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    Why There Is A Scarcity Of Accountability In India?

    There is some serious lack of accountability in our country. Where ever we may look, we only would find a hoard of people enjoying all that the state has to offer and that too without any accountability whatsoever. This lack of accountability is not only limited to the sectors that our government continue to mismanage. It is in fact rampant in private sectors as well. People from different walks of life; and to sound secular, from different cast, creed and religion are part of this absence of accountability syndrome.
    Though it depends on us as to how we want to carry ourselves but there is no denying that we get influenced by the surroundings. Primary reason why most of us started smoking once we were in our Engineering colleges. No I am not saying smoking is bad. It is the system that we habitat in, propels our actions and most of the time molds us to fit to it. And by nature we humans get attracted to the bad part of everything quicker than the good one. Partly because, it is tough to be a good human and the other part because we never wanted to be good at the first place. Another thing that is unique to humans among all the life forms on this globe is; we are very greedy, lazy and selfish. We want all the things of the world without moving a muscle of ours. And having accountability in our endeavors is one heck of a task to accomplish, that too each day of our lives. Hence we develop an attitude of responsibility docking. This is where our democracy and democratically elected governments come handy. By design we are supplied with ample opportunities to make a mess of our job, responsibility and attitude. We do this; not because we are rascals in entirety but because we are readily handed over a conducive environment for nonsense on a platter. So we flourish and enjoy the surroundings as pigs enjoy dirty mud.
    Be it good, bad or worse, it all starts from the top. If the attitude of rot starts right there at the top, we certainly can’t blame the peon alone who sleeps most part of his working hours on a government supplied tool or when awake pockets a Rs. 10/- currency to take your application from the doorstep to babu’s table. That is quite natural when he sees his boss, if not more, is as lethargic and corrupt like him. This theory of relative idiocy is also applicable to his boss as well; and his boss and his boss too; till it reaches the post of our prime-minister. By the way, since the inception of a certain Pratibha Patil as our president, I have got no intent to acknowledge the post of president is the supreme position in India. So I stopped right at Manmohan Singh’s table, though on minute observation he doesn’t look any better than madam Patil.
    Back to the topic. Lack of accountability also encourages rampant corruption since the thugs very well know they won’t be questioned ever. In fact there won’t be any to question them since the person responsible for taking the thugs to task could be a bigger thug himself. So mutual convenience takes center stage, resulting a lot of Apsi Bhagidari and we end up having what we have now; an entire system too lethargic to act, react or even govern. Thugs and highly incompetent people rule the roost while those few who are responsible and hardworking are asked to shut up and mind their own business.
    Look at 2G. We are not getting into the technicalities to debate if it was actually a loss of 1.6 lakh crores to the nation or the same amount of loot. In whichever way, the exchequer got a severe dent financially and that’s what should matter. Let us even accept for a moment that it is not loot but loss. Even then, this is not a small amount and certainly there has to be someone who must answer why we should bear this loss. Do I see anyone made answerable for such blunders? Can I know a single point of contact, who could clarify the details of this massive loss and the possible reasons of it? I don’t see any. Why? Does I am told indirectly that among us 1.2 billion there is not even a single person who is responsible for this? Who did this then? Aliens? This is what is called lack of accountability. Got to think of it when there is a potential of losing such unheard amount and yet there isn’t a single responsible soul employed to specifically watch out for lacunas. If so then it casts a big question mark on our foresight and maturity. Are we that immature as a nation? Hang on!! Did I hear someone taking Raja’s name as the person in charge? I am sorry he was not. He is a pawn or at best a scapegoat in this 2G jungle. There are whales who actually perpetrated this loot while we are getting cozy by apprehending a mere Dolphin like Raja. I still feel sorry for Raja since a lot of people who got hugely benefited from this 2G loot are never questioned while this poor chap had to rot in Tihar for good part of a year.
    The problem with our country is that the buck stops nowhere. Like magic, we always see a whole lot of people who need to give their approval before I can even purchase a car but when it comes to take up the responsibility while things go wrong, I don’t even see a single entity. No, I am not that dumb. I can understand the presence of a lot of people in the first case since it involves earning some quick corrupt money, which is not the scenario in the second case. But then, we can’t be that indifferent. Can we? Another funny aspect of our governance is the smartness in picking a scapegoat. Somehow, the top brigade takes home the heftiest pay cheque but when it requires taking the blame we always have the lower most of the food chain; who is send to the gallows. How many times you have heard how the poor lines man was squarely responsible for the latest train accident which killed hundreds? It is a very, very rare sight when one finds it always the bottom layer of our system where the buck stops, rather stopping at the top.
    Matter involving CWG is another thing which showcases our lack of accountability. When the loot was not spotted, we had a hell lot of people who were busy taking all the praise. From Kalmadi to that Bhanot and many others were all over the place with their chest beating exercise. But when things went wrong and the massive loot got unearthed, the same morons who were there earlier vanished all of a sudden. We might have thrown few of the thugs behind bars but that certainly is pathetically ineffective. Like Raja, I feel Kalmadi is again a minor pawn in this CWG loot. Real beneficiaries were others, whom we might never know. I also feel equally sorry for Kalmadi since unfortunately he was made the scapegoat. Remember – the buck always stops at the bottom. I can’t just accept the fact that the money siphoned by Raja or Kalmadi were pocketed by them only. I am sure a large chunk of the loot must have piped into Congress or for that matter even DMK chuffers. All in all, the loot was massive in 2G, CWG or Coalgate or whatever else but every time the real culprits are never taken to task. It always invariably are the pawns who get rounded up, which again is nothing extraordinary but hogwash in the name of investigation. Real hawks are never apprehended. Tell me if this is not a proof of the lack of accountability in our country.
    By the way, what you will say about a certain Vijay Mallya? You make a mess of your business and the sufferers are the employees and investors; which also includes few public sector banks but you are never held responsible. Where is the accountability when the employees are not been paid for last seven months and the KFA management has the audacity to come up with a bizarre formula of paying only four months’ salary while asking the employees to forget the rest three. How dare they could think of such inexplicable idea? Could this happen in any country other than India? If no then why alone in India? Because we don’t find Mr. Mallya accountable for the mess he and his top layer subordinates created. This is how pathetic we are when we allow people like Mr. Mallya to go scot-free. Had it been any other country, I bet, Mallya along with few of his close confidants would have been behind bars a long, long time ago.
    And yes; you know why few jokers keep on popping the names of absolute garbage like Rahul Gandhi or Priyanka Gandhi for no lesser post than that of the prime-minister? Because we don’t even have any accountability for the prime-minister post as well. Had there been any accountability, we wouldn’t have even thought about these morons for the post; let alone proposing their names.


    1. Accountability comes with a price and that too a huge one. Not expected from our morally poor brigade to buy it. Simple!!

    2. Who says there is no acountability in Inda. Look at Ramalinga Raju of Sathyam, he openly accepted that he has fudged the company's account and paying the price.

    3. China prospered without India's dummy democracy/caste system.
      Indians are brainwashed to believe that "voting in elections = democracy".

    4. When CBI and police themselves are compromised who will implement the law ? Freeing police , CBI and investigative arms from the politicians grip is main need of today.

    5. As Robert Vadra commented, we are indeed helpless & desperate Aam Admi or Mango People in a banana republic!

      are fed up and disgusted with the Congtress led UPA government. But as
      the Bellary Reddys, Yeddy and now Gadkari have shown, that there are
      equally corrupt and greedy leaders in the BJP too. Gadkari definitely
      seems to have got money from dubious sources as the investigations show.
      And his relationship wit contractors like Sancheti is well known. The
      shenanigans of Mulayam Singh, Laloo Yadav, Mayawati, Karunanidhi or
      Jayalalitha are too well known!

      Who benefited from Mining?
      Congress in Goa, Andhta Pradesh and Karnataka and the BJP in Karnataka.

      Rajashekhar Reddy was Congress CM in Andhra Pradesh and his son Jagan was in partnership with the BJP's Bellary Reddys!

      Who offered bribes to Yedurappa? Jindal group owned by Congress MP Navin Jindal.

      Who benefited from Maharashtra irrigation scam? Gadkari of BJP and the Congress ally NCP!

      of such examples can be given.As Arvind Kejriwal rightly pointed out,
      many of these politicians cutting across parties collude with each other
      to loot public money and enrich themselves.

      There is now no mainstream
      political party free from corruption & dubious funding. The
      Communists or the Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev or the IAC group of Kejriwal
      cannot offer credible political alternatives!

      Where does this
      leave us-the common people of India, who want to throw out the corrupt
      UPA & Congress for their misrule & scams???????

    6. Why would they be held accountable for their nefarious deeds ?! Because we live in a pseudo-democratic nation...politicians think they have the legitimate right to loot the nation..looting is an untold legacy of congress party.

    7. Did you said untold?

      1. Ya,untold..ppl here are frightful about congress-the congregation of cons..thats why no one wants to tell or be told about corruption which is synonymous with congress.

    8. I think he meant "unwritten".. It may be "written" also but not for the eyes of mango people like us..