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    Circus In The Cricket Field

    Hold on to your thoughts. Jammu circus hasn't taken any cricket stadium spared from this years IPL on rent or lease to put up their tents and start their regular shows. The grounds are still ready and available for the Tendulkars, the Pontings to show their master class. It is just that few guys thought of adding more spice and fun (Other than the cheergirls) to the game by their own piece of jingoism, eventually making the game of cricket a huge circus, no less entertaining than Jammu circus itself.

    Though there was never a shortage of comedy in cricket to begin with but this time around the comedy took an ugly turn towards tragedy exposing few individuals, guys getting kicked out, few fellows refraining from their million per day tweets, exposing Cricket-Politician-Businessman-Cheergirls nexus. As few would suggest, we could possibly squeeze in Dawood somewhere in that chain. At least two serving ministers, Prime Minister, UPA chairperson and whole of opposition getting involved actively into it. A huge team (much more than the standard 11) that's playing the latest game. While everyone guarding their wickets with their lives, it is only surprise to see one Mr.Sashi Tharoor unfortunately getting run out too soon and another Mr.Lalit Modi in the verge of getting retired hurt. Bad beginning to the innings. God only knows how and with how many members this innings going to end.

    Where there is money, there are politicians. The equation couldn't been more simpler than this. So IPL is no exception. As a matter of fact starting from BCCI to majority of state cricket boards, we have one or the other politician at the helm of affairs. How Modi-Tharoor, the best of buddies or so as shown in various photographs with all those shaking of hands, affectionate hugs (Jhappi in North Indian style), all those high fives, have suddenly become the best of foes? Tweeting against each other threatening to sue each other, God knows for what.

    The tweet of Modi many say have done more harm to IPL-Himself-BCCI than anyone else, as it exposed the skeletons in the closet of all those office bearers of cricket. Tharoor could term himself a scapegoat in the process, and we should at least give him that liberty. It is a loss-loss situation for all who are either directly or indirectly associated with IPL. The only beneficiaries are clowns like me who have serious problems with their English vocabulary to find few new words like: Sweet Deal, Slush Funds, Proxy franchise and Sunanda Pushkar. The last vocabulary came out of the woodwork from nowhere and spanked Modi & Tharoor on their respective backs till it gets red.

    As it is evident that it's about time Modi gets retired hurt, many would argue why this guy only have to take his pads off? Is he whole & sole of the IPL affairs? If so then what's the utility of a so called IPL governing body, where Mr. Faruk Abdullah is a member? It is hard to believe that the government or the governing council including the top brass of BCCI were never aware of these financial irregularities as claimed by I-T department and echoed by the media. Modi actually deserves some accolade for his mischievous tweet, which exposed such a huge nefarious activity going behind the closed doors. The fact of the matter is all were enjoying the new found vocabulary : Slush Fund and now are saving their own backs when the shit hit the fan. To their benefit they could never get any better scapegoats than Modi or Tharoor to scarify and clean their sins.

    Along with Modi, the investigation should be done on all and everyone who are part of this whole IPL thing. Just speculating the injection of black money from tax heaven countries, projecting yourselves as saints and hurling bouncers aiming at the boxes of Modi and Tharoor, not going to help much. Or else touts would go out clean leaving behind guys like Modi & Tharoor licking their wounds and tweeting.

    If you ask me of my feeling on this whole controversy, then well, I would say 'Better Late Than Never' but having said that I would appreciate these investigations doesn't become another eyewash as is the general case in India and culprits should be punished for playing with our emotions and the game we love and adore so much.

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