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    How Could Our Delhi Based Journalists Miss The Modi Wave?

    The recent five state poll results showed one more thing very clearly other than the still persisting Modi wave – our Delhi based journalists are totally out of sync with the ground realities. Whether it is by design or it was another mistake is debatable, it is no doubt that there is some sinister thing going behind the scene that regularly helps our ‘liberal flavoured’ journalists make a mess of their reporting. It simply becomes unbelievable when these journalists virtually camped in the states for months and yet reported stories that eventually turned out to be exactly opposite to the fact, come the results day. Mere mistakes may make you deviate a bit from the facts but certainly won’t put your stories at the opposite pole. And knowing the dishonesty that these journalists play around for their and their master’s vested agendas, it even becomes more questionable.

    An election in UP is always a luscious piece of political cake for every journalist of repute, fame and bad fame. It is even doubly slurry for our ‘Big Blow To Modi’ gang of journalists. Any big state election post 2014 automatically becomes a test for Modi and his governance. And the ‘Blow To Modi’ gang always remain at the ground to live report how the ‘Blow’ is getting bigger by the day throughout the campaign period. They did it in Bihar, Assam, Maharshtra, Delhi and everywhere else. Few even rode triplet on scooters to air their ‘Big Blow To Modi’ views this time. But how could such ‘Big Blows’ turn out to be exactly opposite to the ground realities. So many ‘Krantikari’ journalists can’t go wrong all at the same time, which raises a very fundamental question – were these journalists reporting or campaigning for their favourite political parties?

    The answer to this question lies in the history. During the recent USA election the same cabal was all over the place, though they were majorly reduced to the ‘supporting actors’ role alongside the real actors of NYT, Washington Post fame. Continuous whining and rubbish peddling left them eating crow when the votes were actually counted. So many vibrant people went wrong at once. Surprisingly, the person whom they never gave more than 7% chance of winning the election ended up as the winner with a substantial margin. This can’t be a miscalculation of public mood. There has to be more to it. This is plain and simple skulduggery to hide facts from the people. There appears to be no truthfulness to what these journalists kept on peddling with their bogus stories. People ultimately saw through it. And trust Barkha to shout first when someone talks about truth and honesty. Now she asks, which journalists TRUTHFULLY predicted this. This is what the journalism in India has ended up at. She in a way admits that her reporting were more wishful thinking than factual but rather being brave enough to admit it, she shamelessly asks if any other journalist did any factual reporting. I feel sorry for such people who are loaded with duality. The ones who quote ‘two wrongs doesn’t make it right’ at ease would do the same to defend their cultivated sins. What kind of excuse it was for a genuine question? When people expect honest ground realities, these journalists start campaigning for their favourite party but are shameless enough to ask who doesn’t when countered with difficult questions.

    Similar behaviour spilled over to India from the day EC announced the poll dates. Hoards of these usual suspects rushed to UP to air their bogus stories. There are lot of them. As early as February 7th we had these journo barking at the wrong tree. The only weapon at their disposal was – demonetisation. They couldn’t simply digest the fact that people actually queued up patiently to support the demonetisation move. Not only that, they even queued up to vote the same man who this Delhi gang accuses of torturing an entire nation.They tried their best to manufacture shoddy stories to bring people against the government. Nothing like that happened. People even supported the move more euphorically. The script has to be rewritten with more phoney stories to instigate at least those who are queuing up to vote. And the great Rohini Singh asks how the Delhi based journalists missed the sombre mood of voters post demonetisation. That was laughable to say the least. This can’t be mere misjudgement with your reporting; it is plain and simple political campaigning. Other noted ‘Big Blow’ gang members joined the clique willingly to propel it further. They even saw how the biggest loser was BJP and how even the core vote base of BJP are annoyed with the demonetisation move are drifting away from the party. Wishful thinking can’t get uglier than this. The Johnny come late Prashant Jha even saw sharp hostility among voters. This is plain lie peddling to scare away voters from facts. The 325 seats that BJP won shows the euphoria of Modi wave hasn’t died down a bit but surprisingly our liberal journalists only saw sharp hostility.  
    Rohini Singh has a long history of rabble-rousing. I haven’t ever seen her holistically analysing any government move. All her works of journalism is full with mindless whining and hate. She was outright abusive at times even. During demonetisation she was all over the place castigating each and every one who was asking for truth to be rolled out by our journalists. Not a single agitation of considerable proportion happened against demonetisation and yet the liberal journalists saw only disagreement and burning anger. Asked to put the real picture for public consumption she talked about public mood during Bihar and Delhi elections in response. Karma is such a bitch. The campaign managers of Akhilesh and the little Pappu had to face the truth head-on now. This is how truth has this uncanny knack of coming out. The fact here is that, these journalists were dishonest to their profession during demonetisation and they remained deceitful during UP election as well. Not a single story they run which could have hinted at a massive under current that was brewing against the ruling lot for their five long years of misrule, hooliganism and nepotism. This can’t be a mere misjudgement which these ‘Big Blow’ cabal would make you believe. They even gave Mayawati a healthy chance to make it when in reality she was reduced to just 16 seats. This can’t be a misjudgement too.

    Here is the thing – our Delhi based journalists are losing it since quite some time. No one is buying their stupid theories and analysis any more. Prolonged charlatanism to support their favourite parties has reduced their credibility to an unbelievable low. I don’t know if anyone would believe their stories henceforth. They are continuously messing up in any of their journalistic work. Few even went there and campaigned for AAP and predicted an AAP sweep in Punjab. But the result turned out to be entirely different. Someone like Saba Naqvi even congratulated AAP for sweeping Punjab before the counting could begin. This is not reporting but clear perjury of their profession. There were a couple of journalists who even claimed AAP to sweep Goa too. In reality AAP lost deposits in 38 of the 39 seats they fought. This can’t be just misjudgement. This shows desperation and abject slavery that our Delhi based journalists simply don’t want to come out from. While they are supposed to write back home the truth they end up as campaign managers of different political outfits of their choice.  Is this because of the free money or their pathological hate for BJP and Narendra Modi has rendered them blind? Whatever it may be, it certainly isn’t fair journalism by any means. It is clear-cut forgery on various OpEd pages.

    No one of them ever cared to question their new found favourite Akhilesh Yadav and his baseless and funny ‘Kaam Bolega’ jibes. No economist- turned journalist ever pulled out a single graph to show how the state lags in every kind of social parameters. Had it been a BJP ruled state, our liberals would even have whined for days on why ‘Test Cricket’ isn’t returning to Kanpur Green-park stadium. This is the level of stupidity and dishonesty this Delhi Gang has stooped to. I am sure these biased lot are far from over with their dirty tricks. Now be prepared to witness chaos in our main stream media for the smallest of happening in the state. Even a pickpocketing in Lucknow station won’t go without a massive debate in our armchair critiques packed prime time studios. In fact it already has started. ‘Kaam Bolega’ was never countered but M.K Venu is already out with his graphs to show how UP is lagging behind India in many parameters, and how it ultimately percolates to BJP and their failure if they can’t fix it within 15 days. This is how this Delhi gang works. They throw mud without any reason and most of the times peddle their lies to support their mud slinging. If that fails, the narrative changes to a ‘BJP Failure’ in about a weeks’ time. The intellectual M. K Venu may never answer if UP is at so low in many parameters then what 'Kaam Bolega' their little Akhilesh was blabbering about? But that is expected of any Delhi based journalist. They are weak at their knees and prefer crawling before their political masters for thrown away crumbs. If they find adverse situations for their masters, they manufacture stories full of unbelievable lie and dishonesty. This is why people are throwing their biased garbage to the trash can the moment they open their mouths.

    By the way Varada Bhai has one genius idea up his sleeves. Since his relentless salesmanship couldn’t make little Akhilesh and Pappu to hold on to the power, Varada bhai wants to wet-dream with yet another of his wishful thinking. According to him, since there is hardly any opposition left in UP, it is the media that should act as an opposition. Brilliant!! In fact Varada Bhai is on a mission to change the constitution itself where the unelected media would always end up as the opposition by default. You can expect such brilliance only from Varada Bhai. But there is a catch here with his track record, which to say the least, is shoddy. There isn’t much opposition in Delhi either but have you ever seen Varada Bhai showing such tenacity with his pledge for acting as an opposition? Varada Bhai never shouts for Bihar either. But come to UP, he is all over the place with his bile as if we didn’t have enough fun during the campaign time itself. And who gave Varada Bhai the liberty to anoint himself and his brethren as the opposition of the state? Who elected them or they got elected in their dreams just like how Akhilesh-Pappu-Behenji and AAP clean swept the states?

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