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    Durga Shakti Nagpal Is Just The Symptom

    We were taught in our books, how honesty is the best policy. Even our parents brought us up feeding this notion of honesty all through our lives. But, is there anything trustworthy in those lines of our text books or the words of our parents? Do any of us have any confidence in whatever moral we were fed with when we were growing up? As much we may try to say ‘YES’ for an answer or may even vouch to pass on the good ethics that our parents taught us to our own kids; the enormous number of corrupts that crowd our nation will always come forward to prove us wrong.

    The latest example of honesty and the subsequent reparations one can expect to withstand for just being honest, vis-à-vis Durga Nagpal, an IAS officer of UP cadre, doesn’t give us much buoyancy to remain the true advocates of rectitude and honest practice in our day to day lives. Every time we try to believe the discordant lines of morality, the bitter truth of Durga Nagpal types turn back and bite a good loaf out of our beliefs in a jiffy. Call it an irony or simply the outlandish morons that swarm our political circle, in India honesty is one thing which is neither followed nor allowed to be followed, even if one wishes to. Or to simply put it; honesty is never appreciated in India.

    On July 23rd the Akhilesh Yadav government of UP suspended a young IAS officer going by the name Durga Shakti Nagpal. This was her first posting after completing her training. Along with doing her duty honestly she also was getting used to the nuances of our bureaucracy and how corrupt the entire system is from top-to-bottom or even below. Now you may wonder what her faults could be. To surprise you, there were no fault of hers, unless you find one being pugnacious against corrupt practice and the mafia that dominate the state functioning as an act of obligating a grave mistake. Now here is the backdrop. Since the young officer took her charges as the SDM of Greater Noida, she was up-in-arms against the established illegal sand mafia of the region. In last fortnight alone she said to have confiscated 10 trucks ferrying alleged materials. The mafia, who henceforth could be referred as the fund raiser for notorious morons in the ruling government, Mulayam Singh and down, must not have found an honest officer to their liking. The officer was not only honest herself but also was stopping fraudulent scoundrels from carrying out their evil objectives. That is for sure a double whammy for the bastards and their bosses up there in the political hierarchy. When one very well knows how our politics in general and rogue political outfits like Samajwadi Party in particular, get sprinkled regularly with unlawfully mashed money, someone sticking to honesty and trying to plague the source of the fountain of corruption, is a danger to the ragamuffins of the SP power circle. So the dutiful scalawags of SP in connivance with the cliques had no other option but to botch up a story to fix the nuisance that Durga Nagpal was beginning to incarnate herself in to.

    So what is the best way out to fix the honest irritations like Durga Nagpal? Yes, somehow give a communal spin to whatever genuine she is doing and be done away with. Knowing how big thing secularism is for the entire nation, none would ever dare to question the actions of the state as long as the secular beguile is blowing at the foreground. There you go – the officer was charged with accusations that she was unnecessarily trying to flare up communal tension in the region by her over-the-head actions. Now you may again wonder; how on earth, stopping mafias from looting the nation is an act of flaring up communal tension? But do you expect lout parties like SP to admit that their action against this officer is out of their sheer love for the mafias and buffoons? Certainly not and that leads to the advent of a cooked up story. As per this pathetic government of UP, the lady officer, one fine morning went ahead and bulldozed a makeshift wall around a mosque. Makeshift because the structure was brought up in last few days on public land and used by Muslims to offer their evening Namaz during the month of Ramzan. Before I go forward, let me tell you, this whole wall-nonsense is an afterthought or at best a cooked up story to hide the real intentions of this criminal SP government. Even if the story holds some truth, I still don’t see where the lady officer went wrong. According to 2010 Supreme Court ruling, no religious structure is permissible on public land, come what may. Isn’t the officer simply abiding by the rule of the land when she went ahead and allegedly razed that wall?

    Appeasement for votes has gone so worse that people whom we have elected to govern have gone blind of everything else. All that these morons see is Muslims and a nasty race to appease them so that their votes always lands in their kitty. Doesn’t matter, if in the process an odd Durga Nagpal is scarified. So divisive and rotten these political outfits have turned in to. To hide their own corruption and the Mafias, morons routinely join their hands to pounce upon honest officers who stand as hindrances. Since they can’t claim to have suspended her because she was obstructing their loot, a convenient communal gyration is fabricated and rolled out. Such deceitful these buggers are. To safeguard their own evil interest these louts would even go ahead and manufacture communal tension when there is none. They seldom bother if their untruth to hide their loot might very well snowball into an actual communal rioting. And such shameless bastards come to our doors begging every 5 years for vote and we happen to be bigger shameless bots to even comply with their request and vote back such morons again-and-again.

    And look at the reaction of another equally notorious party called Congress. All this while, when the nation was all but ashamed to have such filthy vultures ruling us, Congress offered no reaction, let alone any action. They even remained silent to the blatant misuse of power and arrogance of Akhilesh Yadav when he tried to justify his nonsense, even after the DM refuted any claims of that wall-nonsense, in his fact finding report. An IAS officer who is duty bound to the republic but harassed for just doing her duty has no takers in the central government. And why should there be any way? A corrupt Congress, struggling deeply with numbers to latch on to the power and barely breathing by the oxygen supplied by the likes of SP is not expected to react against the nonsense of the Akhilesh government. For them, a Mulayam is a must need phenomenon in the upcoming parliament session to pass their votebank oriented bills. Any voice raised for an honest officer now would result in a disgruntled Mulayam which in turn result in blocking of so many numbers of filthy bills. This is something which the Congress can least afford, knowing very well how these populous money wasting bills are important for their 2014 political semantics. To keep the filthy morons on board, sacrificing a budding and honest officer like Durga Nagpal is always a safe bargain for Congress. And as it is, honest people and Congress never gel anyway. That said, I wonder what the reaction of Congress would have been, had this happened in Gujarat. By now the entire motor mouth gang of Congress would have been all over the place affected with some acute verbal diarrhea.

    Hats off to this lady who stood against these morons, whom we unfortunately refer as our elected representatives. We know how shameless our political class is and how shamelessly they can defend each other’s posteriors, when the need arises. Last thing we can expect from our political parties to stand behind Durga Nagpal; to stand behind honesty. They have their vested interest and nefarious intentions as paramount, even if that means issuing death warrants to honesty and honest people. They have their so called political compulsion or else they may have to give up their pan-India loot option but we the citizens of this India have no such moronic compulsions. I am sure; the majority of us are honest and appreciates honest people around us. Let us prove that we do respect honesty and abjure rotten entities like Akhilesh Yadav and his gang of mischiefs. Let’s stand behind this young brave woman in her fight and cajole her that she is not alone. Can we? If not then I am sure Durga Nagpal neither is the first case nor it will be the last.


    1. Just one word, feeling sorry for this brave girl. May truth will win at the end and these politicians will return shit faced.

    2. Our politicians, irrespective of the party , are thick skinned and shameless to the core.

    3. No matter how much we shout or scream, things won't change unless the educated vote. I say this again and again. I am appalled by the fact that so called 'educated' come and rant on this forum but won't spare 10 mins of their time to vote. Lame excuses should not become the reason for flaw in governance. It's you,you and you who elect these scoundrels! Right!. You get what you deserve. That's the reason, the Hindus are sidelined and Muslims are given preference, why? They vote. Well Hindus might say, we don't get support in our own country, why should we vote? I guess, the politicians attitude can only change when the Hindus come an vote. Be it a right wing or left wing, Hindus must vote to safeguard their future interest. Religion based voting is common even in US. Yes issues are key, but if your existence is threatened and your community is wiped out in next few decades, what's the use. We should act now and teach these goons a lesson. They shouldn't take Hindus for a ride. Congress motto is ' Rule and Divide'. Put your country first then comes 'Mauj Masti ( includes everything). If Congress get re-elected, we won't have any history. Our kid and future generation will be learning how great was Mohammed Ghazni and what good he did to India.....let's change the course of History Now..Awake, Arise and never rest until your goal is reached. Many think the Great Swami Vivekananda did our country proud in his address at Chicago. But the real message was not for the world but to us....Indians. Otherwise, slavish mentality like ours would never have appreciated our culture, values and where in the world we would have made effort to learn and preserve them.

      Jai HInd.

    4. looking this type of incident my moral go down again low

    5. HE should have encountered both father & son, the CONgrasss rascals. They may become Home Ministers under Criminal Quota being proposed by CONgrass.

    6. Neelesh MansharamaniAug 5, 2013, 10:47:00 AM

      Mango people and Banana Republic.. "Ab kyu roye.. jab chidiya chug gayi khet.. Jaisee karni waise bharni"
      Give me one Good reason why did people gave vote to SP ..? Now you guys cry and weep over them .. thats there tendency.. you had the chance to vote them out.. but no.. you wanted Congress/UPA and so call Secular - SP - Yadavs.. then there you go.. enjoy...

      Next time-- Please chose wisely.. Go for Growth and Development instead of rubbish -Hindu- Muslim kind of crap..



    7. i am with this young lady. really hats off to her.She is my ideal now.