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    Comedy Of Errors

    If I say I was disappointed yesterday it would be an understatement. Not because we lost the 20-20 against the islanders but the manner in which we lost it. I admit we are not doing good in this wada-pao format of cricket of late but the hope our team raised after becoming the top nation in Test format just 3 days back was promptly squashed yesterday evening. I can imagine the pain of Mike Young (Our new fielding coach), who just joined 2 days back. He might be contemplating to re-negotiate with the BCCI for a better pay cheque. I bet he must have under-estimated the amount of work he has to do to bring this team, full of butter fingers to any stage nearer to be called an international fielding side. Mr.Young, for the time being you are having a bunch of boys who are no better than any school team, when it comes to fielding. Your task is squarely cut-out. And first of those tasks would be to sit across the table with the BCCI honchos and discuss about your Pay Cheque, which I dearly feel need some serious addition.

    Someone need to give Mr.Dhoni an earful. In the name of Neptune, try to realize that, it is a 20-20 not a 50-50 match.Winning the toss and bowling in a 20-20 is outrageous. At least in India. And the classic reason : "The dew would be a factor later on". This reason shows Mr.Dhoni is suffering from short term memory loss. If I am not wrong, Mr. Punter gave the same reason and bowled first at Nagpur, barely a month ago and the result is for all of us to see. Kangaroos lost that match badly.Didn't they ? So Mr. Captain it is high time you start following Amir Khan of Ghajni fame and keep on writing these small details on your body, if you can match yours' with Amir's Six Packs.

    The Old Fox (read Jayasurya), was let off early, and by whom ? Our own Jonty : Yuvraj-Mama's Boy- Sing. The same guy about whose fielding once was put on air this way: "This Young Jonty of India would give the rattle snake a good fight and perhaps would give it the first bite". Hello Mr.Sidhu, where are you. Where are the fangs of your Rattle Snake ? Well the footage of the dropped catch by him is not entirely useless. It can be used as a bad example on how not to field at point,especially when a batsman square cuts. The old fox went on to hammer poor Asish Nehra for 22 runs the next over. I failed to comprehend whether Nehra was feeling sorry for himself for being in the park or was laughing.Thanks to his ornamental two storey dental furniture.

    Next came to the stage our own lanky fast (Big question mark on this attribute) bowler. I was sure he has forgotten how to bowl but was never sure that he could be so big a liability in field too. Well this exactly what happens when you carry more hair on your head than rest of your body weight. When Dilsan returned a dolly, I thought that's it. But alas, our lanky has some completely different ideas to throw. Rather than gobbling the offer he choose to entertain the crowd present in the park as well as millions across the world glued to TV (Few bunking the office, and expecting to entertain a pair of Red eyes of their respective managers the next day) with some street juggling.One, Two, Three. There she goes.Not to mention few Ohhs and Ahhs. Some dropping heads and of course the classic and typical theatrical over expression of our slip brigade : Hands on their Hips. Son you belong to AXN, showing some street magic than bowling in the park. We should be thankful to Lanky for being so considerate for the complete entertainment of the spectators. He made sure that there is no shortage of comedy when he showed the world, how not to runout one of the batsmen (When both of them are at one end asking each other how the evening snacks was) on your own bowling. First there was a confusion on his part, whether to throw at the stumps or run all the way to do a famous Jonty act. Finally he managed to decide to give Jonty a fight for the best runout ever. Then he missed the stumps by few meters (which is well expected from our fielding unit) and last but not the least after missing the simplest of runout chances, which he made look more complicated than Pakistan politics, he made a famous Jim Carrey act. A frown, followed by a smile and then a third nondescript mutation of the face. This made me more confused than I were to begin with. No comments on the episode when he decided for the 3rd time to honor the stage when he missed a skyer. It wouldn't have made much of a difference but one thing to ponder Lanky. Get a decent hair cut soon. I bet your hairs came in the way while dropping this skyer.

    Rest went somewhat without much comedy.Except few giggles here and there. Rohit missing a return catch. Few of our fielders over-estimating the speed of the ball, by running ahead of the ball as if they are competing with it to reach to the boundary first, rather than stopping it. Few diving over, after, whenever they wished on the ball, without achieving anything, other than getting the green stain on their respective jerseys.

    Guys, for God's sake pull up your socks and play cricket.We are not interested for comedy serials.Let the comedy part be taken care by Ekta Kapoor.You guys get into some serious work. Or else days are not far off when the greats of the likes of Tendulkars, Darvids etc would be forgotten. Even by their own mother-in-laws.

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