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    It Is All About Being A Nonsense Honey!

    Basic knowledge and believes are in for a huge change, thanks to few legislators from Patna who are in a serious mission to change the age old concepts and to show the world how it is done. I mean seriously, how dare you use a chair for sitting? They are not meant for that. Are they? These chairs are for assaulting your fellow MLAs. If in the process you can uproot few mikes and hurl them along with the chairs and your pair of slippers for all good measures, then nothing like it. Now you know what is the real utility of mikes and slippers as well. The speaker is a smart fellow I must admit as he did a George Bush act and managed to give the slipper a slip at the nick of time. All in all the act enacted by these goons turned politicians on the floor of the Bihar legislative house would put all circuses to shame.

    Now all this for what? The poor speaker suspended few unruly members for their so called un-parliamentary behavior. Till now I was thinking, the speaker is the only entity among the chaps who is virtually punching, scratching and hair pulling safe. Don't get me wrong - I didn't mean it is safe to pull his hair but rather he is safe from his hair being pulled. Along with the utility of chairs, mikes and slippers this concept of mine also received a big dent.

    The climax to the saga was provided by a woman. A fuming, out of context MLC was seen throwing flower pots all over the place (and you thought chairs were dangerous). She finally managed to faint at the gate and promptly being transferred to the nearest hospital. When contacted by media for her entertaining adventure the lady threw some more tantrums (thankfully no pots were available beside the hospital bed). As per her - the whole thing was a smart plot to assassinate her and what ever shot put throw she did is for her self defence only. Another eye opener. We need a thorough investigation on this whole assassination plot. How dare these helpless plants and pots can plan to assassinate a respected MLC? We need to apprehend the mastermind pot among the lot. If possible we should ask the CBI to take charge of the investigation on this heinous act of the flower pots, much like the way Mayawati tried to indict few bees for sabotaging her rally.

    Just few days back another house was in uproar. The difference was the absence of violence. Instead of hurling chairs at each other the dignified people's representatives thought of converting the assembly a cafeteria, Juhu beach, refreshment room and a washroom rolled into one. The pot bellied thugs were seen lazying around the floor rather than jumping at each other in an attempt to scratch out a handful from the already bald head. Much like the case of Bihar, these good for nothing nuisance MLAs were promptly thrown out of the house by the marshalls.

    Jokes apart - don't you think, things like these are nothing but artistry of nonsense? Many a times I just sit quite and think, we must have done some grievous crimes on our past lives, that we end up having these sort of scoundrels as our representatives. As mentioned in Bhagbat Gita - we are just repaying for our sins. More than the slipper hurling the attitude of these crooks is baffling me. The very approach of them somehow suggests the care an ounce attitude towards the people who have elected them. Are we the voters are so cheap that we would be taken for granted so easily? To make a mockery of us the parties to which these unruly idiots belong did nothing more than showing a sorry face and condemning the act. Even Kalluram is getting condemned on daily basis for his drinking habit by his wife. But has he changed? don't believe, then ask my maid (wife of Kalluram).

    When Amir Khan is still running all around the place to teach the general populace about good moral and behaviour through his 'Atithi Devo Bhava' stuff, I feel it is a different set of individuals who need this teaching more than any one. The chaps who were supposed to be the law makers and display some credible exemplary steps are seen tearing each other's kurta on the drop of a hat. Even the inaccessible speaker is not far from their flying slippers. Amir Khan should rush down to the rescue of these individuals than lecturing a spitting idiot or showing the whole world how a Kela wala should behave and how he should make a hundred meter sprint to return the change.

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