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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rescuing Congress From Uttarakhand Continues

Team Being Cynical
More than thousand dead with all probability, the number may very well go up to even 10000. These are not my numbers but the numbers a bewildered MoS, Disaster Management, Mr. Tyagi furnished once back from his 30000 feet aerial survey tourism from Uttarakhand. Like his boss Manmohan Singh and super boss SoniaG, Tyagi didn’t thought much beyond flying over tragedy hit areas and take a sneak peak at the situation as part of standard hogwash.

No, I am not here to count the enormous number of points where this government has failed to reach out to the victims. Neither I am interested any further to highlight how incompetent this government is all through; Sonia Gandhi and down. That is for all to see and I certainly am not required to reiterate them again-and-again. Nor am I saying why it took the GOI (read Congress party) a good 10 days to react. When the news of flood started flooding in on 15th of this month, GOI slept over it and only woke up after 10 days to send; err.. Flag Off two relief trucks for the victims. That very act of flagging off was comical to say the least and should have been avoided. Hell, even I am not going to discuss on that historical Flag Off ceremony any more since I have done that bit in my last post.

What bothers me instead is the prolonged reaction time that Congress took to address the plight of the survivors. 10 days? That is quite lethargic, knowing how efficient the Congress men are when it comes to rush down to Azamgarh to hobnob with known terrorists or pillion ride early morning to UP. The more I think on this, the more I see a pattern emerging from this knee jerk response of Congress and that too after 10 days. Now what we see may look like a relief act to rescue the survivors while in reality it is a grand scale attempt at rescuing the whole Congress party and the Yuvraj from UK altogether.

Now hang on and revisit the chronology. While people were dying, the entire Congress party was busy elsewhere. Few were holidaying in Europe while many others were soaking up with all the unsolicited grog seeing a split between BJP and JD(U). Their spokespersons were all over the prime time in demining Modi and his so called qualities of breaking relations. None was seen bothered for what was happening in UK; even least was the Yuvraj and the queen. Now, all of them seemed to have woken up from their deep slumber at once and that too when everything is finished. This phenomenal transition from playing Ostrich to effective administration happened once NaMo went to UK and ran away with all the media attention. This is when a lot of people from Congress realized, they might very well miss the bus if they don’t show some agility in fooling the nation yet again. This is when they come up with all their relief trucks and flag off nonsenses at once. Kudos to NaMo for forcing a bunch of morons to realize their responsibilities which otherwise is expected of any government suo moto.

Leading the pack of jokers of late is always has to be Sushil Kumar Shinde. This time when hounded by media chaps for some answers on the number of days that would be required to bring the last stranded survivor, he, as per his standard, has this bizarre explanation to furnish. As per the HM, there aren’t any Helicopters left as all are busy ferrying the stranded to safe locations. While he was anything but evasive on this tough question, though never asked, he didn’t forget to mention how Rahul Gandhi is planning to go to UK the next day to take stock of the situation. What kind of stock he is going to take when he himself was busy sipping Martinis when others were putting their lives in danger to rescue others? And this taking stock nonsense looks fundamentally so wrong even. I wonder since when absolute useless bots are given freehand to monitor what our finest army personnel are doing. But that is how Congress always functioned; to project some Gandhi as the front runner for a national cause. Even if that means, projecting absolute nutcases as the man with a mission. This is how hostile the entire Congress lot is with honesty and seriousness. The idea is not to rescue the hapless pilgrims but to rescue the Yuvraj from some imminent oblivion that looks such a probability after 2014 general elections.

Another startling shameful fact that our media is conceding for some time is the reason behind such delay in sending the relief trucks. Though the trucks were ready by 20th, the Congress party and the millions of sycophants that it houses, delayed the dispatch as they were waiting for the prince to return to India after holidaying. Just because they want to have this useless guy alongside the Queen when she Flags Off the trucks, those who were in immediate need of help were ignored quite conveniently. Just because, the photo up would be half fruitful without the Yuvraj, an entire contingent has to wait for the college dropout to return. And such morons are still talking about those who lost their lives and showing sympathy? Such clandestine and flabbergasting the whole Flag Off arrangement was.

If the delay to accommodate Yuvraj was not enough, congress even played their master appeasement stroke in matter of such tragedy. As per habit, Congress never leaves an opportunity to show few/one Muslim in great light for votebank. Doesn’t matter if it is the darkest hour for the nation. Votebank is paramount, irrespective of the number that reads in the dead column. To help them in their endeavor our paid media digs out stories those look so unnecessary at times. TOI all through the day seen running a story about a Muslim IAF officer who was rescuing Hindu pilgrims. Wow!! Though I never see TOI running stories how thousands of Hindu army personnel help Muslims on daily basis. Because they are not paid to write for that; simple. It doesn’t matter for Congress if such cherry picking of who rescuing whom in fact mocks our forces than encouraging them; as rightly point out by this Tweeple. But alas!! The morons in Congress camp seldom look beyond their personal gain. For them the nation will always come last, let alone her armed forces.

The whole relief nonsense looks even more uncouth and uncivilized the moment one sees the nefarious agenda behind it. While the idea should have been helping the needy, it surprisingly turned out to be an advertisement platform for Yuvraj and rest of the Gandhi family. But that is what is expected from the sycophants. Isn’t it? The picture here shows the kind of sycophants that routinely crowd around Rahul Gandhi and wag their tails on the prospect of a throw away piece of meat. Look at the idiots and the level of rear licking they can accomplish, given a chance. To celebrate Yuvraj’s 43rd birthday, these morons didn't hesitate to get half nude and roll around. Somebody correctly said. This is a classic example of ROFNL – Rolling On The Floor Not Laughing. Can we really expect sanity from a party that is full of such ‘ready to get nude’ assholes in plenty?

All in all, it is not the pilgrims those are being rescued from the hills. It is the full-fledged rescue operation of Congress party from the dumps they have dig themselves in. Since Modi scored over them, even this time around, the attempt is to show how the Yuvraj was in fact more serious for those who are stranded and precariously poised with their lives. Idea was not to reach out to people in distress but to show how the real Mai-Baap of the nation is the Gandhi family, not NaMo or whoever. What else would suggest covering GOI sponsored relief trucks with INC flags as if they are been paid from the Congress coffers. After all, people should always be thankful to their Mai-Baaps. No?


  1. I am not understanding why media is not targeting Govt. It only writes against Modi. Looks like people will soon revolt against media houses, they are just bunch of buffoons, with no responsibility.

  2. ..akilesh gave 25 crore immediate grants.....rahul, sonia and mms allotted rs.1000 crores......modi gave rs.2 crore post dated cheque....with 20 innovas he saved 15,000 gujaratis and iaf took 15 odd days to rescue 9000 people with 50 odd choppers......shame on bjp, rss and uppercaste media and uppercaste propagandists........uppercaste propaganda should be defeated

  3. being cynical, can you write an article on rss and bjp hoisting pakistan flag in k'taka with the same determination ??

  4. Pratul whole world knows where such money goes, besides Congress has done lakhs of crores Scam. I mean cmon atleast now realise whos doing what !!...Shame on such people like you

  5. Pratul Gupta, no media is covering or reporting of RSS relief work in UK. dey were one of the first to reach the site. Why did UK govt rejected 24 choppers arranged by Modi to be used for rescue operations ? why did dey close baba ramdev's relief camps saying its illegal? helping a flood victim what law says its illegal ? dumb Rahul, sonia MMS gave 1000cr but how much will victim gets N another case for CAG to audit & CBI to investigate.

  6. I am not an expert on disaster rescue. But trust me, if I have my loved ones waiting for the food and medicines, I would just load the stuff up in the truck myself and send it off, may be drive it myself if need be. I would not bother getting the banners printed to show the world that I bought it for them. I am not supporting any person or party here. But I feel sad that our so called leaders are more worried about the banners and the flag-off ceremonies than helping the people in such great pain.

  7. after the grant flag-off , the trucks are stuck on the way

  8. Pics or it didn't happen. Now shoo. Stop being a prat, Prat-ul-gupta.

  9. The govt. is more concerned with publicity than it is with actually doing something to help the people. It would be utterly hilarious if it weren't so cringe-worthy.

  10. How much do they pay you for copy-pasting this bollocks from a template? Is it based on the number of posts you make in an hour? Or is it directly proportional to the absurdity and comedy value of each post? For your sake I'm hoping it's the latter.

  11. That's stupid thing to imagine. Were you present there or you found the info through the paid media? This ridiculous rumor can come from either the people who don't know RSS or pseudosecularist or anti-national elements.

  12. Congis must have filled up their cars with the diesel meant for the trucks.

  13. Paid prostitute. Modi never said that. When you used 'uppercaste' I can understand your background. Go get reservation in the cremation ground also to where we can send you really fast. Bstd.

  14. Nope, he is not a prat but a well-calculated Prost%^&e to come and vomit something here in praise of the thieves

  15. I think Media is not a buffoon, that word is reserved for the masses of this to-be-failed nation. Media is a well-seasoned whore in the hands of the CONparty

  16. against hypocritesJun 28, 2013, 10:10:00 AM

    fart-ul-gu(shit)-pta will u shut the fuck up. no need to broadcast but we all know that u routinely clean the toilets of congis.....

  17. 2 days back UK police seized the papers of a lot of local jeeps & small trucks etc in Dehradun and ask them if they want their papers back then they have to take the material from the trucks (which were stuck in Ddun & Rishikesh sent by congress after a massive flagoff ceremony) and deliver to Joshimath & all other areas.. this is really the DICTATORSHIP of UK (congress) govt. and I am amazed that no local news paper or channel even reported it anywhere..

  18. RSS M'fkrs can't adopt Tiranga as their flag ?

    RSS M'fkrs hoist Pakistan Flag during elections in Musalman areas !

    RSS M'fkrs put meat and bones into Hindu temples in Musalman areas !

    One RSS M'fkr in Kerala recently died while transporting bomb, many RSS are terrorists!!

    Many RSS M'fkrs are languishing in jail for terror !

    RSS M'fkrs were driniking go-muthra during freedom struggle, many musalmans dedicated their lives not RSS M'fkrs.

    Sonia is new Bharath Mata, no need for her to recite Vande Mataram, she is taking care of India like her baby.

    RSS M'fkrs r@ping Bharath Mata by hoisting pakistan flag on Indian soil.

    Hard luck e-soldiers of chaddi party, Cong will win big in 2014 and 2019, BJP will be a 10 member party in parliament.

  19. Wow dude!!!! Your comment shows your desperation of being heard and the frustration that nobody cares.

    "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." - This is what Hitler believed in. As most of us know, Hitler committed suicide by shooting himself. I think our government and its dumb supporters should learn a lesson from this. If you keep telling lies, you probably are building a platform for committing suicide later.

  20. You are such an interesting piece (read mistake) of God...
    for people like you, ignorance is really a bliss...feel pity for you dude


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