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    Protecting You From The Rapists Is Not Our Business - Shiela Dixit

    Shiela Dixit is nonsense or so she sounds like, whenever she cares to open her mouth. She is confused, directionless, absurd and disgusting. In one word she is like…hmm.. Tushar Kapoor. Be it her explanation on the collapsed foot-over bridge or what she feels would happen if Afzal Guru is hanged. But her latest antique on the security aspect of women in Delhi is most bizarre of them all. In a press meet she conveniently made all of us clear on what should we expect from her government as far as public security is concerned. That is nothing. As per her – what the hell the public was doing when a gun wielding assailant was firing at a helpless girl? Why none came forward and punched the face of the culprit as shown in our Hindi movies and saved the damsel in distress? Oh Really? That is so nice of you to deliver such a motivational speech towards self upliftment. Before I commend you for such ornamental questions; first and foremost, a small advice Shielaji – keep a tap on the number of Bollywood flicks that you are watching of late. Don’t behave like the Sharukh Khan of My Name Is Khan.

    Now let’s get down to your questions. Before I answer them I have few questions that need some answers in a hurry. First and most important of them all – Why the hell should I pay my taxes? Is it for thugs like A.Raja or Kalmadi to loot? You expect me to pay my taxes religiously. Find avenues and ways myself to get my job done and survive. Figure out a way to drive around the pre-Harappa era roads without getting myself injured. Have the adequate skills of negotiation so that I pay the minimum as bribe for my work. Arrange the basic amenities myself. Build hospitals and schools myself and now I should also learn all the nuances of martial art so that I can defend myself and fellow citizens. Hang-on; let me see if I can get in touch with Rajnikanth for the last requirement. Jokes apart – aren’t you expecting too much from us Shielaji? When you should be ashamed of such mis-governance where the public safety has gone for a toss; you rather find it fancy to accuse the general populace for this colossal crash of law-and-order. Have you ever heard of a word shameless? Your latest orotundity might just fit as a perfect definition for it. Just by scribing “With you, For you, Always” or any of that nonsense on the sides of Maruti gypsies while allowing scoundrels to create mayhem on the streets in broad daylight; neither you nor your good for nothing security agencies going to achieve anything. So please don’t make a fool of yourself ever again and look seriously at the reasons that had made Delhi one of the most unsafe city of the world and double the proportion for women.

    As statistics more often than not jerks the politicians from their deep slumber; here I thought of furnishing some. 492 (No, it is not what India had scored against Namibia in 2007 world cup) is the number of rape cases that were reported in Delhi alone (Gurgaon and Noida not included) during 2010. If you are average in mathematics – it is a good 60% of the total rape cases reported across India. Before you could start distributing sweets for such astounding achievements let me add to that – I haven’t finished yet. The cases are only the reported ones. I am sure there could be equal number (if not more) of cases that would have gone unreported for various reasons. So that is a good thousand rapes per year performance for Delhi – that too year after year. This year alone in first three months the reported cases have crossed 100 and looking at the trends, Delhi might just set a new world record of sort this year for sure. Aren’t you ashamed on these statistics being a woman? Any newspaper that you pick up from the stands is bound to have a couple of disturbing news from the capital. Be it the gang rape of a girl in a moving car, an elderly couple strangled in their flat, estranged lover shooting down a girl or a simple road rage where a handful of Sikh youths pumping bullets on the chest of few Mona Punjabis or vice-a-versa. A recent study just confirmed that Delhi has already overtaken Nairobi on the number of daily committed crimes and very soon it might overthrow Bogota from the top. Marvelous achievement, I must say.

    So this leads to a fundamental question – what your good for nothing Delhi police with that ‘With you, For you, Always’ jingoism doing? Busy giving protection to kith and kins of Mantriji I presume as the self-protection is a matter of individual concern or the people around you if the crime location happens to be a busy place. Have some sense when you speak Shielaji or better get back to the primary school again and start from the scratch. The Chole-Bhature vendor in front of Jantar – Mantar might be having more maturity than what you possess.

    Having said that; I must not blame entirely you or your government for this sorry state of Delhi. People of Delhi are to be equally blamed for this. The mentality of the people at large goes a long way in adding chaos to the situation. Being a society with a mixture of individuals from every nook and corner of the country hasn’t helped the cause either. Delhi being the power center of the nation we have more politically oriented individuals than normal entities. As the political scenario of India goes, it requires double the number of Chamchas and quadrupled amount of imported goons to felicitate the sundry jobs of our politicians. Hence it leaves Delhi with more goons than rest of the metros combined. Bordering with pathetic and uncultured states like UP and Haryana is no help either. Thugs from there usually migrate to Delhi and go on with their nefarious acts. The ultra-showoff nature of Delhiates is another reason for such upsurge of crime. Refuges post-independence (from Bangladesh and Nepal) and pre-independence (from Pakistan) are another set of nuisances that the security agencies have to cater to. In nutshell, Delhi has long lost its moral ethics. The average Delhiate is crooked, cunning and touts in nature. They are for there to loot at the first opportunity that comes across. If foreign tourists have expanded India to – I Won’t Do It Again, then people of Delhi have a major contribution to it. So with this nature prevalent, we are supposed to expect more crimes than the other way for obvious reasons.

    But such demography in no way gives the government to shrug off its responsibilities and urge the populace to defend themselves instead. It is as good as a director of the caliber of Ram Gopal Verma urging an actor of the quality of Ritesh Deshmukh to act on his own. So I hope some sense of maturity would prevail amongst the decision makers and other powers that be and try figure out a framework to safeguard the life of common populace in general and respect and dignity of women in particular.

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