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    Rahul Gandhi As VP – Beating Around The Bush

    On a fine winter morning a Jolly good city bus driver whistled his way inside the bus depot and got behind the wheels of his designated vehicle to start his day. He was accompanied by the conductor of the bus and both of them prayed to their respective Gods for a joyful day ahead before going past the gates of the depot to the thinly crowded city streets. At the first stop few guys boarded the bus and the conductor got busy with his ticketing session. At the second stop few more boarded while few others got down. It was going as normal as any other day until on the fourth stop a Pathan got in. Built like a WWE wrestler standing at a height around 7 and half and not an ounce below 150 Kg. Thumping his way inside he announced in an intimidating tone ‘Pathan won’t buy tickets’ and sat on the last row. Poor conductor barely crossing the height of 5 and half couldn’t just muster enough courage to ask the beast for tickets. After three stops the Pathan got down as nonchalantly as he boarded, leaving the conductor and driver in disarray.

    The routine followed the next day with Pathan entering the cabin and announcing ‘Pathan won’t buy tickets’ and going to the back of the bus for his free ride. This naked display of massive physic continued for some time with both the conductor and driver chickening out each time Pathan denied to buy any tickets. Not sure of the conductor but the driver started losing his sleep thinking about this daily humiliation. He was feeling dejected for not questioning such unacceptable behavior of the Pathan just because he is physically more massive than him and his conductor friend put together. He finally decided to take this on his own and joined martial art classes that winter. He learned Karate, Kung Fu, Judo and many such dreaded physical attributes to set the Pathan straight. By the end of fall he not only was master in many martial art forms but was also feeling good about him for being physically fitter than he was six months back.

    The next day, the driver decided to take the Pathan head on. As expected Pathan boarded at the fourth stop and announced ‘Pathan won’t buy tickets’ and started to walk towards the back of the bus as usual. The driver with his newfound energy slammed the breaks and got up from his seat and intercepted the Pathan. He gave that look of a seasoned trouble shooter while rolling up his sleeves he shouted back ‘And why exactly the Pathan won’t buy tickets?’ Now a bewildered Pathan looked questionably at the driver and then at all directions possible. After gathering his composure he looked at the driver again and said, still with that bewildered look on his face ‘Because Pathan has a monthly bus pass’.

    Now the moral of the story – first figure out the real problem before you jump in and start working to fix it.

    I see a lot of bus drivers among Congress ranks after the Chintan Sivir. Though there is absolutely nothing writing worthy coming out of the Sivir, I would still give it to Congress and their perpetual sycophants for proving yet again; there isn’t much difference between democracy and dynasty when it comes to India. Not at least for a party full with buffoons who just can’t visualize their existence without someone from the Gandhi-Nehru family routinely whipping their rears. Do you see any difference between these Congress stooges and the bus driver? Yes, the bus driver was honest but that’s not the topic we are discussing. Without knowing the real problem of a declining Congress, the clowns yet again decided to lean upon the Gandhi family to rescue a sinking or even a half drown ship. Just like the driver these jokers have made a lot of noise for Rahul Gandhi and elected him as the vice president of the party thinking the problem is with lack of leadership alone which Rahul Baba will fix at once by his magic wand.

    But is it the real problem that the party is facing? Even if it is, is Rahul Gandhi the answer for that leadership vacuum? Not sure of the first question but for sure the answer is a ‘NO’ for the second one; at least after listening the Gandhi scion’s inaugural speech as the vice president of the party. Terrible I would say. Each line seemed as if picked straight from an Ekta Kapoor script with a hell lot of drama and no substance. Again, we are not discussing about Rahul Gandhi’s speech writers or their IQ or the absence of it either.

    For a long, long time the grand old party is out of sync with many things. Be it the youth of the nation or the middle class which bore a permanent constipated look because of the prolonged double digit inflation; it is Congress which looked out of shots to deal with their pain and day-to-day struggle. The discontent among the middle class is justifiable to the last molecule. A lot of people agitated alongside Anna Hazare for a corruption free society. They were somewhat successful also when the government was forced to its knees to agree upon the legitimate demand of a more stringent anti-corruption law. But did that materialized? If not then why? A descent effort by the government for enforcing the Lokpal would have gone a long way in satisfying the middle class urge but alas the hawks in Congress seldom care for the middle class’s plight. Conveniently a bunch in Congress plotted a plan to hoodwink the nation with their blatant lies and in the process proved Dr. Manmohan Singh a liar since he is the one who promised the nation of a stringent law to curb corruption. Do you think Rahul Gandhi as the vice president can bridge that discontent? Wasn't he one of those who tried to shift the goal post during the parliamentary discussion on a strong Lokpal by proposing a constitutional stature for the legislation? Do the dynasty worshipers think the middle class to be shudders to forget such cunning display of a surname so easily?

    Can they even forget the miscarriage of democracy in the hands of a handful arrogant good for nothing types of Congress at Ramlila ground? In a nation where a person is never heard of talking on pertinent and important issues but gets himself full time busy with gimmicks only and then expecting him to do a Feviquick act in gelling with the middle class is as absurd as Rajiv Shukla in an ill fitted suite. Least talked about the impact of Rahul Gandhi as the vice president of Congress on the populace is better since Dunken Fletcher might have better impact on team India than him.

    Before he became the vice president he was a youth icon. At an age of 44 he is still called a youth, defying the definitions of the best of dictionaries but we are not discussing on that either. Though how and when Rahul Gandhi transformed himself to a youth icon from an average useless hack with a solid surname is still a point to ponder, the Congress chaps have left no stones unturned in making him one with their tireless howling on every platform they got. That is commendable since it is only their effort that has put an absolute nondeserving entity on the list of youth icons, next only to Sachin Tendulkar. Hang on; or is it the other way round?

    The so called youth icon seem to have lost that marginally existing connect that he shared with the youth few years back. While the youth was getting laathi charged and water cannoned for demanding a safer city for the women, the youth icon was seen nowhere in the vicinity to listen to them. What kind of youth icon one can be when he has got all the power of the world to help the youth but just doesn’t care to have a talk with them? In that case my ass can’t be that bad a youth icon for all that one cares. Do the clowns in the party believe the youth would forget the pain Rahul Gandhi took to pillion ride to Bhatta Parsaul to meet the agitating farmers for his political gains since the UP elections were round the corner but never cared to drive in with his caravan of Limos and BMWs to meet them at Jantar Mantar or India Gate? Not even once. Is that how a touted youth icon gels with the youth? Hell, the rapport that Rahul enjoys with the youth of India now is more precarious than what Pakistan enjoys on international platforms.
    But the drivers in Congress not only misread the real problem but also the effect it might bear during 2014 general elections if it is not taken care on priority. Even if they could be forgiven for lacking the foresight and sense of judgment but running around like a hoard of clueless sheeps and thinking Rahul Gandhi is the answer to clean up the mess is criminal. This is plain and simple sycophancy which is such an unspeakable act the Congress guys are so fond of doing again-and again since the days of Jawaharlal Nehru. Barring the golden days of Lalbahadur Shastri or Narashimha Rao, it is all but Gandhi surname that so strangely has kept the crooks flock together. They might have succeeded at times by playing their emotional card but can they be able to do it again with Rahul Gandhi when the world looks like a small little village in the present scenario of technology and networking? And yes, let’s not strike out our paid and sold out media though.


    1. Perfect and To-the-point summery of current situation and peoples in Congress. Hell, I wish Rahul Gandhi never gets married since that's the only chance for us to have a non Gandhi leader leading the bunch of old faggots in Congress.

    2. No man, we are not that lucky! Priyanka has two children...

    3. All chanchas of congs is doing this for their own interest. If you had a weak leader they are free to run their business!!!!!

    4. Superbly well written article. Until Cong has conductors like Diggi, Mani Aiyar, Khurshid, KNath, Sibal...the bus can only go downhill.

    5. as long as there is Congress, the country is doomed.

    6. Excellent post! All said and done. We only talk. What happened to Anna movement, Kejriwal's revelations, Swamy's 2G. Everything fizzled out with time. So will people's memory. The educated don't vote and keep barking for all the problems. If we can spend hours eating pani puri, watching fun movie, partying, why can't we give 10 mins our time to weed out the current scumbags in politics. Can you!!? The attitude of nothing will change should change!. Change won't happen instantly, it might take months or decades. But we need to start. If we need to see an ethical and moral society our leaders should be one. We should pick them and not let them pick themselves. There's a saying' Yatha raja thatha praja". Congress is coming with an excellent game plan and ramping up their organizational skills with their money power. Unless the youth wake up and arise, there's no light, no future. Yuvraj and WTE ( Waitress turned Empress) are bound to destroy every value and ethics Be prepared for '3rd round of radicalization' I hope you remember the first two ( Clue - Moguhals / British)

    7. 100% compulsory voting is the only solution.

      Now only 50% of the people's opinion is reflected in the lok sabha rajya sabha and other elected bodies of the state and municipalities.

      When every citizen is force to cast his vote the Lok Sabha Rajya Sabha and other elected bodies will reflect the true opinion of the people.

      Some people might argue that candidates are not good. But once this system kickstarts automatically good candidates will come forward to stand for election.

      Our crooked political leaders have a vested interest in maintaining this low voter turn out.

      Also those who want to vote via internet should be given this facility. When nearly everything is bought and sold on the internet today why not voting. Some may argue that this can lead to fraud. But even EVMs can be misused isnt it? It has been proved!

      Note. Polliticians will oppose this idea just as they opposed lokpal. It is for us to fight and get this done just like we got RTI done.

    8. It is 3 days since this Jaipur blooper..however IBNLIVE news prefer this as a headlines in their website even today "Can Rahul GAndhi's emotional pitch for change turn the tide for the Congress"?

    9. Nothing is ever going to change in India at least in my lifetime. People thought after Mayawati came to power in UP there wud b some improvement, what happened?? Ditto Didi in WB. Now already ppl in UP know what is in store for them after bringing back SP. Whoz goin to save our country and whoz the alternative. Every govt is beating the record of corruption of previous govt. WHERE IS THE ALTERNATIVE? NDA also failed as an alternative to UPA. What will voters do in 2014. There are no clear favorites. No party or coalition has a vision for the country. Dont expect anything good will happen in this country in near future. Kalam's 2020 is nearing. Where do we stand? We are living in HOPELESS times. Nobody can save us.