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    Nasty North Indians !!

    Dear Northies,

    I am restricting to Northies as every time I write “North Indians”, a one horn Rhino is poached in Kajiranga National Park. Hence it is the easy short-form, complimenting your rowdy existence in this planet. That said, I would have dearly loved to scribe “Nasty Northies” to start with but that is reserved for the later part of the blog.
    When recently asked by a magazine to write about the socio-cultural behavior of India as a whole and different zones in particular, I argued, they are quite similar in cultural and behavioral perspective provided you take the NORTH part of our country out of it. Except the scumbags and their rotten mentality hovering up there in north, all zones are not much different from each other, I added. Please be aware, here I am excluding the Sikhs, who according to me are the finest cult but for the rest rotten baggage – ‘You guys are a stinking disgrace to India, Indians and humanity as a whole’.
    I know your hybrid so called Mona Punjabi blood might be boiling by reading the first few lines and before you guys kill or get killed or even go ahead raping your own sisters out of rage, let me show you the mirror along with few tight slaps on both your cheeks and point all the nasty artifacts that majority of you Northies carry. Here at least three reasons which should make any sane individual to go on a long hibernation but not you guys because you are that rare species called uncultured and shameless Northies. Here I go….
    Money Is Everything: - Wonder to which level you guys can stoop to for money? I would be the last person who would be surprised if you end up trading your own mother, sisters and other female members of your family for the same. The most important relationship for majority of you scumbags is money. The money is laced into your gene from the day you transform yourself from that one sperm to a life cell. The moment you are out of the womb, the proud father gets busy with his calculator on how much he can gain monetarily if you happen to be a male or how much he had to shed away if you happen to be a female. The mother also does her bit of calculation even if she is going through that immense pain post a caesarean delivery.
    That is how ugly you guys are when it comes to money. Even your newborns are a profit/loss statement for you creatures. Hang-on before you come up with your explanation which would again be as pathetic in nature as most of your other actions are. You guys are so money starving mongrels that you even don’t hesitate to ask your daughters to formulate false propaganda against their husbands and in-laws so that a hefty amount can be bargained from the poor family in exchange of that so called mutual divorce. Even your daughters’ matrimony is a money making extravagance for you guys. You would certainly love to hear the technical term of this act – legal prostitution. My apologies to the prostitutes, who at least sell themselves and their daughters openly, unlike you crooked set of rabid entities. That said, I shouldn’t blame you guys entirely for this sickening affinity towards money. You guys were brought up like that and this phenomenon had long gone deep inside your genes. Certainly your forefathers quite deservingly should be blamed for this as when they had to migrate to India during partition as refugees; they had nothing with them other than a pair of dress and a lota. Alienated from the roots and struggling with a strong identity crisis, it was always money that they latch onto like filthy leeches. So it’s not your problem you Karim’s loving piece of shit, the problem is with your lousy family hierarchy.
    Let’s get down to the easier task. Did you guys ever cared to figure out the looter in each of you? Ever (Which would be proved beyond doubt with a single glance at an average auto rickshaw driver of Delhi)? Or the traitor gene that you guys seems to possess? If not then just scavenge the history a bit and you would find your forefathers licking Mughal posteriors for personal gain and selling the motherland in exchange of treasure and asking their women to sleep with the Mughal officials. So that’s where your lineage comes from; from a colony of seasoned bootlickers and traitors. So selling your women and motherland for money is nothing new for you and certainly an attribute that you guys have mastered in since ages. You were selling your female members a thousand years ago and you are selling them now with a little sophistication.
    Criminal Mentality: - One wonders what came first, Northies or criminality and criminals. To delight you a bit my dear Northies, I have already written to Oxford and requested them to change the word Criminals to ‘NORTH INDIANS’ so that the appropriate credit could be meted out for such tireless efforts of decades. To start with, could any of you vacuumed brains please answer – if there are more road accidents in Delhi per day or more rapes? Times Of India could be the biggest beneficiary of your affinity towards crime. At least three pages of TOI are reserved every day to describe all the rapes that happened in Delhi the day before. Why you guys are so filthy and stinking with your social skills? Why an average Bunty of each household is either behind bars for molesting or raping a woman and his father arranging money for the bail or seen deeply engaged in a road rage after a good bottle down? And how come you guys get so inebriated with foreign grog that you don’t mind running over sleeping daily wage laborers just like that? The joker called Sanjeev Nanda is just the testimony to bring you all India Gate roaming jokers to the realistic world.
    Now keep that peg of whisky that you are presently accompanying and sharing with your father sitting beside him and enjoying a rape scene of Prem Chopra on TV; and listen to me. Have you ever wondered about the animals within your neighborhood in the form of a colony of undereducated jackasses which fill most part of Haryana? What the hell is that Khap that you guys take so proud of? Since when it has become an honorable act to kill your own children and your own siblings in the name of that nonexistent family values and honour? Or you guys are like that only who find no difference between a prostitute and your own sisters?
    By the way, did you guys ever took notice on the amount of road rage you guys get entangled into at the drop of a hat and that filthy notion of you being the rascals of the world and there is no bigger scoundrel in the planet walking to question your gross lack of respect for the law and the rules of the land? Manu Sharma? Isn’t he a perfect role model whom you guys have adored for long? Believe me guys, you are the worst kind of useless entities one can aspire to have in his/her country and yet be baffled to see the nonsensical tantrums thrown by you guys every now and then as if you have got more balls than the entire Reynolds factory got.
    A sincere request; Just get to the platform of intellectualism and constructive endeavor with us and you would realize how filthy leeches you guys are and how far you lack when it comes to the contributions for nation building. You guys are a big blot on our country and a heap of waste full with parasites. That said, there is at least one sphere where you guys can beat the rest of India hands down. I am sorry but I have no shame in admitting that we value women and their respect and hence we can’t compete with you guys in the number of rapes you commit against a holy and pious species. Sorry we just can’t compete with you on this regard as we are light-year behind in accomplishing such spectacles.
    P.S – Delhi has already overtaken Nairobi as one of the most unsafe cities of the world and at that rate it is in the verge of toppling Bogota from the top. You guys must be proud of these achievements which is a resultant of persistent violation of your own women. Great Job!!
    The Language:- Let me ask a very simple question if you can read and understand English. Do you guys know what a civilized talk is and how civilize people with even 1% civic sense talk and communicate? If so then I would be grossly disappointed if half of you haven’t yet jumped off a cliff or shut yourself; entirely because of your filthy oration skills. If not yet then just sit and ponder, keeping aside that porn CD you had bought from Palika Bazar to share with your family members. When you guys would leave insulting your sisters in every sentence you speak? This unique uncivilized phenomenon of you scumbags bewilders me to an extent which I can’t just explain. Do you guys really have to start a sentence insulting your sisters and end up disgracing your mother’s integrity and pride?
    Don’t believe me? Then just leave that undeserving metro and travel in a so called women molesting heaven (again thanks to your gene which is laced with disrespecting the female species) called DTC. Just glance at the uneducated and hawk looking conductor and his language towards one and all. He is a bloody public servant as per his designation. Isn’t he? That said then; is that idiot sitting at the back of the bus is an exception or I am being from a civilized zone of India just failed to recognize the notion of your side of the planet where descent oration doesn’t goes much beyond Maa and Behen gaalis? Sorry, if I have missed the genetically modified rotten biological system of you guys where the respect to your female family members is limited to them being used for ornamenting your slang generating factories.
    In nutshell, a great shame on you guys for not yet realizing what a civilized talk is all about and how civilize people behave in their daily lives. That said, I know I am expecting too much; much more than expecting Pakistan to have a stable democracy one day; to see you guys behaving rationally at least once in your life. 
    Wake up guys before the rest of India goes on a signature campaign to alienate you filthy creatures and urge the powers that be to chop you out of our demography so that we don’t become an international shame just because of a handful of uncultured, uncivilized, rowdy and manner-less colony of rabid mongrels called the North Indians. There you go, another one horn Rhino poached in Kajiranga.


    1. Someone is really pissed... take out all your frustration here, if it makes you happy.
      No point in debating or reasoning you dear Southie, I only feel pity for your blinkered view of North Indians.
      I wish you get out of North India soon, rather India. Your are not fit for that place!

    2. @Anonymous. You are at least wrong at two instances. First I am not a Southie and second I don't stay at the north part of India, hence no question of getting out of there. But yes I agree to at least one thing that you said - I am not fit for that place as I am educated, sober and carry some civic sense.

    3. The language reflects the psychological make-up of the person. There are negatives & positives of everything. If u r a b;og writer u need to reflect on both the sides of it.

    4. @Cynical. What I could infer from your Blog on this Topic is:

      You had been given education in a good English speaking School.

      You had been given good values by generalizing the behavior patterns of some people as the face of a particular community.

      Your way of putting this into place is a marvel of soberness and for this I'd be suggesting a Noble prize in Writing.

      Having said all about you above. I would give you a piece of advice. Never GENERALIZE the behavior patterns. I've traveled all round India and also abroad to many places. Read many books on different cultures. And what I'd inferred from my experiences and learning is that all sorts of people are found everywhere in every community committing all the possible crimes, do all wrong stuff and yet many of these people are / were educated.

      Your article here suggests that you or your close ones have had a bad experience in the hands of some north Indians but that just don't justify your generality.

      But a strong praise for your article worth mentioning is that your writing skills are really very good and I hope this skill would be put to better use next time rather than spreading hatred. If you want a better perspective on your thinking patterns I'd also suggest you visiting a psychiatrist.

    5. you just seem to be a dumb muslim or christian trying to fish in the troubled waters of hate

    6. @Last Anonynmous I let this comment to publish, just to prove my stand against a colony of thugs who don't see much beyond a Muslim and Christian divide.

      And BTW I am a hindu for your info and as it is, all religions have tolerated a scumbag congregation inhabiting up their in the North.

    7. I am sure this person needs a doctor !

      He should go to tirupati at least.

      Great job hypo !

    8. What you have written is very very true!!!

    9. so called species are everywhere.. blog only reflects your own frustration.. the artcilae should be balanced always.. its not a twitter/FB.
      And , btw travel in a public trasnport in Bangalore and you will feel the same..Am unfollowing u frm today..though hardly matters !!

    10. Very well written!! You have a way of speaking out your mind. Even though some may say 'biased', I believe it is apt and extremely well balanced in setting out your views. Good once again.

    11. North has co-existed with the other parts India since ages, and always has been different in its own way just like other parts. So it would be wise not to attribute the culture to specific event(s) like partition etc. And are you not the same person who has gone ballistic over Islam in one of your blogs? and then you say communalism is a North Indian trait? BTW, do you even realize that you are using the same 'language' as the North Indians that you are writing against? You write well, have made some good points, just make sure you use the skills in a sane manner. Going over the top does not always translate into good blogging. Here's wishing

    12. @Anonymous. Sir, I respect your views and the healthy comment that you posted and believe me, I would be the last person standing defending someone's opinion till the last breath of mine.

      That Said, I humbly beg to differ in few points that you articulated through your comment. I never went ballistic over Islam in my blog. I just tried to question a set of jokers who feel it is either their way or highway. That doesn't happen in today's world where each one of us has a thing or two to suggest in anything and everything. I was just questioning the mentality which says the mention of the letter I as an insult to Islam and issue Fatwa at the drop of a hat. If someone is so intolerant towards someone else's views then he/she doesn't deserved to be taken in kind while commenting on their filthy attitude towards right to opinion.

      There is nothing called blasphemy law in India and we can't just impose one just because a sucking lot want it to be there.

      Regarding North Indians, I stand by what I said. A gross of 64% of the crimes emanating from there speaks volume of the congregation of rotten mentality that we are tolerating for long.

      Thanks again for visiting my blog sir and finding my writings good.


    13. OMG ! Instead of contesting your monstrous and satanic charges you threw on NORTHIES, I would like to ask you a simple question.

      Don't you think you are just exaggerating even the Exaggeration ?

      Being a Southie and having great friends and relatives from North India, I think your views are more abusive than any Northies can ever have.

      A SOUTHIE !

    14. Couldn't agree more with your blog. Every adjective that you have used to describe those filthy, slimy creatures called North Indians (NCR citizens) are apt. Unfortunately I had to stay with the jackass Jats in Gurgaon for 40 months and belive me.. each day was a nightmare for me.. Never in my life had I encountered such homo sapiens. Just look at the North Indian in the BCCI team. He goes around showing his middle finger to the whole world, making his families , friends and numerous girl friends proud. I believe that humans is not the right word to describe the North Indians.Even swine won't suffice.
      Luckily I moved out of North India, before I got shot by one of the raging, drunken, obnoxious and money hungry North Indians.

    15. Cynic....mark my words when i say u r awesome writer. No doubt on that part mate, way to go. But 1 thing i seem to notice as, said by another anonymous is Generalization. North is not just a state(i agree u described it right) Haryana. And u never know there may b ppl who want change there bt cant help it.
      Great read anyway

    16. bhai tame kyana cho?

    17. All I want to know is, the things mentioned in the blog, does it happen only in the north. If so, then Mr. Cynical must be blind...Honor killing does it happen only in Haryana.. Rapes does it happen only in Delhi. Murders, foul languages, bad driving, road rages, Criminals... everything happens everywhere. Very sad the writer is pointing one of his finger at North whereas his 3 fingers are pointing down south. Not sure what you want to convey Mr Cynical...

    18. cynical you are good at writing but your mentality of being so anti against north indians makes it seem that u were at recieving end of them recently.i have stayed in delhi for last 10 years .yes the language is vulgar but dear every region is the same in india.don't insult any community like this in particular as generalizing their behaviour means insulting some legends like the kapoor's(the pillars of cinema's) etc

    19. Your comment about the Language was very touching, myself & many other people felt the same opinion in Bangalore with our Northie classmates/collegues...about "Do you guys really have to start a sentence insulting your sisters and end up disgracing your mother’s integrity and pride?"

    20. I feel, your observation is correct.

      But I too feel that you didn't try to find out the root cause of this issue.
      - Due to the industrialization and high demand, everyone is selling their lands and become ultra rich with very little education. Hence, the "knowledge of English", "the way they speak"
      - As they are very rich, they know that with whatever crime, they will just get away. Hence the crime rate.
      - Because of the history, where the women are killed, raped, abducted by "minority", from that time it self the girl child had become a liability there and now dowry. Hence, the female infanticide.

      Most of the issues, you have pointed is around Haryana and hence Delhi.

      And why they are rowdy? If you look at the history, those are the people who used to engage in wars for 1000 years or more. Hence the mentality is so. (the same is applicable to Afghanistan and Pakistan too)

      Also, most of the criminals are from UP and other part of the country who hardly have any responsibility towards the city.

      Sometime i can too write a long list of issues, their probable causes and remedies on the lawlessness in north India (particularly Delhi)

      Don't blame them, blame the events which made them so.

    21. I agree with everything you say! north indians are sub pieces. more north indians should be murdered by australians and pakistanis.

    22. You have a good command over English. Your bashing of "Northies" is also apt to a great extent...

      Now,let us try and get a balanced view that some of us propagate:

      Your view about the North seems to be colored to Delhi and Haryana. Wake Up Sid but Himachals and J&K also are "North". Ok so let us leave the "good" parts and focus only on the apparent "bad" (Delhi and NCR)

      You are correct the women are unsafe in the city- I am a Delhite with ancestors who lost both blood and money during partition. I can swear by my love for the city that females are unsafe here. Our language is not short of a "foul" disaster.

      Now my arguments:

      Its been documented that a large chunk of the crime is committed by people who come to Delhi from neighboring states. Delhi's policing has been totally inadequate in keeping a check. The security is too busy inflating the egos of our politicians to care about the citizens (I guess the politicians are people from across the nation :)

      Our language is foul. We swore by the mothers and sisters. Why this Kolaveri Di was obviously a big sensation. However, the same language (the essence) forms the basis of chart busters that you sway on when you are high on Vodka

      Yes we like watching porn. I think that is more of a human thing than a Northie thing. I personally enjoy watching Mallu Porn more than any of those foreign blondes. I guess the porn industry booms more in the "other" regions than in the North

      You talk about females. Yes I agree that females are looked upon as a burden. Kalpana Chawala was a Punjabi female brought up in a "Northie" district of Karnal- I agree exceptions never represent the population- Your generalizations were no better!

      I have a huge number of friends from "other" India. They swore by Punjabi girls and the adjectives they use are well- beyond those mother and sister rants that we use

      At times, its important to understand the essence than being overtly judgmental

      Rakhi Sawant and Veena Malik have attracted a lot of publicity through the extreme remarks. You are opinionated. But you lack depth and at the same time are too extreme in your opinions. You must have been a good debater. Being against most motions seems to be your natural stance

      Look forward to seeing stuff that is more "rational" and "Hollistic"

      Simply Indian

    23. @Varun

      First of all thanks a ton for visiting my blog. Since you have raised few pertinent questions through your comment, it is all but obligatory on me being the writer of this piece to explain my point of view on it.

      For starters – I nowhere praised the south part (nor blame them tough) and for some reasons best known to you; you assumed me to be a southie. So a course correction – I am not a southie.:)

      Yes my blog is surrounded to Delhi, NCR, UP, Haryana and to some extent Rajasthan even. If you have marked I have mentioned Sikhs as a fine breed at the beginning of the blog. As of Himachal goes, well I don’t think there is much Himachali left in Himachal. It is already crowded by people from the states I mentioned above. Kashmir people? Let them be free from their fulltime job of hurling stones at our security forces then something else can be written on them. More off Jammu is again a colony of the migrants from the states outlined earlier hence no paradigm shift in behavior there.

      You said the crime committed in Delhi is by the migrants from neighboring states. Fair enough. Here is a stat. The number of people who migrate to Mumbai (I am not from Mumbai either) from that part is much larger than what is for Delhi. They don’t offend crime against women here in Mumbai or Pune. Why? Because the atmosphere in Delhi is conducive for crime. The general respect for women there is absolute naught; which is not the case in Mumbai or Pune. Here we take pride in our women driving around the city, coming back from their work on their Scooties or Activas at the mid of the night; not pounce on them or drag them inside our Maruti 800 to rape them. That’s the difference.

      Bro, at no place I said watching porn is a Northie phenomenon. Did I? That said, a little discussion with all the search engines would reveal the level of porn consumption in Delhi alone might very well supersede the rest of India put together.

      Admit it, the women development index is lowest in the North part of India. For info, it is even lower than many north-east states. The average female dev index is a dismal 3.2, which is way below than national 6.3 (Not mine but Women and child welfare ministry data). Guess not for the Kalpana Chawlas of the world the figure might very well been below 1.

      Swearing is there everywhere. Even inside Pope’s Vatican office. No two ways about it. But my point was the thickness of the usage. Here is an example : The sober way – ‘Aaj ek achha match hua’; Delhi way – ‘Behen#@&& aaj ek achha match hua’. And trust me this is how even a father might be explaining to his own son and at time his own daughter even. Since you are from Delhi, I needn’t give any explanation. Is it really necessary to malign such a beautiful relationship like Sister in every sentence you utter?

      Well why I am always against standard motions; there is a reason which is propounded by my belief. And my belief is – ‘While truncheon could be used in lieu of conversation, words would always retain their power. Words offer means to meaning for those who are ready to listen to the enunciation of truth’

      By the way, my ladylove (my wife) is a North Indian and by all means she is still nagging on this piece of my writing ;) Hope she doesn’t read this comment at least or else I have to get hold of a good divorce lawyer in a hurry ;)

      Thanks again bro for visiting my blog.

    24. I found your blog site interesting until I read this biased article. Language in this article is no different than what you mentioned as "Notht Indian language". I feel sorry to have sent some of the articles to my friends.

    25. The more I know the more I know that I don't know ...

    26. Wonderful and five stars for this blog mate

    27. I am in Singapore- and I see this wave of the class of people of you speak of - it is sad but so true.

    28. Very well-written and very true !

      I have lived in Delhi for 17 years to complete my schooling (now I am in another Metro for job)and I can easily identify with the words in your blog.

      Hence, I can attest to the fact that the spoken language of the majority of North Indians in Delhi are foul and obscene, to the extreme.

      The general language spoken on Delhi roads is so vulgar that it is a deeply painful experience to go out on the roads in the company of female relatives.

      And the rot starts right from the school itself...the amount of "gaalis" used by a vast majority of boys in schools is truly disgusting...what rotten family upbringing do the majority of North Indian boys have!!

    29. After reading the article, first thing which comes to mind is that writer has a very limited knowledge of north India.First you need to define the so called 'north India' as a cultural and social entity because geographical region broadly known as north India is actually too diverse and varying in cultural and social terms. You rightly put Sikhs separately but still there are a large number of social subgroups which in no way fit the picture you portrayed of north India. For eg, there are paharis of Himachal and Uttaranchal which are in all possible ways very different from people of northern plains. I have spend some time in northern hills and I can tell you they are the simplest,most honest,soft spoken and most dignified people in India. There used to be frequent instances with tourists(hope it still happens) when they would get back their lost belongings back,kept safely by some odd shopkeeper only to be returned back when owner came searching.What all ill doings you have mentioned in article not at all happen in hill areas.There are no frmale foeticides, dowry deaths there. And unlike rape capitals like Delhi, or Goa down South, there are no rapes/molestation even though these states are as big tourist destinations as Goa.Then there are areas like Central UP where language is as sweet as you would find. There may be crimes political in nature, but then where in India you won't find such crimes....underworld killings in Mumbai, political murders in AP, communists' goondagiri in Bengal, and all are aware what happens in Bihar.

      Yeah , I definitely agree with you that belt comprising of Punjab,Haryana,Western UP,Delhi and Eastern Rajasthan are rife with all such things like rapes, female foeticides, kidnappings, rivalries related to land etc.But painting entire of north India with same brush is too convenient a stand.

    30. cynical... i read ur writings very often.. i agree wat u have mentioned about north india, but please don't measure all the north indian populace with same yardstick... even in north india, u can find families who still holds moral values towards females and other instances u've mentioned.. so please before putting down your opinion, avoid generalize them...

    31. At the blogger and everyone who has commented: BC: you spare no one do you! (BC is your acronym; not the Punjabi acronym! Many of the upset Northies have complimented your English and then proceeded to bash you. This just proves the low language standards of Northies. You are eloquent in how you write but your language is all over the place, including your grammar. Of all the generalizations the one I totally endorse is the sorry state of the safety of women. For the rest - I think a good number of Indians suffer from similar issues... But we also cannot laugh at ourselves.

    32. I agree..North Indians are bit rough in their approach, very high on temper tantrums and basically uncivilized people.I have had experience with folks who have spent time in Delhi/NCR and it showed from the way they spoke..May be alcohol consumption is more in that area.

    33. I feel sad that you spent your time writing this. If you don't like North Indians, ignore them :-) The blog is non-constructive and is written in bad taste.

    34. No iff no buttt..only jatttt!!!!

    35. Honour killings, so many murders, robbery, rapes, road rages..NCR is known for this..seems its result of daroo and kukkaddd!!!!

    36. Cynical..You are a Bengali.

    37. Before you attempt to write a satirical piece mocking someone's command over a particular language,ensure that YOUR grasp of the language is good.
      Yes, a lot of people in the north tend to speak really really poor english,simply because they dont consider it important to learn. Im sorry to say that on reading this piece,it would appear that you are one of them.

    38. U r complete idiot...u should be jailed for whole your life for uttering nonsense things..North India is getting better and developing day by day while MH occupied mostly by ghattees is becoming worst state day by day.

    39. And why precisely I be jailed for rest of my life? For speaking the truth? And by the way, what made you believe I am a Maharashtrian?

    40. because u are blaming Sikhs,Punjabis,Rajasthanis,Haryanavis and Other North Indians for your mental problem...Infra in North India is best when compared with Rest of India...N India is biggest market for all agri goods grown in rest of India otherwise farmers in rest of India will die...correct me if I am wrong

    41. Very good article

    42. Its bang on target . I am North Indian and dealing with these guys on daily basis . Every word of this article is true . My heart too cringe on hearing their filthy thoughts and rotten language . Kudos to you for bringing out the truth .

    43. what you said is right. but the way you said is too northie.

    44. but that doesn't give you the right for perpetual raping

    45. Good one... words are harsh.. but true.. !! Thanks for using the word "majority" of the north indians.. as bcoz 90% odd u will find them like that only.. I appreciate your writing..

    46. you forgot to mention the office politics they play , from trainee level to manegerial level

    47. Such a whiner....lol! Agree you east - wimpies haven't got what it takes to
      face on life while acting like a pro problem dodger, every second knuckhead like
      you hates us for being too loud, arrogant and boisterous however, down back in
      their own lives, they tend to forget what a livin sissies are they, with no
      life, their appearance even darker than the Golconda's interiors gives them huge
      inferiority complex (No wonder you fell for a Punjaban just to align yourself
      marginally into our lines, now don't feed me the crap, it was vice-versa),
      having zero social life/respect are nobody to judge bunch of loud dimwits who
      seem represent whole North Indian community, for numpty guys like you! I tend to
      concur with you almost every one of your blogs, just that, here we got our
      difference, for a change! ;) And oh yeah, do not go on ranting how your North
      Indian enmity was aggravated due to another loud flash grand fat wedding that
      just happen to leave your logic shuddered and in pieces...that ain't helping!

      There are ups and downs to every community and you can't, being a blogger of
      this proportions, go on biasing against one of them.

    48. Ab jab north ki baat hi kardi ho to yeh yaad diladu.. Andd mand ka chamatkar, jisne ye sab bakwas upar likhi hai uski maa ka balatkar....

      Being a Delhi Guy.. look wise we are far better then all ugly madrasis and ugly mumbai walas...ab punjabio ko beech me kyu la raha hai..gali se bachne ke liye..

      Ek ek apni gandi gaand leke humare jagah me rehne aate hai or jab unka kaam kuch nahi banta fir bakwas chodna shuru karte hai...jab kisi or ke gaand me koi kujli nahi to teri gaand me kon si aag lagi hai...

      Saale logo ko ladwane ke liye ek ek post le ke nikal jaate hai..turant hi ise end kar nahi to phir bhrahma me humari galiyon ki varsha se tujhe or tere khandan ko bacha nahi sakega...

    49. Sir,
      With all due respect.
      I don't think discriminating like this does not make things any better. If we were to look down south also all the above you mentioned does happen to. It's a matter of people and not place. This goes to show how blinded you are by your hatred towards people living in the north. Instead of pointing out the flaws, we could try fix the problem. Let's put aside this silly stereotype and try to fix the problem to make peace.
      P.S: I am from South India.

      With Respect,
      Girl of the New India

    50. All you speak about is rape and gaand... Yuck!!! Come to South India and you will know what culture is, what a good upbringing is!!! Hehehehe... You have written about 'maa ka balatkar', 'ugly madrasis', 'gandi gaand', 'gaand me koi kujli', and you have resorted to threatening 'galiyon ki varsha'... Thanks for your post... You have proved that all the points of this blog are true!!! Thanks brother :)

    51. But 90% of North Indians have a sick and psycho mentality!

    52. I could write a better piece about things that are actually annoying. You're post only shows how shallow you are. No better than the North Indians you speak of.

    53. P.s: some north indians.