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    Is It Modi Or Amit Shah They Are Aiming For

    Can anybody please tell me what's exactly happening for last few days in Gujarat? For a person of the lowest caliber and thinking capabilities like me the whole Amit Shah saga is getting murkier by hours. A better informed person of the likes of Teesta Setelvad can certainly be of great help.

    For me, the whole thing is no better than the chaos of fish market, where one participant is trying to outsmart the other with his scratching voice box ending up throwing mud at each other. To begin with - was CBI sleeping for last so many months since the apex court handed them over the investigation baton? Instead of acting earlier our CBI thought to entertain us with a climax which only our celluloid can offer. Everything waiting till the last minute where the goon is supposed to be thrashed black and blue by the hero along with the reunion of long separated hero's family. You guessed it - just after that emotional reunion our police force arrives to shift the badly injured goon to the clutches of the law.

    If data were to be taken seriously, then it was as early as March 19th that CBI first summoned Amit Shah to go for a round of interrogation on account of that alleged fake encounter case. As per media, post March 19th Mr.Shah was nowhere to be seen. He never attended his official duty or never even been seen using his official car. If this sudden disappearance of Mr.Shah has anything to suggest - then why CBI was dilly-dalling till the cut off date prescribed by the supreme court is barely a week away? Was it a deliberate motive of CBI to wait till the climax so that the whole arrest and interrogation drama brings in the maximum halla-bol and media coverage?

    As every politician does even after getting caught with money stuffed in his dhoti or being photographed naked with a goat, Mr.Shah cried his innocence and blamed the congress for fabricating him in the case with the help of their foster son the CBI. Even if some claims of BJP about CBI of being a political wing of congress rather than a federal government's investigation agency doesn't hold water, but still the actions and activities of CBI of late are grossly ambiguous and disputable. When even a child can safely claim, guys like Lalu, Mayawati and Titler are seasoned crooks and might have committed every crime that our penal code talks about, our CBI thinks the other way and promptly gives them clean chits at strategically aligned times where the gain from these actions for congress is more than evident.

    Keeping aside CBI or it's suitable full forms, the whole behaviour of Mr.Shah is questionable. Why he didn't appeared when he was first summoned in March? Why he didn't opted for an anticipatory bail back then? Why he was giving his official commitments a miss for so long? What he is trying to hide or from what he is trying to run away ? Having said that, the behaviour of CBI is murkier even. As per the law a man can be charge sheeted after being interrogated. But in this case that seems to have been conveniently forgotten by CBI. How in earth one can prepare a two thousand page charge sheet in three hours is still a baffling fact for me. Mr.Shah never turned up at 1 P.M on 23rd and by 4 O'clock the CBI was ready with a 2000 page document. A Guinness record sort of achievement I must admit. If somebody presumes the document was prepared well before then, the whole drama of CBI calling Mr.Shah for interrogation is a farce as rightly pointed out by BJP.

    I can smell fishy as does many. In fact the whole Gujarat affair is fishy and was evident the day our Apex court snubbed Ms.Setelvad for fabricating witnesses in Gujarat riot case and making the witness parrot the prescribed lines and vomit it before the magistrate. In one of this rewind program in one media channel the same lady Ms.Setelvad was seen giving lecturer on ethics and how one should respect law unlike Mr.Shah. For God's sake can someone educate this lady to learn these aspects herself fast before becoming a prabachan factory?

    I feel no harm in termed as a conspiracy theory believer but time and again I have seen, whenever the congress government is in soup there pops up one issue or the other to divert the attention. Let it be few firings in Kashmir or a train ramming into another or all the Shahs being arrested out of the blue. It might be a sweet coincidence but too many coincidences doesn't gel well in one's psyche.

    It might be politically incorrect - but I do have a feeling Mr.Shah is just a step of the ladder to get to the big fish. Yes, bull's eye - Mr. Narendra Modi. Somehow from somewhere, the well wishers of India's best chief minister are in an effort to get their hands on any of the smallest clue which might bring Mr.Modi some embarrassment. I need not have to mention who those well wishers could be. For the benefit of the nation and law at large all stooges should be kept aside and and let the law (if it is as blind as it is been portrayed in those sculpture of justice) take it's own course and term. Let their be an unbiased enquiry into the whole issue and I am sure there would be enough skeletons in different cupboards for all to see. Can we expect this transparency and honesty from the Congress Bureau Of Investigation?

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