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    Hence Proved: Australians Are Sore Losers!

    All seems to be passing more hot air from all their available orifices than the Hot air balloon at Jawahar Lal Nehru stadium can possibly contain. Most of us in India have some sense of relief – Sukar hai izzat puri tarah nilam nehin hui. Now we mean business and want all those responsible for the shame brought in, to be in Krishna Janm sthan – yes the jail. But I am not here to write about what our good for nothing and corrupt agencies like Vigilance, ED or CBI would find out and how far the crooks be chased to bring them to task. For a moment lets take a pause and admire how magnificent was the closing ceremony. How beautifully we staged our culture through folk dances of India. We all knew how spectacular it would be if we can club all our culture and heritage and showcase it to the world, but little did we know that the Australians would be generous enough and add their culture to the spectacle.

    We should be thankful to the Aussies to showcase their culture and upbringing in the form of destructing the infrastructure of the very village they stayed as being sportsmen and ambassador of their country. Ripping apart electrical fittings, destroying sanitary fittings and if that’s not enough – Washing Machines flying out of their 8th floor balcony is epitome of uncultured and naked display of the quality of upbringing, to say the least. If the washing machine would have landed on Kalmadi’sBhanot’s head, it still would have been fine and we would have accepted it as justice of God and a great service to our nation, but they never achieved that either. All they managed from the wrestling with the washing machine is to let the whole world know of their basics and values. All they proved is – how rogue and uncultured they are when it comes to ethics, morals and teachings. Are these athletes or a bunch of goons? Does this uncultured lot deserve to be called as sportsperson? Won’t it be disrespect to the millions of sportsmen if we still continue to call these thugs as athletes? or

    Some unofficial source correctly said about a clip of “Chak De”, which was removed after much deliberation. It was shown how the Aussie women’s team went crazy after losing the final and started smashing everything living or dead with their hockey sticks. Didn’t even spare their coach’s head and threw a dozen Washing Machines from their apartment injuring care takers and street dogs. But jokes apart – why the Aussies are so erratic when it comes to losing? I am not going to believe the statement of our incompetent OC team – the players were merely happy to top the medals tally; hence this naked display of happiness. If eyewitnesses to be believed, they were rather angry and frustrated for losing the test match that day to India and seen shouting against Sachin. Poor Tendliya might be fuming for such unsportsmanlike behavior from a bunch of so called sportsmen. Even if our OC team is taken seriously for once – is this way one celebrates their victory in Australia? Do they tear apart their public property as a token of joyfulness when they are victorious? If yes then I guess we don’t need answers as to why the rogues and barbarians roaming around Melbourne streets hit any Asian they come across.

    From ages the Australians have proved how sore losers they are. They might be a great sporting nation but lag by light years when it comes to sportsmanship. Greg Chappel proved it 30 years back and Rickey Ponting authenticated it in the 2008 Sydney test. It’s can’t be a coincidence and this precisely made me Google a bit of Australian history. Hang on – don’t get me wrong as I deliberately want to sound like a racist. The logic is simple – Irish don’t understand Hindi and proven racists better be addressed in their own language.

    Few might not believe – Australia was what Kalapani was for us. During the 14th century all the rogues and goons from England and other European nations were deported to Australia. A part as punishment and another to work in the mines there. Two things were achieved in the process – cheap labor and thugs and antisocial miscreants are taken care of leaving the educated mass to live peacefully. Now this is the culture of the country – barely 300 hundred years old and the founding fathers of the society were hardcore criminals. What else can one expect from a bunch of scoundrels to pass onto their next generation and generations to follow as part of their teaching? Barbarism, intolerance and complete idiocy. Isn’t it? I am sure as a bunch of thugs they couldn’t have done anything better. As the legacy of rogue ness was taken forward handsomely, it ultimately settled in their genes. So the Australians could be the worlds first genetically modified thugs, goons and rascals.

    Why should we bother? Hell no. We are none to complain on their values and teachings as long as they keep their idiocy to themselves and restrict to their own country. Scoundrels might be destroying their public property as a token of joy and shameless enough to boast about their barbarism but we educated, responsible and people full with good teachings certainly don’t. If they had that urge of destroying something to show their happiness they could have very well drive down to their High-commissioners house and ransacked his home instead. At least in the process they would have given some lessons to that shameless rascal fellow (Aussie High-commissioner) who was defending these filthy asses. Well for others – Either don’t provide Washing Machines to these uncultured set or ask the manufacturers to come up with heavier ones. On a second thought – let’s not invite these jokers and keep the sanity intact.

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