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    Sabotaging The Sane Minds

    I useed to hear this story from my Grandpa when I was a kid and it was my favorite too. There was this king who was Rakhi Shawant of that time when it comes to mental psyche. He was bad, barbaric, torturous and whole lot greedy. He used to tolerate no voice which opposed his atrocity towards the country men. Routinely he used to capture all those sane voices and put them behind bars. He would torture them endlessly for years and then kill them mercilessly in public to bring that fear among the populace. People were getting suffocated like hell but couldn’t muster courage to bring about that mutiny to fix things, knowing what the knee jerk response of the king could be. Years passed by without any change and people get accustomed to his torture, apathy and bad policies. But the ghosts of all those who were killed by this king were rapidly losing their sleep on seeing their own men rather fighting back are getting used to the condition. One fine day the ghosts decided to take the things on their own hand. They requested God to give them special powers to tackle the King’s mighty. Once after they were gifted with all such powers by the almighty, they attacked the kingdom and killed all those who were taking sides of the king in his barbarism and made a Sreesanth out of the king himself. As any fairytale can offer, the citizenry lived happily ever after.
    Now except the end part of the story, do we see a parallel with the current UPA-II government with respect to this story? Probably yes.
    Like the king this present day government is greedy, corrupt, full with hardcore criminals and very adverse to all those voices who oppose to their loot and bad policies. They routinely formulate self-serving policies so that their loot of the nation doesn’t get interrupted. Like the king they have made governance a family business where few of the so called first family and the extended family of the grand old party remain above the nation and its frameworks. Like the king this government is grossly people unfriendly where they routinely bring about changes in rules and regulations which eventually burden the already burdened populace further. They fill the nation’s coffer by taxing the common man at unprecedented margin, only to loot the gathered amount later and shift it to their own accounts. While the rest of the nation bleeds on daily basis for survival, these rascals enjoy all the benefits on tax payer’s money only to show their thumbs as and when wanted.
    But the real catch comes when one compares the response of the king to agitating voices with this current government. Like the king, the attitude of the government has largely turned into a muscle power business. Anyone and everyone who criticizes the disreputable behavior of this government is automatically held has a villain and appropriate unconstitutional treatment is meted out without any delay. While charlatan politicians of the party enjoy all the good things the state has to offer, the people who actually sponsor for such luxury are left in the dark or worse apprehended and the entire state law-and-order machinery let loose on them. While the exchequer is drained out with lakhs and crores of money on daily basis, anyone who opposes the intentional leak is subjected to the filthy volleys of people like Digvijay Singh, Manish Tiwari and Renuka Chaudhury et all. If things still don’t get suppressed, they always have an equally corrupt organization called Indian Police Force at their disposal to deploy and get all those sane voices arrested immediately without any crime.
    The arrest of cartoonist Aseem Trivedi is one such example where this filthy government failed to digest the bitter truth. The henchmen of the party who are anacondas of the corruption swamp couldn’t tolerate someone having an average identity like Aseem dared to show them the mirror. The thick rascal skinned rhinos of our political Kajiranga couldn’t just stand the truth more and rather felt it better to massacre our constitution in putting a guy behind the bars who on any given day is far, far worthy of the nation than the rascals who conspired to gag his voice. This is getting into some kind of trend of late. First it was that surprise of constipation in terms of ideas when the corrupt government, not showing an iota of shamelessness banned or blocked all those Twitter handles which were against them. From journalist of repute to average hardworking and law abiding citizens; many were stopped from voicing their opinions on the criminals and scoundrels, those constitute the UPA government. Even parody accounts were not spared as if the original @PMOIndia is anything more useful than Sirish Kunder. Later I am told even our intelligence guys were left behind all those accounts which were blocked to see if they are conspiring to initiate another agitation against the latest multi thousand crore loot. This is so insane when a government rather concentrating on governance are so preoccupied with their loot and protecting their posteriors when unmasked that they have stooped to such levels to insult the very democracy which have given them the mandate to govern for the term.
    Getting back to Aseem and his drawings, do you see anything wrong in what he has drawn? Is by any chance our parliament any better than the public toilet? Forget it being any better or worse; do you find any difference even at the first place? The day Aseem was charged with insulting our parliament, the very day a bunch of scoundrels from SP and BSP came to blows and tore each other’s Kurta on the topic of promotion bill (hell, even this pathetic society divisive bill deserves a separate blog). So drawing a cartoon on our parliament is insult to our democracy but thugs fighting like street dogs, all the while shouting Maa-Behen gaalis on top of their voice inside the well is not? Kind of baffled to see such blatant miscarriage of democratic ethos in the hands of a bunch of buffoons while rest all who opposed such nonsense are held as desperados.
    Along with our democracy Aseem is also charged with insulting our National emblem as well. Really? We are a nation and we do have an emblem also? For me, national emblem is there because a nation is there. A nation is mapped to grades in terms of its national character, ethos and value system. When we have more scoundrels and thugs than otherwise; when we have such a low national moral which even will shame Zimbabwe and Somalia; when we have leaders who are rapists of the nation in true sense; where the hell is the nation here? Aseem insulting our national emblem doesn’t arise at the first place since us as a nation has deception, corruption and loot as our emblem and very rightly Aseem has changed the lion heads to those of blood hungry wolfs. For me, Aseem rather deserves awards and accolades for picturing the truth. If at all he be punished, it should be for not finding a far worse object than a public toilet to compare it with our parliament. Where a lot of skunks engage in mudslinging at each other on daily basis can’t be anything better than a shit puddle.
    All said and done, like the fairytale, I am waiting for the ghosts to react so that the buffoons can be terminated at once. Here the ghosts I see are those who are suffering for these scalawags; ghosts are those which these reprobates are building through their apathy and mindless policies; ghosts are those which as a community are always been kept buried under the avalanche of appeasement to others; ghosts are those whose hard earned money is swiftly plundered by these maniacs. Hope the ghosts will roar during 2014 and uproot this pathetic corrupt party from its existence so that our coming generation won’t have to suffer from what we are suffering for our own mistake of electing these scumbags.


    1. Writting like you, All said and done - Hasn't Aseem trivedi committed a crime at the end of the day?

    2. BC

      After I watched Aseem interview on TV and your article I have these observations -

      1. It is irrational to put sedition charges going by his real intent, but it is not unlawful if you read the law carefully. But I also felt he shall be given a chance to be free

      2. I found him really young but a naive and raw at expressing thru his cartoons (are they cartoons?) I myself a part of Anna campaign on anti - corruption crusade but after seeing his cartoons, it is not to be condoned because Iam part of IAC.

      3. His only contention is that when US white house can be shown as a toilet, why not Indian Parliament ?

      He failed to understand that we as Indians have put certain respect to National embloms, identities. In USA even their flag is seen as underwear doesnt mean we allow it in India.

      4. Iam particularly against his the one cartoon you have shown on your blog, and next is 'Bharat mata' being gangraped! These two really hurt my feelings as Indian citizen, I have every right to condemn him. Iam not with you BC on this.

      5. Further more, he challenged on Times Now, he he would do similar work on any religious symbol if required. Imagine, if he does to Muslims, what Late Hussain did to Hindus psyche, will he be alive and if so, will his hands work to caricature

      Do we really need to risk 80Cr Hindu refugees being mowed down, at a time when a documentary made by American can create trouble for me going on Chennai roads! and many more only to follow.

      Ofcourse, if he copies Late Hussain, then sedition charges will be lifted and he will be awarded by UPA.

    3. The Islamist thugs who ran riot in Mumbai on August 11th and desecrated of the Amar Jawan Memorial have not been charged for sedition or insult to national emblems or monuments. Noori, the head of the Raza Academy has not been penalised though he has repeatedly led violent protests even before the August 11th rally in Mumbai. Badruddin Ajmal, a sitting UDF MP from Assam compared the situation in BTC Assam with the conditions of Palestinians in Israel. No action has ever been taken against him. MIM's Owaisi openly paraded Rohingya refugees (who entered India illegally without any travel documents) in front of the media, but what action was taken against him?

      But Aseem Trivedi or Binayak Sen get charged for sedition. Anti corruption movements are denigrated by calling them anti-minority and the movement leaders are branded RSS stooges!

      Is this SECULARISM? Is it a crime to be a Hindu in this country?

    4. Though sad, what you said is true

    5. Recently Mani Shanker Aiyer argued in an NDTV debate that hindus coming from Pak to India and wanting to settle should be asked the reason why they wish to settle here and only then given permission.

      Not a single panelist or anyone from the audience asked him if he and his congress govt asked the same question to milllions of Banglaseshi Muslims who have entered India illegally.

      This fellow pretends as if he is a very learned scholar but actually he is nothing but a hypocrite!!!

    6. What Aseem did is no great national shame than what UPA politicos were doing since 2004, more so Congress for over 50yrs... except that
      his surname is anti-secular (read Hindu)

      Had it been Khan/Akhthar then he would have been given 'RK Laxman' award and a Padmasree to follow.

    7. India has finally become a cesspool - toilet bowl is a better description of the parliament. At least you can seat on a bowl - but cesspool is what you know!! a hole on the ground for excreta. What is the solution to this menace? How to kill the beast "corruption"? We need a leader like Chanakya and a war fighter like Chandragupta? Is there anyone like that in modern India? If not, the country is doomed!

    8. Cong is busy making mountain out of tiny issue.

      When will India change? If this country have to survive (not even progress - just survive), we need to change our political system and current politicians.