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    Let’s Benefit From The Dead Of Uttarakhand

    When a national tragedy happens, it invariably always leaves a lot of people stunned. Be it the infamous Hiroshima bombing or the heart shattering earthquake in Haiti; it left a lot of people stunned. Not just in the mother nation but worldwide. While we can leave the rest of the world to watch from a distance with horror, the nation where the tragedy happened, is supposed to overcome the horror and petty differences to tackle the situation and reach out for the survivors. The recent flood in Uttarakhand, which till now has taken more than 1000 lives with thousands of survivors still stranded at various places and struggling to remain alive, is one such tragedy where we as a nation need to standup and take the situation head on. But, are we?

    National calamity and India has always got a funny correlation. Very funny in fact. At least for our political class, these tragedies are nothing short of gold dust. A class which always remains as lethargic as one can’t even imagine, suddenly works overtime during the time of tragedy to garner few brownie points. This is always the case with India and its rotten political class. Ditto is true for our paid and sold out media even. So Uttarakhanda tragedy couldn’t and shouldn’t be anyway different.

    Honestly, I am not too impressed with NaMo and his visit to Dehradun. That said he could be forgiven for his unnecessary limelight garbing attempt, provided the reports of him bringing back 15000 Gujuratis stranded at various places, with him is true. NaMo knowingly or unknowingly did establish a chord with the people who were suffering there and certainly scored few political points. Someone who is not in power at the center and far from being party to the mess that looks so manmade in Uttarakhand can be let off for his attempt at scoring political points during the most unfortunate hours. But could the same be told for the Congress which not only is ruling the center but also the state? The trusted lieutenants when informed the queen on the grounds that NaMo concurred with his political masterstroke, it shouldn’t anyway bring about such theatrical response from a party which always is in the habit of telling lies and shying away from its responsibilities. To counter the NaMo steps, the queen herself, duly accompanied by the dumb head and an equally dumb CM decided to make a farce out of the whole thing. If you can forgive the language of my Tweet, you could see the precise question I wanted to ask to all the Congressi clowns. Flagging off only two trucks of relief material for the survivors and that too after 10 long days the tragedy happened, is made an event such big that it called for Samiyanas to be erected and a flag off ceremony to be organized. Flagging off? Seriously? I want to reiterate my question – is it some kind of firkin Himalayan Car Rally that Sonia Gandhi thought she is flagging off? If NaMo’s visit to Dehradun is an act of playing politics, as per the clown Manish Maniac Tewari then I would love to know what precisely this act of the queen is.

    Carefully look at the picture at the top and this Tweet of NDTV. This speaks a lot about the mindset these Congressi clowns always possess for the masses. Since NaMo scored few points, a shameless government managed by a clueless woman stoops to such level of low insanity that one wonders if this is what democracy is all about? Rahul Gandhi while was away enjoying his holiday somewhere in Europe when the people, whom he aspires to lead as the PM someday were dying is suddenly seen peeping from behind his mother’s Pallu and showcasing some high grade impudence. The same Rahul Gandhi who always goes on a hiding for every pertinent problem the nation faces is back and seen standing atop the stage and admiring his mother’s brazen gimmickry. He not only was admiring but was laughing as if he is attending the road procession of our world cup winning team. How far idiotic one can get? No wonder why #WhereIsPappu is trending on Twitter. Ditto is the case with Shiela Dixit. She is another of that rare breed who never lets go an occasion to flaunt some third graded moroniry. Doesn’t matter if that is the NDTV studio or such kind of stupid and shameless flag off ceremonies; the Delhi CM is always at the forefront to display her inanity.

    Not only are our politicians, even our paid media is baking its bread on the dead bodies of Uttarakhand. While the howling in the studios continues on how different establishments never bothered for multiple ecological warnings, none of them rightfully dares to point fingers at the worthless government, which in my view is the culprit number one. All that our media can do is to deploy foot soldiers, whom they call their reporters and air old clippings from YouTube and claim them to be the live and exclusive footage from the devastated area. How moronic an attempt that is, requires no rocket science to understand. Look how Barkha Dutt is so concerned for the survivors. She is hoping or may be even praying for the weather to hold so that the rescue act can go uninterrupted.  Such a pious soul she is. No? But in reality she cares for the survivors as much as I care for my Tennis coach’s screwed up forehand. All that she may be praying in all likelihood is for the weather to hold so that her so called overnight journey to Uttarakhand is not interrupted and she may be able to timely air her nonsense from the so called ground zero as she always does.

    Rahul Kanwal couldn’t have thrown a bigger eye-opener for the heir apparent, provided he has that bare minimum IQ to understand. ‘Netas should spend time with the people’ and I am sure holidaying in Europe when people were dying and only coming back for a shameless photo up opportunity is not exactly what the other Rahul is urging the useless Rahuls of the world to do. And by the way, I hope you might have marked how INC flags were tucked to the trucks those were carrying the relief material as if it is not the GOI which is sending them but the Congress party from their own pockets or more precisely the Mai-Baap Gandhi family. Such third graded opportunistic morons these reprobates with their vested interests are. For these scoundrels, the dead or those who are in the verge of dying are nothing more than a rotten political platform.

    Hope the nation is taking note of everything, including the crocodile tears the clowns of the Gandhi family routinely shedding since last 2-3 days. Hope everyone understands the sinister plot that the thugs from Congress are planning to plot behind such theatrical flag off nonsense. In all of this I only feel sorry for those who are still stranded in the mountains, many of whom might very well have voted for this useless government to end up seeing their elected representatives making a family photo session out of their sufferings and throwing irritabilities left-right-and-center.


    1. .......in it's 135 years of history congress has done flagging of relief materials to boost cadre morale and to show strong leadership and not for votes------uppercaste media trying to convert natural disaster into rahul made---sonia made disaster---------shankaracharya samadhi swept away in the mele-----mind it was 1600 years old this means the worst natural disaster in 1600 yeras atleast at kedarnath-------shame on uppercaste propaganda and rss internet chaddis

    2. Which party & RSS workers hoisted Pakistan flag in K'taka ______
      Which party members & RSS placed beef in hindu temple ______
      Which party made money out of Kargil Coffin deal ______

      WHich party was born by demolition of Masjid ?______

      Where is Rs.6,000 crores collected by VHP for Ram temple ? : BJP__________
      Which party opposed death sentence of Afzal by fielding Jethmalani in SC _______
      Which party is connected with saffron terror ________
      WHich party govt. in K'taka was dubbed as most corrupt govt. in India by HC ______
      Which party MLAs watch blue film in assy _______
      Who said Swamy vivekananda has less IQ than D'wood _____
      Who said Jinnah is great in Pakistan _________
      Which party dictated CAG about 2G loss ? MM Joshi________
      Who is tapping Jaitley's phone ? BJP itself Sidhanshu .Misra _______
      Which party dictated coal auction & related scam? BJP & Orrisa Biju _______
      Who is the BJP CM who was jailed ? Yeddi ______
      Which party MLAs burnt down building with scam papers in B'lore ? BJP ________
      WHich Party Rajya Sabha member defended Rajiv & Indira killers ? BJP, Jethmalani ______
      WHich Party Rajya Sabha member defended Haji Mastan, YSR Jagan, Kanimozhi, Raja, Hawala scam ? BJP, Jethmalani _______
      Which party calls decent and tallest world leader like MMS as night watchman ? ______
      Which party pays for phirangis to praise Modi ? _________
      Which party secretly loves Gandhi surname ? Ask Varun ________
      Who obstructed the Parliament the maximum? ________
      Who opposes all progressive legislation? _______
      Who said Maldives/B'desh kicks India around? ______
      Who said obstructing Parliament is legitimate? ____
      Whose ideology assassinated Gandhiji? RSS,BJP ______

      Which party is involved in 2G scam ? 40,000 crores by BJP/NDA/SHourie/Pramod as per JPC

      WHich party is involved in COALGATE? BJP 85 percent BJP state govts and Orrisa Biju pk

      What is the total scam of first BJP Govt in K'taka ? $81 billions !!!!!!!!!

      who gave 2 crores as relief and milked maximum from media / modi

    3. I don't think Rahul Gandhi needs to be in this country by cancelling his vacation. Let him have his private life/time. It really doesn't matter as long as what the people really need are there which is

      1. Food and Water (air drop?) for people who are stranded.

      2. Evacuate at the first opportunity (weather?)

      3. Remove the road block so that road transportation can be restored.

      4. Bring down prices quickly by making basic things available so that some smarta$$ don't make money out of others misery.

      I think the military did first three job to the best possible extent. Its the job of the political class (State and Center) to manage the 4.

      Having said the above, I concur with you on the mileage that Cong is trying to eek out of relief material is just gimmick and in bad taste.

    4. private life is for private people, not someone who is projected as prime minister next year.

    5. What a bad joke! To boost your party morale you can flag off himalayan bike/car rally for all your cadre, not relief material trucks.

      btw, you wish to conceal the fact is relief material was ready by 20th but they were waiting for RG to come home to flag off and seek cheap publicity.

      Such shameful acts can never be liked by educated sensible Indians.

    6. Shameless UPA and local CM says 'No chardham yatra for next 2 years' Can they say the same if a muslim mosque is washed away in floods ?

      All its' leaders and clowns will go to that place to start construction work and see it is resumed in 2 months. Such is the apathy of Hindus in India.

      Also amused at Bollywood's non responsive callous attitude. None of Hindu stars (Khandhan must be happy at the havoc) announced any donation for relief.

    7. If you are a Neta, you shall be ready to spend time with distressed, lead from front the relief ops. You might still go on vacation later.

    8. minimum IQ to understand. ‘Netas should spend time with the people

    9. rahul requested mms and mom to send in 1000 crores as relief amount......modi gave 2 crore post dated cheque and rescued 15,000 gujratis in just 2 days with 2 innovas.......iaf stuggled for 15 odd days with dozens of choppers to save 9000 people......shame on uppercaste bjp rss propaganda.....shame on upprcaste propagandists

    10. Pass me the weed once you're done with it, Prat-ul-gupta.

    11. Do you actually believe/read what you write or do you copy-paste this bollocks from a template? Curious.

    12. 1. AIr chief should be sacked for sensational statements like" rotor will keep churning till everyone is rescued", our IAF is not doing a favor, what have they done some thing worthwhile in last 10 years apart from crashing planes and choppers ? They ran to SOnia and MMS when chinese incursion happened. Chief of armed forces Pranab should sack these insensitive people immediately

      2. Centre should pass an ordinance to vacate habitation in sensitive zones no amount of preparedness is enough to nature's wrath, Himalayan range is very dynamic and should be habited at only plane areas.

      3. Ban these yatras and demolish these temple, if these were done one year before no one would have come to know about himalayan tsunami today

      4. Insurance companies should bar insurance coverage in high risk zones with immediate effect

      5. We cannot disrespect nature and get respect from it.

      5. Ban all on going dam projects, make Uttarakand a district part of Delhi or UP and reduce habitation by 90 percent in next 5 years

      6. Kuderemukh in K'taka was handed over to mother nature as tiger reserve by SC in spite of lobbying by various agencies and govts, UK should be dubbed as eco-sensitive zone and habitation banned.

    13. Haaaahahahahahaaaa!!!! Take a printout, frame it and hang it in your living room, you deluded moron.

    14. 7. Fvck off, Prat-ul-gupta.

    15. 8th Century Samadhi of Sankaracharya was washed away by the himalayan tsunami, this means there was no such destruction in places affected in the last 1600 years (that is minimum) !!!!

      Uppercaste media targeting every problem and linking to Congress which is 110 years old, they are blaming Sonia and Rahul as if they are nature gods

      Shame on uppercaste propaganda

      Now that this has happened people should be prepared to leave himalayan ranges and settle in planes. Else they will be dealt with by nature and again the blame will go on UPA,Congress, all natural acts will be blamed on Sonia____Shame on uppercaste propaganda and uppercaste media.

    16. 2 days 12 innovas 15,000 rescued


      4000 soldiers 60 choppers 17 days 9000 rescued, 20 lives sacrificed

      ......who is faking to benefit from the tragedy ? The uppercaste propagandists like RSS, BJP and the Murderer Modi Shame on media, fascists writers and journo's .

      Sonia and MMS have done thier best, BJP and Modi is milking blood and votes from the tragedy, shame on uppercastes

    17. You are seriously funny....you really make sensible people's day by writing these bullshits