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    Effect Of Recession

    Some would say, 'Effects' would have been a better word than singular 'Effect'. It is just that I don't want to scare the hell out of you and make you revisit the horror which has passed by, somehow, barely a year ago. Hence the singular form of horror.

    All those new found beggars at Times square with an equivalent amount, if not more at our own Dalal Street and possibly in all those squares and streets across the globe. Job consultants working overtime and renting godowns to stuff the truck loads of resumes send across to their mail box from the millions who lost their livelihood. Suddenly guys finding 'go green' theme a brilliant idea and start commuting via public transport, giving their cars a much needed break. Few going to the extent of appreciating Mahatma Gandhi on the philosophy of simple living by adhering to only Daal & Chawal, giving their favorite Sabzi a miss. Nagging wives not nagging any more for the diamond jewellery promised to them on their honeymoon. Sudden decrease of pick pocketing in railway stations and bus stops. In nutshell the whole demand-supply chain was seized up with selective constipation. These are few of the trillions of causalities: thanks to recession.

    The latest being the most severe of them all. What all the nefarious anti socials, goons, thugs couldn't managed to do even after putting their best of efforts for last three decades, the recession managed to accomplish it, within a year. The production of the 23rd 007 Bond movie has been deferred indefinitely as the producer was promptly pick pocketed by the thief called recession. Now all the goons are breathing easy while the killer agent has been advised to cool his heels wherever he feels like cooling it. Keep it in mind, his masters are not going to sponsor his operation cooling heel at all. Pierce Bronsnon must be considering himself lucky to resign from the post at the nick of time and spared from seeing these unholy hours.

    Everything during this period has gone down. I am not sure but I won't be surprised at all if somebody says even the number of child births has made a nose dive. Now you can understand what I meant when I said everything has gone down. Only thing that has shown some upward trend is the prices of essential commodities. How is that possible? Is the little economics that I was taught during my first couple of semesters while doing my engineering is wrong? Where is that boring Demand-Supply theorem gone?, which says: 'Demand is proportional to supply & Demand valuates the price'. With all those demands going down, how in earth the prices kept on growing in the process torturing us more on the account of seeing the sorry face of Sarad Pawar on daily basis? Someone must be wrong somewhere. As there is little doubt on the age old theorem going wrong, it leaves the crooks and thugs in our Agriculture ministry as prospective culprits.

    But what is this recession all about? How come one fine day the whole world sees the taps of economy drying up? With all those heavy jargon's, mostly written in pre-harappan literature and much more disturbing definition and explanation, the economics professor made me more confused with his answers than I were to begin with. Then and there I decided to stop my endeavour in understanding it and just take it as a one big, impressive word, only to be used in group discussions among friends to project myself as an intellectual rabid mongrel of highest degree.

    Few say the recession has gone. But where that idiotic thing gone? Hang on. from where it has came at the first place? Which country this entity belongs to? Few would say the answer to the third one could be the USA. Is it? Is it something like having a tap somewhere in Washington and out of curiosity some mischievous kid turned the tap off to have some fun and allowing crooks all over the world to manipulate economics, just like our Agriculture ministry did or doing? Holly earth. This can't be so simple. For we lesser mrotals, let the recession be one recession only. Lets not disect or do our own autospy armed with the least of knowledge.

    All the thank God impressions are back with few beggars getting richer gradually. Job consultants screening the tucked away resumes in various godowns. Wives started nagging for the diamond jewellery again. Pick pocketing back to their best. Guys back behind the wheels their fuel guzzling SUVs. Mahatma Gandhi shown the back door. Kids demanding for a fabulous summer vacation. Credit card touts back again with their tele calls. Girlfriends demanding a notch better than just those Cafe Coffee Day outlets. Bollywood again producing intolerable movies in hundreds. Society security guard........ Ohh God, Plz bring back the Recession again ! :-(

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