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    Our Prime Minister Is Not Losing His Sleep Anymore

    Hang on! Something is seriously wrong. Our loving Prime Minister is no more losing his sleep. There could be a couple of reasons (if not more) attached to it. Either our PM has stopped sleeping of late or he has completely lost interest in governance and nation management. In both the cases things are dangerous - One is danger to our PM's health, while the other is danger to our nation's health. I can't blame the poor man entirely though, as when you become too remote controlled (even to address your nature calls) you tend to lose many things - sleep could be just one of them. Or is our Prime Minister being ordered to portray himself as completely non-functional and in disarray, so that the congress party can go ahead with their grand schemes? But who can order the second most powerful man in the planet - so has been touted by Forbes Magazine? Certainly not an Ex-barmaid. Conspiracy or no conspiracy, things are not going the way they should and I have my concerns.

    Remember Mohammad Haneef? The doctor who was apprehended in Australia on charges of master-minding terror plots in 2007 Glasgow Airport attack? We are not going to the micro level of that case, to see if that person was actually a terrorist or was framed because of his religion. But the case is important and significant for us as that was the last time (officially) our Prime Minister lost his sleep - even much before the guy was cleared of all charges. He in fact lost his sleep the very next second the guy was arrested in Brisbane Airport. Now look at the contrast on the sleeping patterns of our PM. A certain Vijay Kumar was arrested by the US immigration authorities at the Huston airport. The reasons were funny and stupid to say the least. He was carrying a pair of Brass knuckles and he was sweating while the authorities enquired about the knuckles. Please someone educate those homeland security guys - when they can't stop someone planting a bomb right below their posterior, they should least be serious about a pair of brass knuckles found inside some baggage. Having said that, I feel it's their country and their security. So we can't educate them much.

    The poor chap is languishing his time in a Houston correction center with hand-cuffs and a pair of orange boiler suit. The very pictures show as if he is already a condemned. An innocent Indian is suffering in a foreign country without any crime, but none in our government seems serious about the issue, much less losing their sleep. Where is our Prime Minister? I didn't hear him show his displeasure on this overhead behavior of US authorities. I don't expect him to lose his sleep on this, as it is, he already has couple of by-pass surgeries, but in the same line, don't want my PM to have some selective sleeping disorder either. Remember, Shahrukh Khan being frisked (not even detained or arrested) at Newark airport? Along with our PM (un-officially), a lot many others lost their sleep instantly. Without wasting time Ambika Soni threatened US that henceforth their VIPs would be handed with same treatment whenever they are at our airports. Appreciable instant and violent reaction, I must say. But why this partiality? Where is the same reaction gone in case of Vijay Kumar? Is it because He is not a Khan- And he is a terrorist? Or should one be a movie star to draw attention of our government? Or should I be politically incorrect and say - If you are a Hindu, you don't fall into any appeasement category, so keep your pig's mouth closed? Or are these signs from our Sarkar - Get yourself changed to one Khan, or Mustaq or Haneef for the government to care about your fundamental rights. If this is so, then let us change our religion in a hurry. If not anything, one of our fundamental rites - "Equality To All" has for sure gone for a toss.

    This is getting into a trend of late. Our home minister doesn't take a second to term it as Saffron terrorism, but ask him to name the other way, he might just wet his pants... Oops Lungi- purely out of fear, not physical but the fear of losing his vote bank. We should have Ostrich as our national animal and bird also. Drawing our Goddesses nude is creativity but we become rascals if we say Islamic terrorism. The other day Abhisekh Manu Singvi was voicing this nonsense in a media debate - 'Terrorism has no religion'. As per him, there are Muslim terrorists, so as Hindu and Jews fanatics also. Come-on - we also have 7 year old toddlers doing PhD. In Harvard, but that certainly is not the norm. When it comes to accepting hard facts, we just dig our head in the sand like an Ostrich and make sure our vote banks are intact. If in the process injustice is done to few individuals (not from our appeasement category), who cares.

    I feel sorry for a guy like Vijay Kumar on few accounts. First - he is a Hindu and certainly not a Khan. Second - he belongs to a nation full with skunks and scoundrels. Third - he himself is an idiot for being on a mission to educate masses about the danger of Jihadi terrorism. For these three mistakes of his, he deserves to get the treatment he is getting. And for the benefit of our PM's health he doesn't have to lose his sleep for an idiot of Vijay Kumar's proportion. Good night and Sweet Dreams Prime Minister.

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