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    Kasav Shown The Gallows: What Next?

    Justice should be done and more importantly should appeared to be done. After the sound of all those crackers at CST which went off seconds after Justice Tehliani announced the quantum, subsidised a bit, all those shake of hands, affectionate hugging, sweets distribution are done away with, we need to introspect and ask ourselves What Next? as till now it seems only justice has been done but far from appeared to be done. Many would say, only some credible action would fulfil the second criteria of justice.

    Now the larger question is: Are we going to make this delivered justice appeared to be done? The answer I feel is 'No', not any sooner at least. The clown in question has close to 'n' number of options to exercise to delay the inevitable. As per the law this quantum of punishment must have to be confirmed by the Mumbai High court before could be implemented. The home minister of Maharastra seems very confident of getting it through in 2-3 weeks time. Is it? If so, then lets congratulate ourselves (No more crackers or sweets please!) again for saving some time there. If this happens, which is highly unlikely, then this joker could appeal in Supreme court. Looking at the nature of the case I don't see the case coming out of the door of Apex court before one and half years. So with some grossly optimistic estimates, we can see our apex court signing the death warrant in 2 years time. Knowing the painfully slow nature of our President's office bearers and the 50 odd beneficiaries of it, this thug would definitely knock the doors of Rastrapati Bhawan with a mercy petition. That's where the buck would stop and stop for ever, many feel.


    On an argument over this laziness of President's office, Mr.Manish Tiwari of congress was far from convinced with the counter arguments hurled at him. When asked why Afzal Guru is still alive when his mercy petition is biting dust in the home ministry for last five years, his answer was far from being termed as an answer even. According to him all those mercy petitions lying around are being considered on first-come-first serve basis. Hello Mr.Tiwari, I think you have misunderstood the whole context. We are discussing about national security and interest not railway ticket reservation. If he hasn't misunderstood the context then, I would term this answer is shear nonsense. Does he mean to say if Kasav goes through this route, which he eventually would, then he would be at the bottom of the already elongated queue of 50 mercy petitioners? If so then God only can save this country from going to dogs.


    Can't the cases like these be given some priority and should be taken out of the queue to be acted upon first? If we have followed the first-come-first serve theorem then it would have taken some 15 years before this case could have gone to the session court even. When we can have a fast track court exclusively for this why not pull this out of the queue along with Afzal Guru's case and act upon them swiftly? More than the efficiency of our judiciary, it is the political will that drives in delivering justice in cases like these. If a former solicitor general to be believed, then there are provisions in our IPC and constitution to mend some exception and take cases like these on priority. But Mr.Tiwari seems unfazed by this disclosure.


    So it is higly likely the buck would again stop for eternity at the president's table on the pretext of some new found excuses like Kasav being a prime accused in so many case going in Pakistan, we just can't execute before all those cases were rounded off or more worse of this first-come-first fund as an alibi of vote bank politics. In any whichever way I don't see justice would appear to be done anytime soon. I am sure (if not convinced), this brat is another Afzal Guru in the making, enjoying some free food on tax payer's liability. God save our country and lets stop all those firing of crackers and keep them in cold storage for your grandchildren, to be used then when eventually the justice might just be seemed to be delivered some 50 years later!

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