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    Masters In Ducking Corruption Allegations

    It is amazing how UPA or more precisely Congress always blames BJP’s rule of six years for every damn mess they are in. For every corruption that they have designed, executed and stashed the gathered money at different tax heavens, they conveniently point at the NDA’s regime as the real culprit. It is like a thief squarely blaming the owner of the house as the actual felon for he forgot to lock the doors while going out.

    Be it CWG or the latest Chopper scam that seem to blow Antony’s Dhoti out of control, it always the name of BJP that provides an escape route for the Congress. Not that they are successful in doing so or fool the nation as they were doing since independence but the shamelessness in even playing out that ploy every time a scam is unearthed is quite commendable. I term this shameless because the acts and actions that define the UPA-II is nothing but scams and bigger acts of corruption in every front and yet rather being remorseful of their bad governance and loot, the clowns always stand in front of the cameras and vehemently deny any involvement of the party in any of the scams that our media houses are exposing on daily basis. I term this shameless because in pursuit of defending their own posteriors the rascals have ruined every federal institution those were once used to be the symbol of faith, honesty and integrity.

    This is kind of a trend that is getting played out for every major scam of UPA. First they out rightly deny any such scam then they accept the loot has happened quite reluctantly and finally stand up like unashamed mongrels and point finger’s at NDA’s six year rule. Take the example of CWG. A scamster and thug like Kalmadi not only denied the crores of money laundering but also went ahead threatening Times Now with defamation suit for bringing his innocent name in to the financial mess. Could you believe this? A man who himself knows that he has looted the exchequer with both his hands has the gall to stand up in a press brief and declare himself as clean as Dettol and shouts out at a particular media house with legal actions? If this is not shamelessness then I am not sure what else is.

    The second ploy that Congress conveniently plays is the ignorance of the priminister of any of these messes. I have said this many times. Had Dr. Singh been part of a private corporate he would have been fired long time back for his avalanche of incompetence. Nation loses close to a lakh of crores but the priminister who happens to be the custodian of the public money accepts he didn’t have any clue that his own collogues were looting all this while. What is this? Incompetence, pretending ignorance or plain shamelessness. The shamelessness didn’t stop there for CWG. When it appeared the thugs are exposed more than an average porn actress and skeletons started to tumble from the closets, people like Digvijay Singh who has his foot permanently in his mouth blamed BJP for the loot. Would you believe how he correlated the loot of his own government with BJP? Yes, because it is the BJP who unfortunately bided for the Delhi common wealth games and it is during NDA period that the preparations for the event started with Kalmadi at the helm. So it is not Kalmadi and his cronies but Atal Bihari Vajpayee and his cabinet that must be blamed for the scam. Fantastic and that offers a lifeline to team India for the upcoming Australia series. Blame it on BCCI and Cricket Australia (because they only arranged the series) once the white wash is over. 

    Look at the 2G scam. When the rot started to stink it first came as a flat denial followed by the quick announcement of a fair and transparent deal throughout the auctioning. Again shamelessness exhibited without any repentance. To make the situation even more stinking, the corrupt government headed by an ignorant PM sat over the issue for a good part of two years and only started their unidirectional shoddy enquiry when supreme court lambasted them quite openly in a humiliating overture. What happened after that is what they call ‘is history’. The enquiry under the sniffing nose of the apex court made us witness the unthinkable. It was virtually a parade of thugs in and out of Tihar. The then Telecom minister A Raja, who was merrymaking with the loot, was thrown behind bars, closely followed by the daughter of his party patriarch. But do you think that should have stopped the jokers from denying the loot anymore? Of course not since one of the few geniuses like Kapil Sibal was ready with his unbelievable zero loss theorem to furnish right in the well of the house during question hour. 

    That class act of Sibal didn’t make much impact on the media or the nation as expected. Left with no option but to defend themselves from some imminent backlash the thugs decided to take the mess to some new level of bizarreness. There comes the great Digvijay Singh again with yet another of his screwed up explanation. According to him, the fault is squarely with BJP and their then Telecom minister Pramod Mahajan as Congress has done nothing wrong but only followed the policies of BJP like an obedient student. Laughable, no? Since when Congress is so much interested to follow BJP’s policies? If at all they are then why only the policies where there is a chance of mass loot possible? Why doesn’t anyone see Congress following all those innovative and development oriented frameworks that Vajpayee government laid down? While these questions still remain unanswered our PM who always finds it not important for him to talk on serious issues decides to stand up and show his coercion to allow the loot in the name of some nonsensical coalition politics. Since when coalition democracy corroborates highway robbery, Dr. Singh? Alas!! This is another question which is yet to be answered by our extremely intelligent priminister.

    The latest chopper scam has all the signs of the previous mega scams that Congress got entangled into. As of yesterday our Defense minister falling in line with the standard practice has already denied the scam at first hand and declared a CBI (an institution that is already been ruined) enquiry. As far as vomiting nonsense goes, the rock star of Congress, Digvijay Singh has already done it by blaming the BJP government and the then national security advisor Brijesh Mishra for it. So Digvijay Singh’s logic of loot stands something like this – since Brijesh Mishra asked the vendor to decrease the flight altitude of the helicopters, it gave an avenue for the congress crooks to gulp down a lot of money through their middlemen. So, looting of 400 crores of public money is nothing in comparison to the crime meted out by BJP when they asked the altitude of the choppers be reduced by a notch. Brilliant again. 

    It is rapidly turning out to be a humiliation to have such thugs in governance. It is even a bigger humiliation that it is we who in fact have elected such scoundrels to govern us. Out right rascals who fancy the idea of selling their own mothers and motherland for monetary gain are in decision making positions. How more embarrassing it can get? Such corrupt gutter bugs that we are having as our representatives in the parliament who care nothing for those they are representing. What bigger miscarriage of democracy can happen? 

    Least talked about the audacity is better. Scam after scam, they might have overtaken the British and their loot of 400 years in just 9 years but still unashamed enough to stand upright and blame others. Don’t we have legal permission to try out few of our Nukes on a particular political party’s headquarters by the way?


    1. winston Chruchil was Right that Crooks and scoundrels would rule india.
      sweet taking but rascals would sell water and air also ,the people's life would be hell.
      From his grave he must be laghing now.
      and spirits of subhas bose,gandhi would be bemoaning in the grave.

    2. Why do u need Winston Churchill to tell u that!!

      5000 years back our great sages had already forecasted that in Kaliyuga:

      “Thieves will become kings, and kings will be the thieves.

      Rulers will confiscate property and use it badly.

      They will cease to protect the people.

      Base men who have gained a certain amount of learning (without having the virtues necessary for its use) will be esteemed as sages.

      There will be many displaced persons, wandering from one country to another.

      Predatory animals will be more violent.

      Fetuses will be killed in the wombs of their mothers.

      People will prefer to choose false ideas.

      No one will be able to trust anyone else.

      People will be envious.

      There will be many children born whose life expectancy is no more than 16 years.

      People suffering from hunger and fear will take refuge in “underground shelters.”

      Young girls will do trade in their virginity.

      The god of clouds will be inconsistent in the distribution of the rains.

      Shopkeepers will run dishonest businesses.

      There will be many beggars and unemployed people.

      Everyone will use hard and vulgar language.

      Men will devote themselves to earning money; the richest will hold power.

      The state leaders will no longer protect the people but, through taxes, will appropriate all wealth.

      Water will be lacking.

      And my favorite quote:

      “Pre-cooked food will be readily available!”

      This is from the Srimad Bhagavatam.

    3. It loos pretty pessimistic - I used to think India's biggest asset is its younger population, energetic, willing to work hard. However, the system is a mess - first all your hands are tied. You cannot start an Arab Spring, you cannot go after the IAS, IPS, IFS officers who are in collusion with politicians, you cannot go after politician who may be thugs or guarded by thugs. Business houses have no interest in social change. So, there is no way out of the current mess. India needs a benevolent dictator who can transform the country to something like South Korea or Singapore. China has taken that path and there are many good things happening comparing to the bad ones. Delivery of justice is quick, cities in China are becoming clean, more habitable than India cities. It will take them another 10 to 20 years to transform their cities to near western standards. India's sprawling cities with unregulated traffic, unregulated construction, unregulated (everything) is a serious problem to urban dwellers. For example cities like Chandigarh, Bhubaneswar, and others where the government holds a vast amount of land should think of demolishing those old government quarters, go for towers (public/private partnerships with purchase options), and free up the space for gardens and green corridors? What is the chance of happening? Zero - unless strong leaders are in power. Mr. Vajpayee was one such leader. I sense Mr. Modi can do a lot good to the country.

    4. Now I am further depressed. Human race is out to destroy itself. This will happen much earlier than the sun finally burns out.

    5. Phukhan Commission 1700 cr

      Kargil Coffin Scam 200 cr

      Kargil Cess Misuse 800 cr

      Telecom Scam- Pramod Mahajan-Arun Shourie-Bailout to Private Players 3200 cr

      UTI Scam 20,000 cr

      Cyberspace Infosys Ltd. Scam 2000 cr

      Petrol Pump and Gas Agency Allotment Scam 1,800 cr

      Judeo Scam 5,000 cr

      Centaur Hotel Deal, Delhi Land Allotment Scam 2000 cr

      HUDCO Scam involving Ananth Kumar 40,000 cr

      Landscams in Rajasthan (Raje) 25000 cr

      Bellary Mining 30,000 cr

      Kushabhau Thackre Trust Scam in MP 2000 cr

      Land Allotment in Karnataka (Yeddi) - 32000 cr

      Punjab Bribery Case 3000 cr

      Uttrakhand Hydel Power scam 12000 cr

      Land Scams in Chattisgarh mines 38000 cr

      LK ADvani & BJP Leaders Hawala scam : 14,000 cr

      Pune Land Scam (Involving Mumbai BJP President) 800 cr

      Nitin Gadkari-Adarsh Scam (Flat owner by proxy) 80 lakhs

      Gas-Based Power Plant Scam in Uttrakhand 2000 cr

      BJP leaders involved in Fake Pilot Scam 150 cr

      CWG- Sudhanshu Mittal and Vijay Kumar Malhotra & Co. 10,000 cr

      VSNL Disinvestment Scam by Arun Shourie 8000 cr

      Arvind Johri-Vajpayee-IT Park Lucknow Scam 200 cr

      Delhi Plot Allot Scam 14,000 cr

      Medical Procurement Scam - C P Thakur 3000 cr

      BALCO Disinvt Scam 4000 cr

      Jain-Hawala Case -L K Advani 3000 cr

      Golden quadrilateral contract award scam 18,000 cr

      BBMP scam BJP MLA's : 30,000 cr

      TOTAL K'TAKA BJP govt SCAMS : 4,50,000 cr.

    6. Below / Above partial list of BJP scams

    7. Hi Praful,

      Are you the recipient of Congress's social media fund? Please guide me how to be part of it. I have till this year end to be part of the loot. Please inform people like me whom to contact.