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    The Olive Oil Activists

    Let’s start with a small story. There was this old man living in a village with his wife and his jobless son. The only worry of the old man was his worthless son. After repeated advice his son still was reluctant to learn anything. Fed up with his son’s attitude the old man once called his son and gave him an ultimatum. He asked him to come back that day with Rs 100/- or else no food would be served. The mother overheard the discussion between the father and son. She called her son and gave him Rs 100/- and asked him to give it to his father in the evening. The worthless son roam around the whole day doing nothing and came back in the evening and gave his father the Rs 100/-. The old man smelled rat and asked his son to throw the money in the dustbin which his son followed without a word. The old man understood the plot. Next day when his wife wasn’t around he put the same condition in front of his son and asked him to earn it by day end. Since no free money was available for the son that day, the worthless son had to work as a labourer to earn the Rs 100/-. In the evening the old man asked the son to throw the money in the dustbin which this time was steadfastly objected by his son. The old man understood the money was hard earned, hence the reluctance of his son to throw it in the dustbin.

    Now you may wonder what the moral of this story is. The point here is not with what we learn from the story but to find the similarities with those who were/are returning the government awards given to them. Did you mark the nonchalant attitude that the award returnees are showing while giving back their awards? Perhaps because, they were non-deserving to begin with. Perhaps because they didn’t have to break a sweat to get those awards at the first place. That is perhaps why the selfsame flag bearers of tolerance and secularism are so casual towards the award they have won. Had they won it with their calibre they wouldn’t have returned it for a farce.

    I call these worthless and insignificant writers / filmmakers / scientists as “Olive Oil Activists” and I have reasons to say so. In fact these activists are not limited to these three domains alone. Any liberal worth of his salt can be grouped to this “Olive Oil Activists” band and I bet you never would get wrong with this assessment.

    For ages these liberals of India considered themselves superior to the rest of the masses. They find themselves privileged over the rest and feel, it is their birth right to find the wrong in others or even worse, go a notch ahead and try to teach everyone else on tolerance, liberalism and secularism. Look at each of our liberals who have cemented their places in different TV studios for the 9 PM blabbering. Almost all of them have this bad habit of looking down at the rest with squint eyes. The Nehruvian aura that spreads the sense of entitlement by default is still prevailing among these liberals. Nehru used to consider himself above the rest because he found himself privileged. Privileged because he could afford to roam around in cars, get his education in a foreign university and could hobnob with who’s-who of the society. He could speak fluent English, which for an instance a certain Sardar Patel was unable to. Nehru had this privileged syndrome so deeply inculcated in his bone marrow that he couldn’t stand the result when all state representatives chose Sardar before him to be the first PM of the nation. Rest is history. Irony, even in this 21st century, this very Nehruvian symptom of being superior to others by virtue of a privileged birth or superior English speaking abilities hasn’t left the modern day liberals. It hasn’t left because, for our liberals there isn’t a better role model than Nehru himself.

    Our liberals find everything that is deeply rooted to our culture as nonsense. For them a mother singing “Chanda Mama Dur Ke..” for her infant is far inferior to the mother who’s lullabies are like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star..”. The liberals hate someone if he lists ‘Idli - Sambar’ as his favourite breakfast. For the liberals, anyone who talks anything other than continental shit smelling half boiled garbage as his food of choice is a downtrodden lowlife. For the liberals oats has to be the thing that needs to be consumed at any cost. Anyone not having oats for thrice a day at least is a jerk in life. The liberals may not be celebrating Diwali or worse even advocating refraining from crackers but would love something unheard like the ‘October Fest’. They would love ‘October Fest’ more than Dusserha because the festival is from Germany. Halloween is something that has to be celebrated with full glory but not Holi. Holi is a festival of unruly and uneducated Indians who roam around in their Dhotis. Smart jacket liberals hate to mingle with these smelly lowlife Indians, even virtually. Forget getting mingled, the liberals even hate themselves to be compared with the rest. That is perhaps why the liberals celebrate Christmas as if there is no tomorrow but call everyone else as fanatics if they chose to celebrate lord Ram’s birthday.   

    Liberals consider themselves intellectuals in every topic under the sun. They even know much more about Nuclear physics from an average nuclear scientist because the poor scientist can’t speak English in at least three different ascents – British, American and European. For the liberals a trivia question on a road side artist from USA becomes a GK wherein a query about Ramanujam shows the average mentality of an individual. The liberals love to call Chanakya as the Machiavelli of India while Machiavelli was born centuries after Chanakya’s death. They would hate to appreciate Chanakya because that is so unfashionable to consider a highly talented poor Brahmin from India to be superior to an average white European ass. In similar lines Swami Vivekananda would be considered nothing. The liberals will quote verses from the Bible because a verse narrated from Bhagwat Gita would cast a question mark on their superiority.

    Like their self-ascertained superiority, the liberals consider themselves as the first claimant to whatever the government and the nation has to offer. They envisage free entitlements of every kind to honour their privileged life. They want government grants, awards, high posts in the government machinery, all possible screwed up advisory posts, a place in the NAC; just because they want to rule the smelly and under privileged mass. The combination of British and Nehruvian mind-set profoundly explodes itself at the slightest opportunity. To appear superior these liberals are ready to go to any extent, even if that means, covering up someone’s crime. Look no further than the reaction of these liberals during the Tarun Tejpal episode. The liberals simply couldn’t tolerate how an ordinary woman can send a privileged hawk like TT behind bars. The same liberals who were lecturing everyone after the ghastly Delhi gang rape suddenly found their priorities elsewhere when one of their own caught with his pants down and quite literally at that. Few even went ahead to question the character of the girl. These are the same liberals who talk shit about Hindus at the drop of a goat but go into hiding when it comes to criticize the nonsense spewed in the name of Islam. Liberals cry foul against the animal sacrifices in Hindu temples but find Bakrid a peaceful and humanitarian gesture by the patrons from the religion of peace. Few of the special breed liberals even vouch for blood dripping beef to showcase their privileged taste buds.   

    And by the way, the liberals also love their Olive Oil and the extra virgin at that. After all how can they consume the same filthy mustard or sunflower oil that an average unprivileged Indian consumes? Ohh yes, they also love to use ‘Ameen’ and ‘Inshallah’ in every second sentence. That shows class, after all; no? 

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