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    Security Is A Comedy In Our Country!

    The death of 140 odd passengers of a Mumbai bound train early Friday made us revisit the question all over again. How safe we are and how efficient and foolproof our security apparatus are? Answers to both is we are pathetic on these two fronts and don't show any encouraging sign that we would improve anytime soon.

    Everything and everyone seems to have shown some improvement including the notorious terrorists, except our Sarkar. When the nefarious elements wield around with Kalashnikov and some high end hand grenades, our security forces (I am not talking about Indian army), who are supposed to take on these cowards heads on are still continue to be equipped with the British Era 303 rifles, which many tout are the same set of guns for which Mangal Pandey started the Sipahi Mutiny back in 1857 and even our police force are skeptical if these guns would fire at the first place or not as the last operational testing of those were done way back during the time of World war-I. Worse, at places even these 303 are all together absent and our security forces are left with the blessings of the almighty and of course our own indigenous invented weapon of ass destruction : The Lathi. Don't get me wrong. If used properly these weapons of ass destruction can be as deadly as anything, at least few home ministry sleuths believe so. So what our poor police Havildar, only equipped with this dreaded weapon of ass destruction is supposed to do when he sees a terrorist roaming around with an automatic assault weapon?

    (a) Throw the lathi right there and run for his life
    (b) Get faint with some awkward sadma as shown in Hindi movies
    (c) Wet his pants and stand in a corner like a statue, doing nothing. Not that he could do anything better.
    (d) Run towards the terrorist and whack his posterior as hard as possible with the lathi :- The weapon of ass destruction

    In any whichever option, things would look really bizarre. Leaving aside few government offices and our airports all other places do give you a sorry picture of security. Shopping malls seems to be bit better as they do some security drama outside their gates, but on ground reality they are no better either. The deserted look (in terms of security) of all our major railway stations speaks volume about our nonchalant attitude towards security. The metal detector which is supposed to detect unwanted items getting in, most of the times doesn't work. If at all it is working, no one seems bothered enough to go through them. The Paan chewing Havildar sitting in the corner with that weapon of ass destruction in his hand, who is supposed to make sure that all pass through the detector, doesn't do anything on it. As it is he is pretty confident he won't be able to do much in the event of a real terrorist attack, so why bother?

    When we are surrounded by two phase attack both from outside (LET, JeM etc) and inside (Maoists), the first thing we should do is send those 303 rifles to the place they belong - yes the museums and should also get rid of our fondness for the deadly weapon called Lathi. Does anyone remember (looking at we Indians short term memory loss) the immature video capture of Kasav at Girigam Choupati or for that matter the CCTV footage of the railway constable firing from that 303 at the two terrorists? Both these clips have enough ingredient to make us one laughing stock. Our police forces at one place seen kicking and punching a terrorists with lathi in their hands and at the other place the 303 holder doesn't know how to fire a rifle, as he hasn't done even once before and worse when one of them did manage to pull the trigger, the rifle never went off for first few attempts and we clowns still believe we can fight these maniacs with these set of weapons and skill set.

    Whose call it should be to streamline our security apparatus? Where is the strategy? Post 26/11, when all thought the change is in the air for better, surprisingly the same set of seasoned crooks were back at the government and funny, it is we who brought them to power again. What the lesson learned for the buffoons whom we elected to power again? - The fool voters actually like our non-availability of any strategy to counteract the terrorism and lets not waste our time in thinking for any such strategy either. It seems there is only one strategy that is intact and at full swing - The strategy to keep the vote bank intact. If few lives are lost in the process, what's the big deal? That's the reason our Home minister doesn't think twice before announcing to the world that the captured joker in connection with Pune blast is just another suspect. That's the reason Mamtadi threw the tantrum when she said the DG of Bengal is a useless and at the same time a nonsense fellow for associating Maoists with the recent train tragedy. Surrounded by black cat commandos these so called leaders doesn't realize the value of security as it is the tax payers are taking care of that by the generous contribution of their hard earned money on the security aspect of these grossly incompetent, lazy, good for nothing individuals.

    First step could be to take away these commandos from their security system and drag them out in the open to face the summer heat all alone. Then I feel entities like Mamtadi would refrain themselves from uttering nonsense like - law and order is a state matter. If that is so, could anyone please ask this lady - what she is doing out there? Can't the railways be better without one such useless individual? Little point in discussing (read negotiating) with a rogue nation. It is about time these composite dialogue stuff should be thrown out of the window and if possible make few politicians follow the trajectory right after. India then would be a cleaner and safer place to live after. Amen!

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