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    Degrading India In The Name Of Free Speech & Secularism

    I am coming late to the scene. I knew, post Rajdeep Sardesai’s marvels in front of Madison Square Garden, there would be outrage from both side. As expected it happened. I too was a part of that outrage brigade. But that is not exactly the fun part. The fun part is, those who swear by truth but in reality are liars and crooks by their DNA started the routine defense of a man who calls himself a professional but seem to have crossed all limits of civility and that too on a foreign land. To amuse more, the defense team didn’t even bother to know the truth before taking sides. And before you miss it; have anyone marked, the people who were vehemently defending RS without knowing ground realities are majorly from a contingent called ‘Congress Reptiles’ with a bunch of proven AAPTards filling up the rest? Does it smell routine? Anyway let’s move on.

    People may just find the lack of civility in the acts of RS at MSG but I see a hidden pattern which I am afraid, no one has pointed out till now. Our patrons from MSM, the so called intellectuals, the left liberal frauds, the litfest mafias, the Maoist sympathizers; all of them have a common pattern in their acts and actions. No, it is not that pathological hate for Hindus. This particular quality of the frauds is a well-known fact by now. What nobody notices is the slow poison that these jokers are spreading in their mission to degrade India in every forum. That is particularly why these crooks are head-over-heals in love with anything and everything that is anti-India. Be it the traitor separatists of Kashmir or the Maoists; they are just lovely darlings for these selfsame flag bearers of secularism. For decades, these psychic morons ran havoc on Indian diaspora by using two simple but highly abused words – Secularism and Free Speech. And they still are running havoc. By the way, we all know who the real idiot was at MSG. No need for RS to tweet and clarify.

    Here is the thing. More than civility and professionalism or the lack of it, RS degraded India in front of a huge foreign media. When people from outside see that a so called Padma Bhusan award (remember it is a Govt sponsored nonsense) winning journalist goes on provoking the gathered crowd against their own priminister, it not only disrepute the PM alone but also the democratic establishment of this nation. The hate is so paramount that the likes of RS don’t even admit to accept a democratically elected representative as their PM. How absurd it sounds? Imagine a gathering in India where Obama is to address and there you see a bunch of American journalists provoking the American crowd to go against their President. Do you think the state of America would take those journalists in kind? In fact, in my opinion no country should take such open bigotry against the state in lighter terms. You may have thousands of differences back home but that doesn’t entitle you to go there and spew venom against your state heads on a foreign land. That is a clear sign of disrespect to the nation and amounts to treachery. But the beauty of our frauds is that, they first would engage in all the dirt of the world and when sensible people retaliate they would play victim at once. Rajdeep himself, who knows very well that it is he who started the farce but yet ask him where his moral compass gone while spiting lies; he would give lecture to the rest of the world on free speech. He would ask – why people are so intolerant to different opinions. I would have said this million times. People are not intolerant with a differentiating opinion. People are intolerant of lies and that too those which are been propelled for decades without any logic or reason. The common public is largely rational and truth loving unlike the jurnos from the snake farm. That is perhaps why one from the crowd asked Rajdeep if he respects the verdict of our supreme court or not. When you have the gull to lie around for decades without any proof then be prepared to take it on your chin when the retaliation comes. Why play victim then?  

    That said, defending oneself is fine and I am OK with that. My problem is when I see these jokers run around fool and try to equate lies and absurdity with free speech. Since when lying is considered an act of free speech? In which country, provided you are not referring Pakistan? Getting away with throwing high doze of morality may be a business of these clandestine morons but for general mass, who now are more informed than these frauds, free speech has got nothing to do with hypocrites and chronic liars. Drawing Hindu goddesses in nude by that jerk MF Hussain is an act of free speech but Yogi Adityanath talking truth is an act of inciting violence. I may disagree on Yogi’s words and find them communally provocative; so I do for the filthy paintings of that scoundrel. But I no way would approve one thing that serves my angle as good and denounce the opposite opinion against my belief as nonsense. If I do, I am liable to be termed as a hypocrite and that is what people like RS and majority from his brethren are. Opposing MF Hussain is curtailing free speech but when Yasudas lets his opinion known, the same jokers would advise him to stick to what he does best. The same RS would hail MF as a crusader but would have advice of caution for Yasudas. How this bundle up finally? You go into an emotional flame when somebody reminds you a 6 moth old of your filthy tweet but you take all the liberty of racking 2002 in every occasion after 12 years. How this logic otherwise balances out if it is not plain hypocrisy?     

    But this is not a problem with RS alone. It is with every pseudo secular moron. They will rally behind MF Hussain but come to ask tough questions on the absurd behavior of Mullahs in Indore against PETA activists, they will run away hiding. I am no lover of these PETA frauds but then, aren’t the attacks on PETA activists by Muslims in Indore is an example of attack on free speech? Why I don’t see the champions of free speech standing for the PETA chaps and discussing about the intolerance among Muslims? Why? I didn’t see a single joker from MSM condemning the acts of Muslims in this case. And when I say a single one, I mean 'a single one'. Is it because the so called free speech of PETA activists were going against the beliefs of Islam? Then why cry Rudali for MF Hussain? Weren’t his nonsense were also against Hinduism? How can we have two different yardsticks to judge free speech? Anything genuinely commented on Islam and Muslims is stereotyping and inciting communal violence but absurdity peddled against Hindus is free speech. For once, I also hate to see jokers spilling blood of innocent animals on the streets in the name of ritual. I don’t want my kids to see such barbarism openly flaunted. If such cruel rituals are that important then go to a designated filed of the city or if possible to hell and enjoy your barbarism with pleasure. Why disturb everyone including small kids? Tomorrow you may conjure up a ritual to have sex in open, that doesn’t mean you open your bedrooms for public viewing. Now, how many buffoons from the free speech warriors would certify my above three lines as an act of free speech? I guess none because, I am communal with my words but the same jerks would clap vociferously if someone points out how Hindus are wasting water and polluting with crackers during Holi and Diwali. Why it is only Hindus who were advised for waterless Holi but never the Mullahs to have a blood less Bkrid?

    Come to free speech and talk about this particular news. I am sure none in the secular brigade will discuss this at all. Why? Because this would be stereotyping. People will let complete anti-nationals to have their nefarious agenda against the nation going inside their homes but talking objectively against it would at once become prejudice. And there is more to the news than this headline alone. Below are few of the paragraphs that sum up the thing in totality:

    Locals say that when police arrived, two women held them off at gunpoint threatening to blow up the house and delaying them long enough to burn several documents and evidence. Among the half burnt papers found later were leaflets of al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri and Indian Mujahideen. Only a month ago, Zawahiri had warned of 'jihad' in India.
    NIA, IB and other central agencies are already in Burdwan but say they are getting no cooperation from the state police. Local cops are accused of trying to hush up the blast. They destroyed the seized IEDs, bombs and explosives on Friday before central investigators could arrive. SP SMH Meerza claimed those dead did not have any criminal antecedents and that the bombs were crude socket-bombs. But CID inspector Amar Kumar Mondal, who led the bomb squad, said he defused 55 IEDs and RDX.

    Will the free speech advocates question Begum Mamta Banarjee on the open treachery of a TMC anti-national? They won’t because Mamta is rolling out doles for Muslims at an unprecedented regularity. Since Mamta Banarjee is good at appeasing nonsense, all the crimes of her and her comrades can be brushed under the carpet. Doesn't matter if the crime is outright against the nation and its security. Will Derek O’Brien show the same agility which he showed in defending morons like RS, in this case as well to condemn the treachery of one of his party men? Your guess is as good as mine. Imagine the same happening in the house of a BJP leader. The Rudalis would have been crying aloud by now. Name calling of Modi and RSS would have started long time ago. All in the name of free speech and secularism, no?

    By the way – people have become smarter and more informed than what they were couple of decades back. People have now started to oppose and object blatant lie peddling and agenda muddling aggressively. Every thug in the pseudo secular reliant will get his/her share of riposte sooner than later. Rajdeep Sardesai is just the beginning. 


    1. For a 2nd std student a teacher teaches that 2-3 is not defined only 3-2 is a valid expression. If an engg student tells him that 2-3 = -1 the 2nd std student refuses to accept and declares jihad. That's the problem with muslims today who blindly practise an intolerant philosophy devoid of compassion to ppl of other faiths. The same holds for idiots known as so called secularists devoid of any knowledge of Hinduism.

    2. Great Cartoons very appropriate

    3. g8 one.. RS and his SG are a big nuisance to public .congress forced these idiots down the gullet of poor citizens, finally the torment will be over in few years and they would be shown their rightful place by the saffron brigade.

    4. God save us from SG's obnoxious secular lessons on TOI.

    5. rs called Indian PM a pied piper , a cruel sorcerer rat catcher in Grims fairy tale who charmed the people of hamelin town and later cuased total ruin by killing all the children of the town.Patriotic Indians should have lynched him when rs uttered pied piper. RAVIKUMAR THIRUVANANTHAPURAM

    6. Hey come on man, you should enter/start english dailies, to reach far greater audiences.
      It is very very bad you are restricting yourself only to this site. It took more than 60 years to teach Indians differecne between appeasement and secularism.