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    Dr.Sing - How Many Error Of Judgments?

    Now Mr. Prime-Minister – You can’t just reiterate the standard ‘Error Of Judgment’ and wash off your hands from this mess. If anything that was evident from the selection of P.J.Thomas for the post of CVC; it has to be a well-planned, well calculated and well thought out exercise. When things went horribly wrong (perhaps even your advisory stooges never imagined), you were there again to clean up the crap spread around. For me it was an effort to mislead the nation from the beginning and you are continuing with the same act when you plainly put your hands up and admitted it to be an error of judgment. Let me assure you Mr. Prime-minister, as a voter – my confidence and belief on governance during your regime is running out thin rapidly.

    If the whole act can be put mildly – it is not an error of judgment but an outright incompetency (if we were to believe your theory of mistake) or an outright effort by few hidden thugs for their own gain. You just can’t own up your mistake and go scot free in a matter which deals with the nation’s integrity and national security to some extent. To be fair; you should feel yourself lucky to be still there on your job after committing so many so called ‘Error Of Judgments’. Had it been a private organization, you would have been fired long back for such cardinal mistakes. We being the world’s largest democracy and a role model for many countries; this incompetency in governance is unacceptable. It is high time that you realize the shortcomings and work towards fixing all the missing nuances before we as a nation get buried deep under the avalanche of your inadequacies. If this would have been one of those odd cases, it still would have been possible for the masses to negotiate. But for some strange reasons this is getting a regular occurrence of late. When one looks at the performance of UPA-II, there are only scams and bigger scams to be seen. As accomplishing so many scams in just couple of years is virtually impossible for any human being (unless equipped with supernatural powers); it is evident that, all the scams that we were witnessing for some time now have actually started during UPA-I itself.

    First let’s look at your alliance with DMK (Delhi Money For Karunanidhi), down south. A party which has least of moral ethics left among all the political parties in India is in fact your best of friends for some time. The party which has made governance and democracy as a family business is not only a partner in your government but also behaving like a big brother. When 2G broke out during UPA-I itself, all could see (behind the curtains) A.Raja with his hands in the cookie jar and his pants down but for some reasons you couldn’t or intentionally you didn’t; which any either way is dangerous for the nation at large. The same buffoon Raja was handed over the Telecom ministry again. Thanks to a lot of blackmailing by that crook named Karunanidhi and political Dalals like Radia and Barkha Dutt. If may I ask – where were you when this conspiracy against the nation and your loyal voters was cooking? If you say, you were been overpowered by others within your party then I don’t see a reason why I should have any respect for you as a Prime-Minister. A man who is there to ensure transparent and efficient governance is overpowered by thugs who wanted to share the loot is more laughable than Alok Nath doing a romantic scene. Isn’t having Raja in the same portfolio after such colossal loot is an act of cheating and insult to the nation? If yes, then just accepting your fault won’t gonna make us relieved. The nation for sure expects a genuine answer from you than just your display of helplessness on accomplishing yet another error of judgment. Being at the top post you are not supposed to make so many mistakes.

    Let’s look at your actions or the lack of it in CWG. Now please don’t stand up and say that you were never aware of the mess that Kalmadi was piling up. Thankfully a media house took the pain (which the PMO should have taken) in travelling half of the globe to unearth the loot that was going international. And what was your reaction when the scam unearthed – almost nothing. You conveniently constituted a so called committee to look into the matter and washed off your hands. All the crooks of CWG are roaming around free with the kingpin Kalmadi vehemently exposing the impotent façade of our premier investigating agency. He was so sure of your inaction that he just recently made a mockery of you, as well as the nation in his constituency. When a pickpocket is thrown behind bars and beaten mercilessly; why big fishes like Kalmadi are not been acted open? When all the evidences point to the veracity of the nefarious activities accomplished by Kalmadi and team then why on earth they were not arrested yet? This time around, where is the error of judgment Mr.Prime-Minister? Is it an error of judgment on our part that we elected you again for the top post? Or is it an error of judgment on your part that you never thought that one person can loot so much amount of money? Or is it that you were forcefully gagged down and ordered to keep quite? For the records Dr.Sing – the nation is not fool. The eyewash act that our investigating agencies are doing in the name of investigation is well understood by all. The theatrics in the form of CBI raids or those pseudo arrests are nothing but yet another effort to mislead the nation. So for the sake of the nation, please get out of that school boyish mentality and act like a state head.

    Mr.Prime-Minister; for heavens – don’t give us that ‘Error Of Judgment’ nonsense ever again and never try to shy away from your responsibilities. Arun Jaitly was bang on the mark when he said a mere acceptance of fault is not what a nation expects from its head. The nation expects iron fists than acts full with gimmicks and jingoisms when it comes to governance. Rhetoric doesn’t take anyone anywhere and the nation understands it fully. Hence it’s about time that you stop misleading the nation and start acting. If time permits, from your busy schedule of taking dictations; then please sit and introspect – what you promised to the nation and how much you have delivered. I am sure you will get exciting answers for the rest of your life. Hope I made some sense; at least more than your irritating one-liner – “ERROR OF JUDGMENT”.

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