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    Devil's Advocates

    Sivani Bhatnagar, Jessica Lal, Rupen Deol Bajaj and now the latest entrant Ruchika Girhotra. Somehow the triplet city of Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali are back into news headlines again for all the wrong reasons. It took quite an effort to produce this latest spectacle. At least four Chief Ministers starting with Hukkum Sing followed by Bansilal, Bhajanlal and lastly Om Prakash Chautala honored the director's seat at some point or the other as it surprisingly took 19 long years to produce.

    Efforts of a dozen High profile Babus including the then Home Secretary and down, the then principal of Sacred Heart High school, the SHO of Panchkula Sector-16 police station along with the then DG of police, as spot boys needs some serious appreciation. The whole drama that gone around for last 19 years has a larger indication than just S.P.S Rathore and Ruchika. It more openly displays the urban-metro culture that crept into our society, which makes us believe that the more mis-behaved you are the more stylish and cultured you would be considered in the so called page 3 world, the dark nudity of Politician-Police nexus and the 'I scratch your back and you mine' philosophy that prevailing in our politics.

    It was really disturbing to see a teenager loosing her life, her innocent family being harassed and traumatized for 19 long years and the culprit laughing his way out of the court to the bank (I am sure Mr. Rathore, must have huge amount of green leafs stashed in his bank account). All this for what : A young girl one day thought there are still honest people in the system, who would listen to her plea and she had immense faith on India's judiciary. But at the end of the day it was a complete mockery of Indian Criminal Justice System, to say the least.

    Sometime back in a train journey of mine I came across a fellow passenger, whose narration really touched my heart and went on to convince me that there are still a handful of honest officer present in our system who are ready to run that extra mile to deliver justice to the oppressed. Baring we two innocent souls the boggy was over flowing with Gujjus. As throughout our journey the Gujjus were all over the place from lower berth to the toilet, the wash basin, the papad, to the morning Dhoklas, we two somehow were alienated from our existence. Since being there for 30 odd hours in the mini Gujrat, somehow we got into a discussion revolving around Gujrat in general(Not necessarily the Gujjus at hand). There I happen to know that the gentleman I was talking with is a young CBI officer. On the topic of Gujrat riots he went on to narrate how he made it a point to visit Bilkis Banu at 11:30 at night, drive the pregnant lady to the hospital and recorded her statement while driving. When I asked, he could have easily carried out this activity next morning, then what really prompted him to go with this adventure in a riot affected city at the mid of the night? The answer was full with authority, without any enunciation, punctuation or eloquence. If I hadn't gone that night then I would have got a phone call next morning not to proceed with the enquiry, which in fact I eventually got the next morning, came the straight forward reply. This is where I felt the gravity and necessity of the steps taken by the honorable Supreme Court on police reforms.

    Seeing the mishandling of our police department on the hands of our politicians, as famously quoted by our Home Minister : The police department is a toy in the hands of the state machinery and are being kicked from one place to another like a football for individual gain or otherwise, the honorable Supreme Court decided to introduce the reforms in a hurry so that the department could be spared with some penalty kicks. Lightning struck the state governments when this reform rule was passed. The very thought of loosing the police department and the vision of no one standing by them for their misdeeds, gave a cold feet to all the Netas along with the CMs across the length and breath of India. If a senior lawyer of the Supreme Court to be believed at least four Chief Ministers approached him to see, if he can file a petition in Supreme Court against the police reform bill issued. When asked why they are so interested in keeping the police system on their power circle our beloved Netas replied : "Iske bina gormint chalta hai kya".

    No wonder all states are dragging their feet in implementing the directives of Supreme Court. After all they have to run their Gormint. Don't they? The Justice Thomas committee, that was installed to see to it that all states implement the directive sooner than later are also enjoying holidays at various cooling out places of different states on tax payers money, wholly sponsored by the state administration. I would call it a state instigated bribery of national magnitude. Our law ministry also conveniently slept over the issue and never thought it is necessary to book all those involved in this drama in contempt of our apex court. After all they also have to run their central Gormint.

    This nexus and the theoretical manipulation of our judiciary is rapidly becoming a pain. When Mr. Lalu Yadav got acquitted from a dozen cases out of the thousands pending against him the Bihar government went ahead to file a petition in the apex court only to find that the Solicitor General already waiting their defending this seasoned culprit with a reason that, as the CBI is still investigating the matter they can't file a petition in Supreme Court till the CBI tables the so called facts in the form of a report. When it comes to defend a corrupt railway minister, so that the present gormint doesn't face any humiliation, even the solicitor general took the pain of getting up from his chair and out defending but when it comes to give justice to innocents these clowns would no where to be seen.

    As somebody correctly said, in India there is justice for rich and famous only. If you are none of these then you are suggested to keep your filthy mouth shut and don't cry for justice (If at all there would be one) soon. We as individuals are also responsible somewhat for this farce to go on. Because from Jessica to Ruchika, we wake up and go to sleep or plan our holidays in between. Is it Goa we are going this time or lets go to the Ran of Kutch to get the glimpses of the famous Wild Asses. If we don't see much beyond the wild asses we would keep on allowing the Rathores to play with our justice system and the Arnav Goswamis, the Barkha Dutts to make a national debate of such heinous crimes, for their own channel's TRP. If you believe these channels are fighting for us and want justice to be delivered to innocents like Ruchika, then you are grossly mistaken and it would be better if you keep on taking glimpses of the wild asses rather than bothering how our system is working and let the buffoons run the gormint the way they are doing for last 62 years.

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