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    Saffron Terror : Shinde A Good Storyteller

    Have you heard of that story where three blind men tried to identify an elephant after touching one of its body parts? Obviously, the blind men tried to conclude on the kind of object they are touching the way they wanted to visualize it. Eventually their fit of imagination forced them to believe they are touching one thing or the other but elephant.

    I see Sushil Kumar Shinde as one of those modern day blind men who just doesn’t know what he is touching with his hands. He wants to visualize it the way it suits him and comes up with his conclusions; most of the times absurd. His recent jibes at RSS, Sangh Parivar and BJP on the concluding day of Congress Chitan Sivir is one such example where he acted like a seasoned buffoon to pop up the issue which not only is controversial but also highly uncalled for. Shinde as a person can be forgiven for his antiques since he has this habit of parking his feet permanently in his mouth but can he be forgiven as the home minister of the nation? What he is blinded with to conclude the trunk of the elephant as a long and thick rope? Appeasement? Vote Bank? High dose of sycophancy? Or is he a plain and simple idiot?

    We as a nation are perpetually in danger of terrorists and terrorism. Thanks to Pakistan and to some extent our ever so great hospitality towards the terrorists, we always have this fear of one or the other terror attack breaking on our city streets. There are eventualities which are beyond our control but keeping ourselves safe and ensuring safety for the citizenry certainly isn’t. For this to happen, the powers that be like Shinde must take a holistic approach in curbing the menace called terrorism. The first step in this holistic approach is to accept the facts and realize the ground realities before coming up with statements that are too flabbergasting for any self-respecting Hindu. When someone like Shinde who unfortunately happens to be the home minister stands up and accuse RSS of running terror camps, it shows the lack of seriousness with him on the matter of terrorism. It could be intentional and politically motivated but aren’t such tantrums aimed at scoring some brownie points against their political rivals has given all the arsenals to the thugs across the border to ridicule our claim of Pakistan’s hand in terror activities across India? That’s precisely what happened when Hafeez Saeed picked up the thread where Shinde left it and we ended up listening a lecture or two on terrorism and our accusation involving Pakistan thereof.

    Who ought to be blamed for this unwanted mess? This is not the first time when a sitting home minister quite unnecessarily delivered nonsense about RSS. When Chidambaram was at the helm, he pretty much said the same thing what Shinde told at Jaipur. He was gaged by none other than the Congress party for such utterances and conveniently the party sidelined itself from the views of Chidambaram. When last time the controversy was pacified before it could snowballed into a bigger mess, what made Shinde to kick start it all over again is beyond me.

    That said I am glad that Shinde finally attached religion to terrorism. I was certainly sick of listening to ‘terrorism has no religion’ nonsense again and again. Terrorism is always related to religion and only religion, period. In one of my earlier posts I categorically elaborated why we must attach religion to terrorism if we are serious about curtailing it. My simple philosophy was to trace the root cause of the problem before we even think of fixing it. And no doubt the problem of terrorism lies with religion and dare I say, it is because of the teachings of a holy book that we see a lot of animals from a particular religion find it a fancy act to blow their posteriors routinely in the name of their filthy holy teachings. Can’t anyway deny the fact that 90% of the cowards who think killing innocent people for no reason belong to a particular religion? Can anyone deny that there is a so called holy book which promises virgins in heaven if they scarify their lives upholding the motto of terror? So why we are so hypocritical to admit the facts that are lying naked before us? Politics? Politics in the matter of terrorism? Seriously?

    But people like Shinde are not only hypocrites to admit the facts but they also prefer to look the other way at the same time. To support his nonsense there are battery of lieutenants with fractured facts. One such lieutenant is our home secretary. While there could be thousands from the other community rotting in our jails for plotting one terror act or the other, this man runs around with 10 names who are alleged to have some kind of links with RSS and accused of creating terror. Noted fact here is that all the 10 names are yet to be convicted of any terror accomplishment but also their links to RSS is farfetched. But facts never excite congress chaps. For them it is their vote bank which stands paramount, even if it means compromising honesty, national security and national pride. Time and again to appease the minority, clowns of the party jump out of their Dhotis and issue statements that sound so incongruous and serpentine. From Digvijay Singh claiming how he personally was informed by none other than Hemant Karkare of an imminent Sangh threat to his life to addressing Osama and Hafeez Saeed with an honorable ‘JI’; they had it all to appease the minorities. Where is the seriousness in tackling terrorism when your general secretary so unceremoniously addresses a thug as Osamaji?

    Another thing that I find missing badly with Congress is the sense of logic; even with their self-derived ones as well. For them RSS is the biggest threat our nation might be facing at the present day but the clowns run around cajoling rascals like Asadudin Owasi and prefer to have all the alliance with his party, starting from center to Hyderabad municipality corporation. For them Akbaruddin Owaisi claiming to wipeout Hindus in 15 minutes is an act of secularism while RSS is a communal organization because they fight for the just causes of Hindus. Might sound strange to many but that is how illogical the fagots in Congress are. Their logic of communal, secular, left wing, right wing and many similar nonsense to that effect goes north when dealing with the minorities but surprisingly it goes south the moment RSS or any other Hindu organization is brought into the picture. If you go by the logic of Congress, it is RSS which is thoroughly a communal organization but not Muslim League.
    BJP’s anger for Shinde’s latest remarks is justified. It is getting into a routine for the Congress people to pick the saffron terror baloney from nowhere and let their brigade of morons to defend it with their lives after that. Though Hindus constitute the majority of our population we have this communal party in power who in the name of secularism are habitually humiliating Hindus and Hindu ethos by their appeasing policies. Not leaving at that they time and again come up with statements to sabotage the image of Hindu oriented organizations. This bloody business of spewing venom in the name of secularism has to stop. And the first step towards that could be to send people like Shinde packing to places they belong with a couple of legal notices slapped right on his face for defaming Hindus without any substantial evidence.


    1. Good article.Hiding their COrruption scandals by playing COmmunal policits and partys name is COngress party,The nation will not COndone them in 2014.

    2. If you look into the history of India, you see how the fall of empires or India's freedom has come at the expense of collaboration of Hindus with the outsiders. In particular, the Kingdom of Kalinga or Utkal remained a thorn during the Islamic invasion of India - did not allow the Muslims to march through its land to the South. South was conquered by Muslims passing through Maharastra. However, the fall of Kalinga came only after the collaboration (and marriage) of a Hindu general to the Muslim Princess of Murshidabad. Utkal then suffered for over 150 years under the Muslim rule until the Marathas came. Then the British took over.

    3. It is time to classify Congress Party as a national security threat with its now habitual divisive communal politics...

    4. Congress leaders have crossed the limits of shame to such an extent that they will even sell their own mothers in brothels for Muslim appeasement and showing the"secular" profile of their party.

      these traitors should be beheaded or burnt alive. thats what they deserve.

    5. 3000 BC-1700 BC Indus Valley Civilization in NW India
      Indigenous tribal civilization or similarly advanced in other parts of India.

      1700 BC - Earliest Vedic Civilization in India around Sindhu river/Saraswati river/Ganges and spreading across India.

      1000 AD - Islam Entered India

      1500 AD - Christianity entered India

      In between Buddhism Sikhism, Jainism were born as well as Parsis came.

      Do I see any Hinduism here?

      Vedic culture, Islam, Christianity all came from outside.

      The original ppl of India are the people who are notified as SC ST and some OBCs. Rest of the people have either come from outside or are a product of mixture of indigenous and outsiders.

      So where is the question of Saffron India or Green India or Roman India?

      We are a mixture of all civilizations of the world and in future more mixture will happen. Lets enjoy best of all.

      But I will say that this Cong party is guilty of dividing ppl as caste/community/religion/gender/BPL. If any more category they get that also they will use to divide and loot.

      Earlier Vedic/Islamic/British Portugese invaders looted.
      Today Politician/Corporate/Govt employees/Gangsters are looting. No difference.

    6. Aam admi plz get your facts right..christianity entered india in the 8th century and hinduism is a name given by europeans to all the indigenous religions/sects of india..in a broader sense it is not an authoritarian religion like the abrahamic religions..and the vedic people did not invade india!

    7. @ aam aadmi

      multi-culturalist pseudo intellectual morons like you are the main cause of this country's decline. as you are citing the Romila Thapar version of Indian history, you have ignored something like Hinduism whose impact can be seen in each and every aspect in India.

      your question that 'do you see any Hinduism here?' is not only naive but also plain retarded. i'm sure you must be asking your mother who is your father.

      the Vedic civilization that you have mentioned so openly is the answer to your naively idiotic question about Hinduism. if you are really so much ashamed of your culture, kill yourself out of shame, this country already has enough of pseudo-intellectual pricks.

    8. This what happens when you get doctrine'd by Whites and their portrayal of our history. Grow up! Get your intellect cleansed rather than echo'ng WHITE MAN theory.

    9. @mango man - You can keep changing your identity, You and yourself wont change! Correct! First, learn to be yourself and don't see the world what other wanted you to see. Don't be a frog in the well! One point regarding Whites, no I don't hate them. They baseline history to suit their time when their civilization started, Let me get straight, when these fellow were in caves grunting to communicate, vedic civilization was far advanced and we had a language to speak. Not hunting, jumping like apes for survival! So top with your bullshit theory of Aryans, migrated to India blah! blah! This what Whites want to hear and some peanut brains won;t get it. Their blood is still soaked with colonialism and won't learn to stand up for themselves and like to be fed BS always!

    10. krishnan u r so angry. Do I need to quote the famous sloka of Sri Krishna on "anger" from the B. Gita or probably u already know it. Then why so much kolaveri my friend?

      I speak for myself and not the world and neither am I forcing anything down anybodys throat so why the kolaveri my friend?

      Frog in the well? Quoting from your English textbook studied in convent school??? :) No better quotes from the Panchatantra?? See the hypocrisy here?

      U are wrong about baseline civilization. Archaeological evidence points to Merhgarh in Baluchistan, Sumeria in Iraq, Egypt and China as the earliest organized civilizations in 7000 BC. If u have any other scientific evidence pls present it. If u r going to come up with satya yuga treta yuga dwapara yuga stuff, I have no objection to it. To each his own concepts. But u need to back it up with hard evidence.

      Who is talking abt aryans at all?

      I am just saying that some of the fair complexioned people in India resemble very much the europeans and parsis. For your kind information history shows us that mankind has been migrating all over the place from time immemorial. Probably u also must have migrated to some other Indian city for your livelihood..no????

      The Whites are not that bad man. The only problem with the whites are the huge MNC corporations that are looting the general citizens of the world in the name of naked cartelized capitalism. That is the problem with the whites. Not history.

      Again, take deep breaths as Baba Ramdev would suggest and keep calm.

      Remember what u give u get back in if not more at least in equal measure.

      All is well!!!

    11. as far as i am concerned, i am sure that my dad is the real one. i guess you have some doubt about the legitimacy of your father's paternity. dont worry get a DNA test done (as you've said).

      now coming back to the main topic, i think you have got the entire thing very wrong.you have perhaps mistaken me with those orthodox nut jobs who want to bring India to the neolithic times by fending off any change in the name of "culture". if thats the case, you are massively mistaken son.

      cult following and guarding the wrong traditions is idiotic and regressive. but the problem with people like you is that they are incapable of seeing the good side of the Indian culture. your cynicism regarding any archaeological evidence of Vedic culture shows your hate for it.

      i am all for change, but you seem to be a servile fool, who is vehemently trying to be in denial about what he is and where he belongs. unfortunately, for Indians like you, this country's true identity is a sign of backwardness.

      "I am proud of Vedic civilization as well as all other cults"
      your stupid comment too speaks volumes of your ignorance. you cannot compare a civilization with a "cult". that certainly shows the kind of buffoon you are. you are an unwanted thorn, better to be pricked and thrown away.

    12. what genius shinde..? no.. idiot shinde...

    13. Let me demolish ur archaelogical arguments.

      If an advanced Indus valley civilization existed in 3000 BC in NW India what makes u think that such a civilization did not exist in the rest of India around the same time? Just becoz archaelogists have not discovered it does that mean it did not exist?

      If a civilization called Mergarh existed in Baluchistan in 7000 BC what makes u think that there was no civilization in India around that time?

      Existence of ancient civilizations are not dependent upon archaeologists discovering them. If this pseudosecular govt is not interested n archaeological excavations can u blame the ancient civilizations?

      All ancient history exists underneath ground including vedic evidence. It is upto us to find them. Again, its a painstaking process and will take time. But the sincerity has to be there.

      Our rascal leaders are more interested in pampering a family rather than cherishing our culture and history!!!

      Also if the British had not arrived in India we would have been an Islamic state by now!!! That is the culture of some of our citizens.

      Any culture that aggressively or by subterfuge claims that their god is the only god and their saint or prophet is the only prophet and everything else is false..........is not Culture. It is ...u know what!!!

    14. Dear Vandana I agree with all your points.

      We will suspend the discussion until we get a govt that digs the ground sincerely :)
      Thanks and luv u too.

    15. my upbringing is certainly much better and civilized than yours, thats why i still havent used any extreme expletives and cuss words for an intellectually challenged imbecile like you.

      your call for explanation regarding the good side of Hinduism is unwanted and unnecessary. most of the people are not retarded and ignorant as you are that they would ask what exactly good side of Hinduism means?

      i dont consider religion as a way of connecting with god, but rather a culture and civilization. bashing everything that is Indian is easy for self made intellectuals like you, who are nothing but chickenshit morons.

      yeah people are economically motivated and selfish. so what? they have always been since the Neolithic times. but as for a common interest of safeguarding culture, not everyone can be so indifferent.

      its expected from a pseudo like you to call "Hinduism" a cult, yet you call yourself a "true Hindu". i'm sure you dont hold the same feelings for other faiths.

      son, get your head out of your rear

    16. Main anna nahi hoonJan 29, 2013, 12:05:00 PM

      Why would anybody have his head inside his rear? So silly.bro. Do u do it all the time? Bad boy!!! Anyways habits die hard, so take a laxative and chill.

      All the word jugglery that u have come up with to go round and round and round just helps u showcase ur literary skills and ur vocabulary. Anyways, I must commend u for ur wonderful White man's English.

      What u call Hinduism I call the mundane ritualistic side of vedic culture. If it helps some people wash off their guilt or work out their material desires or prove their superiority over others, let it be, who am I to complain. The same goes with all the other abrahamic cults and every other cult too.

      I am not partial to any faith or cult. They are all the same, their masters gave the same GOOD message, it is only the followers who are making a mess of all of it. I love all the masters.

      The word "chickenshit moron" is not available in my vocabulary or dictionary. Probably u know better about it from personal experience.

      After all this, still I love and respect u. Wish u the very best.

    17. so you ask who would love to have his head in the rear? well nobody would. but some are born with that pathetic condition, such as yourself. but you can certainly take my help to get yourself out of that.

      thanks for the complement on my "word jugglery" and so called "white man's English", but it comes naturally when i see a pseudo liberal butthead like you on internet forums and blogsites.

      your myopic view of Hinduism as something that helps people "wash their sins", "gain material pleasures" or "prove superiority" is yet another example of your ignorance and "head in the arse" mindset.

      i dont give a damn about Abrahamic cults and exclusively for your info, Hinduism is very much based on practicality unlike Islam and Xtianity.

      no matter how much you try to disguise it, your hatred and bias against Hinduism is clearly evident from your comments and ignorant remarks. that qualifies to make you a chickenshit moron (update your vocabulary).

      nobody is forcing you to follow Hinduism (unlike the way they do in Islam), but atleast refrain your gutter mouth from spilling that filth against our religion and faith.

    18. I will not waste my time on you. Wish u the very best with ur filthy thoughts and ur filthy vocabulary. Thank you. Warm regards and affection. Hope u get well soon.

    19. It is a known fact Ayodhya, Madhrua, Kashi to say the least, where the temples were demolished and mosques were built there on during Babri, Moghuls rule.

      Majority of Hindus at the time of Independence, thought Nehru is Hindu and would do justice to their demolished, destroyed, invaded places of worship of
      their religion and restore the honour. But sadly Nehru was neither Hindu nor concerned about Hindus except used them to prop his own dynastic polity.

      The same blunder done by Hindus even today is that they only remain secular while others are all over them...:) Hindus of India never realised, not even today that they require an identity polity in this country for their survival. Let that be BJP or any party which stands for their unity.

      @mangomen on this blog, Discovery channel telecasted series of episodes on Dwaraka escavation (even BBC did in 2008) and the British scientists themselves confirmed the existance of such City 5500 years ago, there by clearly suggesting MAHABHRAT really happened. Do you know what the europe was doing that time ? Not even in stone age!!! forget abt it

      Best joke in your argument is while you like vedic civilisation ( do you know? or follow ?) but desist from associating it with Hindus.

      Have you seen any other religious people doing ablutions like saluting 5 elements thru a proper procedure?

      Have you seen any other religious person doing Homa, Agnihotras, Invoking Rudras ? Do you thinkg Germans or some did it first and told you ? There are tens of such which makes no sense for me to discuss here with you.

      Still you think you speak sense here ?

      - Ramesh Rao

    20. yeah please dont. becoz i will ultimately fail to instill any kind of sense in you. you are yourself a filthy piece of cr@p, and unfortunately there's no cure for buttheads like you. good riddance

    21. Look at this articles in the Telegraph:


      Muslims against a "liberal" Muslim.

    22. Dear Ramesh I agreee with all your points.

      So now what do u want?

      Hindu rashtra? How are you going to get it with the current voting structure in place where Hindus dont vote?

      So instead of raving and ranting and spewing venom on others why not do something productive like anna?

      Campaign for 100% compulsory voting or something like that

      Do u have any solutions?

    23. Thank u for the kind words son.

    24. hey kid, learn this lesson, apne baap ke umar ke logo ko "son" kehkar nahi pukaarte. samjha bete (son)

    25. Krishnan look at the brahmins in Pune or from other parts of India - They look very much like the Parsis and the Europeans. That is where their vedic forefathers came from. A genetic analysis will confirm this fact.

      Without a doubt they are ancient migrants and not indigenous.

      Why are u so against Whites. Most of the inventions of which u are taking tech benefit today were made by whites. They are the tech torchbearers. We are the spiritual torchbearers. Isnt it a good combo?

      All HISTORY is distorted and contaminated. Even ur history is not the gospel truth.

      Even all so called religions have become distorted.

      Hinduism is not the same Vedic cult of 1500 BC today. It has evolved into ritualism majorly.
      Christianity is not what Christ spoke in 0 AD. It has been hijacked by the romans and made into an MNC with Plaster of Paris and hierarchical ritualism

      Islam is not even a 1/150th of what Prophet Mohammed spoke of in 500 AD.

      All cults (religions are nothing but cults) lose the originality of their masters as time passes. Look at Jainism (U see them taking processions with bands and what not and chanting Jai Jinendra), Sikhism (Look at MMS), Buddhism (Do u hear anything of what Buddha said from these converts?).

      Look at Osho, Ramkrishna Mission, Saibaba, and so many other cults. Followers make a mess of it.

      1000 years down the line u will have Goddesss Jayalalitha temples, Mayawati temples, Amitabh temples. Sholay will become Sholay Purana.

      Change is the mantra of the Universe. Everything changes. Adapt to change Krishnan. Adapt. Dont get fossilized.

    26. Ur personal comments about ones parents reflect ur upbringing. I feel sorry for your parents whom I respect like a true Hindu.

      Now coming back to the main topic, it depends what u mean by good side of Indian culture. U r free to have u version and at the same time u must honor my freedom to have my version. Good Indian culture I see is the rich poetic heritage of the vedas, the science of advaita, the bhakti of Mahavir, Buddha, Christ, Mohammed, Chaitanya, madhava, ramanuja, ramdas, tukaram, guru nanak, mirabai, the honsesty of Gandhiji, the strength of Bose and Patel, the pride of Savarkar, the struggle of Maulana Azad, the enterpreunerial spirit of JRD, the love of Sri Sri Ravi shankar, the devotion of Sathya sai, the spirit of Baba Ramdev, and finally now the fight of Anna..... I hope i have not missed anybody...oh i am so sorry... Baba Saheb Ambedkar of course who with the help of his team and others gave us the constitution.

      This is my rich Indian culture and I am not cynical about it though this blog owner is cynical about a lot of things.

      Just coz I am asking for scientific and archaelogical evidence of ur Hindu Rashtra being in existence in time immemorial that does not mean I hate your concepts or Vedic authority of 3500 years. I am proud of the Vedic heritage we have inherited. But I am not going to browbeat ppl from other faiths and try to convert them to mine or belittle them.

      Every human being belongs to a cult or the other. Even if u are an atheist it is a cult. So also a civilization that thrives in the interdependence of its own people is nothing but a CULT. Ur kind of Hindutva is a CULT. Christianity today is a MNC Cult with a CEO called the Pope. Islam is a MNC cult. All religions are nothing but cults.

      Religion today is just an excuse. People are plain selfish about their economic needs (which is not wrong but at least u need not put god or ur green saffron blue flags as a front).

      Anybody who is different is seen as a threat and is pushed out.

      Come out of ur conditioning and face the TRUTH.

      BTW the latest buffoon was a man named Gadkari if u know the true meaning of buffoon.

      Use ur words with caution coz it reflects ur real character.

      Thank you my friend. Love u.

    27. Congress has already got success in its motive !! Everybody has started talking about terror/religious issues - and thats what these bastards want. The Genius Shinde has already said - people forget soon - and he is right. Who remembers now - corruptions issues??

    28. I care a rats arse what Romila or Shomila says. I make my own analysis and judgements. It could b wrong, it could be right. But neither are u right or wrong. Neither can u be sure. I am not denying the impact of vedic civilization on India. Neither can u deny the American Low waist jeans, mini skirt, thongs, kurkure, groin and hip throbbing dance, weird hairstyles, Half breasts popping out of dress culture on Indians.

      Every human being is told by his mother only...say papa ..say papa.. look at papa ..pointing fingers at the husband. There is no way of knowing who ur papa is at that age without hearing from ur mother and faithfully trusting her. Did u do a DNA test when u were young to find who ur papa was? Or did u trust ur mother?

      If Vedic civilization existed all over India in 1500 BC why dont u present some archaeological evidence of sanskrit in any of the deccan southern and eastern regions of india or even northern for that matter? There is none!!! Any archaelogical evidence of the massive Gadhas and bows and arrows and shastras and astras of mahabharata? No.

      Yes Rama Sethu is there but that is 1 lakh plus years old dated.

      I am proud of Vedic civilization as well as all other cults. But I am not proud of the people who follow these cults. Because they do not know, neither follow, nor want to follow what the great masters said. They are just in a bloody rat race and trying to edge other human beings out of the gravy train.

      It is not a religious divide. It is purely ECONOMIC And a POWER STRUGGLE. Religion is just an excuse.

      Change and dont get fossilzed. Change and get ur genes mixed up or u might become redundant.

    29. some idiots don't like peace.
      I always wonder why Indians are fighting on their history with each others ?
      headless chicken is perfect word for them.

    30. Guys,
      It is not the point if the Govt digs the ground with some sincerity or not. It is not the point again if the archological chaps find any evidence even after the sincere digging.
      The point is, we have the holy books (read Bhagwat Gita or Mahabharata) that dates back to the Harappan period and there is archiological proof of it. Now if one says there was nothing called Vedic Era or the presence of anything that our holy books say then can you at least appreciate the imagination of the author to not only think but to pen down as well, things and situations much, much advance to the then prevelant present day situation?
      Can you for once try writing a page describing a period at least 5000 years advance to today? I bet, you would resign on the first panctuation of the first line.
      Great day guys and thanks for visitng my blog!!