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    Open Letter To Muslim Community

    Dear Muslim Brothers,

    I am annoyed and so as million others. Hence no option but you got to take this with a pinch of salt. The motto of writing this mail in an open forum depicts two things. First it symbolizes that what I am writing is not a secret anymore as a good portion of the planet is grossly disappointed with your day-to-day behavior and second, this is the only way one can probably communicate with a set of guys who have their minds cocooned within a five hundred year old philosophy, which has no application or relevance in today’s developed society.
    For starters I would appreciate the answer to the question I am asking for ages now. What is paramount for you guys? To be a good human first or a good Muslim? Now, please don’t be too intellectual to ramble up with answers like ‘Humane Muslim’ or any of the nonsense to that effect since the mention of one’s religion doesn’t gel with anything before or after that. Let alone a powerful word like humane. For me, at any point you either can be a human or a man of your religion. It isn’t possible for anyone to be a bit of both at the same time; not even for super humans like N.D.Tiwari. Don’t get the jerk this early since I am not accusing your religion alone as this goes with every other religion as well but a little uglier in your case. So spare your intellect for better productive works and come out clean on this question with simple ‘H’ or ‘M’ option.
    I am been told many a times of the story on how the entire world seems to be against your religion. To get this misconception out of the way, let me clear this right away – Unlike you, the world has better and more productive things to do than just sitting on its ass and conspiring against you guys 24/7. So get over with this self-inflicted hallucination at once because this is annoying. And you know what is even more annoying? Every time I see a bunch of idiots going around destroying public property or killing individuals, the excuse furnished is that you felt insulted by some art work, some bloody movie, some song, some book, some religious comments. I mean seriously, the list is literally endless which could also include me farting louder than the allowed limit. Really? What’s the take even if you truly felt insulted? Just because you felt insulted first you go on creating havoc on the streets and then shameless enough to even justify such Mafiosi with pathetic excuses?
    What is that hatred about all other religions? I am told it is been written in your holy book to treat people from all other religion and their religion also in some kind of degraded manner. Is that so? And you guys still follow the scribing line-by-line blindly? Heavens! In a world full with people from different religious background, a set not only feel themselves as superior just because of a religion they belong to, though the real achievements in comparison are dismal but also go ahead exhibiting the same shamelessly is quite a phenomenon. Could you guys for once realize the whole conspiracy mongers in your religion are because of this pathetic belief? Could you guys realize your hatred for everyone else is because of this self-impounded illusion of being superior? Even though it is scribed in your holy book, it calls for some sensibility to fathom that the scripts ages back to an era where people used to believe child birth happens when God puts the kid inside the mother's womb and they certainly don’t apply in current times? You could apply your religious writings in real life and get away quite easily a couple of hundred years back since the societies were quite divided that time but not now. In the present context, any such attempt at showcasing one’s nonexistent one upmanship will call for strong repugnance from others and that is precisely what is happening; if you care to know why the world appears to go against you guys always. Hence, before treating rest of the religions inferior in comparison to yours’, could you guys take the pain and ask others on what exactly they feel about you? I bet you will be surprised and ashamed at the same time. When you are ashamed, blame it on your own mentality than anyone else.
    You know what bugs me most whenever I see a so called Islamic country? The hypocrisy in most of you. You go atop Mount Everest and shout for secularism wherever you find yourselves in minority. You preach the benefits of secularism to the whole milky way when you see you are lesser in numbers. You swear by the name of secularism whenever you don’t have the power in your hands. But what exactly happens when you guys are in majority? Why I don’t see the same love for secularism then? What happens to your preaching the moment you constitute the majority chunk of the society? Prove me wrong by showing me at least one country which is secular and yet Muslims are a majority there. Could I be proved wrong here? One will find countries designated themselves as secular yet been having a certain religion in majority but not a single Muslim populous nation. Is there something which I am missing in here or you guys have another set of readily available rotten excuses for this as well?
    And what about this ill treatment to women in your religion? And for a fact I know it is the religion that mandates such inhuman and inferior treatment to the fairer sex. I am told they even aren’t allowed inside your place of worship? Strange, No? Your apathy towards the female species has gone so magnanimous that you reject to obey the standard civil code but come up with your own where you made avenues to give the males ample opportunities to torment the females beyond limits. Now don’t ask how it matters to me on how you treat your women. It matters because by such uncivilized actions you are polluting the society which unfortunately is not your personal property. I live in the same society and certainly can’t vindicate your stand on treating the female gender nothing beyond objects and child manufacturing units. I don’t care what the hell your religion preaches about this in particular but for me a civilized and developed society should give equal stature to everyone irrespective of their religion or gender. I am least bothered what your opinion on women empowerment are since it is directly related to the growth of the nation. Get some life; will you guys? To hell with any religion or your religious sentiments; it is only appropriate that we must and should show respect to female species at all-time irrespective of what are your bloody teachings. At least we sane minds care rat ass on what a particular book has to say as far as equality in society is concerned.
    Hope you guys don’t term this piece of mine as an insult to, God knows who and how many and start killing random people for fun. Have some tolerance guys. If at all this blog rages your blood, please don’t kill or get killed in the process but take a glass of cold water, take a deep breath and post your comments on the precise points where you feel I have pictured it incorrect. And if you find this piece is utterly awful on facts and arguments, please write a counter post. I will for sure post your views as well. As it is, our books don’t say we are superior by virtue of being Hindus and we certainly entertain counter views with a healthy  and respectful mindset.
    Someone who hates fanatics


    1. Excellent post DJ...!Bravo
      I was expecting this from u sooner...
      But I will also say that there are about 5%-10% Ms who are good individuals...
      All in all, a perfect letter that should Open eyes! :-)

    2. Super!!

      But the point is, how many of them will agree to admit the facts?

    3. Perrrfect Write up BC!!!
      Islam doesn't preach hatred or violence but Muslims do... There mental make up is so ugly that they will blow up there own religion into pieces just to prove they belong to a religion of peace... A stagnant lot...

    4. Excellent article.. Well written!!!

    5. Excellent article! Well balanced. The fundamental issue is fanatism has been bred since childhood and that manifests when you're an adult. The only cure is self-inquiry as Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi put it. Hope the fanatics will come out their darkness and be lead by wise to show them the real truth.

    6. Common Indian :: Very articulate. Thanks for writing facts. I'm just waiting for Fundamentalist to give some comment (if he can).

    7. Best article till date . Kudos to you .

    8. The main problem with Muslim community is their Population and poverty. Their religion keep them uneducated or undereducated in Madarsa's.Their religion teaches violence & they do it for living in some cases,Like Kashmiri Jihadis. So majority of Muslim population is involved in crime. If you observe it is true that, "Not every Muslim is Terrorist but then why every Terrorist is Muslim??"

    9. Very good article. Hope muslims read it carefully, understands it and it tyrns out to be an eye opener for them. This is essential for peace of our beloved nation Bharat.

    10. Excellent article. Should act as an eye opener for mohammedans, but going by their track record, I doubt it.

    11. Although this is a nice letter, it is of no use at all! Muslims and Islams are cult to this entire world! It is now widely accepted that Mohammed was a false prophet! The things which are mentioned in their two holy books (Quran and Hadith) are enough to prove this! Have you seen any Muslim who mourns when Hindus or Christains dies in bomblasts? In fact, Muslims never accept that 'their people' are involved in it! When 26/11 attacks happened in US, many Muslims claimed that it was a handy work of America only! Same is the case Parliament (Delhi) was attacked! They change only when their people get killed! Muslims understand only one language, the language of giving befitting reply! Remember even Mahatma Gandhi failed to persuade Muslims from partition! Nothing more to say ...

    12. I think your letter will not have the impact that it intends to have. The reason being how many Muslims will read this letter in entirety with their own eyes? Are the mass Muslims educated enough to get onto the net and explore the world? They are busy cramming in Madarsas the mis interpreted word of God. These factories are producing fanatics.

      Those Muslims that will read this letter, will go out to any of the Mullas and mention the few words written in there. The Mulla will immediately take this to his bosses and they will take out a Fatwa for your head. This Fatwa will then give license to the infinity of Madarsa Fanatics to go on a rampage.

      Remember friend, this is a religion that was spread by two means historically, one being rule of sword and second the use of females as child producing machines. Most of the Muslims outside the Middle East are force converts. Those fortunate Muslims who got opportunity to go to the West, did not utilize it a bit. Example Europe is fighting hard from converting to an Islamic continent. Reason being the Muslims there are reproducing at rates unimaginable in 21st century while the educated local population is producing at almost Negative rates. There reproduction rate is so high the even an illiterate God Fearing Dehati would be ashamed of. These are same Muslims where women in countries like Netherlands go for surgery to get there Hymens stitched to show a Virgin on first night. This is what has happened to who got an opportunity to change.

      So congratulations for your effort, but I see it going in vain!

    13. Reproduction
      Thats all they know & understand.

      It is very unfortunate & i pray that i m wrong but i feel that time for muslims to improve themselves is over.Through their violent actions they have brought such a situation that now either they can live or the rest of the world can live. Peaceful & happy co existence is not possible.
      And ur article is mind blowing.Awesome.

    14. arguing with a muslim is like playing chess with a monkey.. no matter how clever ur move is, monkey will just throw pieces around and jump like it won the game...

    15. Jitesh Agarwal is very practical.
      Appears to be having wagon loads of experience, for sure!

    16. [Prove me wrong by showing me at least one country which is secular and yet Muslims are a majority there. Could I be proved wrong here?]

      I'm not a muslim (just telling this so that you don't think this reply of mine is for argument).

      Now coming to the question...
      Yes, there is a country which is secular and yet Muslims are a majority there.
      That is INDONESIA.

    17. To help ur ignorance: turkey is a muslim majority country which is secular nd democratic.

    18. Dude BC, I can understand your bias which is quite logical seeing the world around us and I agree with you. But please avoid making even a single mistake in your articles, because by pointing that out few people start dancing around thinking that they have defeated and proven wrong every bit of rationality contained in the rest of the article....

    19. Advani condemned film on innocense of muslims, but he couldnt condemn the arson, vandalisation that happened thereafter..... bcause ? He doesnt want his life to go up in air.

      Hindoos were targets for Pakistani muslim ire against the film.... what it shows? Is it a film made by a Hindu? Were there any Hindu actors?
      Then why this persecution?

    20. Indonesia is not a secular country. It is the largest muslim country in the world.

      Turkey is also neither secular nor democratic.
      It is a muslim country.
      They are just showing to be sucular and democratic to gain acceptance in the EU.

    21. Why do you think this way? how many Muslim you have interacted in your life? Don't just go gaga because majority of the people says so... I agree few idiots might be there in Muslim community but then show me which community has all intelligent and smart population???

    22. "Don't just go gaga because majority of the people says so" and why exactly majority people saying so? Without any base? Just for fun? Come on dude!!, If you serious about changing the perception of the world for Islam, then paramount is introspection than accusation.

    23. Turkey is Not secular its army is secular because of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk He abolished Kalifa and Arabic Quran, Atatürk saw headscarves as backward-looking and an obstacle to his campaign to secularize and modernize the Turkish Republic.

      What is happening now?
      Prime Minister Erdogan campaigned in his victorious 2007 campaign with a promise of lifting the longstanding ban on headscarves in public institutions.

      Turkey is rapidly sliding towards 14th century.

    24. Do U ppl know that Judaism is d mother religion of d western hemispher and christanity and islam r only its 2 different branches.There r no differences in these 3 religions and they share and believe in the ancestry of the same prophets.At one point a part of Jews went wid Jesus 2 form christanity, a few centuries later another set of Jews gave birth 2 Islam with Mohammad as it's prophet.All 3 accuse each other 4 one thing or d other.The concept of Religion,it's superiority over d others,d prophets,Angels,

    25. crusades,proselytization,apostasy,blasphemy,crusades or Jehad,theocracy,and more are the hallmark of these religions.They killed ppl in d name of religion,or any1 who dared 2 call himself GOD/Son Of GOD/Messiah/Prophet. They divided themselves and the world too. These ppl r so brainwashed that they just can't share world with any1 who r not from among them. While there was no religion at all in ancient times in d Eastern Hemisphere.& when Religions were discovered here,dy never claimed superiority

    26. or persecuted ppl of another faiths. But it does not mean the ppl of this region were angels.Here d Brahmins divided ppl in d name of castes claiming superiority over others by virtue of a shlok present in Rigved that says while Brahmins r d mouth of Viraat Purush,shudra r HIS legs b'coz dy serve d body of d viraat Purush or d upper 3 castes.Brahmins never mentions that even Ganga that originates from d feets of Viraat Purush is also Shudra by by their logic or that even Earth is Shudra b'coz she serves all

    27. From that perspective you cant blame that the world paints India as poor. I am a Hindu, but i do believe you cant blame a whole religion for the act of a few. So many people call Modi a killer, does he become one or does he get exonerated because people think he is not gulty? I believe the only way to rise up, is maybe to leave all religions behind completely.

    28. What is your religion. I am a Hindu, but i can assure you whichever one,i can point out flaws and people who are worse from yours too. Let us stop trying to paint every community and creating divides based on religions.

    29. Holy crap dude. Few muslim preachers and 'peace lovers' are hunting you and have declared a bounty on your head. Anyone reading your blog would do an un-pardonable crime going as per Quran. Anybody commenting is committing himself (herself?) to 100 years of black hole with no escorts to their service. Anybody even thinking to read your blog, should go to nearest muslim cleric and plead guilty, might be Quran setup a way out for him (her?).

      Seriously dude, this religion rules awesomely!

    30. I can understand from your writing that you are totally ignorant of Islam... I would suggest you first know Islam thoroughly.... u cannot judge islam and muslims by few wrong doers... open your eyes and read the beautiful teachings of islam.. Islam is the best and fastest growing religion... its growing day by day i know u don't like it... but u cant't do any thing expect writing this stupid article... we don't care what world say

    31. All religions are equalFeb 14, 2013, 12:48:00 AM

      Kasmi sir, the most beautiful sentiment known to human being is "tolerance". Parents are tolerant of their kid's follies and are able to raise a beautiful human being, friends tolerate each others misgivings and last a life time, life-partners, siblings, even pet owners and pets have a relationship build on tolerance .... this single sentiment is the foundation of a rock solid relationship.But Islam forgot to preach tolerance to its followers. As a result, we who do not follow Islam are termed heretics (I am understating what we are termed). Missing this most beautiful sentiment is the core problem. I can pray at a 'Dargah' or a 'Church', for that matter i do, but can you see Allah in a 'Temple'? Other "beautiful" teachings of Islam really don't count after that... In general, if everyone starts accepting that just like we eat,talk,cook,dance, speak,live in varied ways, similarly we connect with our "God" in as many ways. No way is right or wrong cause the end result is finding peace, and there would not be any more problems...

    32. All religions are physical level understanding of Spiritual level teachings. So the importance given to religion should stop. People should be taught spiritual truths and also be taught how to become aware of the spiritual truths. On the spiritual path your job is to grow spiritually and not bother about others. Kill the Kafir should mean kill those thoughts within you where you doubt God and not kill somebody else. Cut the had that steals should mean remove the thought of stealing. Because the physical hand also loves also does good work. .

    33. Srinivas ChannappaMar 10, 2013, 2:31:00 AM

      Which is the party that was born by demolishing Masjid ? BJP
      Which party & RSS workers hoisted Pakistan flag in K'taka ? BJP
      Which party members & RSS placed beef in hindu temple ? BJP
      Which party opposed death sentence of Afzal by fielding Jethmalani in SC ? BJP
      Which party is connected with saffron terror ? BJP
      WHich party govt. in K'taka was dubbed as most corrupt govt. in India by HC ? BJP govt in K'taka.
      Which party MLAs watch blue film in assy ? BJP MLA's
      Who said Swamy vivekananda has less IQ than D'wood ? G'kari
      Who said Jinnah is great in Pakistan ? LKA
      Which party dictated CAG about 2G loss ? MM Joshi
      Who is tapping Jaitley's phone ? BJP itself S.Misra
      Which party dictated coal auction & related scam? BJP & Orrisa Biju ?
      Who is the BJP CM who was jailed ? Yeddi
      Which party MLAs burnt down building with scam papers in B'lore ? BJP
      WHich Party Rajya Sabha member defended Rajiv & Indira killers ? BJP, Jethmalani
      WHich Party Rajya Sabha member defended Haji Mastan, YSR Jagan, Kanimozhi, Raja, Hawala scam ? BJP, Jethmalani
      Which party calls decent and tallest world leader like MMS as night watchman ? BJP

    34. I am a proud unapologetic Muslim. Believe me there was no better way to introduce myself as the things I am gonna write here will not 'beat round the bush'. Or simply speaking 'lets call spade a spade'.

      Answer to your first question.

      Its already clear beyond any reasonable doubt in my above introduction, but still to make things clear beyond any unreasonable doubt. "I am a Muslim first and last". But there was something missing in your follow up arguments after you mentioned the possible answers (humane muslim, etc) to this question. Let me put it here.

      By very definition itself, a good muslims becomes a good human being. By good muslim I mean 'the actually good', who understands and then 'also follows' his/her religion. Its not the one 'who gives good lectures'

      Just to give some elaboration from my religion itself, that whatever I am saying is not 'apologetic' approach but 'actual' teaching of my religion.

      May be you and many like you dont know about Islam and heavily rely on medi reports for your judgements. So, let me put the basic teachings of my religion in simple words here. I hope, you'll agree to my points after understanding them

      According to Islam,

      No human becomes superior to other just by race, religion, family or tradition. Its the PIETY or PIOUSNESS that brings you closer to God.

      On the day of judgement (Qayamat), every human will be made to stand up before his Lord and questioned mainly about THREE RIGHTS. Whether or not, he/she has fulfilled it, will decide his/her fate.

      1> Right of The Creator:

      Have you identified and accepted your true Lord? And this is the argument purely between a person and Lord, with NONE other involved. So if 'in your heart' its not clear to you that there is ONE Creator and Sustainer Lord, who alone deserves our worship with no partner and associate in his dominion, then you can plainly say to Lord accordingly that things were not 'actually' clear to me. BUT if 'in your heart' truth is clear to you but owing to family/society pressure and/or negligence and ignorance, you decide 'NOT TO FOLLOW THE TRUTH', then you will have no helper on that day.

      This is right of your Lord


      2>Right of Creation:

      Creation means entire creation of The Lord. It includes all the humans and is not restricted to 'only muslims'. So have you fulfilled the rights of creation?

      This right primarily includes right against oppression. In fact, in one of the teachings, Prophet, may peace be upon him, taught us that Allah says to all the believers (Muslims) that if there is something missing with regards to My rights/worship I may forgive it, but if you have oppressed any of the creatures ( cheated, abused or caused any harm), you will have to take forgiveness from him/her or else on day of judgement, your good deeds will be given away to them to compensate your wrond doings.

      Direct implication of this, if a Muslim is involved in killing of innocents, however religious he was, he cannot go to paradise, unless these people forgive him on day of judgement. I bet you didnt know that. And this is not something I just made up. Its our teaching. Fair and square.


      3> Right of yourself:

      You cannot over burden yourselves with worships so that you dont have time for even yourself. You have to eat well, take enough rest, take part in affairs of society and alongwith that you do have to worship our Lord.


      Now tell me something, if, as a Muslim, I am conscious about these rights, doesnt that make me a good human being 'by default'. (unless i dont practice what i preach and thats 'not being a good muslim')

      Talking about 'commiserable condition of women in my religion', this itself requires a dedicated book. I would suggest an easy way. Google for 'yvonne ridley', a british journalist captured by Taliban and her treatment by them and the consequence. I think that will be enough to clarify this misconception.

    35. @FazalAli,

      I am proud to be Muslim and I am proud of you. Thank you for putting right message across for people who has built wrong image about Islam by watching media....

    36. thnks faizalAli those are g8 teachings.r those practised.?? "ACTIONS SHOULD BE JUDGED AND NOT WORDS".KINDLY explain y wen muslims r in majority-secularism goes down the drain..even in our secular country ethnic cleansing was practiced in muslim majority state..y there r no equal rights for other religions in muslim majority country??? u know wat, i placed this very question to one of my fren who is from iran(by the way she loves her religion but not the people so she migrated to USA), n she gave a wonderful answer"WEN IN MAJORITY FANATICS MUSCLE DOWN SECULARS"..so despite ur best intentions the truth remains the same, if u were to be a citizen of a muslim country n u stand for religious equality u will be muscled down..plain truth-PERIOD

    37. i wanna go on hajj, n i dont wanna convert my religion..can u allow that- even if u would fanatics wont-those r the real people who lay down the rule ...ur pious thinking/tolerance doesnot mean anythin to them..so just dont put up tthe teachings of islam-but actions of the very same-explain y no religious equality in muslim majority countries?? u cannot -u know that very well...even wen u hv majority(like pak) shiites r being wiped out..."JUDGE ACTIONS N NOT WORDS"

    38. Dear Mr Balaji or what ever is your name, Indonesia has been Hindu in the past hence have some civility left, but now they are staunch Muslim country. Hindus even had to invent new god Achintya to survive in the Islamic Indonesia. And yes they dont accept polytheistic religions in their country. Read before you comment in the feat of rage.

    39. Mr MB, lets think before just singing I AM A SECULAR, AND I AM GREATULAR (sic), Lets try to get to the bottom of what he says, he is not painting EVERY community, and neighter is he making any false statements. So think before putting uneducated Brave Secular face. Education is not limited to school books they are biased as per govt policy any way.

    40. Not false statements but generalizing the whole community.. The guy who wrote it is a muslim, so there is your proof that Muslims are also questioning their religion. Every religion has evolved only because people raised voice against illogical practices. From the church to Temples, every religion has had to evolve, and if you try to make the muslims cynical and tell them nothing will change, it actually might not, because they will stop raising the voice.

      And the problem with trolls like you and him is the kind of language used, by which definition could u say i am uneducated or that i believe education is limited to school books. I dont know where you reached that conclusion from.

    41. i read a previous article of yours and you wrote that some people base their arguments on word from media and you trashed them with virtually MC BC. You have done the same. You have no idea whatsoever you have written here. To quote you " I am told it is been written in your holy book "

    42. Some articles of yours makes sense. Some totally opposite. I guess you are just what you call Karan thapar . Man with Good english otherwise bullshit. but i mus confess some articles are decent enough, make an interesting reading

    43. This is such a realistic article. I will be writing a similar one soon from what I learnt from my personal experiences. I saw the comments and realized no matter what you say, how politely say, there is a hidden terrorist in all the muslims (may be few exceptions are there) Majority would just want to kill you for showing them a mirror.

    44. Tolerance is an excuse preached asa virtue by the devious....
      TOlerance means...
      --I'm the best abut i ca nstil ltolerate you
      --My religion is best aand yoru si sbullshit , but i still tolerate yours
      --There is only one way to God or heaven and thats through mine, but i still tolerate your view
      -- There is only one Book thati s revealed.... . You can have your hundredso f literature but i still tolerate you
      -- There is only one prophet, you cna have yoru hundreds and Is til ltolerate you
      -- Finally, i dont care until u submit to the WIll of LORD or Our only GOd.... etc... ( sometimes i will even kill you or entice you wiht medicines, money, schools ) but i wil lstil ltolerate you.
      Whereas I am brought up i na religion that respects all views and preaches sarva dharma samabhav... Respect all with equal

    45. Hello Fazlali,
      If you are so aware and knowledgeable of your religion and its prophet then can you answer below questions?
      1. Your pedophile prophet married Aaisha at age of 5 yrs and consummated this marriage when she was 9 yrs old. Do you found Prophet a child rapist?
      2. Your prophet made his son to divorce his wife and then forcefully married his ex wife. Was that a good practice?
      3. Your prophet killed the tribal beheaded in front of his own wife and then forced her to marry and raped her same evening. Is this what the teaching and culture of Islam?
      4. Your prophet made sex with the dead body of his uncle's wife to give her a status of prophet's wife and send her to Jannat. Is making sex with dead bodies is a routine in Islam?
      All above things are mentioned in your Q book and Hadiths.