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    Kick Boxing Ministers

    When Vijender Sing won a Bronze medal in last Olympics, he made a somewhat unknown sports in India, popular overnight. Youths suddenly got exited by this new sports and paid their rich tribute to Mr.Sing for bringing in some glory back home from Beijing. Along with the youth few of our politicians got exited in the process and thought of taking this sports seriously on their professional life. Some high end babus also joined the bandwagon in paying tribute to Mr.Sing in their own way. Mr.Sing might just be thinking: hell I really did encouraged too many people for this sports. Thankfully none yet has shown that much enthusiasm towards Abhinav Bindra's achievement.

    Latest politician to show some interest in the sports is a minister in current Maharastra government. According to him when he was agitated to the limit by a co-party worker , then and there he thought of showing his gratitude to Vijender Sing. Hence came the punch and kicks straight missiled at the poor co-worker landing the fellow in hospital with a broken rib, a badly swollen face and blackened eyes. Ask the kick boxer on the morality around his martial arts, he is ever defiant as from the time he landed the first punch.

    One of my friends once said these Vijender Sings are somewhat to be blamed for all the mockery that's happening in both houses of our parliament. Those hurling punches, uprooting of mikes, using chairs, tables as boomerang has definitely a Sing's connection. Not long ago a senior bureaucrat in Mayawati's UP government was shown on TV slapping a Bank Manager for not approving loans to his kith and kins, friends, guys who might have paid him bribe to get the loans through. Fortunately he only stopped at slapping not going forward with his kicks and punches. Perhaps on the process of learning those tricks, I presume. Mayawati did appreciated his martial art skills and elevated him to a senior position, rather than showing him the door for his unruly behaviour. Should I say this the way of UP Chief Minister to hail Vijender's achievement?

    Not to be left behind Mulayam Sing showed his slapping skills not a long ago during general elections 2009. Rather than co-operating with the working methodologies of elections he was seen slapping an un-identified entity on TV. The poor chap's face was not in the frame of the TV camera, but from the look of it, I am sure the slap must have landed right there on his right side. After slapping the dirt out of the way Mulayam went ahead and started arguing with the chief election officials who was absolutely right on his stands. Fortunately again he stopped there at the slap. He also must be learning the remaining tricks of kick boxing along with the burecrate.

    Uma Bharati is no lesser mortal. She has already proved that and proved again when she slapped one of her key workers in front of public glare for disrupting her rally. The gentleman in question after getting a tight slap did announced to the media in a press conference which followed the slap gate, as Ms.Bharati is like an elder sister to him, can slap him for his misdoings. Ahh, a thorough gentleman he is. Honestly I won't appreciate if even my own elder sister slaps me in public, let alone an elder sister like. Hats off to you sir: Both for getting the slap and went on to admit you deserved it.

    On a serious note, all these incidents make me think : are these the same guys whom we have voted to power. Do we really deserve these anti social, non civic people to be our representatives? Rather than looking at core issues they are up in arms and don't even think twice before going physical. Did I made a mistake by casting my vote?. I know these are unanswered queries and would remain unanswered for some time as the persons who are best to give these answers are we ourselves. The sooner we get rid of these politicians through our votes is better. Being optimistic, if I have to take something positive out of these martial art series then, as I have said earlier: "Thankfully none was seen too serious appriciateing Avinav Bindra's achievements".

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