2 years – certainly you don’t even want to remember) are now well versed with the possible nuclear disaster, nuclear radiation, nuclear waste, radiation leaks and last but not the least Chernobyl. If not anything, for sure our Sarkar is helping our citizens to improve their general knowledge – first, the tit-and-bit about Egypt and now about Chernobyl.

    Jairam Ramesh seems to be a real naïve in all this. The person who has a problem with anything and everything that has to do something with environment (let it be BT Brinjal or the mega POSCOVedanta plants in Orissa) is conveniently in favor of this proposed plant. This is unbelievable for someone like me who in recent past has seen the same man dead against giving few acres of swampy, snake infected land on the outskirts of Mumbai to build the airport as he thought it may dilute and endanger the marine ecosystem. Marine ecosystem? Where and how? Even though my questions are still remaining unanswered, Mr.Ramesh has moved on since then. If anything, the recent developments at Jaitapur clears one thing for me – Mr.Ramesh can afford to dilute and endanger the populace of the entire region surrounding the proposed plant and the generations to come but can’t take chance to dilute the marine (poisonous snakes and whole lot of mosquitoes) ecosystem in suburb Mumbai. More laughable is when he has to say, there is no presence of any danger from the proposed plant. Either he was too busy worrying about the environment that he could not possibly got time to hear about the recent Japan tsunami and the subsequent mayhem that is going around Fukushima nuclear plants or his television has blackened out during that time for the nonpayment of cable bill. Forget about Chernobyl, Mr.Ramesh might not be born by then. But hang-on; that was just about 25 years ago only. Isn’t it? and

    As expected, there bound to be a huge agitation on this. Long before (even before the foundation stones could be laid) the chain reactions of the proposed plant could conspire to leak few radioactive radiations; the chain reactions at Jaitapur has already started with who’s-who of the state political fraternity either supporting or condemning the agitation. There is a hell lot of chaos going in and around Jaitapur; if one has to explain it in one sentence. Among all this, there is at least one person who is trying to be clever by half. And that person is none other than Narayan Rane. If this Sherlock Holmes incarnate is to be believed, then Siv Sena has managed to get 500 crores to stage manage the agitation. Wow, that is some serious amount of money. But just want to clarify one thing from Mr.Rane – who did pay that whopping amount and for God’s sake why? Hope I would get the answer of this one at least.

    New Guests At Tihar Jail –

    Well this one also garnered the headlines of Newspapers. But little did all the rapists, molesters, chain snatchers and robbers camping (taking the much needed break from their busy schedule) in Tihar jail knew that they would be joined by some fine gentlemen who usually put on Armani SuitsVivian Westwood ties. The same gentlemen who always gave the impression that the only language they know to speak and understand is some polished Harvard accentuated English and breakfast for them is always scrambled eggs and lightly toasted brown bread are there hurdled up at the most famous Krishna Janamsthan of India. I am sure the inmates might be little hopeful after the arrival of great A.Raja and the subsequent visits of M.K.Stalin, Kanimozi and few others but they wouldn’t have thought their dreams getting fulfilled so soon. and

    For a change, the thugs from our corporate houses seem to be rounded up for good. It was about time the concept of Bribe giver to be analyzed and certainly the arrest of all those who generously paid Raja for their own gain is the required beginning. If that is not enough – cells for the upcoming guests like Kanimozi, Kalmadi and few other corporate honchos are getting ready for their grand welcome. Finally the regular inmates of Tihar are getting some feeling of pride as they no more the only condemned ones and a chance for them to narrate their grandchildren how they had breakfast with greats like Raja, Kanimozi, Kalmadi and Anil Ambani etc and how they used to hold their lota when they were honoring nature’s call and vice-a-versa. Reverberating feeling, I must say.

    But it would still be more fascinating if real thugs like Karunanidhi, Anil Ambani, Barkha Dutt are rounded up and thrown behind dark rooms for the better of the nation. It would be just the appropriate icing on the 2G cake.

    Beating up of Pani-Puri walas –

    This one also catch many headlines but secluded to only few astounding and marvelous media houses who always believed in airing high quality and nationalistic interest oriented contents. I hope I don’t have to name those great news channels which come with the package called India-TV, Aaj-Tak, India-Live et all. They almost showed all day that how the MNS (Maha Nalayak Sena) chaps went in rampage and bashed each and every Pani-Puri wala of Mumbai and few in Thane. That is one heck of an arrangement when you can manage to organize so meticulously that you can bash each filthy ass Pani-Puri wala of Mumbai in flat 22 hours. I hope guys at the IIMs are taking a note of it and make sure to include this as a case study on time and resource management.

    If you are wondering, what the hell is all about then it is no secret that either you are not aware of the story or not a fan of India-TV. If so then a flashback for you only. But before I start I request you not to read further if you love your Pani-Puri as I don’t want you to vomit for the rest of the day and for few hours tomorrow as well. MNS was all furious when it was confirmed that a certain Pani-Puri walaPani-Puris. Yuk time as it may sound and just another deterrent on why one should avoid those crappy Golgappa on street side. was using the same utensils for urinating that he uses to serve you those yummy and mouthwatering

    All-in-all, the culprit in question needed some lessons badly, and I don’t think anyone should dispute that. As such the Marathi people are one vibrating set of personas who seldom tolerate corruption. That is why they have greats like Sarad Pawar, Kalmadi, Ashok Chauhan, Praful Patel to name few. They also have strong allergy towards adulteration as was evident from the tragic killing of Yashwant Sonawane in Nasik. So how the Maratha warriors could possibly tolerate a Pani-Puri wala who pisses in the same utensils before serving in them? When they never tolerated or voted for crooks like Sarad Pawar, Kalmadi, Ashok Chauhan, they are not going to tolerate the Gogappa vendors either. So not only the Golgappa vendor in discussion but also all those who were earning their livelihood by selling Golgappas on Mumbai streets were beaten black and blue, their stuffs thrown on road and their utensils broken. For God’ sake, have some sense MNS. If for one rascal the whole brethren has to be thrashed then looking at guys like Raja, Kalmadi and Sarad Pawar, whole political community should be bashed; including your own chief Raj ThakreyGolgappa vendors because they are poor and harmless but very conveniently close your eyes when it comes to Sarad Pawar or Kalmadi and instead lick their posteriors. This is double standard overdrive and sooner you guys refrain from making a mockery of yourself would be better for you only.
    who is a cunning scoundrel. So where is the line? You will beat all the

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