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    Metro Junction

    All are going the metro way. Each city wants a piece of the metro to heal their ever growing traffic demands. Baring few well known cities, like Luckhnow, all others are on demand for a metro running through the heart of the city. Why Ms. Mayawati an exception? Is it that, metro is not going to help the Dalits, or Luckhnow is not that paralyzed by traffic, or construction of metro would leave no potential place available for her to erect few more smaraks. There could be so many possibilities or probabilities it is.

    The latest entrant to the metro wagon is Pune. After Kolkatta, Delhi and Mumbai, finally Pune managed to sneak a berth in the metro. As usual there were quite a few enigmatic objections to the proposal by some esteemed ward members of the city. Looking at the time the authorities took and the amount of traffic chaos they introduced for the widening of the stretch from Chinchwad to Sivaji Nagar, I myself is bit sceptical on the whole outcome of the proposal. Better luck to my grandchildren, if they can manage to see the actual metro running through the city. If the authorities involved in the proposal to be believed, then Pune could easily go into the history book for having a large scale engineering marvel accomplished in no more than 10 years. Now the Puneites are dreaming of having a metro hub somewhere near Deccan Gymkhana, just like Delhi have it in Canaught Place, and roots emerging from the hub to connect each and every corner of this sleepy city. The whole idea of by-passing the Pune roads full with pot holes, the ever erratic traffic, the garbage yards in every 2 kilometers is certainly refreshing. Let me clarify that this said dream is barely two weeks old.

    My first glimpses of the metro goes way back to 1988 when for the first time I saw the metro gate opening with guys like Arun Lal, Shyam Benegal coming out of it in the famous song of Mile Shur Mera Tumhara. That was a virtual encounter via TV, where in my first physical contact came in 1999 when I boarded the journey from Rabindra Sadan to Kali Ghat. Though guys including Sheela Dixit claim that Delhi would beat Kolkata Metro hands down, I never got the honor to board one in Delhi. I will try to analyze the authenticity of the words of all those guys who advocate for Delhi metro over it's elder cousin of Kolkatta, next time I am happened to be in Delhi.

    With Delhi doing the disappearing act every now and then, thanks to the fog, the last leg of work to connect IG International airport was badly hampered. Coupled with it the falling pillars of the constructed bridges on cars, DTC buses, the black street dog fondly named as Bhalu, killing a migrant Bihari laborer, injuring two women molesters present in the bus along with the Haryanvi conductor and of course killing the ever lovely Bhalu, is definitely adding to the delay in the proceedings. No wonder guys residing in and around the airport (Gurgaon included) are left fuming. A part for the fog of the century and other half for the DDA, for not ensuring the safety of Bhalu and the two women molesters. On the day Bhalu got the burial, Ms. Sheela Dixit assured the public on the safety of the millions of Bhalus and trillions of women molesters and promise to take strict action against the construction companies. But the fuming Jats are demanding the completion in next three months so that they can enjoy the journey from airport to Canaught Place in just under 20 minutes as promised by the metro corporation babus.

    Guys in Luckhnow should appeal to Ms. Mayawti for a metro there. Certainly people around Gomti Nagar and business institutions like Tunde's Kebabs would benefit from this. Now there could be a Kebab outlet in Hazratganj metro station. Isn't it a fascinating idea Luckhnow wallas? For this Kebab dream to turn into reality Ms.Mayawati need to look much beyond than her Dalit drum and her statues across UP. I rest my hope on her as Mr.Mulayam Sing is even dead against the not so dangerous computers, let alone any hope of metro coming to grace Luckhnow during his rule. I want to see our own CM Mr. Naveen Pattnaik lauding vociferously for one metro in Bhubaneswar also. I just can't resist the idea of having Dhai-Wada hawkers cycling around metro stations there.

    I must say sorry to Bhallu and thousand alike in Bhubaneswar for my idea. Your soul may rest in peace, but for development to come there need to have a bloodshed of innocents as famously quoted by Napoleon. Thankfully there are no major count of women molesters in Bhubaneswar who would be injured in the first fall of the bridge pillars. And all the hwakers residing in Mancheswar need to be ready with their cycles to drive in to the metro stations soon. :)

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