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    Loathsome Entities Of 2016

    It is a Maxi Post

    There we are. This is again that time of the year when the list of the loathsome characters/entities of the year gets published in BC. Sticking to the customary rituals, here again, we are in with our entries. There was a fierce fight among the competitors to outdo each other in a race to make it to the list. There are some new faces and there are some usual suspects. There are few who are like ‘missed by a whisker’ types but they gave their share of tough fight nonetheless. I feel sorry for those who missed to make it to the list but knowing them and their tremendous capabilities in churning out loathsomeness at ease, I am sure; they will have their share of accolades in coming years. Not to dishearten them, I will also list the notable mentions at the end. This should give them that much needed boost to achieve more loathsomeness and more important, ponder why they missed it this time. However, what a moment it is in BC and that too it comes every year. For a change I thought, let me take a shave before I write this one, but you soon will realize; you actually don’t need that.

    So without wasting much time in the prologue, we should straightaway jump to the list. Be advised that the list honours from the least to the most in the scale of loathsomeness.  

    [10]Vijay Mallya:

     When it comes to show middle finger to the banks and the GOI of the day, none can beat this man par excellence. He is the man of ‘good times’. He hates bad times like no one else does. He hates them so much that when bad time approaches he just bundles few huge suitcases and runs out of the country. The government and Babus who were also a part of his ‘good times’ earlier, keep scratching at all suspicious and unspeakable places while the man of action soaks it out with super models at all the exotic places on earth. What a thug he is and what kind of thug's life he is enjoying. More baffling, what kind of thugs allowed him to go out after wasting huge amount of public money. By the way, we aren’t discussing this thug because he is a vibrant soul but because he thinks he is. He took lot of money on loan from many banks, including public sector ones, and then left the money at the mercy and will of his drug addict son. Irony is the government and the authorities who otherwise should have been vigilant were actually on a hugging and kissing spree with this man. It is not only the money he siphoned from the banks that needs elaboration. He also cheated millions in stock market as well. His Kingfisher stocks were last trading at Rs 2/- a piece before being thrown out of the listing. And I am told, many bought those even at a price of Rs 250/- a piece. Like him, his loot seems to have no answer givers and in all probability, no answer seekers even. While the investors and bankers are running around mad, the thug himself his enjoying his scotch sitting at a posh bar somewhere in UK. I simply can’t understand how this lout could get through our immigration at the airport. This is despicable. When the man should have been behind bars and thrashed at all the unholy places at even more unholy times, he rather is merrymaking. And what we get after being robbed by this burglar? Never mind, the GOI is working on some extradition treaty with UK and promising to bring back this scumbag to face the law here. Ohh, by the way, I have also seen flying pigs.

    [9]Intolerance Gang:

    Well, these louts just dripped over from 2015 and ran funny till the Bihar elections were over. This was wave-2 kind of thing. First the irrelevant ‘Award Wapsi Gang’ were falling over each other to return the awards which no one was aware that they got it at the first place. Once the junket of freeloaders was over, there came the useful idiots with their phoney intolerance cry. Phase two charlatans were very vocal with their concerns. For them an entire nation became intolerant overnight after Dadri. Shameless morons even started equating India with an average Islamic country where even farting loudly in front of a mosque calls for your public execution. The ‘Idea Of India’ frauds also joined the claim and cried like their posteriors were badly whipped. Lot of Rudali act went on till a point when there was nothing but crocodile tears all over the prime-time. A duffer of extra ordinary magnitude going by the name Amir Khan even explained how his second wife is worried to the hilt and planning to leave India for a greener and more peaceful pasture in Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria or Afghanistan. Other secular brigades were also crying like there is no tomorrow. A mob fury was generalized as a pan India phenomenon and these scums didn’t leave a single inch of insolvency in declaring their own nation a dark chamber before the world. Few even were seen vomiting bile at international forums. The likes of alcoholic Aiyer even requested the terrorists of Pakistan to help him in dethroning out elected Indian government.

    [8]Mamata Banarjee:

    I at times refer her as Mamataz Banarjee, and for very good reasons. She is in a mission to make a Kashmir out of West Bengal sooner than later. For her votes she is inviting every rogue from Bangladesh to come and stay in her state. She is distributing them with free money, place to stay, voter ID cards and ration cards. The mullahs are in a rampage in the state and communal incidents are a weekly affair there. Her own party men are sheltering Jehadi elements in their own homes. Burdhwan bomb blast and the connivance of local TMC goons in there is a clear testimony where she and her party stands in terms of their political policies. But this is nothing new with Didi and certainly not why she made it to the list. It is her anecdotes post demonetisation that catapulted her to take the place in the list. In my earlier posts I wrote how those who seem to be hit by the demonetisation most are shouting the loudest and Didi belongs to this category. Her panoramic incomes, ranging from her bogus paintings getting sold in crores to the Sharada chitfund, all have rounded up to naught. No wonder why Didi is behaving like a kid whose lollypop is snatched away by someone. All her ill-gotten money has vanished in thin air and it pains her a lot. No wonder again why she is running around threatening Narendra Modi of consequences and giving deadlines for a roll back every second day. Her brilliance in claiming the army being engaged in some kind of coup in the state were another gems in loathsomeness scale. In a highly improbable condition the army would aim at capturing the capital and other important government installations. Why would they waste their time on a state which has, in recent times, offered India nothing except the left rogues and their cousin in Didi? Her claims of an assassination plot through an IndiGo flight were no lesser in loathsomeness either. To assassinate a mindless whiner, why on earth one would waste a jet plane?  

    [7] Pakistani Sympathizers:

     I have written many times earlier on how our very own Bollywood is a hotbed for all Commie morons. For a long period these parasites are warming our movie scenes. From portraying a bad image of the nation to accommodating every anti-India element, these rogues have come a long way from Satyajit Ray to Mahesh Bhatt. Remember, how, of all the people, it is the son of Mahesh Bhatt who befriended David Hadely during his recce of the Mumbai city? That was no co-incidence if you think that to be. Many from our Bollywood are regular invitees in Fai’s junket. Mahesh Bhatt even is accused of dining and wining with who’s-who of ISI. As part of the manual these scums are taught in Pakistan, one is to have all kind of Pakistani garbage in the form of acting, singing, whoring and pimping in our movies. And if one would mark, these regular morons are the first one to have Pakistani junks in their cast list. Be it that middle man Karan Johar or Mahesh Bhatt or this regular offender Shahrukh Khan. Post Uri attack; there was this general outrage over anything Pakistani. Most even asked, if the Pakistani actors, who are earning here would condemn the attack. I am happy that these Paki morons are at least loyal to their country, unlike our scums who always walk an extra mile to harm their own nation’s interest without being provoked. None in the Paki pest wagon agreed to condemn the attack and it resulted in many back home demanding the scorns be thrown out. I don’t generally agree with MNS type politics but on this one and their subsequent threat of a no show of the movie in Mumbai if Pakistani actors are involved, gets my vote. I am told, the repeat offender in Karan Johar and SRK made a compromise for having Pakistani actors in their movies and paid a 5 crore fine. Good job MNS. It was even a better job by the audience who out rightly rejected the movie even after these faggots paid the fine. A lesson was badly due for these Pakistan loving morons and it was served well. And to those who were weeping for these Pakistanis and pushing home that ‘freedom to watch movies’ nonsense, people are not willing to watch a movie that they feel is against the national interest and least they expect is a bunch of morons shouting and showing concerns for them.  

    [6]Farooq Abdullah:

    If anyone is equally responsible, if not more other than Nehru for the mess in Kashmir it has to be this man and his wretched family. Though this joker featured for the very first time in this list, he was a thug all this while. His roles, both as the CM of the state and as a central minister are nothing short of high grade skulduggery. This man is neither there for the Kashmiris and certainly not for the nation and he made it known many times, recent being on November 16th. Speaking to his party leaders this moron said – Kashmir is not part of India which is a Hindu Rashtra. Such a pathetic traitor he has turned out to be, though I never was in doubts of this scum’s original attributes. A shameless lout he is, finds no sanctity in his words, still being the CM of the state many times. For him, his rubbish, which he refers as the proposal for the complete autonomy of the state, is the only option. And why that would be so? Because, according to the moron himself, it was accepted by another thug going by the name Parvez Musharraf. Brilliant Indeed!!. An elected representative of the state seems to have more faith in our enemies. His regular rubbish in saying – we are part of India only if they return us what they snatched from us in 1953 is another trampling stone in his moroniry. Look at this clown. A monumental third rate scoundrel like him would decide what belongs to India and what not. And to even make matter more noteworthy, the oaf wants exclusive autonomy for the state and scoundrels like him. Now I understand why A.B Vajpayee threw this man’s bogus proposal to the nearest garbage tin, even being in alliance with them. I am sure an erudite Vajpayee must have seen through this snake.

    [5]Asaduddin Owaisi:

    Not sure who this faggot is? Don’t worry, this joker isn’t worth knowing. But what worth enough knowing about him is his tremendously questionable behaviour over terrorists and terror acts. That would help you segregate a snake from other animals. For every terrorist killed or captured, this perpetual terror sympathizer lends out a helping hand or cries foul against the state. This helping hand also includes providing legal support during court proceedings. This is the same moron who threatened in the parliament that the second wave of Muslim uprising will come if the alleged oppression of Muslim youths in the hand of the state isn’t stopped. Really? I must admire his confidence in Muslim youths and his self-assurance that the same youths will take to arms. Horrendous to say the least. I for one know many Muslim who hate this jerk no end but for some surprising reasons, the moron in Owaisi feels it his fundamental right to talk on behalf of the entire Muslim population of India. During Bhuran Wani’s encounter, this idiot was the front runner in questioning the state. He even went ahead and called the encounter as anti-constitutional. Same happened when Yakub Mamon was rightfully sent to the gallows. It is happening now when a special court sentenced Bhatkal to the hang-man. Now this scum finds problems and errors with the state and the courts since Bhatkal got death sentence. This is how this moron protects (at least he thinks he is) the terrorists and their terror syndicates. Every time a Muslim is caught planting a bomb, Owaisi crawls out of his shit hole and vomits nonsense. He in fact was another idiot who was alongside Digvijay Singh in levelling 26/11 as a RSS plot. Hope you all have noticed how this moron is whining on the lack of money in ATMs in Muslim areas as if other ATMs are oozing with cash.

    [4]Barkha Dutt:

    Ahh!! Here comes the legend herself. Barkha is the only regular appearance in the list since the inception of this blog. Her achievement in loathsomeness over the years finds no competitor; no, not even the street thug Rajdeep Sardesai could match here. This year was no different for this dubious woman. She started her year with a search in JNU for condoms and Kanheiya Kumar. For straight three days she passionately parroted the words of every anti-India element of JNU. Ask this cunning woman to go to Bengal to cover Malda riot, she would nowhere be seen but come to make strides against national interest, this moron can travel to Mars and back even before you could say ‘go’. JNU was just part of the achievements for her this year; a small part that is. Her ‘scale the last possible treachery barrier’ came when she referred Bhuran Wani, presumably with all love and affection, that he was the son of a poor school headmaster and was just a social media warrior. May be, being married twice to Kashmiris, she may have AK-47 in her home, used by all her social media warrior family members, but for me and many others, an assault rifle isn’t carried around and ‘selfied’ by genuine and peace loving people. The same media warrior was posting his training schedule at Lashkar HQ in his FB pages, while this moronic woman was running around Srinagar streets for fabricated stories. Barkha and apologising for Pakistan and every terrorist come very naturally. Her heart cries for each one of our enemies but never could she comprehend the pain of those family members who get killed by her social media warrior brothers. But then, that is what the left liberal frauds are all about. They hate their own country and own people. Barkha is no different here from an average commie moron. Or hang on. When was the last time an Indian Commie moron was praised by none other than Hafeez Saeed?

    [3]Kashmiri Stone Pelters:

    For once, I was delighted by seeing the pain of a fellow human being. I was delighted when government was in a mission to blind these bastards for routinely hurling stones at our security forces. These are the parasites that we were wasting our time since 1947. These bastards don’t deserve a bit of our sympathy. They live and survive on what we throw at them but when time comes, they simply turn back and take sides of our enemies. Each one of them is a ‘Jaichand’ that we are housing within. Their contribution to the nation building is zero and yet they need everything including Kashmir from us. They need no provocation to attack our army personnel but believe, we as a state should wait their and do nothing in response. People generally blame the politicians of the valley but I tend to blame these bastards. Politicians across the country are bad but nowhere the populace routinely goes about attacking our forces. There has to be some real bad gene in Kashmir which makes these idiots rage a war against the state at any given opportunity. It doesn’t matter if it was for the killing of a notorious terrorist. Killing a rogue like Bhuran Wani made these jokers shout azadi. They kept on disturbing the atmosphere for three straight months. The same thugs also went ahead and burnt schools. But what are the excuses of these morons for their violence? Of course, the routine oppression of the state and lack of education and avenues that made the youth of Kashmir a violent lot. This is idiocy of some monumental proportion. No Friday goes without some kind of violence against our forces by these jerks. But ask them of the reasons, they seems to have tons of lies to vomit. They don’t allow their kids to study but cry lack of education later. Their so called demand for azadi is also a farce at large. No sooner the demonetisation came in to effect, these buggers were seen nowhere in the streets. They simply vanished from the streets? No Azadi any more? Where this fight for azadi gone now? Why I don’t see the scumbags shouting and doing a Waqar Younis on the streets today? Has Kashmir got the azadi in-between which I am not aware of? Such morons, I tell you.

    [2]Arvind Kejriwal:

    Another regular and another perpetual moron in the list. This man even scales and betters the quality that we normally associate with Barkha, Rajdeep or Sagarika Ghose types. And believe me, beating the likes of legends mentioned above is almost impossible. The CM of a municipality is in a prolonged hallucination that people are too blind to not see his charlatanism. He is interested in doing everything else except for the job he is elected. We seldom find this joker in Delhi. It is usually his sidekicks who run the municipality as per their wish while the ‘moronshri’ travels around the country quoting nonsense. Though nonsense and AK are two parts of the same coin, his achievements in loathsomeness this year in particular are hilarious. He started the year with his bogus demand for Modi’s degrees. When nothing came out there he started accusing everyone in Punjab in his trademark style. He was very vocal during JNU saga and was actively talking the words of anti-nationals. He even flew to Hyderabad to weep beside Rohit Vemula’s body. But the best came in the second half of the year and precisely the reason why he is the runner up this year. Apart from being a worthless nuisance maker, he turned himself into a big asset for Pakistan this year. Pakistani and ISI, including the terrorists housed there, are even skipping their breath in praise of this moron. He was the only scum, who along with Pakistan, disputed the claim of the surgical strike by India. A true anti-national thug. He not only questioned the government of the day but also questioned the northern command and DGMO. Look at the liar and a corrupt rough, who is shameless enough to have the audacity to question even the sanctity that we associate with our armed forces. He was asking for some proof of the surgical strike. Since when the army is in the business of providing proofs of their achievements to opportunistic leeches? Since when the army is burdened with the responsibilities to reply to every claim of dubious entities? Not to forget AK's antiques alongside Mamataz Banarjee against demonetisation. This rogue seems to have lost a lot like Didi. Could be a reason why his notorious outfit AAP opted out from Chandigarh Municipality election after demonetisation announcements. All-in-all, it is no brainer why ISI sees a potential ‘Bivishan’ in Kejriwal. By the way, am I overestimating ‘Bivishan’ here?

    [1]Kanheiya Kumar:

    Here comes the winner of this year. By the way, he still is a student at the ripe age of 29. Yes, the age when most among us would be working and paying our taxes, this scumbag, is living his life on our money and vomiting against India whenever time permits. He is the biggest moron of India which the Commie nuggets unearthed to their pleasant disbelief. And from where did they find this gem? Of course, the hot Commie germinating ground of JNU. This thug along with other rabid Jehadis from Kashmir was seen shouting for ‘Kashmir Azadi’ in the campus. They even threatened how the so called fight for Azadi would continue till ‘Bharat Ke Tukde Hone Tak’. Seriously? This is what we as tax payers sponsor in the name of education – bastards like Kanheiya Kumar. Rightfully the Delhi police took this whore child to custody and I am so grateful to those lawyers who thrashed this scumbag so badly that he soiled his trousers. Well-deserved treatment, I must say. No wonder why this moron is a darling to our ‘Idea Of India’ frauds and our Commie media. Since these hawks found one who desperately resonates with their ‘destroy India’ philosophy, the hero in Kanheiya Kumar need to be hailed. That is precisely what our media morons did when this joker was in Delhi Police custody. Like Bhuran Wani, the poverty of this moron was highlighted all around. But little did anyone explained how a poor soul like KK with a monthly family income of Rs 4000/- could afford a battery of lawyers, who charge in lakhs per hearing, to argue his case in the court? Or better be, how this poor moron is managing business class air travel now to every corner of the country to vomit his filth against the country? Who is sponsoring for his daily anti-India activisms? People like Barkha even ran to his village to gather SoundBits. Not satisfied with this, Barkha, as mentioned earlier, even scavenged the floors of JNU in search of Kanheiya and condoms. Pappu failed, Kejriwal failed, Hardik Patel failed so as all the aspiration to fight against Modi. There has to be a messiah for the Comies who can at least show potential of a fight. There comes the whore child called Kanheiya Kumar as a much needed relief. KK in fact is a perfect sweetness for the recipe of ‘hate and destroy India’ Commie bastards when they got a bigger bastard to add the desired flavour to their pudding.

    Notable Mentions – Though these guys missed to make it this year, none should question their calibre. Rather question their competency at your own peril. They are known to bounce back from the defth of any shit hole and they will again. The few who could have made their entry this year too but unfortunately missed out are – Rahul Gandhi, Hardik Patel, Rajdeep Sardesai, Digvijay Singh, Omar Khaleed, Sanjay Jha, Rana Aayub, Kavita Krishnan and one of my Engineering Friends. Better luck next time.   

    Wish you all a happy and prosperous 2017... 

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