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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Is West-Bengal Going The Kashmir Way?

Team Being Cynical
Some time back in a post of mine I shared my concerns on the scheme of things with West Bengal. Few of my readers laughed it off saying I am thinking too much beyond any facts. But I was worried and I am still worried now with my worry being strengthened few folds. Two years back I was apprehensive if WB going to be the next Kashmir of India. And I had reasons to believe so. Both these two states have peculiar similarities in terms of demography. While Kashmir was bordering a notorious failed state like Pakistan WB was sharing its border with Bangladesh, not much different from Pakistan in many terms. There was rampant infiltration of Jehadis in these two borders with a sole motto to create disturbance in India. And the most worrying factor was the state governments in these two states who were too sympathetic towards these nuisance makers. In that blog I was warned by none other than Derek O’Brien himself that the said conclusion is a figment of my filthy and communal imagination and I should refrain from creating communal divide. Was it my imagination only or there is reality attached to it? We will analyze it in detail.

Last week’s Burdwan blast actually let open lot of worms that can possibly be put in a single can. In a matter of five minutes the dangerous nexus of Bangladeshi Jehadi – dirty money – TMC association was exposed like never before. There were two individuals from Bangladesh who said to have been sheltered by a TMC leader of the area died while fixing few RDX loaded IEDs. The bombs did their job except it blasted on the premises of these terrorists than on some crowded Puja pandal and we have some horrifying truth coming out like it never did. That is not all. Two women associates of these rogues, who later were arrested, brandished revolvers and threatened the crowd and the police at the same time and kept on destroying evidences of their association with a Bangladesh based terror module. Now the first question – was the police force of WB so incompetent that they stood helpless in front of only two pistol carrying women? Or there are deliberate attempts at letting the women destroy crucial evidence? Here I don’t want to give the benefit of doubt to WB police because their action post the drama was anything but convincing. I was even more certain of a foul play and deliberate intention in evidence eradication once I heard the SP of the area. He sounds more apologetic than trustworthy with his words. That’s not all; the police which took control after finally arresting these two women calculatingly destroyed the last remaining evidences in the form of the IEDs on an open field. Now the second question – who on earth destroys such crucial evidences in the name of investigation and safety? Two serious unanswered questions on a matter related to national security and yet Mamata Banarjee feels we should have faith on the modos-operandi of WB police team and her party. Faith? Seriously?    

All said and done, the catastrophic degradation of law-and-order and pretty much everything else in the state didn’t happen overnight. There has to be a history and chain of events to it. Perhaps the picture to the left tells a bit of that history. Perhaps it is part of the reason on why WB, the state once known to be a hotbed for producing freedom fighters has turned ferment for Jehadi activities. I am OK with CMs running around fool in attires that suites their political dividends. It is the intent that matters. And if you ask me about Mamata Banarjee’s intent on how she wants to run the state; well it is all dubious, if I try to put it mildly. Since she took the power of the state, all she is interested in is to appease the Muslims in every possible way. Running around in a Burqa is just a small part in that crusade. Not only the Muslims of the India but also the illegal immigrants of Bangladesh were cajoled like there is no tomorrow. All their crimes, including their illegal entry to our country were handled by issuing legitimate ration cards and voter I-Cards. In fact, just 4 months to her tenure as the CM MB organized a mass drive to issue government authorized identity cards to all these illegal immigrants. Unfortunately, one of the dead in the Burdwan blast was a beneficiary of that drive. That man not only managed to procure an Indian residency, thanks to MB but also went on to marry the daughter of the local Madrasa head. By the way, one of the women arrested is the wife of this illegal Bangladeshi. All these anti national activities were pioneered by MB and her ilk with a sole intention – votebank. As long as these illegal settlers readily agree to vote for her, she is fine if her votebank indulges in terror activities. How absurd it is when we see a CM even allows such anti India elements to flourish in her state just because she is assured of some votes. If the word traitor doesn’t fit here perfectly then not sure where it will.    

But as I said, there is more history to it than Burqa and Mamata Banarjee. From the days TMC started to rise as a political party from street hooliganism, I wondered, how they are arranging funds for their nonsense. Initially I thought it to be Congress’s generosity. Gradually it got cleared that I was wrong. The equally notorious Left joined hands with Congress at center and still the rowdies of TMC continued their abhorrence on the streets of Kolkata and elsewhere. There has to be some other source of money. And boy, after a long wait the Sharada chit-fund scam opened up the financial mechanism of TMC. The money trail of the scam, which leads to Bangladesh and few break-India elements there, clears the whole operational module. At an infant stage, TMC was backed by these anti India elements with money and arms with a promise of handsome paybacks later. And that payback time is when TMC would be on the seat of power. MB stuck to her promises when she allowed thugs to loot poor people of her state and bundled the money in Lorries to Bangladesh for terror funding in India. How more notorious one can get? While an entire state watched in dismay, Didi and her cronies carried on with their loot with sole intent – hurt India.

But ask the scoundrels of TMC to clarify their stand on the terror link and TMC; we get absurdity, signature to this notorious party in response. Leading from the front in idiocy is a moron called Derek O’Brien. This shameless individual has the gall to say the Burdwan incident is being thoroughly probed but fails to answer why their own leader whose house was used to manufacture bombs is still not arrested for questioning. What kind of probe it is where evidences are destroyed rather being preserved? How someone is let off, whose house was used to manufacture terror on the explanation that he never was aware of the real intent of his tenants? Could this have been possible for a common citizen to still roam free if his association with terror works had such imminent and irrefutable proofs as in case of this rogue TMC local leader? And still the shameless Derek talks about faith. Faith is a perception which is built over past experience and if anything to go by, TMC was always suspicious with their activities. For records, TMC was always in the forefront of anti-national deeds. That is perhaps why MB shuddered and challenged Modi to touch even a single Bangladeshi Muslim in her state. So much love for illegal entrants in our country and yet rogue Derek lectures us about faith? The entire life span of TMC cries for a single nationalistic endeavor and yet Derek expects us to have faith on their anti-India party. Who is adding Masala to whole Burdwan episode? Who was stopping the NIA to take the investigation in their hands? The louts who are cohorts in the crime are supposed to be trusted with delivering unbiased investigation into the mess? Either the TMC chaps are considering rest of us as fools or they themselves are grade 1 jokers. And I find the possibility of the later a more appropriate option.

In all of this I feel sorry for the people of Bengal. In between the devil and the deep sea (or shit?) they had to choose this deep sea called Mamata Banarjee, who is turning out to be a fine grained anti India element. Left were crooks and anti-national themselves but never were anywhere close to the skullduggery of Mamata and her bunch of noise making faggots. For the sake of their power and vote bank, no party till date had such convincing association with terror outfits working against India. This could be first in India where politics has gone so rotten that ‘Selling The Nation For Power’ has got some real life and practical example. With that comes the third question which still remains to be answered – shouldn’t a terror party like TMC be banned and Mamata be thrown behind bars along with her filthy associates.

Till that happens I just wondering for now – how the likes of Mamata and Derek would be facing their own self in front of the mirror?


  1. Hello sir, it's an excellent article. May I suggest some light editing changes to refine it?

  2. "May be the author's generation may have liked it then" - Mam, let me assure you, I am not T-Rex, extinct. In fact I am quite young. :)

  3. "May be the author's generation may have liked it then" - Mam, let me
    assure you, I am not T-Rex, extinct. In fact I am quite young. :)

  4. And may I know those changes please?

  5. Payal ma'am are you one of rajdeeps associates demanding maturity and nuetrality under the so called farce of secularism ...

  6. Protik Prokash BanerjiOct 15, 2014, 7:00:00 PM

    Its a can of 'worms' not 'warms'; it is 'gall' and not 'gull'. "Figment of imagination" not 'pigment'. Sir its better not to use proverbs and words that you have only heard and imperfectly remembered. Use simpler words with which you are familiar and which do equally well. Perhaps it would also be apposite to advise you to sit down with a standard work on English grammar such as Wren & Martin.

  7. truthful and BOLD

  8. Hello sir, Nice article .thanks for exposing such anti-national elements. Just a request .can u do an article about the ongoing state elections and also expose the hypocrisy of shiv sena party post split and their repeated personal attack on our PM Modi for some cheap votes...thanks

  9. After knowing all the skullduggery and misdemeanors of Mamta, Why is this NDA Government still keeping silent? Mamta is not just a corrupt leader, she is proving to be a traitor too. This is reason enough for the center to dismiss this State Government and impose President's rule.

  10. I wish WB goes Haryana, MAH way. Once that happens the traitors would be driven out to the places where they can have their "retirement" life...

  11. payal seems to have a crush on bilawal ,


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