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    Maoist: Intent Vs Circumstances

    The other day one of the leading daily carried the news of a gentleman who gifted his wife a luxurious personal plain on her birthday. On the same day I happened to view a program aired in one of the social channels with the title 'Big Fat Indian wedding', where the whole bunch of 250 odd individuals, including the guests, relatives and bride, groom were shown hopping from Nainital-Delhi-Pataya at various stages of their marriage ceremony spreading over a staggering 15 days. On the same day and in the same daily there also carried a news in page 12 or 14 of a tribal widowed mother from a remote village somewhere on the Chattishgarg-Bihar border selling off her 5 months old child for Rs 1000/- to support the rest of her family.

    When there is such a society residing at both ends of the spectrum, where one can gift some crores of rupees in gift while the other would thank God if he gets to have a decent meal once in a week then you left stunned and stop blaming none. Neither the billionaire who is doing rounds in a Bentley showroom for a new purchase nor the lady roaming around the village to find prospective buyers for her child. The law of averages will takeover someday to square things up. If the law doesn't initiates on it's own then some brute force would make sure that it does sooner than later. This philosophy is what I feel all the Maoists are living for and are definitely ready to die for.

    I am not a Maoist sympathizer nor intend to be one. Because in my perview violence is never a solution but creator of few more problems. Having said that, I don't blame them entirely either. All the wrong that has happened to our country or happening now are the creation of our able and corrupt leadership. For decades together our Mantris left no stones unturned in creating enough mess, so that it would take at least 3 generations to clear this up, provided no fresh mess is created in the process. A classic example could be the Kashmir issue which the Kashmiri populace along with our Army and different para-military forces are busy cleaning up for last couple of decades or so and keep it in mind, it is far from over yet. The latest entrant are these Maoists (Gifted by our able leadership). God knows how many decades it would take to clean this one.

    The Dantewada episode is a heinous crime of highest degree. No second opinion is required to confirm this. But what made me scratch my pot belly is the interview of few poor jawans who somehow managed to live, to tell the story. One of them objected to the whole idea of sending a bunch of security guards to a place without proper infrastructure, medicine or even food. Goodness me. None lesser than Chidambaram should take a note of this. But isn't the absence of all the three things stands equal for all those who fought with these jawans for close to an hour? That too for decades and decades, generations and generations. Few peace lovers might wash their hands off by saying : It's their problem. Exactly, but ironically now their problems has become ours, rather forcibly being entrusted on us to accept.

    When you deprive a society of basic amenities like education, health, and even a decent square meal per day, then it is obvious that there would be few from the oppressed who would say enough is enough, lets snatch it then, if that is so. Being from a poor state myself I have seen misery of these tribal. For God's sake, they are not asking for a Delhi metro type stuff running in their village from the Panchayat office to the village pond. Their day starts with a hope and aspiration of getting something to eat today and majority time ending with going to bed empty stomach. To top it, all their land rich with minerals and natural resources were snatched from them against peanuts by the mining mafias playing under the safe and vast protective umbrellas of the ministers. Whatever little being sanctioned for their development are handsomely syphoned by the crooks and ministers alike, taking advantage of their lack of outlook or knowledge. I can't even ask you to be in their shoes, as they never got a chance to put on a pair themselves. But trust me with or without the shoes, it hurts.

    If record books are scanned then we would find thousand of instances where these tribals were mercilessly butchered, their women raped or worse kidnapped and sold at different brothels across India, children orphaned and left to die on their own. All this for what? Because they did the mistake of their life by deciding to raise their voice against the injustice inflicted on them for decades. I am noway justifying this should be a reason enough to take up a Kalashnikov and start shooting. This is we intellectuals think and somewhat believe in. But think of those thousands who haven't seen what a school looks like much less attending one, doesn't carry that much sense to think like we intellectuals do. All they need is a little brainwash by guys like Kishenji or Kobad Gandhi and believe me as small a promise as providing a square meal per day. Bull's eye. They are ready to take up the gun and fight. Maximum might not be knowing what they are fighting for.

    Our Home Ministers idea of using army to neutralize then didn't went down well with many including me. It is no wise an idea to have our defence forces shooting at our own people. They might be against the states, but end of the day they are a bunch among us only. Only solution to this could be and should be development. Providing basic amenities is the first step in taking these chaps into our confidence. All will be well as I feel these Maoists are motivated by circumstances not Intent. Improve the circumstances , we are done with the Mayhem!

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