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    Salman Khan's Experiments With Intellectualism

    Sallu mian is at it again. No I am not talking about his latest movie Dabbang (hope I spelled it correctly) or some nonsense like that. This time he decided to go beyond his chest exposing stunts or his usual Chawani-Chaap dialogues. For a change he tried to be an intellectual (don't believe me? neither do I) and talk big. Sorry my friend - with this latest of your vibes you didn't merely encourage a few tapori gangs to go on a whistling spree, taking the movie hall roof along with them but instead angered a whole lot of people who carry some sentiments. I hope you learned your lesson the bitter way and won't ever juggle with a volatile issue like 26/11 or for that matter any issue which requires some mature thinking.

    Now coming back to his encounter with intellectualism. This is pretty much expected from a man like Salman Khan, knowing his track record. Be it hunting down an endangered Chinkara or mowing down a couple of helpless chaps with his SUV when his tank was filled with some high quality foreign grog. Or his alleged link with who's who of the underworld and threatening Vivek Oberoi to stay away from Aiswarya Rai. He was all the time at the wrong end of the law, ethics, morality or social behavior. So nothing new this time and we shouldn't be too astonished on - 'how can he possibly say this'?. Instead let's look at what he has to say on 26/11

    a. All lives are equal. The person who was at CST or at Taj hotel shouldn't matter - Agreed
    b. Hotels got maximum coverage as elite mass was attacked - Agreed
    c. Pakistan was no way involved in it. So a clean chit - He he he, there you lost it

    Without the last line he probably could have got away easily. I even saw his Youtube video where he tried his best to put on a sorry face and defend his earlier words, but all in a waste. You know what Bhaijaan? You are not a politician and you can't just disown your own words citing opposition conspiracy. More than anything it was a business driven rant and you also know it very well.

    I can understand your concerns - Your movie is getting released. Non-performance (in terms of economics) of this movie could very well put your career into cold storage. To top it all you have a huge financial gain to make from Pakistan as the said movie is going to release there also. Perhaps with this thought on the backdrop you tried to impress your Pakistani fans in one of their television channels. That's bizarre if not anything. Now you have seen for yourself, the first time you tried to use your brain, what happened. You found that you have none. So hope you won't bring that nonsense of you being the most mis-understood individual in Bollywood this time around. Thank you so very much. Others have better things to do in life than trying to understand you, the way you want. I am of the opinion that, as you have duly apologized for your jibes, the matter should be led to the coffin at once.

    But on a second thought, all that he said is partially true, if not entirely correct. Leaving aside the point 'C', I tend to agree on the other two points. In our country there are bomb blasts in trains, malls, hospitals almost in dozens every year and hundreds get killed. But none till date has got the attention that 26/11 got. I still remember, when the hotels came into siege, everyone forgot, what the hell was going there at CST. I haven't certainly seen Chief Ministers or Home Ministers of the state ever getting booted out for any terrorist acts other than 26/11. Even the serious 1993 MumbaiUP or Panipuri chap from Bihar. Here I am not talking about the media alone. serial blast wasn't capable enough to see big heads rolling. Then why this exception for 26/11? I am sure the last reason would be for the 76 dead at the CST. No one cares for a bunch of bonded laborers from

    During the 26/11 anniversary remembrance, none seemed too much interested to remember the dead at CST. All they were up to was about the dead in the two hotels. Why only the candle light vigils in front of the Taj hotel? Why not one at CST? One friend suggested - might be due to traffic congestion. Judicious. Anyway the traffic in and around CST is choc-a-bloc to accommodate hundreds of patrons with candles in their hands and singing: "Aayega..Aayega Aane Wala". Forget about CST, we even have forgotten our heroes of the likes of Tukaram Ombule or Major Unnikrishnan or Gajendra Sing. Does anyone remember them anymore? But ask the Arnab Goswamis, the Barkha Dutts, they might just hand you over a list of dead in these two hotels. Don't ask for a similar list of the CST dead though - you would be disappointed.

    Sallu mian has learned his lesson, which I think he won't forget in a hurry, but a larger lesson is to be learned by a whole bunch of people: that is - the two points this spoiled brat mentioned. When a person is correct (even partially) for the first time in his life we must appreciate it. So let's get to his words - A human life is a human life and carry equal values irrespective of him/her putting on a Khadi kurta or an Armani. Second - get out of the hypocrisies that don't lead us anywhere. A Spade is always a Spade and would remain so till eternity. I hope this time we also learned our lesson along with Salman Khan.

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