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    Karnataka Politics & The Colony Of Thugs

    Politics is truly the last refuge of scoundrels and what a bunch of scoundrels we are blessed with. Nobody can be more correct than the person who has once said – The world would have been a far better place without a rascal species called politicians. From east to west, from upper to lower hemisphere. Name a problem and you would always find a crook in the form of a politician as the creator. They are such a dangerous species which can even turn heaven nastier than hell within days, let alone any country or state.

    You don’t have to go back to history to find exemplary evidence of the destructive qualities of these rascals. The current Karnataka mess can be a good example to start with. Look at the politically elected representatives of the people of Karnataka, whom the world knows as a set of hardworking and intelligent individuals. Look at the rogues these fellows have chosen to represent them. The behaviour displayed by these so called representatives could easily put all the goons and thugs of the Bangaluru streets to shame. Manhandling the marshals. Tearing open their kurtas to do a Salman Khan act. To top it all, being the opposition leader and standing on the desk to show his displeasure all the while shouting at the top of his voice like a fish vendor is not what the people of India deserves. Recklessness went into overdrive when one Congress MLA went ahead and manhandled the commissioner of Bangaluru city. Just sit and ponder – are these our representatives? Do we really need to have such goons representing us? Don’t being honest and law abiding citizens we deserve much better things than these skunks?

    Hang-on. I am no way saying Mr. Yeddiyurappa is a saint but at the same time those who were doing a naked display of idiocy are for sure bigger devils. Karnataka politics was always turbulent and this is just another cyclone it is going through. But the thing that baffles other than the goons dancing on the floor of the house is – the gross misuse of constitutional framework by both the parties. To begin with, a man with as big a tainted history as H.R.Bharadwaj (Bofors case - doing everything possible so that the culprits and he himself can duck the law) shouldn’t have been installed in a prestigious position that of a Governor. So little expected from this proven thug is to talk about honesty and transparency.

    When the trust motion was called it should have been left entirely to the speaker of the house to conduct it as per our constitution’s prescription. Mr.Bharadwaj has absolutely got no business to write letters to the speaker a day before to remind him of his responsibilities. Little did Mr.Bharadwaj know that the first person who needs to learn some ethics of politics could be himself. This bizarre and un-wanted display of concern just goes onto prove that, he is getting biased and working on the instructions supplied to him- God knows from where. Being a governor, rather being interested in the stability of the state polity, he is going west and walking that extra mile to see to it that the state remains as unstable as possible. This is for sure not expected from a governor.

    Now look at another gem in the fray - Mr. Yeddiyurappa himself. He conveniently decided to sleep over the scoundrel Reddy brothers and their illegal mining issue. Thanks to Sushma Swaraj who seems to be hand-in-glove with the Reddy clowns, the rascals are enjoying the best support thugs don’t deserve. Now why this apathy towards others? Why to sack few MLAs involved in a minor sugarcane scam? That’s precisely what made the whole issue go out of hand. Out of no where 15 MLAs decided to show their thumbs to Mr. Yeddiyurappa and move ahead. Wait – these 15 did not moved out because they are saints and can’t tolerate the corruption this government is supporting, but because there is a conflict of interest. The conflict is – Why only Reddies be allowed to loot the state, why not we lesser mortals?

    But this doesn’t give any reasons for seasoned crooks like H.D.Kumaraswamy to come up and talk big about corruption. This H.D father-son duo can very well be more dangerous to our nation than all Pakistan based terrorist organizations put together. This smart ass promptly hurled up the entire rebel MLAs in a posh guest house in Goa, feeding them with exotic food and half of Goa’s grog and won’t be surprised if call girls were also on the speed dial. All trading, starting with horse and ending with pig went round in various places like Goa and Mumbai. The voice of H.D.Kumaraswamy doing his cheap dalali is shown in various press briefings. I am sure Karnataka would be a far better place if this father-son duo be deported to some barren island in Indian Ocean the earliest. This duo should be issued a gag order or better be thrown behind bars without filing a chargesheet for next three months. A classic case of - pot calling the kettle black.

    All said and done, this issue is far from over. We are yet to see more naked display of hooliganism and rape of our democracy. But on a second thought – are we citizens have no voice? Can’t we teach these skunks the true value of democracy and send them packing to the place they belong? Can’t we for once stand up and say – enough is enough? Or like our Sarkar all options are open for us with no solution insight? Give it a thought!!

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