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    What's The Benefit Of Hanging Kasav?

    The fate of this brat was almost sealed. Not the day Ujjwal Nikam came out with that fancy piece of document with a cover of this creature on it with all those victory signs and the journos running for their lives to reach to their camera crew to narrate the happening inside the courtroom but much before that. In fact much before he allegedly landed in Mumbai in that orange colour dingi. It was sealed the day one Hafeez Saeed convinced him to join his terrorist outfit in exchange of some good amount of money. It was confirmed that day itself that he is going to die a dog's death someday, most probably sooner. I would be surprised if Kasav was unaware of what's awaiting him.

    I am told these jehadees are brain washed to the extent that they believe by killing few hundreds they are doing a favor to their God and in the process if they themselves get killed it would be the supreme sacrifice they can offer to the almighty.

    If this is so, then it should be a miracle for Kasav to be alive till now where in he should have been killed on the night of 26/11 along with his accomplice Abu Ishmail. So what is that we would achieve by hanging him when he himself would be quite confident of having a noose as his final destination. In fact he must be aware of a dog's death as his destiny, by a stray bullet, if not the noose days before he started his journey from Karachi. So in this case the whole argument of setting up an example and show of might for the future prospective criminals through these ruthless punishments by building a truck load of fear factor falls flat. Example or no example we never yet deterred any road side Gunda from committing a crime by our so called examples, let alone these brain washed jokers. If this would have been the case then after our show of might during January 26 republic day parade and the latest force-1 parade, all the terrorists would have wet their pants (few even soiling it) and rush to the nearest police station they come across and lay down their arms. But unfortunately it doesn't work this way.

    Most of us are more interested in Kasav and what should be the nature of his punishment than the ongoing T20 world cup. Everyone seems to have an opinion when it comes to the method through which this chap should be punished as all are convinced beyond confusion that death sentence is eminent. Few have some barbaric method up their sleeves while few others are plain and simple : trying to be funny and smart. In a blog somewhere it was suggested to give Kasav a painful death by chopping off one body part each day, starting from the least vital. And given a chance the blogger would do the needful. Is it? Let me assure you, it is far from happening as we call ourselves a civilized society unlike the Talibans. So I suggest the blogger to refrain from his chopping act in which he things he is a master, for the time being. Few suggestions were hilarious, as to keep him inside a 6X6 room and make him watch Ekta Kapoor's serials day-in and day-out.

    Coming back to our achievement post Kasav's hanging, I don't see a rational reason. It might just boomerang as more than deterring the terrorists, he might just become a martyr and source of encouragement for many such idiots who would be taking training somewhere in Punjab province. Because, guys like Kasav might be idiots but their bosses are definitely not. They could easily picture his death as a classic case of sacrifice and encourage few other idiots of their camps to follow the footsteps. While we would be shaking hands and distributing sweets post the hanging, these clowns could be using the event to their benefit. Few NGOs, who were seen nowhere for anything good are advocating for a life imprisonment to let this chap rot in one of our jails, as they feel this is a better punishment than death sentence. Can't this suggestion invite another Kandhahar episode in future? and what about the 2 lks per day that we are spending on his security is the counter argument. Looking at the Afzal Guru case and our painfully slow judiciary machinery, these two questions would anyway pop up in due course for Kasav also. So lets not bother about them now, I would suggest.

    In the mid of this chaos of arguments and counter arguments, it is better for we citizens to concentrate on the ongoing T20 world cup as our team seems to have a better prepared side and chances are high that we might just bring back the cup and let the honourable courts decide what should be the quantum of punishment. If you believe you can't just concentrate on anything else till the fate of this brat is decided, then you can follow the developments but keep your thoughts and opinions to yourself only. And for sure refrain yourself from ordering a sword from Bihar to be used for the chopping act, if given a chance.

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