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    Our Voters Need A Little Education

    Dear Voters,

    It is just a reminder. Reminder that you are still the pillars around which our democracy revolves. It is you who decide how our democracy should function and who should lead us tomorrow. Or for that matter in future as well. It is you who can make or break things for all the political aspirants if they irate in their work. You can fix best of the goons to mend their ways and fall inline by the power of your votes. You can make the buffoons realize the responsibility that is attached with the chair they run for in every five years. You can force the rascals who come begging for votes during elections and show middle finger to your aspirations later that, what’s goes around comes around soon. Last but not the least; you will force clowns to wet their pants, dhotis or whatever by thinking of the reparations before they utter nonsense like ‘Elected and Electable’.
    Let me assure you, there was no intent of joke or fun in whatever I mentioned in the above paragraph. It really is possible provided you all realize the massive power that our constitution has given to you. Yes the power of vote which will spark the chill down the spine of all those spineless who call themselves the leader. But for all these nice things to happen, you must stand united. United as per our ambition and goal and what we want in the form of governance, policies and processes.
    Coming back to the reality; I am afraid it hasn’t happened in our sixty odd years of democracy and I am sure it won’t happen anytime time soon. Because you guys are useless and don’t value yourself or your existence to begin with. Before one can expect to garner weightage from the world around, he has to weigh himself high. It is proven fact that people will seldom value you unless you start valuing yourself. Come to think of it; each of you has his/her priorities, agendas, problems, concerns, personal preferences, which only lead to chaos and confusion on what we want and aspire as a nation. This is precisely what our political class take leverage of. Since the voters who would decide the fate of the ruffians are a divided lot in many things, it is just a mild provocation that ceases the opportunity for change and collective decision making. Be it caste, religion, economical status and hell even sexual preferences; you are a divided lot. Anyone can pick any of these and shed some crocodile tears and there would certainly be a section that would see a messiah in the joker and readily agree to eat from his hand. Conveniently, the larger interest is pushed back and like a hoard of sheep, people start voting the thug enemas. No brain employed; no assertions made before you ink your finger since you see your own personal interest is getting addressed; even if it is grossly wrong.
    Think of a certain Lalu Yadav. This question goes to even those who for generations never know if there is anything other than this clown when one talks about politics. Has he done anything, absolutely anything to even be an elected legislative; let alone the chief minister of the state? Other than cheap gimmickry, rampant loot of state resources, Mafiosi, delivering splintered or at times even nonexistent governance; is there anything credible worthy? No? You failed to come up with even one? Never mind and don’t stress your brain too much as you won’t find because he hasn’t done any. Then how could he rule Bihar for such a long time? Even his wife who probably till today can’t figure out the difference between governance and milking a buffalo was also the CM of the state. Rabri Devi as the CM? Really? I can’t even think of a bigger blunder that has happened to our nation. Lalu and his wife could rule because he hit the spot where he can fool a lot of people. Yes, he played the caste card like no other politician did. Though he is a complete failure as a leader, CM and most important as a human being, he still could win because he pretended to satisfy your personal interest. Nevertheless, if he actually done anything for the Dalits or not is debatable, there could still be a handful who would go to the polling booth next time and cast their vote for this cunning fox. So precariously dumb you guys are.
    Even the Mulayams and Mayawatis of the world are no different. In fact exact clones of Lalu I would say. Lots of jingoism and crocodile tears; Lots of promise of goodies for the Dalits. But once in power what actually they end up doing? Build statues and memorials for themselves and their party men or let loose their goons to do highway robbery right under the nose of the authorities. Isn’t the chief engineer was a Dalit who got killed by Mayawati’s men since he refused to shed away with his hard earned money in the name of contribution for Behenji’s birthday celebrations? Why didn’t I see you guys stand up then and shout; Behenji – my ass and showed the moronic lady the power of democracy? Why I still see idiots who believe Mayawati to be the next best thing that happened to the Dalits after Baba Saheb Ambedkar? That said I still give it to you since you throw this pathetic woman out of power but whom you chose instead? Mulayam Singh Yadav? If that selection is more of compulsion than choice, I would rather have president rule in the state than having outright goons roaming around the streets of Lucknow. Let me assure you; had you voted for a donkey, you still could have done justice to your voting rights than voting for a man as clueless and visionless as Mulayam Singh Yadav. Democracy doesn’t corroborate having Taxis for hire to be elected and get into our democratic framework to make all our institutions a place for political Dalali. But he did because you all failed miserably as voters.
    Get out of state boundaries and look at the center. Be honest and raise your hands if the Congress party has fulfilled your aspirations. The idea with which you people have voted for the party; are you been repaid appropriately. For the Muslim voters, before you could raise your hands without out giving it a thought, much like the way you vote for Congress; take a pause. Forget everything; has the party even addressed the core Muslim concerns? When it comes to shouting atop a cliff with the loudest pitch and vouching for secularism no one can match the Congress party but when it comes to implementing them, they would be the lot who would first run away from the scene. Since the period of Nehru they have only fooled the Muslim community by pretending to be their emancipator. Have they done anything? Even a tenth of what all they promise during elections? Rahul Gandhi can wear the skull cap as many times as you please but never expect him to go beyond that. No one in the party ever would. Acting for your benefits would elevate a large chunk from their current state and that would be negative for the party which has strived out of poverty, ignorance, illiteracy and sycophancy of the voters. Do you believe they want closer to Gujarat riots? You guys ought to be fool to believe so. Gujarat is a perpetual weapon for the party to do a Rudali act for the minorities as and when needed and certainly they don’t want to let go this easy avenue by arriving at a closer.
    But surprising enough, every platform, every public gathering, every political debate; the stooges of Congress shout aloud for the Gujarat victims but none from the community has yet asked them of the precise things they have done to deliver justice. Ask them once, if you are not that fearful of the truth and you will get to know that they are in fact worse than the parties they accuse of sabotaging your fundamental rights. But yet again, there are a lot within the community who think Rahul Gandhi is the only answer for bloody everything that the community is facing for a challenge. I have no urge to educate fools, more so when one tends to get fooled by gimmicks, farces. Ask the biggies of Congress to come up with a list of things that the party has done for Muslims since its inception and don’t be surprised if the list doesn’t cross even quarter of an A-4 size page. But still they take your votes for guarantee in exchange of their cheap stunts because you guys are fool who would kick aside development, governance, opportunities against some stupid promise around your religion. Who to blame here? The hawks of our political class or yourselves?
    Let me not get started on inflation, job scarcity, economy going south and all that bad that the voters certainly didn’t aspired when then clicked the EVM button next to the hand symbol. Let me not get started on the promise made by our PM a couple of years back that inflation would be controlled within 100 days. Let me not get started on the Rs 20/- mockery that our planning commission played on the face of poor or the latest Rs 600/- nonsense of Shiela Dixit. Let me not get started on the pathetic law and order situation in Delhi or elsewhere, which only is waiting for the latest brutal rape victim to survive and authenticate. Let me not get started on the scams that have been accomplished in last three years alone. Let me not get started on the attempt of the government to muzzle every sane voice which opposes their pathetic performance in every sphere.
    Is this what for which you all voted? Not me at least. Where is the accountability that is attached with every elected representative? I don’t see any since you have stopped asking tough questions. You have stopped asking because you either are prioritizing your own interest, far above than that of the nation or readily believe these pitiful creatures to walk their talk. Time has come to teach the morons a lesson in the language they understand and that is what you call votes. Can all of you for once agree to see the blatant lies beneath every gimmick and refuse to be fooled again or worst taken for a ride for next five years? Hope post 2014 you all going to change this wretched trend. Will you?

    Another Voter



    1. i do agree with your writing but don't you think that our political class is the same irrespective of the party they belong to? and to bring about the change we need to change a lot of things in our constitution starting with the elections itself. we should make sure that people who contest should follow certain rules and meet the criteria but who will change it?

    2. True,

      My post only talks about the clowns not the party they belong. No doubt party ideologies play a vital role in shaping up a leader but still it is boud to the attitude of an individual Sent from my BlackBerry®

    3. Dear Being Cynical,
      Democracy is not meant for uneducated people who cant comprehend or understand problems faced by society and select the correct solution. In addition, Indians are emotional fools and were united ONLY by the british.

    4. Fully agree. But even educated people throw themselves into the mud of cast and deteriorate democracy. Sadly, Justice Katju was absolutely right when he said "90% Indians are fools."