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    The Jagan Thorn In Congress Flesh

    Y.S.R Reddy was a holy cow. No? Well at least till he was with the Congress and quite generously and faithfully sharing his loot with his bosses in Delhi. While a handful could still be skeptical on my first statement, the behavior of Congress as a party pre and post YSR’s death is anything but evident of their attitude towards dumping their own and their close syndicates in crime once they either become useless like N. D. Tiwari or dead like YSR. History is a proof that Congress always remained like the river Ganges where all the scoundrels and thugs become pious as long as they remain loyal to their high-command, which invariably always was the Gandhi family and remain important for them to garner money and win them elections.

    Let’s remember the days when YSR was alive and have won them the election in Andhra Pradesh the second time in a row. He was a darling for everyone, which also includes the big mouth national spokespersons (read mental torture during Prime-Time) of the Congress party. From ‘Nostril Queen’ Jayanthi Natarajan to ‘I Love Vomiting Shit’ Manish Tiwari; all seems to be big fans of YSR, his leadership, his governance, his attitude, his looks, his Lungi, his toothbrush… well almost everything of his, including his hypothetical clean image. A hell lot of time was wasted on news channels with these spokespersons turned rabid mongrels of Congress kept on biting other panelist and at times even the host to justify how Mahatma Gandhi; had he been alive now would have cried emotionally after seeing YSR Reddy’s honest Avatar. Finest among the bunch were the likes of Renuka Choudhury who behaved as if they are fighting a World War, every time someone questioned the ethics of YSR as a chief minister of the state. Even though she herself lost her Loksabha seat from Khammam quite pathetically, I have heard her numerous times swearing on the name of YSR’s popularity among Andhra people. Though listening to a lecture on popularity from someone who is as popular as Shahrukh Khan among US immigration officials, I still remember her using the longest “HELLO” that I ever heard or possibly one can speak while defending a great ambassador of ethics and honesty like Y. S. R Reddy. While her own popularity among her own constituency people in Khammam is lot to be desired, Renuka Choudhury was always ready with an assault rifle to defend this great soul. Even the confidence level of the high-command on YSR and his looting skills were so optimistic that they never even bothered to send Rahul Gandhi to campaign in the state. Quite unlikely of the Congress once they with open arms for a change decided to share the limelight with someone out of The Gandhi family, when after the counting they ceremoniously admitted the win is because of YSR alone, without uttering even Rahul of the name Rahul Gandhi in an entire two hour long press conference. An entire two hour long press meet and the Congress sycophants not uttering the name of Rahul Gandhi was an instance which I always considered as unlikely as Mohammad Azharuddin not uttering the word ‘BOYS’ in a post-match presentation interview. So much was the love of Congress and its stooges for Y. S. R Reddy.
    Now just look at the way the love and affection has crashed quicker than the Swayambar marriage of Rakhi Shawant. After the tragic demise of YSR the Congress, the same set of spokespersons and the high-command are up in arms in defaming their once blue eyed boy and his family. Post the death of YSR; it was Jagan who was eyeing the chief-ministerial post as if we are not a democracy but still being ruled by kings and queens. As bizarre were Jagan’s expectations to get the post still being a novice and nonsense to a large extent, it was equally bizarre for Congress to behave the way they behaved back then. In a tussle to grab power they slammed the door on Jagan’s face and installed someone else (whom nobody knows) as the person to take over the reins from the dead leader. Even though the demands of Jagan to be sworn-in as the next chief-minister was funny to start with it was equally funny on the part of the Congress to display their compulsion in having Jagan at the helm on experience ground since they are the same party which installed a certain Rajiv Gandhi as the prime-minister of the nation, plucking him straight from the cockpit. If Rajiv can be the PM of the nation without any credible experience then why can’t Jagan be the CM could have been a great debate which our paid and biased media never tried to organize.
    As expected Jagan stuck to his own set of demands and ran away from Congress with few loyal of his father and formed yet another party called YSR Congress. The Congress clowns like Kapil Sibal or Digvijay Sing can still live in abjuration but it was certainly a jolt to the Congress party in a state which can easily go to TDP on any given day. Hence to counter the Jagan phenomenon the dirty tricks department of Congress worked overtime to malign the image of their own leader so that the power hungry leeches don’t have to shed away their power in the state. As a starter their once loving boy YSR was termed as an outright corrupt and thug of highest quality which later duly been corroborated by the same colony of filthy spokespersons of the party on the very news channels where they once threatened the panelist with Kalashnikovs for claiming the same stuff about YSR. To make the matter filthier, few ex confidants of YSR were brought in front of all to elaborate the modus-operandi of YSR during his days to accommodate corruption and loot in his governance. The whole idea was to malign the YSR family so much so that Jagan is stopped from gaining heights of some dangerous proportion. Just when the Congress sycophants thought they achieved their nefarious goal, Jagan and his newly formed party won three out of four by-elections. No wonder that prompted Congress to play their trump card in the form of CBI to come forward and bark on behalf of them with various threats like slapping disproportionate asset accusations. Rest as they say is history as we now find Jagan behind bars for crime best known to none till at least 25th of this month.
    Now here the question arises – Can we depend on a party to deliver good governance when they don’t even think for a second to hamper their own people when they are threatened against their greed of power? Can we expect a loyal and honest service from them towards the nation when they they are not even loyal to their own people? I have no love for Jagan or his late father since had YSR been alive till now half of Andhra Pradesh could have easily gone to their pockets a good couple of years back. Had YSR been alive, a third of state’s money would have gone to YSR bank already. Here the question is not if YSR was corrupt or not. Even the street dogs of Hyderabad know YSR was a crook and a high quality thug but that doesn’t exonerate the Congress party from the crime. I would be surprised if someone believes YSR was not sharing the loot with Congress from top-to-bottom. I would be equally surprised if it is claimed the Congress high-command was never aware of the rampant loot that was going around. It would be hilarious if it is told the Congress as a party was never aware of the daylight robbery that YSR was engaged with from dawn to dust. And for sure, it would be criminal if the Congress claim they were never aware of the real YSR which they seem like unearthing out of nowhere and all of a sudden once he is dead. If Jagan and his father are buffoons then the chaps claiming themselves the synonym of Dettol are no better either.
    Hope, the people of Andhra Pradesh realize the real chameleons those who are not only ruling them but also have the audacity to cheat them so blatantly by pretending themselves to be as innocent as Buddhist monks. No matter what, the biggest lesson that the citizens can teach these double standard scoundrel politicians is through ballot and I pray the teaching becomes an eye opener for many; the next time Andhra Pradesh goes on to elect their next Government.


    1. How can u comment upon a case still in the court?? it shows ur prejudice, you mean to say politics is a pure game and some politicos are good? Flaw lies in your system. Without purging it, you may prepare GBs of news data, it would be zilch.

    2. Its pretty clear that you are prejudiced and supports TDP. I personally don't support YSR but still your message is that everybody is crook except TDP. Prejudiced !

    3. @Rajesh

      Wow!! How you concluded that I am a supporter of TDP is still bewildering me. Did anywhere I mentioned that?


    4. Dear Mahindra,
      None of the politicos are good. AND YES, politics is a pure dirty or I would say the dirtiest game ever. As for being a case in court, even you can file a case against anybody whom you thinks is the purest soul on earth. If you are part of the dirty politics then you can be able to malign his name also using the paid media. Thats what politics is all about, remaining in power no matter what happens. Remember Aurangzeb has to kill his brothers, with whom, he may have played small time games while growing.

      The above piece is sort of satire on the game played by Congress to remain on power. It teaches us the game of politics as well. Nowhere in the piece is said that YSR was a holy cow or congresis are. Its a picture of political drama. Enjoy it or vote them out, its on your hand.

    5. @cynical,

      good one, but people from rural area and some caste think Jagan is best guy and will make him win and the loot continues.

      God please give our brothers common sense to elect candidates who are clean.

      Jai Hind!

    6. Dear DJ,
      Rajesh's comment is laughable ! Any way I read your all recent blogs. They are excellent as usual. My sincere congratulations.
      Ashutosh Rawal

    7. People of AP especially the rural lot are still smitten by the aura and goodwill generated by YSR as CM and his various popular schemes.Jagan is capatiliZing on this using his charm,money and muscle power.The AP people have no option but to choose between "known" devils-Congress,TDP,TRS etc & relatively "unknown" deep sea-Jagan!-PK