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    Where We Stand?

    If somebody seriously asks me, where we as a nation stand in world map in terms of Growth, Economy, Democracy, Technology, National security, Moral ethics and above all exercising or allowed to exercise our fundamental rights, then I would be as confused as a baby in a topless bar, leave alone answering it with some authority. Many (Excluding our Politicians) would have the same fate in answering this tricky question, if not the topless part but for certain would stammer in answering it with some conviction.

    Boasting a lot on our economic growth and touting we as one of the fastest growing in the world on this aspect, giving China a scare or two and Pakistan some envious shocks and coining terms like Indian Inc, where these Reliance, Tatas, Birlas and few IT companies are constituent, seems is our off late national pass time. Let me first congratulate myself and all other fellow Indians before I could proceed with the blog. We all deserve one rupee Gulab Jamun each and our able Mantris & Babus two each, and our Sarkar a pat on the back, for this phenomenal achievement.

    Growth is relative. As one of my friend said the other day : 'Pehle aap khali Chaddi main the aab Baniyan milgaya. Ho geya growth 100%'. Hope our so called economists are not following my friend's theorem. I hope but I am sure they are actually as Montek Sing Ahluwalia expect more than 2 laks new families to get included in the latest BPL list. Great! 2 laks new found beggars, and worse enough to be notified and we still claim we are growing like hell. Must be my friend's brilliance that helped these guys conclude so. At least we got hold of a Baniyan and now our upper part is not Nanga. So we are growing. Taliyaan!!

    A famous SMS doing rounds in Pakistan, which urges all those who are Biriyani lovers to cross over to India with a Kalashnikov or even a toy gun would do. This is where we stand in terms of security. It is irony on the face of all those who lost their lives during 26/11 and all those who fought for us to see the most secured person in whole of Mumbai now is Ajmal Amir Qasav. Many countries including notorious one of the likes of Zimbabwe are issuing security warnings to their citizens while visiting India. Rather than concentrating on this and making efforts to improve our internal security, we are busy distributing dossiers to a country which is hell bent on not accepting their own mess. None feels safer any more. The last of the examples could be the crude bomb blast in Chinnaswamy stadium. More than casualty and volume of the explosion, it is the very fact that an explosion did occur disturbs many. How in earth somebody could come in and plant a bomb in the vicinity where more than fifty thousand people are expected to gather. How crude the nature of the bomb is immaterial. More threatening is the 2000 odd numbers of Jehadis waiting on the border to squeeze in, to introduce more havoc is again more threatening.

    Latest inclusion of education as a fundamental right is very refreshing. But hang-on. Shouldn't it be the case to begin with? What made us wait more than 60 years to implement it? More than forming rules, it is the enforcement that matters. Don't expect guys like Qasav to get down at Okha on their journey to Mumbai to get hold of an Indian Penal code to see how heinous crime they are going to commit. If statics are considered there are more than 2 million cases of school dropouts every year, maximum of which are girls. Least talked about the ever diminishing gender ratio is better. Just by making education as a fundamental right doesn't solves the whole problem as for decades we have seen other fundamental rights are being sabotaged with ease. Don't believe, they try to exercise your Right to Speak fundamental stuff against your local politician or Gunda who is hand-in-glove with the mantriji. Either you would be wiped out or if you manage to live they you would be left ruining on your decision of showing faith on our constitution. Satyandra Dube can't be a bad example on this. I can see the fate of the latest fundamental thing and millions getting stuffed somewhere in Switzerland.

    Moral ethics has long been out of the dictionaries of all those who matter. One thief catching another with his pants down. The poor one being half naked waits for the headmaster to decide on weather he is actually nude or not. Gone are those days when guys like Shastriji, Krishna Menon took moral responsibilities for events where they are remotely being involved or responsible. Now entities like Lalu need more than a thousand cases of various nature to find themselves guilty. The whole funda of our jurisdiction: 'Innocent until proven guilty', should be changed, at least for all these politicians. The moment one found involved (doesn't matter, how much or how far), should be bitten black and blue. Period. Then some sanity would prevail. No wonder due to lack of conviction or otherwise these notorious creatures are flourishing everywhere.

    Coming back to the question where I started this blog. We stand nowhere. We are as badly managed and operated as we were some 10-15 years back. We are as nonsense we were that time only to see more nonsense in the form of Mayawati, Raj Thackrey getting in. Crooks running the government bringing in shame to the nation on daily basis, making us a worldwide laughing stock. Comedy is going on everywhere, let it be my office cafeteria to Loksabha. We are as filthy as it can get when it comes to loyal and committed towards our country. Thanks to few individuals of the likes of Sandeep Unikrishnan or Tokaram Ombule, that we are still surviving as a nation, or else we would have done the disappearing act long back.

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