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    Value Of Life In India

    If the heading is a question then the answer is not much. It may drastically change to "yes a huge concern" for all if you are one of those VIP, VVIP or kin of our beloved Mantriji. For others let your life insurance take care of your life, if you happens to have one with you. It is not me but a collective psyche of a billion plus people along with our hounding media who think so. Of late another category of lives that got added to this illustrious list of concern - If you belong to a part of India which is a political hot potato and have got enormous opportunities for our politicians to bake their bread with ease then your life is as precious as a diamond for all. For other places (how big or important it may be), the insurance premium still holds the key.

    Couple of days back I was in Bengaluru and a disturbing news was doing the rounds at that part of the world. Surprisingly our digital media which springs into action and air nonsenses like a heavily sneezing Mantri or death of the great grand father of a cine actor were no where seen covering this somewhat important and disturbing story. The reason seems quite simple - those who died were least of an importance to the country and might be termed as disgraces to the nation. So who cares? No wonder the media houses won't find enough advertisements to sponsor their story, even if they want to air it. They won't get the likes of Manish Tiwari or Ravishankar Prasad to debate on it either. When our media is concerned about a single life lost due to security firing in Kashmir valley and go on airing whole day showing the swollen ass of a stone pelter resulted due the lathi (weapon of ass destruction) work of a CRPF jawan, can't they air the story of the deaths of 20 individuals in 48 hours? Or is it because the 20 lives lost are all beggars belonging to a destitute home, we shouldn't bother much? Or is it Kashmir and Omar Abdullah bashing is our only priority and other issues can very well take a back seat? Along with the 20 deaths these set of questions are equally disturbing.

    20 persons died in the Bengaluru beggars home in 48 hours and would you believe the reason - due to unhygienic food. Still neither the state authorities, the city corporation nor our central government or media were bothered, let alone being concerned. Even the street debaters on this issue were skeptical with majority seems to be happy getting rid of these beggars from their city. Ahh.. Finally Bengaluru streets would be less by 20 of these sight polluters, said one gentleman. Have we become so unsympathetic towards human lives? Where gone all those gyans of Bhagwat Gita which most of us have one in our possession? Where is that song 'Hind Desh Ke Nivashi Savi Jana Ek Hain', which we teach our young kids to believe and respect? All these teachings seems to have gone down the dirty drains.

    We common men are the biggest set of cartoons, which would easily put Tom - Jerry team to shame. We can raise our voice and might just end up slapping the waiter of the train if we get the stale daal. We could tear out the pocket of the traffic constable if he apprehends us for driving without a helmet. We would go to serious beheshwaji (most of the times ending with some exchange of punches) with our neighbour if his dog is seen shitting in front of our gate. Where is this vigour when it comes to the death of our 20 fellow citizens? Most probably the common man spouts into action only when his interests are endangered or his own money is involved. If that is the case then let me tell you, it is you and me who cough out around 27 crores annually from our pockets so that these beggar homes can run.

    Now I am sure there would be few voices who would vouch for a thorough enquiry on the whole issue. Please stop there and hope you guys don't end up asking for the resignation of the chief minister. As expected, only after TOI published this money aspect on the whole tragedy the chief minister Mr. B.S. Yeddyurappa did finally thought of visiting the destitute home and take a first hand stock of the situation himself. The images of the CM caught doing the Babrachi act and doing the rounds where he was seen covering his face with his hanky and in the verge of vomiting tells more stories than it hides. Another image where the rice which was supposed to be consumed by these beggars was seen lying on a cement slab near the toilets. I am sure even a street dog would have reservations in eating that rice. We are talking about humans Mr. Yeddyurappa, not dogs. Just by stirring that daal vessel (with one pam on your nose) won't solve anything. You should answer us all where our 27 crores are going or at least can let us know the person who can answer this with some authority. Let me not elaborate other unhygienic details of this home, as I might just spoil your day.

    This is where we are after 63 long bhasans at the red fort. We don't value our democracy, we don't value our independence, we don't value our culture, we don't value our teachings, we don't value our fellow citizens and in fact we don't value anything. Come on guys. I am talking about 20 innocent and poor lives, not the lives of few nefarious anti socials seen hurling stones at our own security forces. We must seek answers for these 20 lives not because our 27 crores is involved but the chaps who died or their friends who fortunately are still alive are least expected to defend themselves and demand answers. Mr.Yeddyurappa, you defended violently the Reddy brothers and congratulations for that, but for God's sake stand up and defend these weak and down trodden individuals. If not anything I am sure their blessings might just help you serve the state as a CM for second time in a row. Hope this bragain would impress you. May those 20 poor souls rest in peace. Good night!

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