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    See-Evil Servants

    Thank God Subhash Chandra Bose did gave a lesson or two on patriotism to the interviewer sitting across during the ICS (Now IAS) exam and threw away the opportunity which many won't. Or else Mr.Bose won't have been one Netaji and India might not have got a brave son like him. Instead he would have been busy taking up a huge cabin space in any state secretariat or worse in some places like Shastri Bhawan and would be planning on how to gulp down few crores of Tax Payers money, without even cared to bother about Hajmola .

    Indian Civil Services exam has a long history and a pride factor for UPSC as sometime back Time magazine tauted it as one of the toughest exams in the world. Our then HRD minister, oblivious about the exams toughness or easiness did tried to take credit of this latest pride by announcing the very reason of this exam being so tough. In the process of selecting the best, efficient and of course honest officers to serve the nation with authority we are left with no option but to make the entry process as though as possible. I feel sorry for all those hopeful participants which this exam gives a constipated look, he added. Oh really? Serving, Efficient, Honest? So many oxymoron in one sentence. Was he talking about the same guys who after clearing this exam do become a parasite called Babus?

    What about the selection procedure for all those crooked politicians whom these Efficient and Honest officers report? Fooling masses, mafiosi deep rooted in blood, masters in nefarious activities. Are these the scoring points for these bosses of the Babus? Pass through all these points and you are there shown doing all the nonsense in both houses of the parliament and of course few of these buffoon babus at your disposal. No doubt the exams for both the Masters and their servants are though. Time magazine was bang on target.

    Nobody cares for all those soldiers who die on daily basis. Nobody even cared when Limba Ram was shown staying in the garage of one of these so called Babus. Nobody cared when Dhanraj Pillay cried on national television saying hockey would be the last sport he would ask his son to opt for. No body cared for that unknown athlete who won a medal in Asian games, shown selling vegetables in the same street dedicated to his name. The officers who were responsible to look into it were busy syphoning tax payers money along with their scandalous Mantri bosses.

    All that's happening wrong in our country has got a major contribution from these bureaucrats. A young, vibrant officer at the entry but a corrupt, lazy brat at the exit. In the middle stacking truck loads of green leafs in various banks for at least next seven generations. You don't need any further example than S.P.S Rathore on the honesty of the Civil Servants. The other day a paper carried a disturbing news of one IAS office was apprehended by the authorities on the ground of his very intimate association with the highway robbers. The association was so intimate that he has many times accompanied the robbers in his official vehicle so that the thugs can get away smoothly on police check points. No doubt he has a major share on the bounty of all the robberies. God save India if these are the outputs of world's toughest exam. When asked to clarify on this dubious behaviour of his junior, the Cabinet secretary, with his mouth full with our national pass time, the paan, gave a very non authoritative answer. What else can be expected when the Chief Minister of the very state was once a big time fugitive in couple of murder case. The association of the thugs, is heard trying to get that robber IAS officer get off the hook.

    Whoever has visited any government office needs no further essaying on the very attitude of the Babus. The mantra is loot and let others loot, with a photo of Mahatma Gandhi on the wall and the golden scripts of Satyameva Jayate. The bureaucratic ladder ending with respective ministers is full with national looteras at every step. I won't be surprised if a fully clothed gentleman before, seen coming out of a government office only with his under wears. I would say he is lucky enough to be left with the undies to cover up his modesty. Save us from this mayhem of scoundrels, who are output of the world's toughest exam. Need some serious introspection on the exam in discussion.

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