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    Three Years Failure Of UPA-II

    United Progressive Alliance completed three years today and to be honest I can’t wait either for next two years to complete as quickly as possible or the alliance blast themselves up in between to protect their individual greed. I am sure there would be lot many others who would be carrying the same notion that of mine or perhaps may be a violent version of my notion.

    While one might get surprised in this sudden mood change among a large section of the society towards a party whom they voted for with a mandate of more than two hundred Loksabha seats, it is the Congress and its allies who should only blame themselves for squandering such a decisive mandate they got during 2009 general elections. In a collective highhandedness the premiere party and its allies took the mandate for granted and started behaving erratically towards the same people who have voted them to power. Nonchalant attitude towards issues of grave concern which affect the citizens directly is another of the reasons why people have started disparaging themselves for choosing such a government to start with. The progress report of UPA-II has got absolutely nothing credible to take back home. Year after year the governance has gone weaker and weaker so much so that we now in a position where we find ourselves amidst complete policy paralysis. While there is listless evidence for this nosedive decline of UPA’s popularity as an alliance, there are certainly few items which the UPA-II should have taken on priority but never did that for reasons best known to the biggies of the alliance.

    Tackling Terrorism: This is an issue where the present government failed squarely. Whether the failure is due to the lack of avenues or by design is still debatable, people at large have left with a very bad taste after looking at the complete non-action of the installed government again and again in the matter of terrorism and terrorists. The standard lines orated by the top brass of Congress every time there is a terrorist activity have annoyed people more than helping the cause of Congress. When the lines like ‘Culprits won’t be spared’ or the famous line which even is at the top of my personal hate list ‘All options are open’, used to pacify the anger among the populace a few years back are now looking as effective as that poor security guard’s objection towards an arrogant Shahrukh Khan. People are pissed off with the repeated false promise of ‘No one will be spared’ since they don’t see none being brought to book for any of the terrorist activities of last decade. Those few who are apprehended are enjoying their stay in various jails on tax payer’s expense. While our Apex court has long delivered their verdict to hang the Parliament attack mastermind Afzal Guru, the UPA government (both I and II) have conveniently sleeping over it for last 8 years on the pretext of some mercy petition. To protect their votebank Congress looked expediently the other way from the general perception and a President who otherwise is useless allowed to holiday around the globe but didn’t had enough time at her disposal to look at the mercy petitions lying on her table. A certain Ajmal Kasav who was involved in killing around 200 innocents and was apprehended from the scene of crime is yet to be acted upon. A person who declared a war against the state is enjoying our warm hospitality inside a 6 crore cell while the kith and kins of the victims are running from pillar to post for justice. If that was not enough we are honoring the taste buds of the scoundrel by providing him with the choice of his Biriyani. When we have kids begging on the street we quite unceremoniously are spending close to 20 crores for the wellbeing of this rascal. It is about to be three years since that unfortunate incident and we have to yet even put a scratch on Kasav’s body and quite literally at that.

    Tackling Corruption: Now after 3 years it looks like as if all the corrupt and thugs of the world had joined hands to form this government. That said, we all know how our politics was never free of corruption ever but there is a catch when it comes to UPA-II. While earlier corruption cases or so called scams were coming to public domain with a substantial gap in between them now they are getting unearthed on daily basis. Every week we get to hear about a new scam surpassing the loot amount of the earlier one; every week we are seeing bigger rascals getting unearthed who make look the earlier buffoons angles in comparison. While earlier the scams were limited to thousands now the smallest of the loot easily crossing a lakh of crore at least. Scary among all this loot is the deep involvement of Congress and their allies’ politicians. Out of nowhere A. Raja gulped down an amount which was never heard of till date. In a mission to fill his own and his party coffers he injected a loss to the nation in the tune of one lakh seventy thousand crores. He along with his cronies and the bosses who always remain behind the curtains to protect their spotless image looted the nation with both hands. A certain stalwart of Congress called Suresh Kalmadi made a lot of money in the name of CWG. While the idea of building a sporting culture remained a distance dream, Kalmadi and his stooges looted vehemently so much so that the loot spread across few continents. Rs 4000/- per toilet roll is something which gave lot of people a lose motion and an experience which is tough to forgo. I am told the loot in CWG alone was a good seventy thousand crores. More than the loot it is the inaction of the government against the thugs is what annoyed the most. In the name of investigation Congress got engaged with the fulltime job of fooling an entire nation. Be it coming up with a nonsensical zero loss theorem or outright hogwash, it was always an attempt at sabotaging the natural justice system. No wonder why one culprit after the other is systematically allowed to come out of the jail.

    Tackling Price Rise: In a nation which is full with hardworking and minimal earning middleclass, how painful it becomes for a large chunk of the citizenry when the prices of the goods goes through the roof. It becomes double the pain when this large section is forced to bear the unbearable price rise for the good part of last couple of years. When the income has grown by only 5% in an average the nation was pushed into some stiff double digit inflation. Most painful among the lot is the food inflation. While the government is dumb enough to conclude an earning of Rs 32/- or more per day doesn’t put you into the BPL list, at the same time they are inconsiderate enough to allow the food inflation to rise to a level where one can see vegetables and other food items getting sold in jewelry shops. In a nation where nearly 40% struggle for food, lintels costing no less than Rs 100/- per kilo are nothing short of a cruel joke on the face of realty. Amidst all this the complete ‘I care damn’ attitude of our agriculture minister is disheartening. When the nation expected him to take some concrete steps to control this menace he rather kept himself busy with some nonsense called IPL and only had a new date to offer out of the blue whenever asked for the details of the steps he and his ministry have taken to control it. Another joker of the lot is Montek Sing Ahluwalia. Rather being engaged with the government to set things on track he was trying to copy Sharad Pawar and come up his own set of dates on the expected date of relief. Action of an economist prime-minister in all this is anything but dissatisfactory. He let the situation slip out of his hands since it is not him or his close associates having a hell lot of black money stashed elsewhere were getting affected with the price rise. I just feel disgusted on the attitude of our government on this issue.

    Disrespect For All: Arrogance have even ruined greats like Napoleon Bonaparte. Surprisingly enough the Congress chaps thought themselves a notch above than this iconic figure. In a matter of haste or I don’t if it was because of too much cocaine smoking which led the government to treat the decisive mandate  for them as a platform to showcase their arrogance to the same people who gave them this mandate. Behavior of everyone from Congress was rotten to say the least. Out of nowhere the people of the nation became degradable entities on the eyes of all those who were in power. Complete abjection, no respect for individual views, arrogant enough to treat all as slave and that rubbish conclusion of being the numero-uno saw many Congress leaders behave as if they own half the nation. Individuals who stood up and started asking uncomfortable questions were subjected to the unnecessary ire of these politicians. From Anna Hazare to those nameless who were agitating for the welfare of Bhopal gas victims; all were painted through a bad brush by the Congress. While their own characters were lot to be desired, they conveniently try to do the character assassination of all those who were genuinely in pursue of a better and corruption free India. Common people were even not left out of their one-upmanship. What else can explain the arrogance of an elected government to send a platoon of paramilitary forces at the middle of the night to lathi charge innocent people who were sleeping? The fault of theirs was their open disapproval of Congress loot. Irrespective of age, sex and stature all were mercilessly beaten up for no apparent fault of theirs while the audacity of the rascals in Congress took a new low when they were shameless enough to defend their action the next day than hanging themselves out of shame. By the way, I am yet to conclude how arrogant a person needs to be to utter something like ‘Elected And Electable’ in a country which is touted as the world’s largest democracy. 

    You will literally need a ton of paper to elaborate the codswallop behavior of UPA-II constituents and Congress guys to be specific. While they should runaway hiding their faces for the three year of utter mis-governance so much so that they have screwed the economy upside-down, they rather are shamelessly celebrating their third anniversary as if they have scared the shit out of all the honest people of the world and inviting a hoard of other buffoons to join them in celebrating three successful years of pan India loot. Honestly, if UPA-II can celebrate their anniversary for reasons best known to them then I don’t see why should not Rahul Sharma goes out and join a rave party to celebrate Pune Warriors IPL performance.


    1. Culprits won’t be spared’ is like "kutte, me tera khoon pi jaunga"

    2. In the history of mankind, no group could be more cunning and corrupt than current bunch of Congi, to me that sum it all. Add arrogance, lies, shameless character, shear double speak and double standard and complete lack of responsibility from those in authority, even african dictators seems angel to me.

    3. Now i understand the meaning of Patriotism after your inspiring articles.
      But it is really sad that the Truth about our country is working as a motivation for me.

      The Truth is as horrible as Barkha's Fart.

    4. Cynical,

      Your article makes sense. It has lot of facts but not all. I agree the list of mismanagement in UPA II is so big that it can not be covered in a single article. May be, it needs a book to be published. I encourage you to do it.

      - ATUL

      At the same time, we all, as a citizen of India, need to start exploring an option. BJP, without Atalbihari Vajpai, surely is not an option. Again, NDA (BJPs union) is not completely clear of issues. So NDA is not an option for sure.

      If it is neither UPA nor NDA, what do we do? Difficult to trust anybody in this country.

    5. God save this country from the Congis...

      Hope this wretched curse is off our necks ASAP

    6. petrol hike today is not reasonable

    7. Best option we have today is NDA...anyone from NDA will be a better PM then M M Singh

    8. There are many countries who started as we did i.e., in 1947. For ex. China, Japan, Korea, Singapore and etc. but look at governments of those countries where they have taken their country. Look at India, where congis have taken it.
      Just to name few,
      - No population control
      - Illiteracy
      - Dooming economy
      - Inflation
      - Corruption
      - Communal politics (vote bank politics)
      - World's dirtiest cities
      - Worst infrastructure
      - Sky high corruption, surpassing all historical loot put together including that of Mughals and British.

    9. Dear
      If you can publish the letter in the article in some mainstream media...please do. Here is the link...
      It is the best satire I have read in this year. No offence.

    10. Which other political party except NDA or pure BJP do we have. This is precisely a situation to be worried about. Today, India needs "Leaders", not politicians to realize the 2020 mandate. And leaders is precisely what we do not have.

    11. wonderful article and very true!!!

      i have a satire here for BJP..do check


    12. It is suffocating under this Congi rule. We may not have option, but we should teach them a lesson by voting against them. We just cannot vote for congress again. They have the attitude however we fare, public have no option but voting for us.

    13. brother you have a great website keep it going greetings from a small town boy in India.