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    With Love, To Our President Pratibha Patil

    Dear Respected Her Excellency,

    First and foremost, this letter is not addressed to the President of this great country but to a certain Pratibha Devising Patil on individual level, who unfortunately is the president herself.

    Please be noted, when I say ‘Her Excellency’ I strictly mean the honorable chair which you unfortunately are occupying for last five years. Else on personal and individual ground, you absolutely are worth of nothing, let alone the president ship. If you want the reason, you can safely term it as our luck which doesn’t seem anything brighter than that of N.D. Tiwari that we are not only have to tolerate someone as useless as you as our president but also have to weather, way too many tantrums of yours’ which are highly uncalled for. Or plain-and-simple, we as a nation full with morons perhaps deserves nothing better than someone like you as our state head.

    Do you realize how it feels for us Indians to tell the rest of the world, who the president of our republic is? I am sure even the Pakistanis would also be rolling on the floor laughing, seeing what we have for a president, even though they have someone called Zardari for their credit. The installation of such people like you becomes more painful than an average Ramgopal Varma movie when we know whom you replaced as the first citizen of this nation. When we were feeling proud to let know the world about a certain A.P.J Abdul Kalam as being our president back then, now we are running away hiding our faces, much like the way guys do in front  of the camera when apprehended by police from a rave party. This is the kind of paradigm shift that you have brought in to our national psyche and national pride.

    Not sure about others but you know what pisses me off most when I think about you as our president? The manner in which you were shoved down our throat by a con party for their personal gain. It annoys more to see the chair which you are unfortunately soiling for last five years was once occupied by great thinkers, visionaries, scientists and educationists like Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, V.V.Giri, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Zakir Hussain to name few. And what are your credentials to share the same platform with the greats I mentioned above? Cooking? Really? A certified good cook that you are, I am told you were a regular feature inside Indira Gandhi’s kitchen, preparing her favorite Maharashtrian delicacies. Puran Poli or something? You took utmost care always to satisfy the taste buds of Mrs. Gandhi, so much so that she was head-over-heels with praise for your cooking skills and end up giving you license to open cheat funds across Amravati. Rest as they say is history when you and your family members went on rampage with your loot mission of opening fraudulent savings institutions across Amravati and Akola and syphoned out a lot of hard earned money from poor farmers in the name of brighter and secure future. I am told there is not a single family in that region which is not looted by you or your family. Brilliant credentials for someone to become the president of the nation I must say. For this brilliant cooking and looting skill of yours’ Congress duly appraised you with your second installment of non-deserving prize when they shamelessly installed you as the president of this great country and you were also shameless enough to gleefully accept the post knowing very well, you are not even worth being the sweeper of the Rastratpati Bhawan if credentials are taken into consideration. Disgusting, if I may say so or is it still an understatement?

    Now let’s look at what you have done since you become the president. To begin with, did by any chance the office of the president has been shifted from Delhi to Pune? If not, then it is about time you must explain your once in every month visit to Pune for no reason whatsoever. As if you being in that post is not good enough of an irritation, you conveniently decided to irate the Pune people with your rampant visits which invariably means half of Pune’s roads are out of bounds for the citizens. The daily slogging crowd, who contributes to nation building unlike you, had to suffer in regular interval just because our worthless and workless president decides to visit her brother and daughter yet again. This is so nonsensical when half of the city had to reel under irritation, traffic jam and what not just to felicitate your inner desire to showcase that Bhanja-Bua and Pota-Nani affection with your brother’s and daughter's kids. While mercy petitions and other official documents of high priority that need some serious attention of the president lye abandoned and biting dust, you conveniently fly around the globe to embarrass the citizens further or worst engaged in a game of Table Tennis in Jalgaon. 

    Let’s talk a little about your lifestyle since you become the first citizen (a reason good enough for many nation loving individuals to hang themselves). Do you madam realize how big a hole you have punctured into the exchequer just by your irritable flying habits? Ever? Once in last five years? While you are not even worthy enough to fly with one support staff, you regularly holiday around the globe with at least 90 of them, which includes 6 chefs, 2 bottlers, 4 housekeeping staffs and I don’t want to believe this one, one masseuse. Heavens? These Libyan rebels are definitely duffers and liars since I am sure they haven’t killed him but instead Muammar Gaddafi must have committed suicide after hearing about your lifestyle. Hence it would be mighty nice of you if you can right away let us know what made you to engage in so many foreign trips for no reason and what are your precise contributions to the nation that we should pay for your non-deserving luxury from our pockets. To make your life easy, even a single instance of you contributing to the society would suffice. No, opening fraudulent chit fund banks to loot poor farmers is no way a contribution to the society. 

    Your holidaying were so magnanimous that you broke all records of previous presidents when you forced us common tax payers to pay a whopping 106 crores through our noses for your foreign trips alone. Honestly I am paranoid to even calculate the total amount that we might have coughed up in last five years to ornament the President’s house with the pet cook of Congress party. For me, in last five years if one asks to furnish the two burning instances of huge amount of public money getting wasted on official purpose, I perhaps won’t go much beyond YOU and the foster son of Congress, Kasav. As a matter fact, in terms of usefulness for the nation I don’t see much difference between you and Kasav, though you were holidaying (read wasting public money) in Bali when the later was creating mayhem on Mumbai streets. That was another funny incidence we are ashamed to tell the rest of the world. When the nation was burning, how appropriate was it for the state head to holiday in a foreign location on Tax payer’s money is there for anybody to judge.

    And what about that land grabbing that you are indulged in Pune of late? I am told as a customary retirement home for the President you are hell-bent on having a Manson kind of stuff sprawling across three football stadiums? Really? Why for? And yet again, what substantial you have done that you should be privy to such luxury in expense of public money and Army land? When hundreds of Western front Jawans can’t bring their family along just because there is an acute shortage of accommodation, why in earth we should build a Bungalow for you costing us a good 100 crore? Why instead we shouldn’t build homes for destitute and street children with that money than spending on someone like you who at best was a good cook to impress a woman in power and hoodwinked a lot of poor farmers in the process before becoming the president and kept on looting officially? Why can’t you be satisfied with the standard retirement homes that every predecessor president availed? Why it have to be on a five acre land which that too belongs to the Army? Wasn’t it enough that we as a nation tolerated a nonsense like you far too long a period of 5 years that we have to make way for a 5 star retirement Manson for you? Honestly, another cook of some repute who must be overtly jealous of your luck must be Sanjeev Kapoor. The poor chap who is cooking for last three decades on various TV shows and yet none has offered him a Panchayat ticket. Justice is so farfetched in India. No?

    And by the way madam President. You just recently signed an enquiry privilege letter to ask our Apex court to come transparent on their 2G ruling so that people whom you cooked for four decades can have their priorities safeguarded. As a piece of questionnaire – Do you really understand what a privilege letter is all about or you just sign on anything that your masters order you to?

    Someone who loves Puran Poli very much!!


    1. Ha Ha Well done! Hilarious as it might be, you article strikes the right note about the way we feel about the cruel joke that Sonia Gandhi has inflicted upon the nation. Who would have thought that APJ would have no supporters in the political class for a second term and Shiv Sena would be supporting a congress nominee for President because she is from Maharashtra. Enough said!

    2. we all shoud appreciate Sonia Gandhi.she is the perfect manager, who managed to create a team where in none of the team members have any managerial skills, who absolutely are no-intelectuals and yet made chief ministers of the state. These men..who I am sure will not be even handle a mess of a Ganpati mandal during the Ganpati festivals in Mumbai. Leaders are born when ordinary men solve mighty problems and prove their worth.Shivaji was born when he thought an which was never thought of...( a king bein a Hindu was unthought idea in the Islamic India in 17th century)...

    3. Too good an article, especially the part where you have mentioned the issues faced by the people of Pune when she decides to visit Pune. Here, I would like to add that she also visits her daughter's home in Pune.

    4. Boss! Because of the topmost red coloured disclaimer you are saved for this article. As you cannot say anything or prosecute the acting President in office.
      That said, kudos to your courage to write such a wonderful article. Every word is correct. I believe Indira Gandhi must be 'turning in the grave' by seeing her cook getting the highest post in India. What a generous country India is.

    5. MP3 (Madame President PP)....I'm ashamed to address her as President. This woman isn't funny, she's most sickening...a most grotesque figure to occupy the highest office.

    6. one closing comment , when pp became the president
      - she has kindled hope and aspirations into these people with similar ambitions.

      1. 2nd standard fail Guni Ram
      2. The municipal sweeper shanti
      3. drunkard and thug robert
      4. kani Muli
      5. Kasab
      6. my pet tommy

    7. I feel ashamed with this Muslim-christian-Hindu family, they must be thrown under the road building roller..

    8. It's a shame to have Madame in President seat which had APJ Abdul Kalam, Rajendra Prasad and Zakir Hussain before. Shame!
      As a president, what did you do for India? Other than spending money lavishly on Foreign trips with your family? It's a shame in India where law works indifferently for VIPs and Common Citizens. PLEASE STEP DOWN. GOD SAVE INDIA!

    9. gr8 article frnd...well and truly,this can happen only in a country like India. It's high time we stand up and decide who has the right to run the country unlike the petty thieves we have in the system. The above mentioned facts were most shocking and relevant to understand the running corruption at every level

    10. Referring to her MP3 - though hilarious , ia like degrading the software, which entertains and rejunivates tired minds and bodies. This one just tires your mind and body !!! 'm pee pee pee

    11. Nice effort as ever. All the best to u.

      This country is unlucky to have such useless people at powerful positions.

    12. Hilarious as ever....total disgrace of this lady to be our nation's President...

    13. Sick @ the thought that we have a President who is worth nothing.Congress leaders should immerse their head in cow-dung for the disrespect and shame that they have bought to the country and its people by installing her as the president of this great democratic and also as a predecessor to Dr APJ.

    14. Its shameful that the chair graced by Hon'ble Dr APJ was rewarded to her in lieu of serving Madam G in her kitchen cabinet.
      God alone knows when we Indians be showered with maturity to elect a genuine person for such ornamental post instead of selecting (im)purely on the basis of chamchofying the ruthless rulers of the nation.

    15. Even after so many scandles, all the Congress leaders will have to back the foreign lady to run this country? No hope foreseen for India?

    16. all these letters and whining and complaining is no use.nothing will happen till the common people march to the parliament,barge inside and thrash the gentlemen and women siting there making a mockery of the people.this is the only thing that can strike fear in the hearts of these corrupt netas.everything else is just not enough.

    17. Beautifully written. But what about the history of Mr. Devsing (husband of PP) who was declared murderer by as many courts at different levels, and the whole case was kept under carpet, courtesy madam PP in Jalgaon; and how he grabbed many acres of poor farmers in Jalgaon. You have to write similar great article on him too.

    18. Sucharitha

      Thats true

    19. Sir, a great article.
      Have come across your blog recently.
      Why do we let these people get away with it. This is all our hard earned money that they are stealing. But what good writing and commenting, we need to put this into action.
      As one person writes above, we need to march to Parliament.
      Egypt, Libya and Tunisia could change the system. Why can't we?

    20. Courageous to say this in documented forum publicly and shame to us for being so self centered. We are developing at all other fronts in our personal life and career, can't we take some steps towards its eradication also. pricking is felt by everyone by voluntary reaction against it doesn't come at all. So, what to say guys, can we change ourselves a little to save ourselves from such insulting decisions of our politicians ???

    21. thank you for writing this article i reqested you and you write it so quickly i wish somebody to be their who can remove this lady in such a immidiate effect from this sacred office she is holding

    22. Well put...I sometimes forget that we have a president...The last I remember was when APJ was in service.

    23. hats off..u wrote ur heart out
      and these freakn foreign trips and mansion comes whn we say that a person earning more than 26rs a day is above the poverty line..
      dichotomy of our country!

    24. you must read a vry well researched and written
      article in three parts written by Shri Arun Shourie.. so the facts need not be verified, he is always reliable,. You will not see the Barkhas, Rajdeeps, Sagrikas and the Arnabs will not interview Mr. Shourie. They cannot handle any truth which even skirts the Gandhis.

    25. Let us all pray that good sensew prevails on our MPs AND MLAs to elect a noble person as our next PRESIDENT .
      We certainly do NOT WANT A POLITICIAN .

    26. Very Unfortunate Yaar!! The people first should introspect if they are qualified for the posts which they may occupy! It really makes us feel ashamed that post held by Dr.APJ and other eminent personalities are now open for murderers and cheats.

    27. Good article. Now who will become our next President - Ram Gopal Verma? or Suresh Kalmadi?

    28. The President's post in India is ceremonial and titular (in other words it is an empty fart position). Do we really need a President when the real power is held by the Prime Minister and 2 Houses. I think in the long term India should be abolish this position completely.

      In the meantime, after Patil retires, the President's post should go to some exemplary person such as Lallu or Pawar or excellent journalist Burkha who trekked to Kargil when bullets were flying over her head.

    29. Everyone is trying to woo Jayalalitha for political gains. Let her be made the President so that she becomes apolitical.

    30. i feel we dont have president. Dignified post to be given to retired generals.

    31. The right candidates for the post of President could be

      Anthony (the present Defence Minister)

      Abdul Kalam (too old)
      Narayanamurthy (apolitical)
      Somanath Chaterjee

    32. I'm sorry, I differ from most other people in my views. This article is in bad taste. By attacking the President of the country, you have not really diffrentiated yourself from the one you choose to blame. Why target her alone? She has done pretty much what all other politicians and bureaucrats do-only they manage to get away with it while she is left to face the flak from the likes of you! I do not for a momemnt endorse her lifestyle but the article is simply not in good taste. It attacks below the belt. Acting immaturely will not help any one in the long run. You may gain cheap popularity nothing more.

    33. Sir this is the best article ive ever read.. she is really not worthy of that position and moreover she has not even done something to justify her at that position... spending lavishly on butlers & foreign trips for nothing good to the nation .she cant even speak proper english how can someone be a president of the largest democracy of the world..

    34. Good article! I didn't know about her cooking skills and never did I make the connection between and her spending and Kasab's.

      Here are some meme-type pics about her. Feel free to share :

    35. Being a career politician she is unrepentant, has a thick skin and will weather this storm. In a few months this hubbub will die down and she will happily retire to her ill-deserved misappropriated Army land in Pune.

      In addition, she and her family have grabbed a lot of Adivasi land around Nashik that no one in English media talks about - only the local Marathi newspapers have small blurbs about it occasionally.

    36. I seriously wonder whether she has learnt the national anthem by heart even after warming up the chair for 5 long years.

    37. She could not enjoy her sex life because of her greed. You BET

    38. The above article is written by
      Dr. (Mrs) Hilda Raja
      Dr. (Mrs) Hilda Raja [ an Octogenarian ] was a Professor of Social Sciences at the prestigious Stella Maris College, Chennai. She is now settled in Vadodra with her 'near-dears'.

    39. @Anonymous

      I allowed this comment to publish to know from where you get the knowledge that it was written by Mrs. Hilda Raja?

      If you got the info from Hinduwaken site then please refer the date of her publication and the date shown in my blog. In fact I asked Mrs. Raja to take my name while republishing my blog which she duly did and send me an apology letter. Now you can see the source of the blog as my blog page in her site. Please rectify your so bold conclusion since I don't get indulged in plagiarism.


    40. What's the fuss about? For past 5 yrs, most politically aware people of India knew about her poor credentials. It is not what is written here that is important, but what effect does it create among taxpayers of our nation to ensure con parties do not take us for a ride.
      Hope "JAAGO RE" does not remain a marketing slogan.

    41. Simply brilliant!! You have asked all the question that every single self respecting Indian had in mind. Foster son of Congress, Kasab< will defenitely become a minister in India in the next 10 years! Pathetic future of this great country.

    42. Ms. President, please ask yourself what have you done for our Country. We all Indians know the answer so you neednot explain.

    43. Very well said. Absolutely right and befitting this useless woman!

    44. I recently read this news, "President Pratibha Patil has commuted the death sentence of 35 people to life imprisonment, and rejected mercy petitions of five people who had committed heinous crimes, including the assassins of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

      Among those whose mercy petitions were accepted are those convicted of mass murder, kidnapping, rape and killing of children."

      I hope she has closed her eyes and ponder over what she is doing, I know she also have daughter, I bet she cannot have any mercy if someone does similar crime with their children (I pray to God that no parent in this world or anywhere in this universe have to go through this), which is rape and then killing while they are in their 3 to 10 age.

      I have great deep sorrow and empathy with those parents who has lots their children due to these criminal, which are now alive with mercy of great lady Shri Pratibha Patil...

    45. Awesome post. I totally agree.

    46. Good you mention that you love puran poli, else people would think you are biased!:-p A great article. But, the more pertinent issue is that she is going to get away with it. Sad :-(.

    47. Why this position is in poll mercy of MP's etc ,,, why not us ......... the nation ............

    48. Great Article... Unveils the true face of the so called Ex-President of India

    49. Indian society deserves this. Indian society consists of sentimental fools who want people of their caste, creed, religion, language and gender to be in power. I remember the days when Dr. A.P.J. Kalam was about to retire as president. Suddenly, the talk of a woman president and our society and media went hyper with big talk of "women empowerment" "let India have a woman president" etc. Nobody ever thought logically whether it is important to have a very good president like Dr. A.P.J. Kalam or a woman president for the sentiment of it. There was also a time when Dr Kalam was to be re-elected but he was asked to make way for a woman. His gender became an impediment for a second term. This is how Indian society works - Indians are sentimental idiots. And they deserve the congress party for all time to come for this stupidity.

    50. so you want to support her misdeeds under the garb of all politicians doing it?

    51. Journalist Barkha committed a stunt by going to Kargil. She is corrupt to the core.

    52. Pawar and Laloo as president? Are you joking

    53. 1.
      CWG scam, Kalmadi sent to jail, Kanimozhi & Raja sent to jail in 2G
      bribery, Chauvan made to bite the dust for minor slip-up in Adarsh.
      MM Joshi caught red handed dictating CAG about figures, JPC finds 2G
      loss at 2,400 crores (now recovered fully), 2G expert price rejected by
      all players, talk time goes up due to no benefit to telecos, common man
      is now affected, all b'cos of MM Joshi's dictation to CAG.
      3. Coal Scam, BJP all of a sudden silent ? B'cos 80 percent scam has happened under BJP state govt.
      K'taka BJP govt, dubbed as most corrupt govt by HC, shame on BJP. All
      ministers tainted. CM sent to jail, Mining scam & BBMP scam alone
      totals 1,00,000 crores. 26 ministers tainted. Total corruption under BJP
      more than 5,00,000 crores.
      5. Kasav & Afzal shown where they belong ! RSS & BJP fielded Jethmalani against Afzal death sentence !!
      6. BJP & RSS cadres caught red handed hoisting Pakistan flag in K'taka. BJP MLAs watch BLEU film in assy.
      7. No punishment for Kingpin who mastered 3000 murders in Gujrat
      8. Helicopter deal sealed in 2003 by BJP led NDA not UPA. Bribe taken by MOD, of NDA.
      getting smart by being honest, BJP is clearly an anti-national party.
      Hail Sonia, the tallest & honest leader of India since 2 deacdes
      9. Record economic growth under MMS, GDP doubled in just 6 years 2004-2010.
      Only congress can fight Fascists & impending civil war due to uppercaste propaganda

    54. Kalam, worst President

      2. As a muslim, he reads gita, he appreciates Vedas, only uppercastes appreciates vedas on this earth

      3. He became Pres. due to his hindu inclination.

      4. He listened to Babri demolishers and denied Sonia her rightful PM post. He embarassed democracy and contitution

      5. He came out with yield of Pokran-2 as success, which was actually a flop.

      6. In a bid to become pres. again he made u turn saying he favoured Sonia.

      7. Kalam is a shame to democracy, he sided with fascists and let down constitution

    55. Pratiba was much much better than Kalam.

      1. A Gita reading muslim is some thing unheard off, it sounds wierd. Kalam was in DRDO, a uppercaste dominated zero output research organization. You survive if you butter the right people.
      2. He left DRDO when his guidance was very crucial.
      3. Agni, Prithvi were developed by different project directors, Kalam who was above them took full credit for it.
      4. Uppercaste media faked a lot and made Kalam famous.
      5. Indira assigned 2 projects to DRDO fro which Kalam was head, both projects incurred huge losses and were abondoned.
      6. His stint at ISRO started with costliest PSLV plunging into sea, text book rules say the rocket should have not launched in case of fuel leak, great Kalam went ahead and crashed the SLV into BOBengal.
      7. He was propped by Naidu for president post, he left to a job which is new and has no contribution to make, from a so called humble man to vast 400+ room R.Bhavan, so much for an ordinary man.
      8. He listened to Uma, Govindacharya & Sushma and took a hasty decision and embarrassed Indian democracy by denying Sonia her claim for PM. Kalam showed his colors by aligning with III rate fascists and let down the constitution. Sonia not only won democratically from a constituency, but she also won hearts of congressman, that's not the end, she had full backing of all UPA-1 parties including left.
      9. Kalam has done historical blunder which only gets magnified by passing years.
      10. Pratiba never did such blunders nor she aligned with fascist forces.

      Pratiba flew Sukhio too...she is far better...Kalam...an icon made by Uppercaste Media...but a zero in real sense. Pratiba...atleast a rubber stamp...much better than half fascist Kalam.

    56. @ Pratul Gupta; at which madrasa did you gather this information?

    57. even if all that is written is true..it is in very bad taste..could have been avoided......language could have been more tempered...

    58. 2014 : BJP will fail to get past three digits b'cos of Modi. MMS will become PM for 3rd time and after brief time he will be succeeded by Harvard graduate Chiddu. 2015 : Modi popularity will slide and courts will make right decisions on his criminal past. Modi will resign and may walk into Tihar. 2016 : Modi will be awarded death sentence, brahmin RSS will be happy to send off Modi. Sushma will declare herself as PM candidate for 2019. 2017 : Pranab'da before relinquishing office will seal the fate of Modi. Court will order he be burried inside Tihar fearing rise of fascists. Modi will be laid to rest next to lesser criminal Afzal Guru. 2018 :

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    60. what is wrong with a muslim reading Gita or Vedas? And if a Hindu reads quran what is wrong with it? Seems like you are a pakistani writing an Indian Name

    61. Keep same spirit & u will be next Diggi..soon

    62. only a fool like you can write something like this and praise the cook Pratibha..your IQ is not even Zero, its in negative....i can trash each of your point but that wont help you...i have seen you trolling everywhere, arguments and debate is not your cup of tea..much like congress....brainless SoB...

    63. SERIOUSLY ???? or are you fukin kidding me ????

      FUCK U DUDE . Dont bring stupid muslim hindu stuff here.
      He was a MUSLIM - YES
      I am a hindu - YES
      Pratiba is a HINDU - YES

      That doesnt make any sense to the fact that I wanna salute APJ ABDUL KALAM SIR.

      I DONT EVEN NEED TO EXPLAIN ----- FUCK U!!!!!!!!!!!!

    64. @Munisammappa : You wrote some shit 2years ago and this made my day :-D Now ou proved yourself that you are a nonsense garbage with no idea of politics -/\- Thanks , for making me laugh like anything :-D :-D