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    65 Years Legacy Of Bad Governance

    Nothing can be ever made to function without any flaws always. That goes for everything from machines, human bodies to laws and democracy. At some point something is bound to give up throwing the entire system out of gear. This is called glitch. And glitch is almost unavoidable, how meticulously one designs the system to run without error. But the problem starts when these glitches become too regular; at times even looking alarmingly fatal. Then it no more remains a mere glitch but a problem and problems are always detectable, rectifiable and avoidable as well, provided there is a gill to catch the bull by the horns. If problems are left to continue for whatever reasons, they more often than not blow themselves up to a proportion too big for comfort and crash down without giving any warning or notice. And when this finally happens it leaves a lot of things paralyzed.

    This theorem of glitch looks so appropriate with our democracy and governance, both of which are now 65 years old. The persistent disinterest in containing problems when they were small has led to a situation where most of them, which were tiny when they started, are now so big that it looks virtually impossible to fix. A lot of people are responsible for the mess that we as a nation see ourselves in now. A hell lot of people in fact. For personal greed and gain, quite intentionally, many problems were put into slow cookers thinking they will die down by their own eventually. But what we see now is the problems have outlived the greed and they have turned themselves into monstrous proportion. The irony is, the creators of the mess are not the ones who are suffering; not their extended families either. Most of the lot who have made a joke of our governance have either long died or have stashed enough money for their next seven generations to live happily without breaking a drop of sweat. It is a long history of bad governance that has led to the chaos of present time and all those who were directly or indirectly responsible for the rot are the only ones who are making merry while the rest of the nation is paying from its nose to repay the sins which few rascals have made for their personal gain. And we are paying it for last three decades with all likelihood would continue to pay for next few generations. Surprising, the rascals rather being lampooned for such mess are held as the architects of modern India with thousands of roads, bridges and other infrastructural assets named after them or lakhs of schemes floated in their name as if their contributions are all that we have left to cherish. And mind you, these gimmicks of bestowing of praise to the buffoons are entirely by design so that the real nefarious intent of the so called architects remains hidden deep within.
    That said I still believe; had we not allowed a complete clueless persona like Nehru to be the prime-minister, I wouldn’t have to write this article now. Had we taken some bold and uncompromising steps to install a certain Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel to lead the nation after independence, we would have made ourselves a great favor and certainly be far better placed now than we in fact are in. That was a real blunder when we let a man as shaky and greedy like Nehru to govern us where the need of the hour was to have a selfless patriotic guy like Sardar Patel. That was such a costly miss that we are repaying for it since then.
    Everything, good or bad starts with Nehru. No, not because he was a great statesman but because he and almost each of them in the Congress party believe he was. The hara-kiri that we now know by the name of partition is something which we could have better off without. Let’s get this straight – Partition was a huge, huge mistake. The lives lost for the callousness of few is monumental. For the sake of all those innocents who died, the culprits need to be handed with severest of punishment, even if they are already dead. But I don't see that happening, not at least in this country. I don't think Nehru would ever be flogged verbally and that too openly for his rotten greed and equally rotten self goal. Forget about the sentiments or the lives lost; what about the financial implications? The amount of money we wasted then and continue to waste while managing a highly volatile border with our neighbors now is only tip of the iceberg when it comes to wasteful engagement of money, time, resource and most important mental peace. And for cricket lovers, it certainly would have helped, had we not parted our ways, in bridging that missing all-rounder’s position that we are struggling to fill since Kapil Dev left the scenes.

    Jokes apart, partition is something where we should come clean in bringing out all those thugs who allowed it to happen for personal gain. If at all we claim ourselves to be a serious nation, we must not forget that, it was not Jinnah who was against a single country but it was Nehru. The real issue was not just Hindu-Muslim devide either. It was something entirely different. The crux of the matter was the post of prime-minister which both Jinnah and Nehru were eyeing since the days they entered the freedom movement. If some one asks me, with all honesty, I no way find Nehru any better in terms of caliber than Jinnah to be the chosen one. In fact,  I am sure Jinnah would have done far, far less damage to the nation than what this womanizer idiot did. Coming back to the topic, the real issue was two greedy men who were eyeing the post and a rift was eminent. Unsolicited sources confirm the rift dates back as early as 1936. One reason many claim why we got our independence in 1947; not earlier. To surprise many, even Mahtama Gandhi was not in for Nehru either. Sycophants are alerted since there is nothing like Gandhi tried to convince Nehru to leave the post for Jinnah so that the nation remains one. It was plain and pure rejection on the part of Mahatma for Nehru since he was aware of the self-serving attitude of Nehru and his then bootlickers. Mahatma was aware how dangerous it would be for the nation to have someone as selfish as Nehru to be the state head. But we call it destiny. Don’t we? Eventually it is the clown who wore the crown and we are still paying the price for that throne.
    How many of us remember the humiliation of 1962 China war? I admit most of us were not born then but still, how it feels when we read the war story somewhere or some 62 war veteran elaborates the humiliation in detail? Bad..No? The humiliation is so bitter that we need some solace everytime the topic is skirted. And the solace is;  we must know the culprits who were responsible of such national and long standing mortification. Could you guess the prime accused who screwed up our national pride? One more time? Yes, you couldn’t have guessed it any better. It is again Nehru; this time with equal contribution from Gandhi. I admit nonviolence is a great philosophy but philosophy alone shouldn’t run the nation. When a bewildered Pakistan has attacked us as early as 1948, we ought to be serious of our national security after that. But alas, our so called statesmen and architects were all busy sporting red roses and touring the entire globe in pursuit of that coveted Nobel Prize for peace. From taking sides with Gandhi on the idea of having no defense forces since it goes squarely against the preaching of Gandhi to openly making a highly laughable statement like our police should be enough to protect our borders also; Nehru did everything in making us sitting ducks when China eventually attacked us. Rest as they say is history. Many of our brave hearts lost their lives because of the foolishness of few. We haven’t yet heard the culprits admitting their faults but most of us must have heard this absurd line – ‘Hindi, Chini Bhai Bhai’. Perhaps the second most toxic line after 'All Options Are Open', for which the nation suffered a lot. None is blaming Nehru for his visionless steps when he invited the then China supreme to visit us and plot his plans. It is only shameful that, on the 50th anniversary of the humiliation we are squarely blaming our defense forces where as the real thug of the mess has just got the 1000th sports stadium named after him. Soldiers of the soil are blamed while spineless greedy hawks are made crowned princes. Can this happen anywhere other than India?
    We being secular is another mess. And a big, big one at that. Now don’t jump off your seats with all those ‘picture-rosy’ stuffs about secularism. For me, this secularism has created more problems for us than otherwise and I am the last person standing who would believe this secularism has done wonders to us. Now here is a fact. The two countries were separated on religious lines. Wake up and smell the coffee; all those who vehemently disagree on this fact while busy playing ostrich. When the Pakistanis could go with their piece of land and their brethren and religion; why in earth we would continue tolerating the tantrums? Any answers? Why we only had to make all the compromises of the world to disturb our own fabrics and go out of the guidelines scribed during partition to have this secularism nonsense? That said, I still would accept this secularism drama as long as someone logically explains the rational behind such a step. Else I do have serious objections when I see blatant illogical decisions are shoved down my throat by few who were self-serving rascals to say the least. Why we will give our land, money, peace and lives to come up with our own nation but still can't call it our own and end up olerating the jibes of few even though we were promised something entirely different. This has turned into a kind of farce where I see the Tom, Dick Harries of the world forming political parties and starting their part of Hindu abusing in the name of secularism. This is such an annoyance when self goals decide the fate of the nation. For vote bank and political gain, the word secularism was kept burning so much that it is now synonym with Hindu bashing and yet none of our questions of decades got answered. If at all the word carries any sense or meaning, I am sure in India the Congress party has long made it a specific policy to hit the Hindu sentiments to prove themselves as secular.
    Reservation is another thing which keeps on contributing to a third of the mess. That too each year. This is a written fact that Ambedkar and his stooges wanted reservations to be there for a decade so that the Dalits can rise up in their lives. Agreed and in fact it was appropriate looking at the prevailing situation of that time. Now the question arises; why we are still continuing with that? Who has allowed the covetous few to continue having this grossly apathetic system to exist? Forget the present. Who even allowed Nehru and his cronies to allow this draconian policy to continue beyond the suggested 10 years? On what grounds and reasons? Why none at the Nehru camp explained the nation of such abhorrence? Why an RTI filed to get the details of the reservation clause returned back without any answers citing it as a matter of national security. National security? Seriously? These are nothing but examples of fooling the nation which Congress is fulltime engage in doing for last sixty odd years.
    Only good thing is that there was no BJP when Nehru was making a mockery of our democracy. Or else all that we blame Nehru to have inflected on the nation would have conveniently cross blamed on someone else by these Congress clowns; much like what they are doing now for each and every scam involving their tainted ministers. And by the way, I am told Nehru was nominated 8 times for Nobel Peace. Is that true? Kind of excited to know the names of all those jokers who thought of nominating a dustbin for such illustrious awards and that too; some one kill me please; for 8 times. Heavens!! Badly need a beer now!!


    1. After knowing so much and being told about this congis.....its pity still people keep voting to them (just for the sake of some crap family who did nothing to this country and ever will do).....is it bcos we dont have a good opposition...are people stupid.....i really dont understand......Lets hope and pray for a better future.

    2. If you do some search on web, you can find that actually Nehru acted stupid and provoked Chinese to teach him a lesson. His stand was, this is the my non-negotiable border, now you talk! What to talk if you have already decided!

    3. As usual you have lived up to your reputation of calling a spade, a spade....Just a slight correction, Pakistan attacked India in 1947 and not 1953 as mentioned by you.

    4. To prevent Nehru-Gandhi hegemony each state in India should have its own currency

    5. ok, i agree with u on this.. people vote for a corrupt party even after knowing abt it.. but then tell me, wht choice do they hav.. party A comes into power and robs us for 10 yrs.. finally after 10 yrs we r fed up of being robbed so we vote for party B.. now party B robs us for 10 yrs.. same thing over and over again.. its a vicious circle..

      i hail frm raebareli which m sure does not need an intro.. to make the situation even worse, its in UP.. so i m someone who has a looooong history of being on the receiving end no matter for which ever party i voted.. i feel tht congress and bjp both r not the right parties to vote for..

      i am a fan of Modi's work.. i've experienced it first hand for 5 yrs whn i ws studying in gandhinagar.. but i doubt if he'll be the prime ministerial candidate..

      despite all this, i am now hoping to see an umeed ki kiran in the form of Mr. Kejriwal's party..

      i am not asking u to tell me or many others like me as to whom shud we vote for..
      however i wud love to read sth frm u whr u analyse this very issue..

    6. Dear Rajdeep,

      The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,But in ourselves, that we are underlings.- Cassius.

      In India whether it is corruption, tax frauds or recent happenings in Delhi and elsewhere of women/girls molestation lies in ourselves. Too long as a society we have tolerated these and tried to point fingers at events and sometimes on perpetrators. If for one moment you try to find the root cause of all these - one single cause - it is our inefficient judiciary and judicial system. You have adjournments, postponements till the parties die. Now the current Lok Sabha's term is coming to an end; how many election cases are open and pending. There is no point in saying police is not doing - first the judges are lax and they it appears want cases to be kept pending so that their job is assured. I am appalled at the utterances in the last few days - that they will keep fast track cases for such actions. Pray what about other cases? Justice delayed is justice denied.

      Fear or respect for law will not come from police action but only if judiciary does its duty.

      On this I wonder: How we can ever live with the thought that the case is one, arguments are same but judgment is different- one in session, second in High court and then there is Supreme Court. If the law is so clumsy that the honourable judges can err, how you hold a poor citizen responsible - who would not know law as much.

      As we all want India to be model country, first let the Judiciary be above reproach. Rest will fall into place.But who will bell the cat?? Take on judiciary - there is fear in that direction.