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    Aman Ki Asha

    Sahruk Khan in a TV interview did said that he is an Indian and like all true Indians he feels everybody is welcomed to visit our country, even if they are Pakistanis or otherwise. Yes Mr.Khan, nobody disputes your nationality, but the issue is much larger than few Pakistan cricketers playing in IPL or release of your forthcoming movie My Name Is Khan. I am no way saying what the Thackreys and various Senas are doing is correct, but frankly the issue is much larger than the Thackreys also.

    In a recent initiative by a media house in the name "Aman Ki Asha", they are trying to bring peace between the two nations by virtue of more people to people contact. Their argument in for their effort is that in ground reality the people at both parts of the land are same and love to have peace and harmony. Wow! sounds really tempting with a thought that someday a would be friend of mine in Pakistan will send me a box full of dry fruits from Rawalpindi along with the recipe details of Lahori Chicken. Let me comeback to realty. The only thing I can expect happening is the last word of this initiative getting fulfilled. There are thousands counter and genuine reasons why such efforts won't ever bear any fruit.

    Along with clarifying on his nationality SaKha went ahead showing his dissatisfaction over none of the Pakistani players being selected in IPL. He also added that how beautiful a neighbour Pakistan is and how fortunate we are to have them one. As per him people out there have a strong love feeling towards we lesser souls. So bottom line we should forget all bitterness and join him in appeasing the beautiful neighbour we have.

    Why this generosity Mr.Khan ? If may I ask. I don't see any love feelings either by action or words from that side. I could be grossly wrong if you have seen any, which I doubt you had. After getting snubbed off the IPL auction, the so called beautiful neighbours started shouting and went on accusing who and who of our Sports, Political as well as Entertainment fraternity. In a breakfast show of one famous Pakistan channel, Sohail Tanveer was seen interviewed. Where answering on the IPL fiasco he said: Hinduaon ki Zahaniyat hi Yesi hai (Hindus are by nature like this). Indirectly pointing that we did deliberately invited them to humiliate. The journalist also responded to his words by saying we Indians are Baniyas and we have a Bagal Main Churi aur Mu main Ram Ram attitude. This is what people out there feed, think and tell early morning. This is what these gentlemen have for India and Hindus in general. Is this the love of our neighbours for us you were talking about Mr.Khan?

    The glaring inconsistencies in Mr.Khan's words are quite prominent. I am sorry to say if Pakistan is a great neighbour then I am Albert Einstein. Without mincing my words let me say Pakistan is a deadbeat nation and a drag on India's progress. I don't see any reason why our Home Minister should be apologetic for the IPL drama. He was grossly disappointed on non inclusion of Pakistani player as he termed it as disservice to cricket. As per him it is the players who are coming as individuals not a Pakistan team. Hope he somehow gets a chance to see the Sohail Tanveer interview.

    The country were divided on the basis of religion and somewhat instigated by Jinnah. Is that what love is. If that was not enough there were 4 major wars stage managed and started by our lovely neighbours. Does this fact doesn't disturb you Mr.Khan and our Home Minister sir ? When you blatantly talked about your sadness on the exclusion of a bunch of players you never take into account on the attitude of guys at the other end. They don't thought twice before airing Sohail Tanveer's interview providing a platform to spit Anti India & Anti Hindu venom, that too in the prime time. I can't even remotely think if any of our leaders would be seen spitting venom of this volume in National channel in prime time. So HM why this olive branch flying from our side always where the other side are as hostile and rough as they used to be some 60 years back. Enough of this forgive and forget attitude more so being displayed by the Khans, the Bhatts, the Brakha Dutts and the Chidambarams.

    No wonder Mr.SaKha, the Sivsena or as a matter of fact all Senas are dead against your new movie getting released in Mumbai. If you closely analyze, it is you who is solely responsible for this happening, which you only initiated by your uncalled for sympathy towards the other side. If you feel you are going to be financially hit by your antiques, then I suggest you to change the name of the movie to Nishan-E-Pakistan and release it there. I bet it would be a huge hit there, because as per you there are a huge bunch of loving people eagerly waiting for you to hug. By the way somebody should stop this tamasha Mr.Bachhan is doing with his poem Nazar main Rehteho, in the name of Aman Ki Asha. There should be a line drawn at some point and it is about time we do it.

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    1. Mr.Cynical u seem to be a frustrated,mentally sick and pessimist soul in this beautiful world.
      Get an appointment with a shrink to sort ur personally venemous bitterness towards mutual love and affection.
      People having an attitude like this n calling themselves Indians is a shame and actually represent terrorism.
      Please keep your noxious thoughts to urself instead of blogging and letting the people know of your limited mental faculties.
      -----Alta Vista