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    Save The Tigers !

    If Mahendra Sing Dhoni is to be taken seriously for once then only 1411 or so number of the said creature are roaming around India or rather in Indian Jungles, National Parks, Zoos, Cages of all those circuses that we have. Or the number is excluding the animals dancing around the fire balls on ring master's hunter noise, just to appease Tinku and Tinki who have paid Rs.15/- per head ticket for the last row?

    Could there be a mistake on the part of all those chaps who took the pain in going around all those places which has got the remote possibility of having one of these beasts and keep on counting till they reach the 1411 magical mark? Like any other government funded project there is every possibility that there could be a chance of basic mathematics going wrong, eventually ending with a far lesser number than we actually might be having. Thanks to the corruption and laziness everywhere. Finally there is one positive outcome from the corruption and laziness. The wild cat suddenly caught a lot of attention as the small number made many feel disturbed. Keeping aside the guys and their mathematics or the lack of it, if experts are to be consulted, then what ever may be the counting process and effort, we might not fetch more than 1700 wild cats at the maximum in India. Of course including all those appeasing Tinku and Tinki. Disturbing indeed.

    Rather than concentrating on this disturbing statistics, Jayaram Ramesh is busy annoying few Punjabis by announcing the non-inclusion of BT Brinjal in main stream. The aspiration of all those Punjabis of having the Baigan ka Bharta and Paratha vaporised in the process. The wild cats, least expected to be vegetarians have little or no interest in BT Brinjal or even in Mr.Ramesh, either physically or his antiques. I feel sorry for these poor tigers as nobody whose actions matter are seem interested in them, largely because none of them quite aware of the repercussions of loosing our national animal completely and secondly these poor creatures don't constitute any vote bank either. One of the initiative to safeguard the extinction of tigers is to equip them with voting rites. Then I guess they would take precedence over BT Brinjal. Mr.Chawala, are you listening?

    Corbet and Shimlipal are two official tiger reserves in India along with a handful of the creature residing in Nandankanan zoo, majority of which are white. Thanks to un-controlled poaching and the entry of politics into our jungles even, the two national parks are relieved with Tiger and left hanging only with the word reserve. The places are now reserved for picnickers, ministers wanting to cool their respective backs in PWD guest houses far in the jungle, reserved to provide safe heaven for all those anti socials to carry out their nefarious activities. Reserved for what not, but not for tigers, for whom it was reserved at the first place. The only losers other than the tigers in this whole shift of reservation were the Policewalas. No wonder they are not warming their pockets with gifts from the poachers off late but seen doing sundry stuffs for all those Sarkari babus who come to spend some time in the breath taking surroundings of the jungle. This Sarkar is neither doing anything for the tigers nor for we poor souls living here in the neighbourhood of all these non existent tigers, said a visibly angry looking police sub-inspector while washing the underwear of a babu.

    The reason for us to lose at least 80% of our national animal in less than half a century is the mindless urbanization. Coupled with the nonchalant attitude of the authorities towards our wildlife and non accountability for the millions, which we were supposed to be spend on wildlife and environment but eventually been spend on various luxury items of the ministers and babus and on their holidays in Andaman & Nicobar. In this colony of crooks of various kind and religion, the poor cat was a spectator. Rather a mute spectator and witness to the siphoning of millions which should have gone for their rehabilitation but went instead for the purchase of jewellery, a nice piece of land near the sea side, for the reception of the mantri's youngest daughter's marriage. With this more caring attitude towards respective bank accounts and wife's jewellery box than the tigers our national animal did a disappearing act gradually. At some point I even think the circus walas are far better than these buffoons, as the tigers are at least a bit safe in their hands.

    It's time our environment minister drops the argument on BT Brinjal and start thinking about our national animal. If the proceedings in Shastri Bhawan and all the forest offices goes on as it is, then very soon we might have to choose another animal to be emblem with the national stamp. How about having a wild donkey or a fox as a replacement Mr. Ramesh? I hope somebody should take care of the beasts in a proper way as I seriously don't want to show my grand children the tiger in drawings only and I dearly don't want to miss the dialogue of Raj Kumar in movies: "Jani. Sheron ko marne par, srakar bhi pabandi laga chuki hai. Wese sher bache bhi kitne hai jungle main."


    1. Good piece of writing!


    2. Too much of criticising attitude Mr.Cynical(true as ur name)

      As truly said by F. D. Roosevelt "those cynical men who say that democracy cannot be honest and efficient"

      Try and learn a little compassion,it might help u in living a good life.
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