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    Howard Times :- A Racist Factor

    What happens when you behave in utterly disgusted manner when all the cards were with you and turn up asking for help and support the next day? - You usually get snubbed off mercilessly. If not anyone it is Mr.Jhon Howard, the ex prime minister of Australia learn this simple equation of life the bitter way at the recently concluded ICC governing council meeting. More than this equation he also learned that the world is no more land of the Gandhies- 'Forgive' and 'Forget' are words only to be found in dictionaries.

    Not long back this flamboyant (at least the Aussies think so) leader was in the news for all the wrong reasons. He was not wrong for having a majority of his countrymen who are born racist and went physical with guys who doesn't belong to their race but for his support towards the nefarious elements still being a world leader. His regular outburst on national media, indirectly approving the heinous acts and therewith accusing the victims of these racist attacks are the sole reason of the mayhem took the world leadership with some surprise. At the receiving end of his as well as his countrymen's attitude were primarily the dark skinned entities from Asia, Africa and elsewhere. But there is a catch- Mr. Howard did forgot that the life actually runs a full circle (which he thought to be a straight line instead) and you have to deal with the same chaps whom you might have met before at some point. Now when you meet them again it is the behavior that you might have shown them the last time around is what is going to be important. This is where Mr. Howard failed miserably.

    Where there is money and a scope of syphoning a good booty out of it, there you would always find politicians humming around. It is applicable to all politicians, irrespective of their country. So when Mr. Howard was done with his bit to reinstall the racism back on world stage, he looked at the ICC way. Seeing politicians like Sarad Pawar humming around the place and the sweet smell of money did propelled Mr. Howard to jump into the fray for some authority and money post his prime minister ship. His name was pushed through for the president post by the Australian cricket authorities with support from Newzeland and England (as obvious as it can get). All went wrong when the dark skinned boards along with the cricket powerhouse called India did objected to his candidature, looking at his not so interesting background. As expected Mr. Howard who was camping for last few days in Singapore had to eat the humble pie and return back home with some serious snubbing.

    Hurt by this and the pain of being at the receiving end from some dark skinned folks Mr. Howard didn't wasted anytime in ridiculing the boards who never supported him. In fact he started blaming at 30000 feet on his flight back home. As the master, so the slaves- The Aussie media also joined in the band wagon to blast the living day lights out of the nonsupporting boards. Below are words from the beautiful mouth of this gentleman for various boards and individuals who never felt like supporting a racist.

    Pakistan :- The board is run by a highly incompetent individual (Izaz Butt), who best can be described as a thug and a seasoned looser with values not enough to be even compared against a road side goon.

    Bangladesh :- These bunch of folks should stop playing cricket as their board is run by a set of army generals who only give time to the sports when they are out of jail. Crooks running a sports body can't be termed as a board but a mafia organization.

    Zimbabwe :- I don't find any difference between their national leadership and their board. Their leader is an idiot and their board is run by a set of idiots. Nothing much to say about them.

    India :- Other than money they have got nothing much to take back home. Their board is run by a man who is also the Agriculture minister of the country with one of his feet on the paddy field and the other on the cricket pitch. Does he understands even a penny about the game called Cricket?

    He never breathed till he finished summing up all the boards with his last one liner - "Now a days cricket is minus the game. Run and managed by scoundrels and idiots of various kinds and origins". Although I personally don't agree to his outburst for different boards, I somehow find his words for our board and Mr.Sarad Pawar quite adequate.

    Mr.Howard- there is something called payback time, and it is about time you should payback all that you have done in the past. I can understand your agony seeing the power factor in the game promptly going out of the white skinned humans to the darker ones, but still your verbals are far form expected or appreciated. It is just that the chaps paid you back on the same coin that once you have paid them doesn't make these dark skinned humans as idiots. There must be something wrong with the coin you had paid them to begin with. Sit at your home and introspect - who went wrong where, and I am sure (if you by any chance carry some brain) you would get to know that it is you who badly asked for it or in fact was asking for it for sometime. Take a chill pill and do keep a tap on your blood pressure Mr. Howard. The scoundrels (as per you) are running the game would continue to do so for sometime to come. Neither you or anybody else could be much of a help.

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